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Odessa Gheeneil

I started writing at 14. It was until I reached 20 when I developed great interest in poetry. My poems were first published on Booksie under the pseudonym, Jadey Oneil. I had them removed and re-published on Writerscafe under the pen name, Sundae Laurenti. Today, I am now using my real name, Gheeneil. Poetry has become a passion. It’s my sense of fashion in delving and flaunting all there is in the beginning [of life], the end, and everything in between. MOTIVATION A COROLLARY TO WHAT'S EVIDENT AND ASYMMETRY I am a graduate of Bachelor Science in Mathematics, and everybody seemed to fear numbers. I was thinking it would be wonderful if I used mathematical concept/term to convey a subject matter in a poem. Not all people get to see the beauty of Mathematics, but those poems have somehow captured the interest of a few.


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