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tions to be drawn out of the viewer by the very creative use of texture and outstanding color. His images have a very tactile quality as the paint flows thick and heavy in some areas while gracefully delicate in other with constantly varying shade and hues. There is a definite motion created in his art giving a decidedly dynamic tone to each and every one. Born in 1973 he started with small realistic drawings, but then became inspired by paintings of surrealism, works at the boundary of surrealism and allusive abstraction. He was fascinated by art painters such as: Rembrandt, Vermeer, Arcimboldo, Giorgio de Chirico, Yves Tanguy, as well as representatives of the Polish poster school as Leszek himself is a Polish native. He became motivated to paint, his need he stated was “to create new worlds and characters, I also think of books describing the adventures of my heroes as motivation” It's a kind of daily therapy to him and a profession. Leszek graduated from the Faculty of Pedagogy - Art University, however, he states “I think I am selftaught” Leszek currently works in painting, drawing, traditional and computer graphics. He expresses his art is constantly changing, he is constantly searching for the optimal forms of artistic expression . “When I begin to paint, it is quite frequent that I do not ponder over the final effect. Only when on the surface of the painting, the emerging patches, lines, colors begin to coalesce, the imagination rouses and provides an impulse to further artistic release. At this stage of creation, what begins to appear is ideas, visions, and concepts – all in order to create a work that is a fulfillment of my artistic and aesthetic needs". Leszek paints with acrylic and oil paints and sometimes, for variety, he creates


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using a graphic tablet. His works adorn the covers of Polish and foreign publications of volumes of poetry that were presented in albums and journals. He imparts tremendous vision into the imagery he creates giving the impression as though the creatures he adeptly fashions could leap from the canvas. They are pure fantasy but yet they are embedded in the everyday, grounded in the daily experience of life from learning about the stars to the flying of kites, we can relate we feel for them and they delight us. Andre Breton once said “The mind which plunges into surrealism, relives with burning excitement the best part of childhood” and the surreal images which Leszek births certainly light the fires of excitement and bring about, at least for this writer, all the wonder of a child each time I view them again and again. It is in his use of tone color that I find the biggest thrill, the color of his images are the Guardians of Moonlight by Leszek

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