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R e a d e r ’s Comments

Along with the success of our premiere issue came a flood of readers comments. We have to say it made us feel great! As the collection of random comments was assembled into a larger whole it became apparent that a singular voice stood out....”readers loved the magazine” and we love our readers for their support. As a reward here are a few of the comments you sent in, so if one of these belongs to you enjoy your five minutes of fame and thank you from the team at WalkingBlnd magazine. We couldn’t do it without you!!

The new mag is awesome, my computer takes forever and a day to load so i only saw the first half, but every image and article in there is really good. keep it up!" -Kyle Yarrington

Love the deep articles, they blow my mind! - Jayden

Very professional zine, I like your eye catching cover-art and original layouts - Andrew Pierce

Loved the issue yet again! And now I ask, when will we be able to subscribe to this wonderful magazine?- Erin

Found you on Issuu. What a beautiful magazine!- Cj Mckinney

Very cool looking site. Kudos. - DLW Pesavento

Just checked it out and it looks incredible! Great work , guys! -CDR Aka, Hyperionic Xmissions

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WalkingBlind Art and Literature Magazine  

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