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pretty dull without it. Every has something like a problem stage; where I build a design a position until it seems to wo part is most fun. Then it has a stage where everything is refi detailed, where you paint sub effects, various textures and s

What equipment do you u painting digitally, I use Photos a Wacom Intuos tablet. I've al some oil paintings and charco ings.

Have you won any award what is you education ground? I was lucky to get arship from a small private fou in Hamburg, financing 2 yea ition for Angel Academy of Ar I've been studying since Octob I'll stay there probably until 2011. In summer 2010 I had portunity to work in Odd Ne studio in Norway, a great lear perience! My work has also b tured in various magazines (A Photoshop, ImagineFX, Art S ternational, Visual Arts Illustr public exhibition local newspapers. There will be blood


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