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Reasons why you should visit walk in clinics Walk in clinic are gradually getting popular nowadays, as these are equipped in treating all sorts of minor as well as non-life threatening conditions. However, patients still prefer visiting to hospitals, probably they are not aware of such clinics or they consider that these clinics are not equivalent to hospitals, in terms of providing medical care. But it’s just their hypothetical belief! Walk in clinics are as good as hospitals; instead they are far better than them. So, if you are amongst those people who have same physiology regarding walk in clinics, then following are some reasons that would throw your glance on why you must visit such clinics: • Treatment of common illnesses: Be it fever, cough, or any other minor illness, you can get treatment for any of them. Some of the common illnesses that are treatable from them are: Pink eye Upset stomach and vomiting Coughs Sore throats Ear infections Food poisoning Back pain Headaches (including migraines) Bladder infections etc. Beside this they have skin doctors who are specialized in treating: athlete’s foot, cuts & bruises, shingles, cold sores and rashes etc. • Qualified urgent care doctors: likewise hospitals have experienced doctors, physicians with them, walk in clinics also have good qualified doctors with them. They are hired on the basis of education and experience they have gained so far. Thus one need not get worried in terms of treatment being provided to patients as such clinics have best of best medical care to give to their patients. • Diagnostic tests: Besides providing medical care to the patients, these clinics do provide diagnostic tests, as well. To name a few are: high cholesterol screening, illegal drug screening, general physical exams, diabetes screening, high blood pressure screening, all types of inoculations and vaccines and smoking cessation programs. • Fixed appointments: last but not the least, another factor that would make your decision to go to a walk in clinic more firm is the appointment system. Patients would be treated on the basis of first come first and there would be no system of triage (treatment of patients depending on their condition). Thus bottom line is that in walk in clinics patients need not have to wait in long queues, as they used to do in hospitals.

Reasons why you should visit walk in clinics