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Walkfit, the highly acclaimed orthotic insole, has just released the newest addition to their line- Walkfit Platinum. This amazing orthotic insert integrates all the popular features of the original product while incorporating some amazing new benefits that provide enhanced comfort and pain relief. To date, over 5 million people have discovered unparalleled relief with the Walkfit insert and there are countless Walkfit reviews which confirm the veracity of the claims and promises that accompany the product. In light of all these positive Walkfit reviews it is an amazing accomplishment that this renowned orthotic insert can actually transcend its original design. The Walkfit Platinum provides so much more than mere comfort and support. The advanced design of the Walkfit insert has been fashioned to provide extra cushioning and shock absorption. The proprietary insole design actually cups the foot to provide a level of stability that remains unmatched within the industry. The cradling effect actually disperses the pressure of each step across the entire foot. It is this vital element within the Walkfit design that eliminates focused pressure on select parts of the foot and, in turn, puts and end to the root cause behind the development of blisters, bunions, corns and calluses.

Since orthotic insoles are "a dime a dozen" one can easily conclude that there must be good reason for the mass appeal which surrounds the Walkfit insert. One such conclusion would be well founded because the Walkfit not only provides enhanced foot care but also addresses complete well-being. Its shock absorption capabilities, in conjunction with the heel and ankle stabilization feature, provide optimal alignment which is reflected throughout the entire body. Since the Walkfit insert literally absorbs the impact of each step one is able to significantly reduce the jarring shock waves that typically ripple throughout the body. In so doing, one can experience enhanced joint and back health while dramatically reducing or eliminating any pain within those areas of their body. As well, the proper foot placement brought forth from these custom-fitted orthotics induces back and shoulder realignment that is accompanied with many benefits which greatly improve health and well-being.

The release of the Walkfit Platinum comes at the perfect time of the year and will empower fitness enthusiasts and those enjoying the outdoors with the ability to experience unhindered activities. Whether one is hiking or participating in any other outdoor activity they will find the Walkfit insert an invaluable companion for optimized comfort and stability. Better still, the Walkfit Platinum has just merged their proprietary and patented nano-silver technology into their design. This highly coveted breakthrough discovery instantly wipes out germs and odors on the spot- making the Walkfit insert the best orthotic insole for foot odor removal. This is a welcome addition to the product line as many orthotics are unable to deliver this feature for an extended period of time.

If one is looking to buy the Walkfit Platinum insert then they are highly encouraged to purchase it online as there are some amazing promotional offers which will definitely deliver the greatest value for their dollar. Not only will online buyers be able to enjoy the highly affordable Walkfit price of $19.95 but they will receive some amazing orthotic bonus gifts that do not accompany in store purchases.

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