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2012 Assessment Law Seminar Tuesday June 12, 2012 The University Club 380 University Ave. Toronto, Ontario M5G 1R6

8:00 am-10:30 am Breakfast will be served at 8:00am



+ Challenges

and Opportunities for Taxpayers

The coming cycle will see changes at MPAC,

MPAC is striving to improve its image with

changes at the Assessment Review Board

taxpayers, particularly in the commercial and

and changes involving the Law Society of

industrial fields. MPAC is seeking to work with

Upper Canada and

taxpayers to resolve matters with the least amount



the regulation of




of litigation; in some cases this will provide an

taxpayers face a number of significant

opportunity for taxpayers to obtain immediate pre-

challenges in the upcoming 2012 base year

roll results.

cycle. It also means there are opportunities for those who are in tune with the changes.

The Law Society is also changing the traditional role of consultants, as we move into the 5th year of

The Assessment Review Board is making a

paralegal regulation. The difference between an

push to resolve outstanding appeals and

expert and an advocate presents special challenges

institute a procedure that will see shortened

for taxpayers in deciding how to approach

appeal times. The Board is beginning to use

complex property tax issues.

alternative dispute resolution procedures to meet those goals.

This seminar is presented to provide our clients with the information necessary to take advantage of the opportunities and deal with the challenges

as effectively as possible.


2013 and Beyond



The 2012 Base Year

Valuation Date: January 1, 2012 For the 2013 taxation year all properties in

opportunity to obtain information with

the province on Ontario will be valued as

respect to the value that MPAC intends to

of January 1, 2012. The revised assessments

return on the assessment roll for the new

will reflect market changes from the base


date of January 1, 2008.

taxpayers to address any issues that arise

MPAC’S New Pre-Roll Assessment Review Process In an attempt to decrease the volume of assessment appeals, MPAC has developed a new consultative process for addressing the assessment changes. This may provide taxpayers and their counsel with an







from a proposed value. This process is designed to eliminate the need for appeals where patent errors are involved and identify potential issues of disagreement. This has the potential to resolve appeals before the Roll is returned, thus saving taxpayers in the long-run.


The Assessment Review Board has become increasingly concerned with its caseload. In February, 2012, the Board issued a practice direction to require that all pre-2012 appeals be resolved prior to March 2013. This ambitious objective suggests all outstanding appeals for a property will be scheduled together. Our concern with this practice direction is that complex matters may not be permitted the time required to properly conduct the appeals, resulting in a denial of justice. The Board’s efforts


+Itinerary Meeting the challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities will require knowledge and insight. Our itinerary is designed to give you the knowledge and background to make informed decisions dealing with assessment and property taxation issues.

MPAC UPDATE Larry Hummel, Chief Assessor and Vice-President Municipal Property Assessment Corporation Mr. Hummel brings an update from MPAC on the status of the 2013 assessment roll. MPAC is seeking pre-roll return input from taxpayers and Mr. Hummel will discuss the process and customer service priorities for MPAC for the next assessment cycle.

UPDATE ON A.R.B. POLICIES AND PROCEDURES FOR 2013 Ken West and Kathleen Poole, Lawyers Walker Poole Nixon LLP The Assessment Review Board is going through significant changes in an attempt to deal with its ever-growing docket. This session will address those changes and present awareness so that parties before the Board can be better equipped to deal with outstanding and future appeals.

CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES MPAC, THE A.R.B. and THE LAW SOCIETY PANEL DISCUSSION and QUESTION PERIOD Richard Poole, Brad Nixon, David Fleet and Moderated by Jack Walker Q.C., Lawyers Walker Poole Nixon LLP A lot has changed recently, this session is an opportunity for you to participate in a discussion on how to deal with the challenges and meet the opportunities arising from these changes.





Meeting the challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities will require knowledge and

insight. Our itinerary is designed to give you, as taxpayer representatives and legal professionals, Please return this form indicating your intent to attend. the knowledge and background to make informed decisions dealing with your assessment and Spaces are limited property taxation issues.

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We look forward to seeing you on the 12th!

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