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Playing It Safe Great Toys For Baby Gift Baskets Walker For Baby _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Mcgrath Warth -

Most importantly, unless you are positive as to everything you want to buy, you will want to purchase your gift basket last. You do not want to have to choose what you will give based on the size of the basket you have already bought.Select an assortment of the safest toys for the baby. A few great ideas are to purchase items such as classical Walker For Baby or other instrumental music to play in the nursery, perhaps even some sing-along music, for when the child gets a bit older and begins to imitate speech.Another idea is to buy the baby a mobile. These items, however, are very popular for baby showers, so check with your other friends to make sure the mother is not bombarded with dozens of mobiles.

The best books for infants will be waterproof and therefore drool proof. If books are a part of the child's life from the beginning, he or she is more likely to become a more intelligent individual. So even at the earliest stages of a baby's life, books are important. Books with different textures, colors, and things for the child to touch like little flaps that lift to reveal something once the child is touching and investigating and not sucking on everything in sight.

Teething rings. Believe me mommy will need them. There are great teething rings available that the child can hold on his or her own and that will help soothe the pain of teething without having to use too much medicine to numb the baby's gums. Another great idea for toys to include in a baby gift basket is of course, things like rattles, mirrors for the crib or playpen, and maybe even a crib or playpen--what a gift that would be! Of course, you will want to see if the expecting mother already has a crib or playpen for the baby first.

Walkers are perfect for the new baby, not only to help him or her learn how to walk, but also as another place to play if the baby gets sick being in his or her playpen or crib. There are walkers that also function for eating, bet the better ones I believe are the walkers that have toys attached to them. This way the baby will stay entertained, and you will not have to worry about picking up dropped toys. Another great idea for gift baskets for babies is to get a bottle of bubbles. They are non-toxic, of course, but even the smallest baby will be enthralled with the bubbles floating down. There are many kinds of baby toys out there that you could include in your baby gift basket. I hope some of these ideas can help you.

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This story was first published in Innsmouth FreePress 2009. Baby Rhyme Time. Youngsters Enjoy Initiation at Innsmouth Public Library. Thirty...

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