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About WalkBoston

making massachusetts more walkable

WalkBoston makes walking safer and easier in Massachusetts to encourage better health, a cleaner environment and vibrant communities. • Our education and advocacy programs give voice to people to make their communities more walkable. • Working with government agencies, we influence state and local transportation policies and designs. • We develop and implement innovative programs that address social and physical barriers to walking. • Our work especially benefits those who depend on walking the most: people with lower incomes, seniors and children, and people with disabilities.

Why we do what we do

While everyone walks, few people think about ways to make it safer, easier and more enjoyable. WalkBoston does. We play a leading role all across Massachusetts in engaging cities and towns, state agencies, residents, developers, institutions, and elected officials to work together to improve the everyday conditions for walking.

Old City Hall 45 School Street Boston MA 02108

At some point of every trip you are a walker — whether it’s to and from your car or the train, or all the way to your destination. Walking is: • a crucial form of transportation • an excellent, low-impact exercise • the way to create neighborly communities • good for business and commerce

let’s make massachusetts more walkable

We advocate for wider sidewalks, safer intersections, and well-timed walk lights. We encourage more walking through initiatives such as Safe Routes to School, snow removal programs, community walkability assessments and great walking maps.

Why you should join today WalkBoston is proud to have the support of members from 75 cities and towns across Massachusetts, and an equal number of corporate/organizational members. Every additional voice helps WalkBoston’s message to be heard and acted upon. Please join today and help us help you make your community more walkable.

making massachusetts more walkable

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Yes, I want to make massachusetts more walkable. INDIVIDUAL/FAMILY LEVELS

benefits are cumulative as levels increase

student ! $25 • newsletters/e-news/e-nnouncements member ! $45 • 1 ticket to annual celebration • $25 drive credit when joining Zipcar supporter ! $85 • 2 tickets to annual celebration • pedometer premier ! $125—$499 • WalkBoston, a book of 30 metro walks sustainer ! $500—$5000 • up to 5 WalkBoston memberships to gift • Set of Walking Routes printed maps other $___________ name address

eve. phone e-mail how did you hear about us?

Mail this form along with your check, or donate online. Your donation is tax deductible as a charitable contribution.

making massachusetts more walkable 45 School Street | Boston MA 02108 | 617.367.9255 |

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