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Area of LMSA bylaws N o




Success Criteria


Call for committee working on LMSAbylaws update

To not be personal work & involve of members view

 

Send message on emails Skype meeting

 At least getting 3 members


Update the bylaws before plenary session

To produce the new clear LMSA bylaws that agree with Libyan laws for NGOs

   

Review Libyan laws for NGOs Review that IFMSA &other NMO bylaws List of bylaws topics Comparison , discussion , updating

 25-50 % before 1st NGA  Complete update before nd 2 NGA


Prepare new update of to produce legal bylow bylaws for presentation & represent our mission voting in short time

present all new update for all members of LMSA before & during the plenary tack voting right on it during the plenary

 in worst condition 75 % of bylaws have voting pass by LMSA member who have voting right


Translation of LMSA – bylaws to be available in Arabic & English copy

To be available for review  one of committee members will be by legal expert Responsible for translation of bylows from start of our working on it


Adoption of bylaws from The Ministry of Culture and the institutions of civil society

To be legal bylaws

present the LMSA bylaws in arabic copy for this ministry & follow up it

 Be available in Arabic language copy after finishing of plenary

Adoption of bylaws

Candidiature for LMSA-VPI position  
Candidiature for LMSA-VPI position