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Area of LC development No Activity 1.




Prepare & update material used by LC EB

To present our NMO work as official team work

Database of membership

To use as legal reference for communication, evaluation & certification

Capacity building of LCEB

To develop skills of the LC EB members To show for them the stratige of work as official team


Motivation of LCs

To fairing the local committee work



More evaluation more approximation from success


Team building for SC at national & local level

To increase activity & project involving on transnational &national level

Strategy  with help of publication SD will update the LMSA ID card ,official paper , logos, paner of FB groups & pages Trough one of this way :  Database on serves with help from IT expert  Excel document template for each LC & national excel template updated monthly    

Held national training for LC EB Held session for LC management during GA Online sessions about some topics Manual of LC EB tasks

    

Prize of best LC of term More activity more International meeting attending Craiteria of LC Scoring Financial support for the active LCs Template report of LC evaluation filled bimonthly by LC president  Report of national LCs evaluation send to EB & SC director bimonthly  I will present this motion in next NGA :  Full membership for active member of national team of SC  Free membership for active member in SC Financial support for travelling to active members of SC

Candidiature for LMSA-VPI position  
Candidiature for LMSA-VPI position