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Area of communication N o 1.

Tasks Getting to know all LCs president

Preparing LMSA card of 2. communication with GS & publication SD


Holding Monlthly Chat Meet with all LCs president

Regularly attending Chat 4. Meet held by LMSA president Regular updating the EB 5. about LCs work , problem , opinion ...etc


Strategy 

Sending 1stemail that identify the EB & their personal card  Template of technical date for communication between us  Template for collect data of communication To produce available document  Publishing the LMSA card of explain the way of communication & communication booklet our official emails, FB pages ,,,etc  Spared it for all LCs president & members of LMSA To start working together as a team due to they are the key piece of our association

to stay connected with all of them to listen for their views, opinion & problem to be working together on same level

To maintain a good coordination with EB and LCs 

To be representative of LCs in EB

Success Criteria

Knowing all of them & how reach for every one

Using skype as the media to hold Chat meet

At least 10 Chat Meet in the term is held

Attend Chat Meet held

Presence in 80% of Chat Meets held

Annual reporting especially before the EB meeting

At least 6 report in the term

Candidiature for LMSA-VPI position  
Candidiature for LMSA-VPI position