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I’m dividing my plan of action on five area : area of hand over area of communication area of bylaws Area of LC development Area of general assembly

Area of hand over No 1.



Strategy 

Handover with previous VPI & president

To start at the point where previous VPI stop To don’t lose the time To have the base for starting & don’t repeat the mistakes

Handover with LC president

To know the history of activity of each LC & any information or data not find with previous VPI


  

Handover for soft wear documents & materials from previous VPI & President Handover for emails & reorganize it Hand over for hard copy documents & materials Keep continuous contact with previous VPI as he is a reference & support for our work Template report of history & past activity must be filled by all LC president

Success Criteria

80% of hand over must be finish in 1st two month of the term

Must be finish in 1st two month of the term

Candidiature for LMSA-VPI position  
Candidiature for LMSA-VPI position