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Investment and training positions CastAlum post-recession growth CastAlum is an internationally recognised aluminium diecaster, located in Welshpool. It produces steering gear housings, power take-off units, transmission cases and steering & suspension knuckles. Originally part of SPX Contech, the company was sold to a private investor in 2007 and in 2009 underwent a management buy-out, to make CastAlum a stand alone business.

Components go into vehicles produced by Jaguar, Aston Martin, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Fiat, Renault, Porsche and Mercedes.

CastAlum Managing Director Peter Radcliffe says: “Some 70 + per cent of our business is The company supplies parts to the overseas and we have always felt UK, Germany, Poland, Canada and Mexico and has also recently begun our export concentration has been exporting to the Far East. One in ten a prime consideration in our ongoing development. The team vehicles produced in Europe has a steering gear housing manufactured at the Welsh Government has helped us to review individual by the company. The hydraulic markets and so create new housings are produced using opportunities.” enhanced high pressure diecasting processes and are required to be of “Its expert advice has been an extremely high integrity and invaluable, including when leak-free after extensive machining. introducing us to suppliers. CastAlum has won a National Training Award for medium employers 2010. The award was accepted by Hannah Barrett, HR Manager, and Rachel Jerman, Finance Manager. CastAlum Ltd was given the prestigious award based on the development of its training programme, called ‘Rising to the Challenge – Building the Capability’, created in partnership with Holistics Services.


When we have had a requirement, we discussed it with our business development manager who helped us find the best solution quickly and efficiently.” The Welsh Government’s support has also helped the business steer its way through recent economic challenges. CastAlum was the first company to receive funding from the Welsh Government, through ProAct, which is designed to help viable businesses cope with the recession. ProAct funding helped cover the cost of training staff, including the senior management team, to

increase their skill base and so add to the company’s competitive edge.

most important asset – and so position the business for future growth.”

Peter Radcliffe comments: “The support we received from the Welsh Government during the downturn was of critical importance, as it meant we were able to retain all of our staff – our

Welsh Government investment also helped finance a new machine shop, not only securing existing jobs but enabling the company to add to it’s staff numbers to meet current and future demands.”

For more information contact the Welsh Government. Email: businesssupport@ Tel: +44 (0)3000 6 03000 Web:

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Wales - CastAlum Case Study