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Global security systems hub thrives in South Wales HQ Cutting-edge technology from South Wales is helping to make the world safer in an age when countries can potentially be brought to their knees by attacks on their computer systems. Newport-based Cassidian, a business with its roots in oldfashioned telephone cable manufacture, has evolved to become the UK arm of the international security and defence division of one of the largest and most advanced global aerospace and defence groups; EADS.

The Wales operation is an integral part of a business that has been engaged by authorities from across the globe, including from China, Brazil, Canada and India to help protect anything from helicopters to metro systems.

The Newport based Cassidian UK organisation was recently The firm’s prestigious Celtic Springs chosen as one of four commercial headquarters on the western organisations to work on the edge of the city is home to more Cyber Incidents Response than 800 highly-qualified staff, pilot for the UK Government’s employed on sophisticated projects communications base GCHQ and providing solutions for customers in the UK and worldwide. These hi-tech personnel are involved in creating communications and information systems for global security and secure networks, air and naval defence and public safety. The firm is the leading UK supplier of secure end-to-end communications for the Ministry of Defence and it carries out work for many governments and security agencies.

the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure. They will be examining best practice to ensure key organisations can deal with the threat of a cyber attack. Cassidian has come a long way from the early days of Newport’s Standard Telephone and Cable (STC) which went through a series of remodelling and takeovers before it came under the umbrella of EADS with a 380-strong workforce in 2002.

case study


The firm’s senior commercial consultant, Mike Greenway, explained: “We were then no longer a special defence component of a telecommunications technology company but were strategically positioned as the systems and communications expert in a global aerospace and defence corporation.”

During that time they have recruited more than 60 graduates, many now in senior and middle management positions. A large proportion came from the four high-quality universities within a 20-mile radius of Cassidian’s base.

The Campus-style base they created at Celtic Springs has grown spectacularly and they are proud Although the roots of the business of their record in training their own were in Newport, the company talent pool. They work with Careers nevertheless made a very deliberate Wales and Welsh representatives choice to site the newly evolving of the e-skills sector skills council to enterprise in the city, where they ensure they can recruit and develop were confident it would thrive. the talent they need to work within their advanced operation. Said Mike: “We were already established here, but that was an The jewel in the crown of entirely different business. We had collaboration with the public many location options for the new sector in Wales is Cassidian’s joint business but we engaged with the venture with the Welsh Government Welsh Government early on as a which has produced the groundstakeholder for growth. The level breaking EADS Foundation. The of encouragement and support initiative, which also involves from them has been sensitive, Cardiff, Aberystwyth and Bangor consistent and flexible and that has Universities, is designed to promote played a key part in our decision.” research and development in Wales. Over the last ten years the Newport business has tripled in size and become a worldwide centre of excellence for secure communications technology – helped by a decision to build a sustainable base in Wales.

Research projects under the exciting venture are already spawning new products and intellectual property that will help create many high-calibre jobs within Wales. Said Mike Greenway: “We believe Cassidian is an excellent example of Wales’ transition from traditional industries to the highervalue knowledge economy.”

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Wales - Cassidian Case Study