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n a d l C l e a B s , p x er a

e W h t o e rld v a S

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n a d l C l e a B s , p x e a r M

e W h t o e rld v a S written and illustrated by Anna Surridge designed and edited by the Welsh Assembly Government

e animals e r h t e s e h t t a h t ink h t Now you may

are your everyday cat ,d og a nd chicke n.


t k no w . . . ' n o d u o y t a h w t u B


spare time r i e h th t n i ...i s that

vi sa are


t he


But from what you may ask? 3

we need energy,

For everything we do,

y g er n e t ha t and 4

s a h

me o c o t

m o r f

. e r e h ew m o s

our energy fr f o t om bu os m rning t e g fossil f e uels like coal or oil or gas, W



nt ,

w he

th these i w m e l b pro is





n n we o r i burn them, v n e t he e y are bad for th and the fuels are going to run out.


To g et this energy, we have to burn fuels


and this produces harmful green house gases which lead to the greenhouse effect.

But what is the greenhouse effect? The energy from the sun enters the earth's atmosphere. It hits the earth and some of it tries to get out again,

but it can't because the greenhouse gases block the way.

It is trapped . . . So the earth gets warmer and warmerthis is the greenhouse effect. 7

This warming up of our planet is really bad.

s differe e k a nt things happen, like flooding, It m

ug ht,

se a






, e s i r

"My friend Emma's polar ice home is melting and soon she won't have anywhere to live"

and loss of habitat.

Said Casper.

This is called climate change. So the earth really needs our superheroes to do something to stop it!!



Casper does his bit


to help through transport.

Casper tries to ride his bike for short journeys whenever he can,

instead of going by car which gives off harmful greenhouse gases. 11

When he goes to town to do a bit of shopping,


he alw alwa ays ys go e s on not tak es ap the h las bus tic is re . An - u sa on e dh ble . e bag

Although Casper likes going abroad for his holidays, instead he finds places to stay here at home. There are loads of great places!

And by staying here he cuts down on the huge amount of harmful greenhouse gases which are given off by planes every time people fly.


Ma x



r. e t a w g vin a s y b s p hel

Max loves gardening and growing his own food. Instead of using a hosepipe to water the garden, he collects rain water in a water butt.

This uses much less water.



is not runn p a t i he t ure s s e k ma

n e Wh


s e h s u r b


e h , h et e t

a running tap can waste up to 20 litres of water everyday! 16


th s , a b g n i v a h s ike l x a M h g u o h t l a

o w h er s a s e k a ter. a t w e he always m o s e to sav 17


Bell helps by cutting down on the energy she uses.


Bell loves her music, but she never charges her ' i- cod' all night.

nly takes o It s to charge ac r u o h o u pl e o f

and would waste energy if it is left charging all night.


When she gets a bit cold, instead of turning on the heating,

sh e ts ge

an o




blan ket o r put s on a scarf.

And when its time for bed, she turns off all the lights

at the switch

so the standby lights aren't left on, which wastes energy.


e s he t ng i o D


s g n hi

y a m

small, BUT. . m e . se

o. . d ll help the superheroes y a e e h w t f s i g n ... i h t by doing the 22


We can all make a


Glossary Abroad - To go on holiday in a different country, outside of the United Kingdom. Atmosphere - The atmosphere of Earth is a layer of gases that surround the planet which are stuck in place by gravity. The atmosphere protects life on Earth by absorbing the harmful rays of the sun. It also warms the earth by keeping heat from the sun and reducing temperatures between day and night. Climate Change - changes in climate resulting from the greenhouse effect. Coal - Coal is a black rock formed from tightly squeezed plant remains over millions of years. It is made up largely of carbon and burned as a fuel. Drought - A drought is a long period of very dry weather. It is a long time with little or no rain. Energy - A source of usable power - fossil fuels or renewable energy. Environment - The environment is everything that makes up our surroundings and affects our ability to live on the earth - the air we breathe the water that covers most of the earth's surface, the plants and animals around us, and much more. Fossil Fuels - Fossil fuels are non-renewable energy sources that formed more than 300 million years ago. Fossil fuels are made up of plant and animal remains. When plants and animals died, their bodies decomposed and were buried under layers of earth. Millions of years later we have the three forms of fossil fuel: oil, natural gas and coal. Fuels - A source of energy that is burned to provide power or heat 24

Gas - A substance that is neither a solid or liquid at ordinary temperatures and has the ability to expand forever - an example would be air. Greenhouse Gases - A gas that contributes to the warming of the Earth's atmosphere by reflecting radiation from the Earth's surface, e.g. carbon dioxide, ozone, or water vapour. Greenhouse Effect - Warming of the earths surface as a result of trapped greenhouse gases keeping in the rays of the sun. Habitat - The area in which something exists or lives. Oil - Is a liquid formed from plants & animals from prehistoric times have been squeezed together over millions of years. It is used to make petrol and diesel oil mainly, as well as other petrol based products. Standby Lights - A light on a piece of electrical equipment, used to show that the device is in 'standby' mode. Water Butt - A water tank used to collect and store rain water for personal use.

Max, Bell and Casper Save the World  

Anna Surridge, a 2009 Climate Change Champion has produced a children’s book to help make the messages around climate change simpler and eas...

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