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I am so excited to share with you the premier issue of Maestro Magazine! This quarterly publication will empower and entertain entrepreneurs. As the Editor-in-Chief I am always looking for inspiring stories to share with our readers. This is a content-driven publication and I am only selecting the best professionals to join our editorial board. This issue contains 100 pages of editorials on arts & culture, photography, fashion, mindfulness, finances, business management, interior design and two important editorials on the importance of marketing. You will also be inspired by learning more about Suhail Arastu in our


cover story. He is behind some of the best cultural events of San Antonio. You have to meet him and learn more about Musical Bridges Around the Word. Feel free to contact me at for editorial suggestions or advertising opportunities. Happy Holidays!

Wally Lafaiete

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In Memory of Jaylah Martinez

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uhail Arastu was introducing the renowned conductor of the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra, Karim Wasfi – who gained international notoriety when he began playing his cello at the scene of suicide bombings in Baghdad – during a performance preview and dialogue hosted by Musical Bridges Around the World for some 75 guests at the Plaza Club in the Frost Bank Tower in January. Arastu, who wore a long, flowing sherwani, the native attire of his Indian heritage, paused for a moment and then, smiling, remarked to the distinguished guests, who included City Manager Sheryl Sculley, Mayor Ron Nirenberg and Dr. Francisco Cigarroa, UT Health San Antonio transplant surgeon, that “If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.” Arastu indeed has taken those words to heart and since 2014 has loved every minute at Musical Bridges Around the World (MBAW), where the former vice president of the board-turned-full-time staffer now oversees strategic partnerships, marketing,

government affairs, and building important relationships with arts patrons and some of the city’s movers-and-shakers as the organization’s director of advancement. “I feel so passionately about our mission,” he said of MBAW, a nonprofit whose goal is to unite, educate and inspire through culturally diverse visual and performing arts. “We impact so many and work so hard with a small staff, bringing the gift of music to more than 80,000 people each year. More than that, Musical Bridges changes lives by inspiring children in underserved communities through our Kids to Concerts program because these students don’t have access to fine arts." “They are our future citizens. They need to be able to think globally,” he continued. “They need to understand the beauty of different perspectives and all the creativity surrounding them, not just in their classroom but outside in the world of architecture, culture, cuisine and language. We need to plant that seed.” And what better person to lead the charge






alongside MBAW CEO & artistic director Anya Grokhovski, considering that Arastu is what you might call a “global citizen” whose strong, educational background has proven to be of great value in his professional life, as well as personal, as is evident in his never-ending quest for knowledge. After graduating from MacArthur High School, Arastu left San Antonio to study neurobiology and classical civilizations at the University of California, Berkeley, where he excelled on the pommel horse competing as a NCAA gymnast. His graduate studies took him to Philadelphia before moving to a small Japanese mountain village for a year of contemplation, deep sea fishing, and teaching. Arastu then travelled the world by ship under the auspices of the United Nations Economic & Social Council before returning home in 2008 to help his family expand their businesses, Alamo Gymnastics Center and Live Oak Allergy & Asthma Clinic where his mother, a physician, treats patients. Among his credentials, Arastu is the Arts & Culture Chair for Anuja San Antonio, the organization managing San Antonio’s



"...many of the visiting performers are Grammy Awardwinning artists, have won international piano competitions and have trained at some of the most prestigious institutions around the globe."





Sister City Relations with Chennai, India. He is the mayor's appointee to the Public Art Commission and enjoys serving on the Board of Directors of Constitution Cafe & The Lone Star Art Alliance. He was elected to the 40th Class of Leadership San Antonio and completed a Marshall Memorial Fellowship in Spring of 2018; in August of the same year, he was appointed to serve on the Board of Sister Cities International, a Washington, D.C.-based organization that grew out of the League of Cities under President Eisenhower.


These official appointments continue to serve him well in institutional advancement for Musical Bridges, and he delights in educating people about the nonprofit and its impact on the Alamo City through its free programs: Musical Evenings at San Fernando Cathedral, Kids to Concerts, Golden Age, and The Gurwitz, International Piano Competition from January 26 to February 1, 2020. For more information, visit www.mbaw. org. “We aim to make the highest quality of arts available to all,” Arastu said, adding that many of the visiting performers are Grammy Award-winning artists, have won international piano competitions and have trained at some of the most prestigious institutions around the globe. “We also commission original works and create unique pairings, such as inviting an Israeli and Palestinian artist to perform alongside one another.” In January of 2020, Musical Bridges will premiere “The Gurwitz - International Piano Competition” showcasing the talent of the

most promising young pianists from around the world in four rounds of competition celebrating our city’s Latin heritage, world music and partnership with the San Antonio Symphony. The competition was accepted into the Geneva-based World Federation of International Music Competitions last year and a story in BBC World Music Magazine has put San Antonio on the global stage with this prestigious competition. Arastu’s involvement with Musical Bridges has led him to meet people from all sectors of the city. Along the way, he has made some dear friends, including arts supporter Leland Stone, who owns and lives in the historic Roosevelt Library. “Leland was one of the first people I met when I moved back to San Antonio, and we had an instant connection because we both have a mutual love of the arts,” he said. “He has been very generous in opening the Roosevelt Library to Musical Bridges for performances and as a meeting space. We are truly grateful to him for that.” If Arastu wasn’t on a current mission to educate and unite people of all cultures through his work with Musical Bridges, it’s likely he would be living abroad, in Tokyo perhaps, working as a photojournalist. “My hobby is photography, and I love storytelling through images,” he said. “These days, I use my iPhone camera and think of Facebook as a daily photo blog. It’s my way of keeping a journal but sharing it with friends near and far.”


















Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your beginnings and your professional path? I’m a founder of H.E.A.L. Holistic Studio, and through my sessions as an intuitive energy healer I help my clients not only to release the blockages that hold them back in their pursue of better life but also to become mentally and emotionally stronger. I`m just trying to give back what I learned throughout my life. It’s been my passion to help others on their personal journey, especially since I wished many times I’d have more guidance and support when I was trying to understand what life was about and how to make positive changes. One of my most important lessons is that our true power comes from within, from us, that we are the ones creating

our future with our thoughts and our actions. We just need to learn how to connect to that endless source and listen to our inner guidance. It`s all about self-empowerment. Without it, there is no success on a long run, there is no true happiness or sense of fulfillment in a deeper level. My story begins in a small country of Slovenia, located in between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. I was born into a middle working-class family where parents worked very hard to make the ends meet but my childhood was happy, and I was very curious child, eager to learn and absorb everything that I encountered.



Early on, I had to become very independent since my parents worked a lot, besides I spent a lot of time at my grandmother’s home. I learned very soon to rely on myself and to take responsibility for my actions. That helped me build my inner strength which has been my motivation, push and rescuer throughout my life. Throughout my school years I was a very good student plus I wanted to know and experience everything. I tried a lot of extracurricular activities, from chess to school theater, from singing in the school choir to folk dance, gymnastics, athletics, and then spent years dancing classic and jazz ballet, loved piano lessons etc. I loved trying new things and discovering my talents. So, when it came to choose my professional path, I was torn among different interests and wishes. I had no idea what to do, so I chose the most reasonable option according to my parents and decided for economy.


I became a part of a corporate world and started working in international trade. I came in as a fresh idealistic girl right after school and thought I’d change the world. I soon realized I had to mold into rigid system which, as being creative and full of ideas, I never liked. But then I adjusted and stayed for almost 25 years, most of it in marketing for different business fields, climbing the ladder from the back-office all the way to top executive position. It was a very interesting part of my life, full of learning experiences about all levels of business and different branches. What made you step out of your comfort zone and become an entrepreneur? There had been this constant void that something was missing, that I wasn’t not doing what I was supposed to do with my life and disappointment at myself for giving up on my dreams. I always saw myself travelling, communicating with people, being entrepreneur with my own business and doing something I really love. With time and after much introspection I realized that the career I chose and my job was some-

thing that only paid my bills and gave me financial security but didn’t bring me joy and fulfillment, it just didn’t resonate with me on a deeper level. The moment that turned everything around was a blessing in disguise. At that time, I was already a mom to twins and had been very tired because of constant lack of sleep for years. I was also under a huge amount of pressure and stress in my current job where I found myself in a very unhealthy environment full of toxic relationships which constantly drained my energy. Everything was building up and I felt worse every day. I was on a weekend getaway with my family when I suddenly noticed a lump in my breast. Imagine my shock, fear and disbelief. After discovering it wasn’t cancer, I sat down with myself and had a real talk. I finally understood that I was already overdue with my decision to seriously change my life and I realized I was supposed to stop going into the wrong direction some time ago. I had gotten lighter warning signs before which I did not take seriously. After thorough self-examination and insight, I confronted my fears and understood why I stayed so long in something that did not fulfill me and why I allowed it to affect my personal life. It took persistence and courage to find out that I don`t need titles and approval from others to feel successful, that I have to follow my own dreams, that I’m capable of doing whatever I want just being me, that I have to accept myself as a whole and that life just offered me a great opportunity to grow. I decided to quit my corporate career and stepped out of that game for good. I didn`t want to work in marketing for big companies anymore, I wanted to follow my dreams and my passion to help others. I wanted to pursue and put into the praxis what I had been learning about spirituality in my free time for years and to become an entrepreneur, independent in my vision and work. I encountered different responses from people around me, from those who thought I was crazy and were asking me why I would leave a good paid position and what I was planning


to do with my life, to those who congratulated me on a bold decision. It was definitely an unusual one for that time in our country where jobs were already in high demand and most of the people rather stayed in their comfort zone than exploring an unknown territory. Even though I had a partner with a great income, which was helpful, no doubt, the future was still uncertain, and I had no idea how everything would evolve. I just knew I had to follow my feeling and go for it. I could not spend another minute doing something I didn`t like. I really tuned into my intuition and decided to follow my gut instinct. It proved to be the best decision of my life. So, I chose to put something that had been very close to me for many years and I learned a great deal about it through education and my own life experiences in the center of my focus. That was spiritual and personal growth combined with my ability to feel other people and see into their psyche. I started developing my extrasensory abilities and practicing how to use them. I decided to learn more and dedicate my work to help others making positive changes in their lives.

But that is not the only time you took your future into your hands and started anew. How was it to move all the way from Europe to start a new venture here? No. In 2011, my husband and I decided to move from Slovenia to San Antonio after investing into a local business here and started a “second life”, building completely from the scratch. Without deeper knowledge about the life here, without the network of our family and friends, without a financial guarantee, even a house, we landed here with two girls, our Labrador and 15 suitcases. That was a huge test and challenge for us. Investing into American market was something that was all about following our shared dreams and testing how strong and determined we were. Can we succeed here, too? It took some time to get the things going into the right direction, it was risky, we put everything on a line for it and it wasn`t easy but the reward of success and proving to ourselves that we could do whatever we put our mind to it, has been worth it all. And that is something we are teaching our daughters, to be bold, to go for it, that only sky is the limit, that you need to expand your horizons and open your eyes for the opportunities and that no matter where you are in the world, you can succeed if you just draw your power from within yourself and follow your inner guidance.

Can you give an advice on empowering our peers and our employees? What the empowerment means to you? To me, the definition of empowerment is to be strong, self-confident and able to control my life in order to be happy, healthy, fulfilled in all areas of my life and loved. My intention for my life work and for this meeting today is reflected in a quote: “IF YOU WANT TO BE AN EMPOWERED HUMAN BEING, EMPOWER OTHER PEOPLE”





MY GUIDELINES FOR SELF-EMPOWERMENT: 1. RESPECT YOURSELF • First, you must respect yourself and set up your boundaries before you expect others to respect you.

• Important to listen to yourself and discover what is your passion, what fulfills you, why you are here, what you are meant to be doing. • Wishes and Beliefs - beliefs determine the level of your success; both should be in sync because if we want

• You are unique human being with your own path and

something but we don`t believe we can do it, that we`re

your own lessons to learn in this life.

worthy of it, that it is possible to become a reality for us,

• Accept your Flaws & Weaknesses

there is no chance of manifestation.

“He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is

enlightened.” Lao Tzu


Nobody is perfect – mistakes are part of life, failure is

• Visualization is a powerful tool for success; the more

not a shame.

detailed and filled with emotions, the bigger is the

“There are two kinds of perfect people, those who are

chance of becoming a reality; with visualization we

dead, and those who haven`t been born yet.” Lao Tzu •Know your Strengths & Talents – become a captain of your boat.

see our goals on energy level, where everything starts before it becomes a reality in a physical world. • Importance of big picture; it keeps you focused on a bigger vision all the time and helps you overcome the challenges and hurdles on your way to success.

2. TAKE A RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LIFE •Only you are responsible for the choices you make. •You’re the one who attracts circumstances, people and

• Fear of success and failure; fear is a blockage that can stop us from dreaming, moving on and allowing ourselves to reach our goals and our potential.

events into your life with your beliefs, thoughts and actions on a conscious or subconscious level which means that you create your own future if you are aware of it or not. “Watch your thoughts, they become words, Watch your words, they become actions,

5. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH A POSITIVE SUPPPORT TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS • Get motivated by positive people, events, books…; be ready to let go of unsupportive environment; educate yourself, invest into knowledge and become resorceful.

Watch your actions, they become habits, Watch your habits, they become character,


Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” Lao Tzu

• Working ethics and willingness to put extra time, mon-

•Life as a mirror – it shows us the mirror image of what we carry inside; to change that image into something we would like to see, we have to start changing ourselves first.

ey and energy into your dreams is crucial step in achieving your goals; never give up, stay true to your values, focus on your contribution and your goals instead of losing energy on others. “Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only on

3. DREAM BIG, FIND YOUR PURPOSE • Everything begins with a dream, without it there is no vision or goals and no focus.

standing still.” Lao Tzu



As an entrepreneur what is a challenge you face with your inner self every day and what was your biggest mistake? • The biggest mistake was not following through with my instinct about trusting one person who was not trustworthy, and it resulted in a money fraud. • I’m continuously focused on how to improve myself, not to lose sight of the big picture, not to allow one bad thing or experience to overshadow all the great ones and to maintain my inner balance on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. How can we prevent negative energy from draining us? • The best recipe is achieving a balanced lifestyle with a focus on harmonizing all areas of your life, on a connection in between mind and body and building your inner awareness. • To be successful in your life (personal and business) is to achieve the state of inner peace. That calms down your mind, builds your sense of self-confidence and self-worth, gives you mental stability and improves decision making, stimulates overall happiness with your life and generates healthy relationships on different levels. • The new term of such lifestyle is SELFNESS: a lifestyle which puts physical and mental health, and good energy at the center; it means focusing on achieving equilibrium inside of us, to connect body and mind in a way that support us and allows us to use our potential; • To fulfill your vision, you must be in great health and have great amount of energy. Imbalance in between body and spirit is the source of many diseases and reflects in anxiety, depression, abusive behavior and unrest, not to mention it does not support us in our life projects.


Mind-body balance can be achieved with: Healthy nutrition – Choose wisely what you put into your body according to ancient knowledge combined with the latest modern scientific research Daily exercise – Strengthen your body. Build up your stamina Stress management - Don`t stress about the things you cannot control, implement techniques for de-stressing, spend time outside in the nature more and take advantage of nature’s healing power; find your hobby… Spiritual growth – Connect to your inner self and continuously evolve to a better version of yourself every day: “Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.”



your family 31

We are experienced professionals passionate about providing the medical, physical, psychological and spiritual support that comes with the diagnosis of a terminal illness.



Providing care with dignity and compassion at end of life Personalized care that meets patients’ needs Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Ongoing support and grief services

CONTACT US TODAY: 210-858-9138 1-877-537-4837

Accredited by The Joint Commission


River City Hospice has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval LOCALLY FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED







oaquin Abrego is a licensed designer who believes beautiful interiors have the power to transform daily life. He is a native Texan with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and a well-trained eye for quality, craftsmanship, furnishings and textiles. With over 10 years of commercial and residential experience, he continues to be recognized for his colorful, clean and collected personal style. Each of his projects speaks to his client’s own interests, travels, budgets and lifestyles. He prides himself on customer service, attention to detail and love for local craftspeople. His own home reflects his obsession with collecting, color, art and mixing designer and thrifted pieces. Each space is layered with surprises and takes visitors a moment to take it all in. The spaces are filled with his personal art and items he has collected on his travels. It is no surprise to find a high-end decorative object sitting on a $10 thrifted table or bench. Joaquin’s home is filled with treasures he has fallen in love with over the years. Each item is meticulously placed with attention to balance and color in context to the whole space. He is also a self-taught artist who focuses on pop culture. His love of pop art can be seen throughout the spaces on the walls, shelves



and in his choice of books. Andy Warhol is his favorite artist, making it no surprise to find Marilyn Monroe (and other pop icons) sprinkled throughout his home and in his art. "He describes his home as a mix of layers that are fun, humorous, feminine, romantic and lighthearted. Joaquin is a person who seeks love and positivity and believes his personal art and designs should be playful and visually stimulating. Each visit to his home should be like walking into a carefully curated toy store where you feel overwhelmed with joy and excitement." Joaquin’s home and personal style are ever changing and evolving. He takes every opportunity to learn and incorporate new techniques, strategies, logics and colors in his art and design. Check out his website for updates on his designs and art work or follow him on Instagram @joaquin_abreg0



















aylah L. Martinez was born, Thursday, July 4, 2002 at 2:20 AM in San Antonio, Texas to Juan and Sonja L. Martinez. She lost her battle with Stage IV Renal Medullary Carcinoma (RMC) Cancer. Her earthly assignment concluded on Friday, August 23, 2019 at 3:05 A.M. Jaylah accepted Christ at an early age and was a member of Maranatha Bible Church, under the leadership of Pastor and Sister Draper.




Jaylah was a senior at Byron P. Steele II High School, Schertz, -Cibolo, -Universal City Independent School District, and a member of the National Honor Society. Academically astute, Jaylah was in the top 10% of her class (98.133 GPA). She was ranked 58 out of 598 students. While in high school, Jaylah was a member of the Steele Art Club and the Steele Aquatics Swim Team. Unfortunately, eight days after the first day of her junior (20182019) school year, her family received unexpected news from an oncologist. That moment, Jaylah’s collegiate aspirations were to attend Rice University and major in Biology (with an emphasis in genetics) or Biochemistry. Regrettably, cancer flows deep within her family. Her grandfather passed away on November 26, 2017, from Multiple Myeloma, and her uncle and aunts had, and one currently has cancer. She truly believed her purpose in life was to work alongside a research team that developed cures for Renal Medullary Carcinoma (RMC) cancer. In preparation for college, on March 28, 2019, Jaylah applied and was selected into the UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Oncology Research Internship (ORI) Program. There she gained a better understanding of the various phases of clinical trials and the relationship between the research team and the clinicians. One of Jaylah’s favorite hobbies was to paint. She received art instruction from Steele High School, Mosaic, Blue Star Contemporary Student Artist Program, and Coppini Academy of Fine Arts. As a student, she helped design and create public art projects for San Antonio and volunteered at various youth community

events. As an artist, Jaylah received numerous honors and awards. Jaylah’s art was exhibited at Blue Star, Shoebox Projects Art Gallery in California and Maestro Entrepreneur Center in San Antonio. She sold her first two pieces of art at Blue Star, at the age of 15 and recently sold one of her pieces at the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce art exhibit. Being involved in the community was very important to Jaylah. She was a Teen Ambassador for the City of San Antonio Metro-Health District’s Project Worth Program. As an advocate, Jaylah was engaged with the DreamSA platform in which she actively served to educate, connect, and empower the youth of San Antonio to reach their dreams. In this role, Jaylah presented and briefed the Mayor and City Council of San Antonio regarding city ordinances impacting the city’s youth. Jaylah contacted her high school principal and requested for the school to show a 2-minute video on Dating Violence, which was created by the Teen Ambassadors. Jaylah was in the video and knew it would be embarrassing to be recognized; however, it was more important to her, that her peers were aware of unacceptable behaviors in dating relationships. She also volunteered at BioBridge Global/South Texas Blood & Tissue Center. Jaylah’s core values of excellence, stewardship and integrity allowed her to be nominated by her high school for the 2019 Princeton Book Award for students who demonstrate leadership both inside and outside the classroom.













Fine Art Photography



y name is Dmitry Baev and I’m from Odessa, Ukraine. I'm portrait and fine art photographer.

I got started in photography in 2013. My passion for Dutch painting and Impressionism always pushes me to use the principles of achieving chiaroscuro lighting that the artists used. Light tones, colors and shades allow to achieve smoother transition from light to shadow in a photo. As for me, photography is a kind of feeling not a technique. The essence is the emotional substance rather than color, composition or form. Technical means and elements may only enhance the emotional response. I like creating fine art photography via use of my own “painterly effect” technique.

Dmitry Baev















Write Now: Telling Your Story Can Grow Your Authentic Self


Katharine K. McMillan, PhD haring your successes (and struggles) can help you develop greater authenticity, a feeling of being and acting true to yourself. But writing about your life, even if you feel a burning desire to share your story, is not always easy.

Three Lacks that stop most would-be writers in their tracks can be hacked! Lack Time? Hack your time by outsourcing time-waster tasks. Lack confidence? Your postings on social media prove people want to read what you’ve written. Lack a strategy? Retain the services of an author coach for personalized guidance. Here are five of my some of my best hacks to get you up and writing today:


1. Start small. Telling your tale in micro-stories—the little stories that make up the big story—is easier than you think. Sharing how you took down the bully in the schoolyard, for example, shows the reader the first time you used your power. Start a collection of microstories about anything that comes to mind. Tip! Put a note about the timeframe so you can organize your stories later on. 2. Show—don’t tell—the action. Don’t tell the reader that “the moon was shining,” says Anton Chekhov, “show me the glint of light off a piece of broken glass.” Describe action and reaction. Details matter—what were the sights, smells, temperature, and your internal feelings? Use strong verbs. Show the action. Reveal the reaction. Use dialog. Scavenge your memory. No detail is too small to include. Tip! Pretend you are a filmmaker and storyboard your ideas as visuals. 3. Re-write ‘til you get it right. “The best writing is re-writing,” says Current Glitter Politico Columnist Jade Esteban Estrada. Your first draft is just that—a draft! Get high-level feedback from people. The more feedback you get, the better chance you have of more authentically telling your story. Tip! Turn on Track Changes so that your readers can add comments. 4. Be fearless. Writing a 60,000 to 120,000 memoir is a daunting a task. You may start to wonder—is my story unique? Is my story worth telling? Will people think I am selfabsorbed? Expect to be plagued by plenty of self-doubt. Use nagging self-conscious emotion to dig deep. Get under the surface of what happened to you. Tip! Reveal the reason of why events happened for you, not to you, and how these events helped you grow.


5. Read books, blogs, and websites on how to write. Some professional writers read Strunk and White’s Elements of Style every year. If you’ve never read it, get yourself a copy. Most writers read about writing! And becoming an avid reader on how to write will shape your identity as a writer. Tip! Don’t worry about your writing—writing is a process!

Dr. McMillan is a behavioral scientist, author, and creative consultant who help people achieve authenticity through telling their stories. Contact her at or 210-410-4632.



You have been in a secret relationship with your own money! By Jenia Espe




hether you are aware of it or

Scarcity thinking is the persistent view

not, you have a relationship

that there’s not enough – not enough

with your money. If you are

money, not enough time, not enough

like most people, however, it may be a ne-

love, not enough fill-in-the-blank. And

glected--and possibly unhappy--relation-

when you think this way, you create that

ship. How can you make your relationship

reality for yourself. Everything is a hard-

with money more positive? That’s what

ship, money is evil.

we talked about to a group of amazing women at the monthly lunch in August.

Then there is abundant thinking. Abundant thinking is the attitude that there is

Your attitude towards money is based on

always enough: enough money, enough

what you observed and learned about

time, enough love, enough everything.

money when you were a child. If you

Instead of thinking about what you can’t

grew up in a household where money

do and can’t have, you think about possi-

was always tight and a source of conflict,

bilities and what you can learn from them.

chances are you will maintain this attitude

Abundant thinking breeds resilience and

into adulthood. If, on the other hand,

positivity, enabling you to see your situa-

money was treated as a means to an end,

tion from a different perspective.

then you likely learned how to treat it as a friend, not an enemy. It is important to note that your attitudes toward money do not depend on your income: a wealthy person can have unhealthy attitudes about money and vice versa.

Have too much debt? You can be depressed and angry about it (scarcity thinking) or you can think about what your debt makes possible, such as educating yourself, learning how to save, setting a budget, etc. (abundant thinking).

Let’s be realistic: money isn’t intrinsically good or bad. Money is neutral. It doesn’t have meaning until you assign meaning to it. It’s not your money’s job to make you happy: it is your job. And you have the power to shape that relationship simply by thinking about it in a purposeful way.

Your thoughts form your actions. Going from the scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset is a powerful shift.You can absolutely train your brain to think from a place of abundance. You have so many reasons to like your money and it’s important to get clear on what those

The key to improving your relationship

reasons are. A good way to help yourself

with money is to change the way you

do that is to ask the right questions. For

think about it. Experts note that there are

example, you might ask yourself:

two ways of thinking about money (and other things in life): the scarcity mindset and abundant thinking.



● How can I like my money more? ● How can I appreciate my money? ● What do I need to learn about money? ● What kind of person do I want to become if I have all the money I need? (or maybe, what kind of person will I be if I have all the money I need?) Think about your relationship with money like you think about your relationship with another person. To do this, imagine money is a person in your life. Then, answer the following questions:


● How do you treat your money? ● How do you talk about your money behind its back? ● Are you nice and positive about your money? ● Are you negative and pessimistic? ● Do you complain about your money? ● Do you compare your money to the money your friends have? Be truthful with yourself, and if you don’t like your answers, resolve to change. Unlike your relationship with other people, you are in complete control of your relationship with money. Decide how you want to treat your money. Decide what kind of partner you want to be to your money. Then take the plunge and let go of your scarcity mentality.


If you want to standout from your pack, this San Antonio-based team is your partner in helping you understand your customers, drive their loyalty and boost employee engagement. Keep us in mind if you are looking into or starting any of the following: • Customer Journey Mapping • Employee Engagement • Customer Experience (CX) Strategy • CX Assessment • Design Thinking Facilitation • Qualitative Customer Research


• Employee and CX Training 210-844-1411

RedSquared Consulting is an innovation and customer experience strategy consulting group. Experts in social science, business, and design, we use the latest research and design techniques to produce integrated experience strategies that connect business goals to customers’ needs. We specialize in customer research, converting customer insights into actionable strategies and driving a culture of creativity and customer centricity within the organization.


The Mediterranean Culture Center By Shadia Khoury

Mediterranean culture center is a non profit, non-religious, and non-political organization. Our mission is to celebrate the richness of the Mediterranean arts and cultures with the community of San Antonio. Since its inception in 2018 it is committed to fulfilling the mission of serving the Mediterranean community in San Antonio regardless of religion, nationality, ethnicity, gender or financial status. Our goal is to serve the community through cultural programs, outreach and social services; promote culture and heritage and foster a greater understanding of Mediterranean Culture amongst the San Antonio community at large by serving as a liaison and resource center.



The purpose of the center is to bring together our families and friends in order to share and benefit from each other's life experiences in our adopted country, specially the newcomers to San Antonio, in a fun and rewarding environment. We hope to accomplish our goals while we involve the next generation in our activities to keep our culture appealing and alive. We believe it is important to give our youth a place to meet in a culturally rich environment.

of our heritage (language, cuisine, art and music among others etc.) regardless of what could be different or divisive amongst us. The Mediterranean Culture Center is committed to ensuring our youth gets support, resources to help them develop their social, educational and personal development. For more information visit:

Politics and religion do not play any role in our center as what unites us in our second American home is our love and appreciation



The Silver Jacket Program


ruly building the fashion industry in Texas is a long time coming and its full steam ahead as a new partnership strives to make Texas the “third coast” with fashion-industry leading their plans.


The Texas Fashion Industry Initiative has signed a five-year contract with Maestro Entrepreneur Center to develop the ongoing curriculum for their new Silver Jacket Entrepreneur Program. Set to launch February 2020, The Silver Jacket Entrepreneur Program is dedicated to providing fashion artists and entrepreneurs the business education they need to strongly launch and excel as full-time fashion business.

support, resources and business savvy for ongoing development. “As these entrepreneurs build their fashion businesses throughout the year, the goal will be to offer a continual nurturing presence throughout this process. Their success is our success and we want to see more fashion community doing what they love full-time, not as a side gig.” says Burgundy Woods, President of the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative.

The culmination of this annual cycle will ultimately lead up to the biggest fashion event of the year, Fashion Week SATX. Come every October, successful entrepreneurs of the The curriculum is set to give fashion program will be awarded entrepreneurs education in areas their Silver Jackets on such as: marketing, public relations, stage at the San Antonio graphic design, accounting and even Fashion Awards and be web design, so that these individuals deemed the new “Oneshave stronger power in growing their To-Watch” fashion small businesses, even without having businesses, set to be a full-time staff in the beginning of their showcased twice a entrepreneur journey. year through TFII & Maestro’s partnership Once these Silver Jacket event, “Ones-ToEntrepreneurs complete their launch Watch”. curriculum, Maestro’s 12 week cohort program will take over with their “At the Maestro accelerator business education, Entrepreneur Center, giving these entrepreneurs continued we have created true


economic development by helping grow our existing companies in a historically underutilized area of town. We are accelerating business growth, creating new jobs and revitalizing a forgotten neighborhood. With this partnership, Maestro and The Texas Fashion Industry Initiative will now provide assistance to our Fashion Community. They will have a place where small businesses and entrepreneurs can come together and become great leaders. They will have access to those who are empathetic and transparent with their challenges and take advantage of a place where they can keep developing the traits needed to keep advancing. We want them to be able to look at where they are today and identify a vision, and build the courage and confidence for a better tomorrow.� Says Julissa Carielo, Maestro Entrepreneur Center President.















OLDEN SKYY ATELIER is the talk of San Antonio as fashion designer Golden Sky recently had the opportunity to present his captivating new collection at Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) for the S/S 2019 Season. The featured brand was THE C.I.A OF FASHION; CUTTING-EDGE, INTELIGENT & AUDACIOUS.

Vancouver Fashion Week is the fastest growing fashion week in the world and the only industry event that actively seeks out to showcase international award-winning designers from over 25 global fashion capitals. Since its inception 18 years ago, VFW has operated with a firm belief in being a well-grounded local initiative with global instincts and intuition. “At Vancouver Fashion Week, diversity really is our greatest strength. We bring together the most incredible design talent from across Canada and around the world, presenting the most forward-thinking creative concepts to the industry. Fashion is a



truly global phenomenon and its so inspiring to see such a strong mix of designers all under one roof here in Vancouver" says Jamal Abdourahman, producer and founder of Vancouver Fashion Week. The collection “Annihilation” is inspired by the Theory of what the Golden Skyy brand is “A Complex, Innovative Soul that Captivates the Spirit, of time.” In the collection you will find stimulating Cool Metallic Colors that will awaken your spirit. This Spring 2020 you will experience Futuristic Digital Graphic Prints, Neoprene, 3D Spacer Mesh, Alencon Lace, Organza, Chiffon, Tailoring and the love for Couture. Golden Skyy brand stands in the name of Love, Positive Growth, Unity, Abundance and bringing all walks of life together with his captivating aesthetic.


The Golden Skyy label is young at heart but has a soul of LOVE. We are a Futuristic Couture label that has three primary design aesthetics: Woman's Business Street Couture, Men's Street & Woman’s Evening.









How to Market your Small Business in 5 Steps!


By Tara Schwegler

ou built a website, printed business cards, and officially launched your small business. Now what? There is a popular saying, “If you build it, they will come,” but it doesn’t apply to small businesses. You need customers for your business to grow, and people can’t become customers if they don’t know you exist. You need to start marketing. Where do you start? There is no one-size-fits-all approach to small business marketing, but I have a few tips to get you moving in the right direction. The most important thing is to do something, however small, to get your business out there and generate some buzz. 1 - Define your target customer. This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many business owners struggle to identify their target customer. Often, they don’t want to identify a target customer for fear of excluding another part of their customer base, but this fear is unfounded. If you don’t have a clear vision of who your target customers are, you will not be able to demonstrate the value of your business to them.

2 - Do your homework! I know, you thought you were done with school. Wrong! Now that you have identified your target customers (you can have more than one segment), you need to do some research. You may not have a big budget for market research (or maybe none


at all), but you can ask a group of potential customers to participate in a focus group. During the session, you can ask them about their needs, attitudes, and preferences--information worth its weight in gold for marketing. 3 - Establish your marketing goals. Do you want to increase overall awareness of your business? Do you need to increase the number of customers who purchase products? Do you need to reach out to customers in a new channel? Identify 2-3 marketing goals based on your business needs and market research. You can’t develop a successful marketing plan if you don’t know what success looks like. 4- Make a plan. This sounds daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Your plan can be a back-ofthe-napkin plan, but it needs to include the goals you identified in step 3 and identify specific actions you will take to achieve those goals within a specific time-frame. Remember, the plan is not set in stone. It is a guide for action, but you can change it as needed. 5 - Start small. Small business owners don’t have a lot of spare time. If you’re squeezed for time, choose the most important goal on your plan and focus on that one. You can always do a small pilot to test your marketing ideas. Not sure if you should try a social media campaign? Try a small test of a specific group of potential customers and see what happens. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Without proper marketing, your business can’t grow. Targeted marketing is your best bet to ensure that your business continues to prosper! What are you waiting for?




Top 5 Marketing Tips For Your Business


By Chad Bradshaw

o say that marketing competition is increasing in nearly every industry, would be an understatement. Globalization and an increase in entrepreneurial activity have meant that customers are truly spoiled for choice. In such circumstances standing out and being unique can be a real challenge - especially since everyone is yelling at the same volume on social media and in paid advertising campaigns. Can you believe there used to be a time when small businesses couldn’t afford advertising to millions of people unless they had a huge bank roll? I’m talking about when you could only advertise in print, tv, and radio. Companies are increasingly moving towards differentiation and branding to set themselves apart. The latest trend has been the use of new marketing methods to spread the word, which is perfect for start-ups. Here are the best marketing tactics you can adopt to boost your sales: 1. Sketch a plan, then work that plan. Try, try again. The most obvious yet least implemented effective marketing strategy is to simply define your target market and narrow your focus strategy. An old friend from Harvard Business School once told me, “marketing is nothing more than bringing business to the people”. Sounds simple right? Well, how do you do it today’s highly fast pace world? Easy answer. Find something that works and then duplicate it. I tell people all the time that you need to start





from where you are, not from where you want to be. Yet, in marketing, you must always consider starting with the end in mind before you even take that first action. Vision what you anticipate the outcome will be. No, really, close your eyes right now and envision what your marketing outcome would be if you were to effectively write down a strategy right now. Before implementing any marketing measure, careful planning is critical to your company’s success. It is especially true for start-ups or self-employed businesses who are working on a shoe-string budget. They need to utilize their scarce resources to the best of their abilities. The worse thing you can do in marketing is throw darts in the dark! The bigger companies you’re depending on will gladly take your money. If you’re not sure where to start, contact a local marketing agency in your area and schedule a consultation. Even if you don’t use their services, they’ll likely provide you a great place where you should start or point something out you may have been overlooking. Make a plan and stick to it! 2.Change the Channel, but wait, there are infinitly greater more! Chances are highly likely that you have a Facebook account. Who doesn’t! (Gawk) According to Facebook’s Core Vital statistics Q2 2019 report, there are approximately 2.7 billion users that have a Facebook account. Hopefully, fake news accounts isn’t onethird of those users but I won’t get into that here. There is a plethora of organic and paid online channels that you can use to promote your small business. Using all the channels could be a big waste of time and effort. If you try doing everything, you end up getting nothing. Which social media channel do I use? Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat (yawn), TikTok, Reddit, Quora, and I’m done for now. Start by

knowing your target audience, or what we call in marketing, know your target persona. Try out different social media channels and types of campaigns if you want. Experimenting is how even the most experienced marketers learn. But the bread and butter is picking the most successful campaign types which can vary from platforms like social media, to content driven platforms like Your newfound laser-focus reduces the learning curve to an extent and rewards you more consistently. The typical test phase should be no less than 90 days. Learn Facebook for Business if that’s where your target persona “hangs out” at. Know what groups to join on Facebook or LinkedIn. Know what hashtags are on Instagram, know which hashtags have minimum pictures but make the most sense for you to be a part of, create your own branded hashtag. Go live then create an engagement campaign using a small $20 budget for 3 days and sip some coffee while you digest the results. Create a 15 second clip and spend a small sample test budget on Snapchat if you’re after the younger crowd. Do you get the point? Just do something but have a definition of what done looks like for you. Don’t waste $100’s of dollars on these platforms if you’re playing guessing games. You can get the same results testing ideas out for $5 to $20 within 24 hours than you can spending $100 in a week doing the same marketing plan. Why? Because everybody is yelling at the same volume on social media. Make sure you’re volume is louder and more creative! 3. Product, Service and Owner Differentiation…All or nothing. You’ve heard of product differentiation, that’s old news these days. Of course your product has to be differentiated! What are you doing in the market to begin with? With the millinneals and new silent generation coming into the next wave of innovation,


not only does your product or service need to be unique, but you as the owner of your company must also be branding yourself as the name of your own entity. People love a good story with a good actor, and they want to hear about your struggles and journey because it becomes a form of inspiration to what they can also achieve. Within the next 20 years, if you don’t have your face on your website or within your marketing strategy along side the name of your company, your missing out on massive marketshare and will likely go bankrupt trying to pay for marketing in the long run – that’s how important it is today. Free marketing is still the most affordable form of marketing, and guess what, that’s in your hands! Yes, I know it’s hard getting in front of a camera and taking selfy videos of what some may see as pointless, but when you see your organic following increase due to the nature of your driven character to take action vs. becoming a bystander in the digital space, you will clearly thank yourself later and so will your bottom line. Setting your product apart from others is a good technique, but that’s not enough anymore. Start-ups need to explain to their target customers why their product is different from the existing players and why they need to make the purchase! That’s your job to believe in your own self and your own product enough to be bold and let your face be known! Free tip: Clean off the fingerprints and lint off your cell phone camera lens first, nobody likes blurry videos and images! Go live, don’t be scared to mess up. As Tyra Banks says, “perfect is boring”. 4. Email What? Email Marketing…Why Aren’t I Doing It? Yet. Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies to stay in touch with expected customers. Did you know that over 50% of the world’s population is now using email and it’s climbing? According to sourced from Radicadi, we’ve hit 3.9 billion

registered email accounts, “In 2020 we can expect the number of email users to climb to 4 billion.” As it turns out, email marketing is much more popular than you thought. You may ask yourself, where do I begin? 83% of people prefer email as one of the channels to receive promotions from brands they trust according to the Email Addiction Report 2019. To create a highly effective email marketing strategy, start small by sending out emails once a month to your existing clients. Create yourself a free account where you can add up to 2,000 contacts to a list and begin to think about what branding message you want to portray to your customers. Anytime you have an opportunity to gather more email addresses, jump on it! There are a variety of email campaigns you can run: • • • • •

Welcome emails for new subscribers Educational content Emailers offering discounts New product introductions Re-engagement campaigns

Build a concept worth sharing with new prospects, and then be sure to follow up with them. Sending 1 email isn’t going to accomplish anything, you need to think about having 5 to 7 “touches” before a person converts from a prospect into a customer, but statistics have proven time and time again that email marketing increases conversions as high as 75% more likely to follow through with your service or product again in the future. Don’t be that one business owner that’s too busy to focus on itself. As Oprah Winfrey once said, “stop putting everyone else before you and take care of you!” This could also be applicable to email marketing for growing your successful business as well.




5. SE WHO? SEO (Search Engine Optimization)… SEO enables companies to appear on search engine results pages. In geek terms, your beloved,, Bing. com, are all nothing more than a domain name layered over top of a ginourmous database of information. Your business website can be optimized to appear at the top of these organic search engine result pages, such as the most common one, (I’m not sure if you’ve ever used it or not), Google. com. A very thought out and strategic SEO campaign can improve a website’s organic ranking on the results of these pages, making it more visible to potential customers that are searching for services or products you render. Over time, I’ve learned there are a vast array of “signals” these databases such as Google look at in order to rank your page above your competitors. Everything from geographical relevancy in relation to where the person is searching from, how many links going from your website to major titled websites that thousands of people visit, to how often you publish content to

your website that is relative to the niche of industry you’re trying to make headway, whether or not you have social media activity coming to and from your website, how long you’ve owned your website even matters. These are just a few to bore you…there is a 200 page handbook Google provides as guidelines to its organic SEO strategy it “highly recommends” you follow into the blackhold abyss of analytics. I know, I’ve read it. And it’s enough to make your eyes go crossed, but it is admittedly interesting what we can do today to pay an upfront cost to promote yourself “organically”, and then to see it stay there without paying any further marketing costs is truly a rewarding feeling. A solid SEO marketing strategy can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months to achieve high traffic to your website, but with a little research and patience this is actually an option I’ve seen some business owners do themselves and prosper very well. Take 2 hours and write an article about your product or service and publish it to your website and you’ll be surprised when Google or other search engines add your website page to their results! You’re number one!




Stephanie Scheller is a TED speaker, a two-time best-selling author and the founder of Grow Disrupt: a San Antonio based company dedicated to disrupting the way the world does business through training. In just under a decade, Stephanie has been behind the scenes with nearly 2500 small businesses. She has worked in groups and one-on-one to create total business transformation & help business owners live the life they got into business to create!



eptember 15th 2014, I woke up to the sun kissing my face as it peeked through the window seat. It had been a hectic four and a half months but today was my first Monday waking up as my own boss full-time. I’d done what had seemed impossible at the time: started a business from scratch and walked away from my full-time job to be my own business owner. I’d originally planned to quit my job the day before my birthday in October, but when I ran the numbers at the end of August, I’d made more money with my business (even relegated to evenings, weekends and lunch breaks) than I had working full time and gleefully turned in my two-weeks notice. I celebrated with a lazy morning, unpacking boxes in the new house, sipping coffee on the back porch watching the morning sun drift through the trees while listening to the distant hustle of cars racing off to offices while I serenely

journaled a few thoughts before finally getting to my home office around 10am. There haven’t been quite as many of those mornings as I’d imagined I’d have since then. I’ve experienced some incredible moments of an untouchable peace and joy at being my own boss and setting my own schedule, punctuated frequently by stress levels I hadn’t even known were possible in my sales job previously. I’ve soared at the heights of feeling accomplished, powerful, impactful, established, and successful. And not long later found myself fighting heart palpitations as endless streams of anxiety raced through my mind and body, vividly displaying every worst-case scenario possible for my imagination to dwell on. I’ve learned a lot, and some of the most important lessons that stand out to me, in no particular order, are repeated here to help you cut the learning curve & accelerate your growth!


Lesson: Be careful of who I allow to stay in my life. I struggle with a bit of a hero complex - i.e. I find myself trying to save people who don’t necessarily want to be saved. A lot. Over the past five years I’ve found myself investing copious amounts of time and energy and value in a non-reciprocal (and sometimes poisonous) relationships. I’ve stuck with referral partners, clients, employees, and colleague relationships for the sake of the past, or because I see potential and want to help them live up to that potential. But if someone else isn’t willing to work to keep up, or invest time and energy to grow, I can’t slow down my own growth trajectory or sabotage my future trying to drag them along or include them.

"experts" isn't always a fit. I remember standing at the front of the room at our first Grow Retreat trying to hide shaking hands and cold sweats because I’d caved to pressure from a mentor and was about to pitch the group. In a moment of blind faith in someone who was supposed to be the expert, I allowed myself to stray from my principles and broke the promise of a pitch-free zone. It was the last time I allowed someone else’s advice to convince me to stray from my standards and better judgement. Lesson: Take time to take care of myself, physically & mentally.

I’ve had to learn to lean on others. Which has been hard for me! I was the student who hated group projects (and frankly, just did it all myself because I didn’t want to be bothered with the others in the group). I hired team members, but only to perform non-vital functions. I frequently took control back of projects and repeatedly sabotaged my own growth capability by trying to do it all myself. I limited our ability to perform for clients by insisting I could do it all alone. Leaning on a team for vital functions has allowed my creativity and the growth of my business to soar.

Like many other business owners, I did what I had to do to grow the business. I gave up my after-dinner visits to the gym and long weekend bike rides with my husband. I stopped painting, spending time with my horse, and reading or writing for pleasure. There was always work to do and I figured I was just in that “hustle stage” of getting the business going and I’d get to the point where I didn’t always have so much to do and could get back to my life. I did. Two and a half years into the business I was able to start hiring more help, scaling back the amount of To Do on my plate. But I found that working on my business had become my new hobby. I replaced “Had to do” with “Want to do” and somehow kept working evenings and weekends, but this time with the excuse that it was fine because I “didn’t have to get this done.” Bad habits are hard to break. I learned to be careful about the ones I let take root.

Lesson: Evaluate every piece of advice & feedback I receive.

Lesson: Don’t ever let sales fall off the priority list!

I receive endless pieces of feedback, advice & suggestions (and I’m going to guess that I’m not alone). I’ve found that not every piece of advice I receive is actually applicable for me. There are all kinds of reasons I may choose to discard a piece of advice or information. I've learned the hard way that not every piece of advice works for me. Even the stuff from the

Cashflow is the lifeblood of any business and sales are the lifeblood of cashflow. You can sell your way out of a LOT of problems in the business and whatever other problems pop up, I guarantee that they are easier to handle when you have cash in the bank! As the business owner, it’s easy to get sucked into doing, well, everything else! So I learned to outsource key pieces of the

Lesson: I may be crazy capable and incredibly smart, but I can’t do it all myself!



sales process to keep the wheels turning at all times, and so that the key pieces of the business don’t rely on me to keep them moving. Lesson: Some rules are set in stone as iron-clad perimeters to hold myself accountable, others are not.


I need flexibility in my life. Part of that has to do with wearing multiple hats in the business still, part of it is my personality. I can’t even eat the same thing more than once a week (unless it’s pasta - darn Italian roots)! But there are some habits and rituals that I’ve put in place that I’ve learned are non-negotiable. I check in on how I’m spending my time weekly and quarterly with different exercises. I sit down to review my goals and lessons learned monthly. I start work at 8:30 and end by 6pm. I only allow myself to work 2 evenings per week or 2-4 hours max on weekends. I take lunch breaks (or chill breaks if I have to work through lunch). There are things I’ve learned to do without exception, and I’ve learned to respect those boundaries, even if I’m the classic “rebel” entrepreneur in many others. Lesson: Stop comparing & judging myself based on where I think I should be or where others are.

I’ll be honest: I’m still learning this

one. The past five years have included a lot of self-abuse for not having a multi-billion dollar business already compared to success stories like Dollar Shave Club. Even when not comparing myself to the unicorns of the business world (whose stories are never quite as simple as they sound by the way!), I can thoroughly flagellate myself mentally for not achieving all my goals on any given week or month. I’ve discovered that it slows down my ability to focus on growth and damages my ability to take care of my clients when I’m so busy beating myself up. And I’m slowly learning to catch myself when I start in on the self-abuse cycle, and reframe the conversation. It’s a process, but more than anything, I’ve learned to be so grateful for who I was, who I am today, and who I am becoming for tomorrow. What lessons have you learned over the past few years? I’d love to hear them! Stephanie@ Got questions? Want to be on Steph’s mailing list? Email her at








Maestro Entrepreneur Center (MEC) is proud to present its first annual fundraising initiative, 12 Days of Giving. This fundraiser challenges 12 Ambassadors to raise funds for the MEC. Proceedings will be utilized to fund 2020 programs, events, and initiatives taking place in this evergrowing organization. Maestro is grateful to each of the hardworking. Ambassadors committed to supporting MEC’s mission of accelerating businesses growth beyond the $1 million revenue threshold.

Maurice Bridges VIA Metropolitan Transit

Dr. Ellen riojas Clark UTSA

Chris Martinez, Central Electric Ent & Co

Shalay Peterson Ohana Pediatric Home Health, LLC


Liz Medina BBVA Compass

Denette Buenrostro Epicc Vascular

LeRoy Cavazos-Reyna Coca Cola Southwest Beverages

Julissa Carielo Tejas Premier Building Contractors Inc.

Daniel Galindo Woodforest National Bank

Shadia Khoury Mediterranean Culture Center

Julia Hamon Wells Fargo

Willie Ng Blue Armor Security Services, Inc.


Programs 12 Week Entrepreneurship Cohort Program This 12 Week Intensive Accelerator Program for existing small business owners who seek to accelerate their growth through a rigorous curriculum. Sessions are held Tuesday Nights 5:30pm to 8pm and all sessions are taught by successful entrepreneurs. Each week a new topic is introduced to help establish a strong foundation for every entrepreneur.

Phenomenal Women in leadership This quarterly program is in partnership with the local Housing Authorities. Each session features, a panel of Three Phenomenal Women Leaders who will share conversations on overcoming real life challenges in business. These successful women motivate, educate and empower our women to want to do more to build a better life and better business.

Mastering your money This quarterly program is designed to help business owners enhance their financial skills and develop a foundation for increasing their wealth by providing successful business owners who are sharing their experiences in diversifying and investing in multiple business ventures.

92Maestro Leadership Life Lessons These training sessions are designed to help entrepreneurs learn from successful entrepreneurs or “Maestros” in the community from all industries. These sessions will be intimate conversations with successful business owners who will share their businesses’ beginnings and the keys to their success. Each Session will be themed to a learning topic.

Youth Entrepreneurship Program This one-week youth program introduces the spirit of entrepreneurship and leadership skills to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Students will develop a small business idea, and through teamwork and research, create a business and marketing plan for their business. Through creativity and innovation, students will undertsand the dedication and passion to be an entrepreneur.

Silver Jacket Program / Ones to watch fashion show

This Intensive Start Up Program is in partnership with Texas Fashion Industry Institute. This program is offered every spring for individuals who want to start a business in the fashion industry. Each session is set up to provide a roadmap for these individuals to become entrepreneurs. Each session is taught by successful business owners in the fashion industry sharing intimate conversations of overcoming challenges in a structured goal setting and projected achievable outcomes during the program. Program ends with two fashion shows highlighting up and coming fashion designers participating in the Silver Jacket Fashion Business Start Up program.





San Antonio Hispanic Business Forum This one-day forum during small business week covers educational sessions and ends with the “taste of Northside” event with music, performances, art display, and food/drinks. This forum takes place during National Small Business Week. Maestro offers free training to all small businesses in topics related to Leadership, International Business, Health and Equity and the Importance of Small Business Inclusive Programs. Luncheon with keynote speakers addressing the statistics of where Hispanic Business is today, what obstacles we need to overcome and how we build a legacy to a brighter tomorrow.

Cultural Nights: Chinese New Year & Evening in india Two different events celebrating cultures from different countries and allow business owners to make connections for international business opportunities. Event allows guests to experience food, drinks, music, art and vendors tied to the themed night and supporting community diversity.

Monthly Themed Market Days with Que Retro Arts Market Days, each one tied to a theme and allows local vendors to come sell handmade and unique products. All vendors participating will be allowed to attend free acceleration training to help them expand their markets. Market days includes music performers, boutiques, food and drinks sell and art gallery.

Two Day Construction Conference This two-day Construction Conference offers curriculum-based intensive programming for small minority, women, and veteran-owned existing businesses seeking to work with the City of SA, County, VIA, SAWS, CPS, UHS, Port SA, Brooks City Base and other Municipalities. Also allowing the agencies to meet new construction companies ready to work. This program is especially suited for established construction businesses (a minimum of 2 years in operation) who seek to accelerate their growth through capacity building programs. Sessions specifically for commercial construction include Proposal Writing, Cost Pricing, implementing a Safety Program, implementing a Quality Control Program, Becoming Bondable, Contract Management, and end with a Meet the Buyer session.

Tuesday Chef Special – Restaurant Pop Up

Maestro will be hosting a Chef working on establishing a restaurant. Chef will be mentored by successful business owner during week to learn how to establish meal selection, pricing and marketing. Enjoy Chef prepared meals and help guide our Chef to success.

Buy local - grow sa

Our Buy Local - Grow SA initiative is the first of its kind in San Antonio. The goal of this initiative is to establish a database of local businesses in San Antonio and develop a study that will identify the needs and obstacles small businesses face. Buy Local - Grow SA will encourage San Antonio natives and tourists to buy from local shops throughout the city to contribute to our beautiful city’s flourishing economy.



Maestro Entrepreneur Center welcomes portfolio submissions from artists seeking gallery representation throughout the year. Our monthly art and photography exhibitions are a great opportunity to help artists take their career to the next level. Exhibiting your artwork at Maestro guarantees exposure of your artistic talent to hundreds of people that visit our center on a regular basis! 94



Artwork by Teresa Laurente




For Upcoming Contracting and Networking Opportunities visit The scope of contracting opportunities encompasses a wide variety of projects and services, including, but not limited to: • • • • •

Architecture Engineering Construction Facilities & Maintenance Goods & Services

Procurement Division 800 W. Myrtle San Antonio, TX 78212 (210) 362-2400 Office of Diversity & Federal Compliance 800 W. Myrtle San Antonio, TX 78212 (210) 362-2074





conquering to make our center like no other in the country and it shows.


Our entrepreneurs are working so hard to get better and grow. They are so hungry for knowledge and they are absorbing it like never before. They are so encouraging of each other. Every month we are seeing more and more jobs being created and actual contract connections. Our events are getting more and more engaged as our entrepreneurs are asking to be a part of making it that much special and taking advantage of the opportunities to connect with our community. We have a list of volunteers that are supporting our efforts and at the same time enjoying being a part of such a great organization. It has become such an easy place to be a part of and I love that about it. All this and now we celebrate as we are launching the premier issue of our Maestro Magazine which will highlight our great work , our community leaders and our amazing entrepreneurs that are creating change by making great strides. This is another work of art being led by one of our successful entrepreneurs who immediately brought together a group of editors to start writing for this issue. And stay tuned as they have so much planned for the next issue already.

Julissa Carielo Founder & President of Maestro Entrepreneur Center


irst more than anything I must share with you that we never imagined the Maestro Entrepreneur Center would turn out the way it did. It truly has become a beacon of hope for so many of us and we are so grateful for all the support we have received from this wonderful community and our community leaders. Our staff has been such a dream team and are constantly working on the next program or event as they want it to be better than the last one. Our Maestros and Maestras are whole heartedly sharing and it really is a remarkable experience to be a part of. Our board is dividing up and

All and all I feel so blessed to be apart of something so transformational which is reaching our whole community. And more importantly to the people that work in supporting the growth of our entrepreneurs. Feeling so grateful for such a connected community that cares to take good care of our own small businesses and the best part is that we have only just begun to develop what we will be doing. It will only get better from here. Come be apart of our Maestro Entrepreneur Center as it will change your life too! May your families be blessed during this holiday season.

Julissa Carielo






Profile for Lafaiete Creative Productions

Maestro Magazine Premier Edition  

Empowering & Entertaining Entrepreneurs

Maestro Magazine Premier Edition  

Empowering & Entertaining Entrepreneurs