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Outlook 2010 Calendar Once you switch to Calendar view, the tabs will automatically change at the top. The Home tab now contains frequently used Calendar functions. Among these are: • New appointment, meeting or contact. These will open another window that should look familiar like Outlook 2003. For instance creating a new meeting, the window will pop up looking like an email, asking for a To(who you are inviting to this meeting), subject and location. There is a button for scheduling assistant which can help you manage your current calendar appointments so you do not overlap. Then ofcourse you can set a time range and reminder time, the invitation will send like an email.


You can also view the calendar by day,week, etc. also listen under the Home tab then arrange buttons(This can also be done under the View tab). You can also share your calendar with others by email under the Home tab and share buttons. Under the Folder tab you will find the ability to create more calendars, this is useful if you need to separate overlapping but separate appointments.

Reserving The Conference Room • •

Move Outlook to the Calendar view Then Choose ‘New meeting’

The new window will look much like a new email window. Under the ‘Rooms’ button next to the location field, choose PIAA Conference Room under the rooms and Outlook will auto populate the fields.

• • •

Add a subject to people understand what the reservation is for You may also add a Location and Message if you like Click ok and your reservation will show up on the Online Calendar

Oulook Calendar  
Oulook Calendar  

A walkthrough on how to use outlook calendar