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Wednesday 4 April 2012


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WA Labor will streamline planning and housing approval system W

A LABOR has launched a discussion paper on streamlining the planning and housing approval system as part of Labor’s commitment to economic reform. WA Labor has been listening to the development industry’s concerns about unnecessary bureaucracy and is committed to streamlining planning processes. Despite a booming economy and a strong demand for affordable housing, the past few years have been difficult for the property industry and consumer confidence is still lower than it was last year. WA Labor wants to manage the boom

for everyone. By reducing the regulatory burden on planning and development, it will be easier and cheaper to do business in Western Australia and the cost savings can be passed on to home buyers. Labor Governments have a strong track record in tackling the issues of housing affordability and future planning and this paper should assist us in strengthening that reputation. Yours sincerley


Click here to read a copy of WA Labor’s policy statement

Labor moves to strengthen animal welfare in WA


A LABOR has launched its discussion paper Strengthening Animal Welfare In Western Australia, written by Member for Maylands Lisa Baker, that reaffirms its commitment to animal welfare.

The issue of animal welfare extends much further than protecting animals from cruelty and ensuring that animals bred for eggs, milk and meat are treated humanely. As more information becomes available that shows how animals are treated, Western Australians are demanding higher standards and better protection for both companion and stock animals. The connection between animal cruelty and violence to humans is well documented, as are the benefits of companion animals to human wellbeing.

Click here to read a copy of WA Labor’s policy statement

It is crucial that the animal welfare system is sufficiently funded and underpinned by a strategic policy framework. More...

Mark McGowan and Lisa Baker pet farm animals with students from St Columba’s Primary School, Bayswater

WA Labor in the Wanneroo and Willetton communities...

Mark McGowan and Brett Treby at Wanneroo Memorial Park.

Mark McGowan and Ken Travers discuss local issues with City of Wanneroo Mayor Tracey Roberts and Cr Norman Hewer.

Mark McGowan and Brett Treby with the Wanneroo Senior Citizens Association.

Sally Talbot, Brett Treby, Ken Travers and Mark McGowan discuss planning issues on the Gnangara Mound with the Clearwater Revival East Wanneroo community group.

Mark McGowan and Hannah Beazley chat with the local Rotary Club at the Willetton Fair.

Mark McGowan and Hannah Beazley with local residents at the Willetton Fair.

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2012-04-04 Leaders Report - WA Labor will streamline planning and housing approval system