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15 Ideas to Grow with Digital Marketing

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ASK THE EXPERT: What’s the secret to running a successful Facebook sweepstakes? To be effective, your Facebook sweepstakes must be timely, relevant to your target audience, and unique to your business. If your sweepstakes is lacking in any of these three areas, you won’t see the desired results. Plain and simple.

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them. As long as you do your homework and partner with a quality third-party Facebook contest app, you should have nothing to worry about.

Corey O’Loughlin, Marketing ­Manager, MarketingProfs

°° DON’T contact contest winners through Face-

book. Direct messaging, chatting, posting on the winner’s wall, or posting contest winner information on your wall are all violations of Facebook’s promotion rules.

°° DO include a complete Facebook ­contest release. For a contest to be legal, it must acknowledge that your company’s promotion is not sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook.

°° DON’T select a fan at random for a sweepstakes

prize. Again, that would qualify as using Facebook to collect entrant information and would be a violation of its rules.

°° DO follow-up with entrants after the contest is

over. While Facebook’s contest rules don’t allow you to do that through its platform, a third-party app can help you collect valuable lead information. After the contest is over, use that info to contact non-winners and offer them incentives that might encourage them to become new (or better) customers. Remember, while a Facebook promotion, contest, or sweepstakes can be a highly effective lead generation and customer acquisition tool, there are rules that limit how you can execute

Whether you need a sweepstakes or a way to make direct sales from your Facebook page, the Vocus Marketing Suite’s set of 18 Facebook apps can help. Easy and intuitive to use, the suite’s apps help you tell your story, capture new leads, and spread the word about your business. You provide the content; Vocus does the rest. It’s the only tool you need to harness the marketing power of Facebook.


Learn More About Your Market with Monitoring

While digital marketing requires you to find new and unique ways to converse with your customers, it’s also important to stop talking long enough to listen. No conversation can be truly engaging if one party is doing all the talking. Gathering critical customer feedback and intelligence is now easier than ever, thanks to the range of online monitoring tools available to you. The issue for many small and medium-sized businesses, however, is how to best ­collect that consumer feedback and data, and turn it into something meaningful and useful.

Growth Tactic: Capture Customer Sentiment with Social Media Monitoring Monitoring customer sentiment and market trends isn’t new, but with social media, it’s now easier to do. Twitter and Facebook allow you to legally and ethically eavesdrop on what’s b ­ eing said about you online, and to gather a more personal portrait of your primary audience without having to execute costly market research.


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15 ideias para crescer com Marketing Digital  

Gentileza de: Vocus Marketing Software

15 ideias para crescer com Marketing Digital  

Gentileza de: Vocus Marketing Software

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