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ASK THE EXPERT: What should companies do when a Twitter chat ends?

That shouldn’t be shocking to small business owners, who have used similar direct mail or ­in-store contests for years to drive new customers through their doors. A Facebook contest is very similar to those types of offline incentives, contests, or sweepstakes; it’s just executed through a social network.

Companies can do a lot after a chat to continue engaging with their audience, but one of the best tactics is to move the conversation to a different platform. For example, invite your chat participants to join you on your Facebook page, or pin images that relate to the chat on their Pinterest account. It doesn’t really matter where you go (it could be in your store), the goal is simply to keep customers talking if they have more to say. Verónica Maria Jarski, Senior Editor and Writer, MarketingProfs


click “Like” is to gain access to special offers, promotions, and exclusive contests.

Attract More Customers Through Facebook

Today, almost every company with a sliver of social savvy is on Facebook. In fact, according to a recently released social media study from Vocus and Duct Tape Marketing, Facebook is now the most commonly used social network among SMBs, with 73 percent reporting they currently use it.4

Now, that doesn’t mean you should head over to your Facebook page and start an exclusive contest right now. Facebook has specific contest terms and policies that companies must adhere to, and breaking any of those rules might result in your page being shut down. To run a contest with the hope of growing your fan count and fueling new customer acquisition, it’s important to keep a few dos and don’ts in mind:

°° DON’T use Facebook’s platform directly to host

the contest. Using the social ­network’s like, share, or comment button as a voting mechanism is a direct violation of Facebook’s promotion rules.

°° DO use a third-party application to administer contests, promotions, and sweepstakes. As long as that third-party application is collecting votes, comments, and entrant information, you can host a contest on your Facebook page.

That said, simply using Facebook as a branding or customer engagement tool is very different from using it to extract real bottom-line value. This social network can be a valuable customer acquisition tool for small businesses.

Growth Tactic: Fuel Customer Acquisition with a Facebook Contest While a company’s Facebook fans will often visit its page to view pictures and read up on new product releases, studies have shown that one of the primary reasons customers

4 Vocus and Duct Tape Marketing, “Different Paths to Social Media Influence,” 2012;


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15 ideias para crescer com Marketing Digital  

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15 ideias para crescer com Marketing Digital  

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