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Wakes and Models is the first of its kind. We are taking some of the hottest women we can find and putting them with the hottest Wake Boarding and Surfing gear around. Our goal is to introduce new people to our favorite water sport, by to a stronger market!

Dear future supporter, I would like to inform you of a new and great opportunity. W&M, Wakes and Models is a new and exciting magazine getting ready to bust out from behind closed doors in a market that is holding on by threads. This economy just needs to be rattled and reminded exactly what we are all about, hard work and good honest fun. Everyone affiliated with W&M is excited about this new publication and would like to invite you to participate in the success first hand. We are taking two of the worlds best water sports around and adding some spice! Wake Boarding, surfing and gorgeous, sexy, dedicated models are ready to put you, the advertiser back in the driver seat. Inter grating all this “Hotness� is sure to put some spark back in the industry of a very promising sport. Sexy has always been a successful selling tool and now is the time to exploit every bit of it, with your help. Wakes and models has the content and the time, now we need you. Help us show our future readers and competitors that we mean business. Lets grow together and drive traffic and revenue back through your doors and show people that we are still here and ready to make a bigger and better image, a image that has every man, women and young adult reading and enjoying what we love, sports and women.

Ryan Bedolla Publisher

Potential Readers: 8,049,313 Male 49%

Female 51 %

18 years and Up Single 40%

75.6 %

Target Audience Ages: 16-45 Male and Female Mid to High Income

Rate Card Four Color

Size 2 page Spread











3 page Spread




































Cover Options





Cover 2





Cover 3





Cover 4





Ask about how a W&M model can represent your product on 3 page high gloss , 4 color spread Two color rates are 5% less than four color rates. Payment due net 30 days from invoice date. All advertisers are to pay in advance. Purchase 9 months of ad space, at least a half page or more, and receive 10% OFF your total. Offer is only good for limited time! Email us for more details! Inserts

are available as well, email us for details

To advertise, contact your W&M sales representative or Advertising Director Jimmy Kelly at

Production Schedule For 2010 Issue

Ad Space

Materials Due

On Sale


November 6

November 7

December 23


December 4

December 5

January 20


January 8

January 9

February 24


February 5

February 6

March 2


March 5

March 6

April 21


April 2

April 3

May 19


May 7

May 8

June 23


June 4

June 5

July 21


July 2

July 3

August 18


August 6

August 7

September 22


September 3

September 4

October 20


October 1

October 2

November 17

* Material submitted after due date will receive an additional fee of $500 Something to Know! Our magazine will be constructed with the Top quality and most durable material. Your companies image will be printed on 4 color ,high gloss pages to really impact our readers. This book like magazine will surely reach the hands of many and remain there for a long time!

Lets have a great year!!

Magazine Trim Size 7.75" x 10.5" Binding Method Perfect Bound Printing Process Web Offset and Rotogravure




Non Bleed


15.5 x 10.5

15.75 x 10.75

15 x 10

Full Page (includes covers)

7.75 x 10.5

8 x 10.75

7.25 x 10

1⁄2 Page Vertical

3.75 x 10.5

4 x 10.75

3.25 x 10

1⁄2 Page Spread

15.5 x 5.125

15.75 x 5.375

15 x 4.625

1⁄2 Page Horizontal

7.75 x 5.125

8 x 5.375

1⁄3 Page Vertical

2.25 x 10.5

2.5 x 10.75

1.875 x 10

1⁄3 Page Square

4.875 x 5.25

5.125 x 5.5

4.375 x 4.75

1⁄3 Page Spread

15.5 x 3.375

15.75 x 3.625

1⁄4 Page Square

3.75 x 5.125

4 x 5.375

7.25 x 4.625

15 x 2.875 3.25 x 4.625

Keep live matter 1⁄4" from final trim 1⁄8" bleed over trim on all sides

Question? Example: Please feel free to email us any questions or concerns you may have. Refer to next page for more information on advertising file formats.

Digital Requirements FORMAT -

PDF x-1a (preferred)

SPECIFICATIONS Build page to trim and extend bleed 1/8" beyond page edge. Keep live matter 1/4" from final trim. All elements to be placed at 100% with no rotation or cropping. Pantone colors must be in CMYK mode. Color builds should not contain any color less than 5%. Reproduction of tints built from less than 5% is not guaranteed. All images must be 300 dpi; 133 line screen. Maximum ink density: 300% TYPE REPRODUCTION : Type should never be less than 6 point boldface. Fine and/or serif type should be used at a minimum.Reverse type: When lettering reverses out of CMYK, the type should not be less than .007" (the thickness of a 1/2 point rule) at the thinnest part of a character. The dominant color should be used for the shape of the letter and subordinate colors spread slightly to minimize registration issues. FONTS Font information should include manufacturer, font name, and version. Do not apply style attributes to font (bold, italic). Instead, use a different version of the font (e.g. Helvetica Bold). COLOR CALIBRATION : Include 5%, 25%, 50%, 95% and 100% Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Black control patches. PROOFS : 1 proof must accompany each ad. Accepted types of proofs are: Kodak Approval, Iris, or Dupont Waterproof. All proofs must have color bars. SWOP standards, GATF/SWOP approved scales, targets, and control patches.

We are looking foward to working with you in the near future. Soon to be the BEST Wake Boarding magazine in the world, we need the BEST Sponsors. I want to thank you for your time and will be excited to hear from you.

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