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lean back and enjoy.

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Please take your time to read through these pages,

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CONTENT Our mission.............................................................


Our spirit.................................................................


History 17 The company 21 The evolution 25

Our Love..................................................................



What is a Wakepark?

Sustainability 43

Planning & Consulting 53 Wakeparx cable system


Operator Station 65

OSA-System 67 SEW Control 69 The Drive 71

Start dock 73 Pylon & Boom 77

Deflection Units


Carrier 89 Tension Weight & Anchors


Smart Details & Safety


Partners & Patented 109 Maintenance & Service


Survey 117 Installation 119

Wakesys 123 Service & Support 125

References 127

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Our Wakepark 47

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OUR MISSION We love to ride. Our courageous steps in the past, our energy, our hard work and our innovative drive to develop better solutions for a smarter cable park accelerated us forward. Our passion for wakeboarding mixed with our experience of building cables parks, and our skills in engineering, pushed us to found Wakeparx in 2016.

an easier way to learn wakeboarding, and in a more effective and less time-consuming way of maintaining your cable system. We want to create more fun and freedom for everyone. Our mission is to be THE Premium cable park manufacturer.

THE RESULTS? • The operator team can maintain the cable park in less time, a safer environment and in a more resilient way • The operator can now focus on quality customer service, while our smart system supports him to operate safely. • Beginners can learn wakeboarding in a way so that more of them will become returning customers. Pro riders will welcome a smoother riding experience.

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At Wakeparx, we believe in creating the best Wakepark experience, in

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“ FIRST CORNER, FIRST EXCITEMENT!“ Moritz Grotepass, CEO Wakeparx

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OUR SPIRIT experience in the business of wakeboard cables. We are eager to evolve the standards of how cable parks are built. THIS IS OUR STORY.

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We are a modern company with a strong background and years of

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Foto: Sam Strauss

The first ever waterski cable was built at Bordesholmer Lake, Germany, in the late 1950’s by Bruno Rixen. Almost all existing full-size Wakeparks are based on the very first engine frame from 1976. Originally, the height of the towers of a Wakepark was 8m. Now they are 10-13m in height. As the sport of wakeboarding has evolved during these past years, the mechanics 2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 17

also need to be adjusted to suit these new demands. Prior to founding Wakeparx, both founders of Wakeparx, Moritz Grotepass and Hans-Martin Noack,

Foto: Jens Schwarz

worked for and installed Wakepark for various cable

First prototype in Sweden


2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 18

park manufacturers for more than 15 years. Moritz`s former company Wake-Concept was working worldwide, installing Wakeparks and during that time he built up a friendly network of like-minded people around the globe. Hans-Martin was working for Rixen as an engineer and mechanic for many years. With their growing experience, they saw the problems and challenges of existing cableways firsthand and they felt the urge to evolve the existing standards. In 2015, the idea of Wakeparx was born. Moritz and Hans mission for Wakeparx was clear; to create a Premium cable park manufactory and with that to grow the sport and raise the bar of what a great Wakepark could look and feel like.

Quickly, they realized the enormous demand for innovation in this market. Clients wanted to see new ideas become reality. They started out designing and testing a few prototypes. Several ideas bloomed, yet other were creating heavy challenges in their testing phase and needed to be reshaped several times. The evolution of Wakepark components took time yet was very inspiring. The remodeling of the defection unit, carrier heads, handlebars and several safety innovations and ecological standards from other industries were woven into the visionary cableway

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development by Wakeparx.

Wake Concept - Installation of Area 47, Austria

yet Moritz and Hans stayed faithful and believed in their mission. Their first company office was in Hans living room, later in a shared space office in Oberhaching where 4 people together developed new components for the modern company. Soon they realized that they needed to build up a team of like-minded experts in their field. The Wakeparx team grew and each person added yet another element of forward-thinking design, for a smarter cable system. Now our office and manufacturing hall is in Ödenpullach, south of Munich, Germany.

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For a small company, this was a hard path to walk on,

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THE COMPANY Working with us. We believe in building year-long partnerships, hand-in-hand with our clients, and not in simply closing a deal. We look forward to working with like-minded people as our clients.

personnel to manufactures. Wakeparx has a team where everyone wants to revolutionize and create smarter cable building standards. Welcome to the future of cable wakeboarding! • We work with passion and years of knowledge in wakeboarding • We are a team of like-minded experts in our field • We work with experience and education on new ideas for a smarter cable system • Service is a strong pillar of our mission • We believe in a business model of shared passion and success

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From engineers, mechanics, project and logistic managers, warehouse

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THE EVOLUTION create an easy access system so that the maintenance aspect becomes quicker and safer. Our products and innovations are patented and will stay unique to Wakeparx. Our most unique feature, but biggest challenge was to create a system that doesn`t need grease or oil to run. This has resulted in a eco-sensitive and high-tech product. Ride green, ride long! Wakeparx has taken ‘environmentally friendly thinking‘ to the next level. Our cable system provides a unique experience without affecting the environment.

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The evolution of Wakepark components. One of our main goals is to

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TRIAL AND ERROR Through experience & testing we invent new ideas for a smarter cable system. Prototypes of new ways of connections, and parts for better exchangeability cost us a lot of time & money. Some ideas failed, some inventions needed to be altered several times, and some ideas were brilliant from the start. The positive feedback from our clients gave us the response we were working for and got us where we are now.

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OUR LOVE lighthouse projects with a unique radiant power and showcase how we see a successful Wakepark business can be built. We consult with our clients and design a unique layout for each location individually, and adapt to the specific surroundings present. We build the next generation of Wakeparks, designing cables in different shapes and in almost any adequate size of lake, river or the sea.

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We build successful Wakeparks worldwide. These Wakeparks are

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Wakepark Brombachsee

Foto: Daniel Deak Bardos

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WHAT IS A WAKEPARK? A Wakepark is a business, a sports facility with a strong emphasis kneeboarding, waterskiing and wakeskating on the water. It is set up for individuals as well as groups and a Wakepark is similar to a ski resort or a golf course. It can be visited whenever it is open and used for a quick one hour lunch break, as well as a day-long activity, with friends and families. There are lot of possibilities that can be offered besides the cable park itself, such as a waterpark for kids, trampolines, a climbing park and many kinds of beach and watersports. That is why it is also called multi attraction park. A Wakepark is made for people who are coming frequently to have fun and push their personal limits but also for guests who try this sport for the first time.

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on leisure activities and entertainment. People enjoy wakeboarding,

THE VALUE OF A WAKEPARK The value of a Wakepark cable is that it opens watersports to the masses due to more cost - effective running costs and a higher amount of people that can be served at on time.

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The heart of every cable park is the cable. The cable enables the wakeboarders to glide smoothly over the water, and enjoy an energetic sport in nature with an experience of fun and freedom. • A Wakepark is a sports and leisure time facility • A new touristic attraction drawing in watersport enthusiasts as well as spectators alike from the region • Creating new employment: A Wakepark offers new employment and in the hospitality industry with its gastronomy and accommo dation surrounding it. Retail trade, and other services such as the leisure and cultural industries benefit from a new business loca tion as well. • It can be a gastronomic location and a sports facility alike.

Foto: Jasiel Ross

Foto: Daniel Deak Bardos

Foto: Jasiel Ross

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ICF Wakepark Cambodia Foto: Rocconaut

Foto: Daniel Pleuser

Foto: Daniel Deak Bardos

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Foto: Jasiel Ross

Foto: Marius Media

ADVANTAGES OF A WAKEPARK - OPPORTUNITIES FOR REGIONS AND LOCAL TOURISM A Wakepark is not only an individual business, but also an economic and touristic impulse for a region. A Wakepark extends and intensifies the link between economic power, sport, tourist attractiveness, and networking of the regions. The development opportunities of a Wakepark lie not only in the fact that it produces economic effects and thus is an important economic factor for the towns and and improves the quality of life and stay for visitors, the population, businesses and their employees. Work-Life-Balance will be enhanced in the region, since younger generations are making increasing demands on an equally attractive working and living environment for a healthy work-life balance. • Thinking about a Wakepark more broadly, connecting tourism with location marketing and development, and combining tourism and industry. A high number of consumers of a Wakepark are socalled domestic tourisms - i.e. travelers residing in the region. This also demonstrates the potential for local tourism. • Event location: Wakeboarding competitions. As more Wakeparks are built around the world and more competitions are held on local, national, and international levels, more and more riders of all ages and skill levels will discover what a truly fantastic sport it is. A Wakepark is also a facility for private family or company events.

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regions, but also in the fact that it makes locations more attractive

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Foto: Daniel Deak Bardos

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Wakepark Brombachsee



Foto: Daniel Deak Bardos

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Foto: Jasiel Ross

SUSTAINABILITY SUSTAINABILITY HAS BEEN GAINING IMPORTANCE IN SOCIETY AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR YEARS. ECOLOGICAL SUSTAINABILITY: Ecological sustainability covers areas such as the sustainable use of natural areas and, increasingly, of cultural areas, the development of against the background of tourism and regional development.

Foto: Jasiel Ross

A Wakepark business, is a large-scale project with an economical motivation, however it has a relatively minor intervention in the natural habitat. In fact, due to the structures in the water of existing lakes or riverbanks, new protection zones for animals and rare plants are being created. In Wakeparks located on the seaside, even slowly growing coral reefs on the structures have been located. With existing lakes, the overall water quality of a lake have been tested and shown to improve by the use of a Wakepark due to the movement of the water surface. The fish population is positively influenced by that as well.

Foto: Daniel Deak Bardos

Positive effects of a Wakepark for existing lakes are also a reduction of vandalism, wild littering, unauthorized camping, and bathing.

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 44

natural and active amenities, the role of large-scale protected areas

• A Wakepark is creating social sustainability by offering new jobs in the region and offering a new meeting point for the locals • A Wakepark brings real social return. In a Wakepark everyone is the same, no matter the age, gender or skill level. All customers can train at the same time at the facility • In a Wakepark, children and young people can spend a lot of time, do sports, work and set the course for their future early on by developing their social skills

Foto: Daniel Deak Bardos

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Foto: Daniel Deak Bardos

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 46

Foto: Daniel Pleuser

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 47

OUR WAKEPARK If the cable is carefully planned, beginners will learn how to wakeboard easier and professionals can practice new tricks easier as well. • A Wakeboard cable park consists of 5-7 towers. Theses towers hold a steel cable in a certain height, which is driven by an engine clockwise or counterclockwise. With this running cable the wakeboarders are pulled in a circle over the water surface • Five to twelve or more wakeboarders can use the cable at the

• The start dock is the location for the operator station. In this area the enthusiasts are launching from a floating platform onto the cableway • The vision of Wakeparx is to give the operator of the cable park the opportunity to pay full attention to his customers. Wakeparx achieves this through a well-thought-out planning of the layout and a low- maintenance system of the cable • State-of-the-art technology and security standards through automated processes. With a focus on the installation of standard parts and CNC-machined components for the highest degree of efficient maintenance • TÜV Süd approved cable • In the lake there is enough space for ramps and kickers. Basically, a cable park is set up like a snowboard park for wakeboarders of all skill levels, who can all progress

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 48

same time, depending on the number of carriers on the cableway

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 49

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 50

Lunar, Spain

Foto: Daniel Deak Bardos



2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 51


One-time visitor

Regular visitors

Regular visitors

One-time visitors

CAN ANYONE USE A WAKEPARK? Anyone can enjoy a Wakepark. A Wakepark has options for beginners to ensure the best experience for them. Often beginner groups, individual lessons are offered, summer camps for kids, discounts for beginners, or progression packs that offer multiple passes.

On average 70% of the clients visiting a Wakepark just come once. Why are the clients not coming back? That is a number which could be improved. We figured out that a lot of people did not manage to finish a lap. So, what happens if riding a Wakepark would become easier? More people will be able to experience wakeboarding one or more laps and have a sense of achievement. The biggest issue for beginners is the corners of a cable park. This is also the area of a cable where most accidents happen. Back to the 30% of guests, who are coming back. It is important to note that they make 70% of your income, which makes it even more important to have as many people coming back as possible. As returning guests will know the facility better and better, and they need less advice, which saves time for your staff.

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 52


sult our clients to design a perfect idea for the business they want to run, and support them to build a successful business case. The layout of the cable park is a major key stone in the design of a Wakepark

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 53

and needs to be developed in a close cooperation with the client.

Wakepark Brombachsee

There is a perfect cable layout for every Wakepark. Our task is to con-

Foto: Daniel Deak Bardos


ars around the world have shown us that individual project planning, production and installation is a precise business. We take all relevant requirements and circumstances into account and develop a Wakepark that is unique to the location and the client.

THERE ARE SEVERAL WAYS TO BUILD A WAKEPARK: a) Using an existing lake that is either a natural lake or a former

mining lake

b) Using banks of rivers or seas c) Using banks of seas d) Excavating a lake on a plot of land and creating an artificial lake

in the required shape

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 54

Our professional experience in building Wakeparks for many ye-

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 55

new employment



nature protection

cross generational

WORKING WITH US IS A PROCESS We guide you through all the steps with patience and experience. • Consulting services & workshops in person or digitally supported to find a perfect cable shape and Wakepark layout for the location • Engineering service by creating one or more layouts of the cable park • Survey service for the specific requirements for building a cable park. Visit on site

city offices etc • Engineering service by creating the building documents and static calculation including the station plans, anchor plans, start dock platform, electricity plan, electrical requirement • Support service for the execution and acceptance of electrical installation by local companies • Support service for setting up the construction site e.g. consul ting for construction vehicles and tools • Provider of spare parts • Repair service and long term-service support during operation of the cable • Maintenance contracts according to your needs and wishes

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 56

• Consulting services & support between architects and community/


OPENING • individual support

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 57







FINE-TUNING • test ride • operator coaching

DELIEVERY • delievery of cable parts • start of installation

CONTRACT • order placement

PRE-CONSTRUCTION • anchors • start dock / terrace • ajoining buildings

SURVEY • location check • detailed plans • final layout • calculations FIRST CONTACT • exchange of information • first draft of a layout

CONSULTATION AND PROJECT PLANNING • Initial consultation, expert advice, and project assessment • Site analysis • Project conception and planning • Design and 3D visualization

IMPLEMENTATION • Production and delivery • Installation and structural implementation • TÜV certification • Staff training

AFTER SALES SERVICE • Inspection, maintenance, and servicing options • Expansion possibilities • Expert advice and engineering experience available worldwide

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 58

• Construction planning

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 59


2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 60

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 61

Let us show you

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 62


2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 63










OPERATOR STATION EVERY SYSTEM NEEDS AN OPERATOR. IF HE IS HAPPY, HIS CLIENTS ARE. Well organized and minimized on the most necessary points. Designed from experienced operators themselves. • Operator safety assistance & easy operation 2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 65

• Simplified & software supported control panel • Waterproof buttons at the operator station • Operating errors are prevented by fewer manageable buttons • Open view to the cable, not blocked by service screens • Ergonomic flip chair for seated and stand up operation. Some- times it feels good just to lean against something as it is hard to sit and stand up all the time. Our operator chair delivers it all. Sit down, stand up or lean against it - just feel comfortable • Operator can fully focus on the client


The operator should focus on his guests, not on the machine. To have his back we invented software which avoids double loadings of the magazine, automatically tracks empty ropes and warns the operator of ropes that are tangled up in the fork.




2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 66



2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 67


(OPERATOR SAFETY ASSISTANCE SYSTEM) This Machine Learning based (ML) system permanently observes and automates certain operations of your cable system: • Increased safety

One of the automated operations is for instance that the operator no longer has to worry about unhooking empty ropes, and this can fully focus on the customer service and his tasks. This demonstrably increases efficiency and significantly improves operator safety. With this step Wakeparx in cooperation with Machwerk, further improves the level of safety and efficiency.

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 68

• Increased efficiency

SEW CONTROL SIMPLE, INTUITIVE AND RELIABLE. IN COLLABORATION WITH SEW. By combining our knowledge in technology with the best products from industrial electronics, we achieve an excellent performance in the automation of our cable system. The continuous networking of the entire plant with industrial ethernet, as well as decentralized I / O

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 69

peripherals, characterize the Wakeparx control. Remote diagnostics and remote maintenance via internet, support your staff in the best possible way when maintaining the system. • Clear and customizable design of the user interface • Intuitive and logical navigation • Controls of everyday use in ergonomic shape and position • Electronic manuals and schematics integrated • Data recording for statistical evaluations possible (operating hours counter, coupling / uncoupling processes, etc.) • 12“ touch screen with HD resolution for a detailed representation of the operating status • Use of the latest sensor and actuator technology • Space-optimized design of the control cabinets, thus more free- dom in the operating area • Control cabinets are designed so that short supply lines to the drives and the controller are guaranteed • Remote maintenance system for fast troubleshooting and main- tenance • High-quality industrial electronics with extended temperature application range

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 70


2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 71

THE DRIVE WPX DUAL POWER. DISCOVER NEW POSSIBILITIES. By „drive“ we mean the diverter unit on which the circulating ropes are driven, and the towing lanes for the riders are engaged and disengaged. Traditionally, the circulating cables are driven by an electric motor. Wakeparx is breaking new ground here. To obtain the considerable advantage of driving both ropes without having to install a sensitive differential, we drive both ropes with one motor each. To generate exact synchronization, the motors are electronically coupled via two lock construction and similar engineering applications. ADVANTAGES OF OUR ELECTRONIC DIFFERENTIAL: • Low noise • Optimized torque design • Optimized energy efficiency • Simple and safe spare parts supply by standard components • Less wear of the circulating ropes and drivers especially compa- red to the one-rope drive • Automatic emergency shutdown in the event of a rope breaking or derailment • Patented 2 motor drive • Energy-efficient • No differential needed > less oil

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 72

frequency converters. This method has been used for many years in

START DOCK This area of the cable park is very important for the impression that the clients will take away from it. This is the area where all watersport enthusiasts will enjoy their visit and put on their gear before they start on the water.

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 73

We designed our starting dock in close cooperation with UNIT Parktech AG, as they are the world market leader for HDPE welded wakeboard features. Our dock is designed like a wakeboard feature. The start dock is built as a long-lasting HDPE plastic body and filled with Styrofoam in the buoyancy chambers to ensure the start dock always floats in a perfect position on the water surface. The chambers are plastic welded and fully sealed, so no Styrofoam can get into the lake water. This is an important ecological aspect that should be considered and paid attention to when comparing other products on the market. The start dock will be attached to the wooden platform surrounding it. On the surface of the start dock a slide carpet is mounted, which will ensure that the athletes can walk on the wet surface and not slip. It also protects the boards from scratching. We also assemble a matching ergonomic starting bench, for easier starts onto the water while sitting on it.

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 74

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 75




2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 76



2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 77



PYLONS FEEL THE DIFFERENCE Towers are essential for the operation of a wakeboard system. They must be climbed by the staff for maintenance. They must be stable and protected against the weather statically. Unauthorized entry

Towers are exposed to environmental influences year-round and should defy these influences for many decades. They must resist ice spurt, hurricanes, and bumps of boats as good as possible. Mostly a part of the tower is under water and is very difficult to inspect. The weak point here is definitively the connection of the individual tower parts. Instead of working with the usual round single flanges, Wakeparx systems use flange plates which run along the entire cross section of the masts. They significantly increase the stability in the joints. Wakeparx systems are statically designed for wind load zone III. On customer request, an even higher design can easily be done here. To increase the lifetime, replaceable sacrificial anodes are installed.

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 78

should be prevented.

BOOM THE BOOM IS THE CONNECTING PIECE BETWEEN THE MAST AND DEFLECTION UNIT. Until now, climbing the outriggers has always been risky. To set new 2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 79

standards, we have developed a new and contemporary concept of occupational safety. Wakeparx outriggers are always provided with railings on both sides. Instead of a single guy rope, we use a pair of cables that allow unobstructed access to the boom. Stable, anti-slip gratings are welded between the cantilever beams. Just like the towers, the booms are exposed to environmental influences all year long. They must defy wind and usual vibrations of the system - and should still work flawlessly and silently after many years. Like with the towers we use flange plates instead of the usual round single flanges, which run over the entire cross section of the boom. They significantly increase the stability in the joints. We use only „Nord Lock“-washers to secure the screw connection to the flanges. The playpens, which are slightly offset into the boom, reduce the risk of missteps in addition to the boom enormously.

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 80

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 81

DEFLECTION UNITS A CENTRAL THEME IN DESIGNING THE SYSTEM WAS THE DEFLECTION OF THE CIRCULATING CABLE. IT IS CRUCIAL FOR THE RIDING COMFORT OF THE ENTIRE SYSTEM. ration. Many beginners struggle to learn how to ride through the corners of the cable park. The pull, which automatically occurs with a deflection unit at a wheel diameter of about one meter, can only be compensated by a relatively precise execution of a given trajectory. Wakeparx has developed a premium deflection unit that corresponds to a theoretical roller diameter of more than 8 m. These smooth corners are much easier, and the success of the beginners is increased. This gives beginners a decisive advantage, and professionals can benefit from a much smoother deflection. Air tricks on the pulley are safer, more controllable, and gentler. Even landing just before the corner becomes much easier and safer with the „soft corner“.

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 82

At today ‘s facilities about 80-90% beginners ride during regular ope-

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 83

CLASSIC DEFLECTION UNIT Our classic version is based on existing cable park models. Running cables are 8 to 10 meters high and the towers have longer or shorter rigs. By adding several add-ons, you can customize your cableway. Thanks to the smart link it`s even possible to mix the classic and the premium version. • 10m high cable above water surface • Similar to existing approved designs • Long-term guaranteed system • Customizable with the premium version • Easy access for maintenance of the bearings and axes

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 84

PREMIUM DEFLECTION UNIT This system is a brand-new invention, protected by patents. The deflection-unit creates a new feeling of riding. Shock absorbing suspension systems stabilize the cable way better, compared to 2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 85

old versions. Beginners have less problems handling the corners, and advanced riders are able to use this pull to get more air-time. • Creates a new feeling of riding • The new deflection unit creates smoother corners • Shock absorbing suspension systems • Customizable with classic version • Simple change of linings, due to the lining wear indicator • Lifelong permanent lubrication of the bearings

UPGRADE YOUR EXISTING CABLE WITH OUR DEFLECTION UNITS Of course, we can change one or more classic wheels of your existing cableway and replace them with our deflection units. All parts are made to fit for other full-size cable systems.

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 86

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 87

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 88

THE CARRIER TIME IS MONEY- SAVE SOME ON MAINTENANCE WORK Carriers are the parts that connect the two circulating cables and where the riders are pulled around the lake by means of a towline.

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 89

Traditionally, a carrier consists of a precursor tube, a front, and a rear carrier and two stretched in between cross wires. On the circulating cable, the carriers are fastened with belt clamps. Wakeparx sets new standards. Instead of different drive tubes, only one runner is used, which can be used both ways: as a front and as a rear carrier in a clockwise or counterclockwise running cable. Depending on the direction, a carrier head can be attached. The carrier head consists of a high-strength cast aluminum and is equipped with steel wear bushes in the ball channel. The decoupling lever, with a roller instead of a sliding screw, is also a highlight of the carrier design, as well as the time-saving quick release option. • can be used as a rear and forward carrier • compatible with conventional systems • standardised dia-cables connection



2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 90






CARRIER HEAD • the heads are cast and then CNC machined (all 100% identical) • efficient maintenance of the carrier • no fixed part of the carrier • ball cable channel with click system • spring-loaded bushes for easy adjustment of the carrier snap- off force

CABLE CLAMP AND DIA NUT • standardized attachment parts (cable clamp, tension clamp bolt, dowel pin...) • cable clamps CNC machined from solid aluminum, compatible • on request assembled with spherical bearings or rubber bus- hings (silent block)

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 92

• easy to exchange

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 93

Lunar Wakepark

Foto: Daniel Deak Bardos

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 94


The tension weight tower holds the tension weight. The tension weight is required to ensure a cable pretension of 14 kN. This ensures a constant circulating running cable tension. Without the tension weight the cable system does not work. • The tension weight is a concrete cylinder block, which is placed in position under the tension weight tower, after all towers and the running cable are installed • Due to its weight, the tension weight is not shipped by Wakeparx and must be built by the client on site • The construction drawings are provided by Wakeparx

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 96

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 97

ANCHORS Additional to the tension weight, the client needs to build the anchors for the cable system on site. The anchors are needed to secure the towers in position. They are too heavy for shipping and must be built according to the construction plans provided by Wakeparx.

forcement cages • Wakeparx will provide the construction drawings • All reinforcement cages need to be fabricated beforehand. The concrete will then be purred through a concrete pump into the in stalled cages. All anchors then have a seven-day cure period before the form work will be removed • Alternatively, prefabricated concrete plates can be installed in some positions e.g. water anchors. This is decided after the survey and requirements for the cable system on site • Alternatively, pylon anchors can be installed in some positions e.g. for narrow areas. This is decided after the survey and requirements for the cable system on site

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 98

• The anchors are usually concrete blocks with specific steel rein-

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 99

Wakepark Brombachsee

Foto: Daniel Pleuser

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 100



Grease-free! Low wear and tear thanks to gentle side walls made of very durable plastic and stainless steel.

AUTOMATIC GREASE PACKAGE This feature saves time and money by cutting down the amount of grease needed and time spent greasing by hand.

DECOUPLING WHEEL Instead of the traditional sliding screw a plastic wheel decouples the ball cable. Reduced noise emission, low wear and tear. On top its easy to adjust.

Less noise, less pollution. The latest version of our decoupling rail is made from a special plastic material which reduces noise and operates without any grease. • Concave shape • Steel frame with plastic elements • Easy adjustment due to milled markings • Replaceable bushes in the ball cable guide saves costly reconditioning • Specially shaped collecting bushing ensures safe transfer of the ball cables to the magazine • Legally protected design • Quick change function of the carrier head • Grease-free decoupling system • More efficient adjustment of the decoupling process (reference carrier)

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 102


2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 103

NON-TROPICAL HANDLES Our handles are made of 100% European wood. We offer extra wide wakeboard handles.

PNEUMATIC BOX Placed on top of the engine tower. Waterproof, stainless steel and sealed.



WEAR INDICATOR Lining wear indicator.

CONTROL CABINET Made from stainless steel, waterproof cable connections.

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 104

Grip tabs for better assembly.

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 105


2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 106

ERGONOMIC SEAT Ergonomic flip chair for seated

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 107

and stand up operation.

EASY STEP All towers have our „easy-step“ platforms for easier access.

HANDRAILS All towers are equipped with handrails on both sides.


2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 108

ELEVATOR ENGINE To reduce noise, the engine of the elevator is placed on the tower. The operator can work in silence and again focus on his guests.

ANTI-SLIP GRIP non-slip “catwalks”.

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 109



2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 110


2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 111





2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 112


2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 113

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 114

MAINTENANCE & SERVICE Our highest priority is to provide a fast, simple, and safe maintenance of your system for the operator and maintenance staff. Hardand software support to make the operator feel comfortable and

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 115

work more efficient. • Less time-consuming • Less buttons • Ergonimic seat • Anti-drip function for the engine • Standard norm parts (Standard parts can be bought worldwide) • Software support for prevention of accidents for staff and clients: SEW software control system & Wakesys software support

Software support

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 116

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 117

SURVEY the implementation of the vision into reality • We use the latest GPS technology and planning software • After the survey, we will provide the drawings and calculations for permissions and detailed planning • The survey is the beginning of the detailed planning process

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 118

• Avoid unexpected costs and mistakes right from the start - for


• The assembly of the cable is the most important step in creating a wake park. Our team will guide you through the entire process • Every installation is individual. Unexpected challenges require creative solutions from our experienced WPX team • Travel, accommodation and meals costs for the WPX mechanic team is included during the entire construction period (5-6 days per week) • Supply of WPX installation tools and power tools

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 120

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 121

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 122

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 123

WAKESYS WakeSys provides business software with integrated online booking tools and point-of-sale system - specially tailored to wake parks. All processes are automated, tracked and simplified.

• Modular wakepark solutions • Technical support 7 days a week • Automated processes

FOR WAKEPARK CLIENTS: • Signing of general terms and conditions as well as waivers • Purchase of tickets, annual tickets, vouchers e.g. • Top up prepaid credit • Use of WakeSys in 10+ languages

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 124


SERVICE & SUPPORT The best possible operation of a wake park is largely dependent on a perfectly adjusted cable. This enables lower maintenance costs

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 125

and a higher sales increase for the operator. The goal and vision of Wakeparx is to establish a long-term and good customer relationship, the service concept is essential. • A smart maintenance concept saves time and money. We help you with special attention and professionalism • The initial maintenance after one year of operation is INCLUDED in the purchase price (excludes expenses for the WPX team) • Warranty extensions and service on request • Service support 24/7 worldwide via online software control • Online shop for spare parts (direct personal contact with us) direct on our website

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 126

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 127




2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 128


Lunar Wakepark

Foto: Daniel Deak Bardos 2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 129

Lunar Wakepark

Foto: Daniel Deak Bardos

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 130

Foto: Sam Strauss Lunar Wakepark

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 131

IMPRESSUM — Thank you!

Photography: Jens Schwarz, Sam Stauss, Daniel Deak Bardos, Daniel Pleuser, Hans Martin Noack, Moritz Grotepass, Rocconaut, Jens Geissler, Jasiel Ross

Graphic design & post production: Daniel Deak Bardos

Words & Ideas: Anne Eaton, Moritz Grotepass

2020 — WAKEPARX — PAGE 132

CONTACT — The wakepark experience.

Wakeparx Technologies AG (Headquaters) Gildenstrasse 2V 48157 Münster / Germany Wakeparx Technologies AG (Local office) Ödenpullach 3a 82041 Ödenpullach / Germany Phone • +49 89 244 134 05

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