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“BASICALLY IT’S AN HONOR TO HAVE THE COACHES TRUST ME TO BE ON THE FIELD THAT MANY SNAPS. IT JUST SHOWS HOW HARD I’VE WORKED TO GET TO THIS POSITION. TO PLAY OVER 100 SNAPS, YOU HAVE TO PREPARE YOUR BODY FOR THAT, BUT IT’S ABOUT THE WORK I’VE PUT IN.” to get in the hot tub, get massages and get things right or I won’t be ready for practice on Tuesday. But I’ve prepared for that.” Watson is the partial product of the great players that came before him. He has the physical skills he learned from Noel and the mental acumen and tenacity to study the game he learned from Johnson. “The role that I have now is basically to take and show the new guys what they can do,” Watson said. “I took a lot from the guys before me, and now it’s part of who I am today. Now I have to be the leader, and it’s my team now. I will go out there and lead by example and show you what you are supposed to do. But there are times I have to get on the corners and talk to them and make sure the people around you know what to do.” This summer Watson has spent a lot of time in the film room, and he’s not only watching his opponents but also himself.

He said he watched all his games from a season ago, looking at his technique and identifying things he can key on to improve himself. As a student, he has attended four classes over two summer school sessions and will complete the fall semester with four classes and graduate in December. His final season is one where he sees a team ready to make improvements not just in

small aspects of the game but in final scores and win-loss results. Watson talks regularly to Johnson, his mentor, still learning, wanting to be better. But for him and this Wake Forest team, a bowl game is the goal. “I don’t have any rituals or superstitions,” Watson said. “I trust my training. What I’ve done Sunday through Friday should be enough to pay me back on Saturday.”


It might be the most underrated play on the field, but it’s our priority. Score a safety with every single drive. The 2016 Rogue, with available Safety Shield Technologies.1 Take on game day.



When equipped with Forward Emergency Braking 2


1. Available Safety Shield Technologies include Blind Spot Warning (BSW), Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection (MOD) and Forward Emergency Braking (FEB). 2. Available feature. FEB cannot prevent accidents due to carelessness or dangerous driving techniques. It may not provide warning or braking in certain conditions. Speed limitations apply. 3. For more information, see www. Always wear your seat belt, and please don’t drink and drive. ©2016 Nissan North America, Inc.



Profile for Wake Forest Athletics

Gold Rush - August/September 2016  

The official publication of Wake Forest Athletics.

Gold Rush - August/September 2016  

The official publication of Wake Forest Athletics.