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Career ready Life ready Market ready


Among the best Wake Forest University is consistently ranked as one of the nation’s premier highly selective institutions of higher learning by U.S. News & World Report.

The academic quality of Wake Forest and its students is unquestionable, but a key differentiator is our mission to educate the whole person and to prepare students to be culturally aware, market-ready leaders for organizations around the world. Wake Forest is also regarded as one of the most innovative universities for personal and career development and readiness for both students and alumni.



National University

M.S. in Management

U.S. News & World Report

program for “Career Opportunities”

Ranked higher than UVA, Georgia Tech,

among U.S. schools

NYU, UNC and UT Austin

The Economist


Undergraduate business school Poets & Quants





for helping students find jobs

Undergraduate teaching

at their targeted companies

U.S. News & World Report

Undergraduate business school

Ranked higher than Emory, Georgia Tech, UNC, UVA, and Notre Dame

84% of faculty have the highest degree in their field



Highest Certified Public

Student to career staff ratio

Accounting pass rate More than any other school

More career development resources

in the past 20 years

per student than almost all universities

11:1 Student to faculty ratio



Market-Ready talent “Wake Forest University students are market-ready and very prepared for career and life. They are professional, mature, hard-working, and exude high levels of both executive presence and emotional intelligence. This is why we continue to come to campus and hire so many graduates over the years.” Jeff Stencel, Team Lead, Campus Recruiting, Gartner

We listen to employers and executives from all

55% of students in the

types of organizations and prepare our students

Engineering program are female

for the ever-changing dynamics of the world

and/or identify as a member of

of work. Majors in over 40 academic areas—

an under-represented racial or


ethnic group.





science to the arts, and business analytics to the humanities—provide essential, relevant and market-ready skills sought by today’s employers. Specialty programs outside of the classroom for




consulting, marketing, technology and career and

Currently, nearly half of all majors declared (47%) are STEM or business majors.

life readiness also develop and prepare students from all majors.





18.7 %



12.8 %

Investment Banking

7.0 %

11.7 %


7.1 %


6.6 %


6.6 %

Internet & Software

6.3 %


6.3 %

Investment / Portfolio Management

6.0 %

Education / Teaching / Training

5.4 %

Higher Education

5.3 %

Healthcare Services

5.4 %

Commercial Banking & Credit

5.1 %


5.1 %


4.4 %

Data & Analytics

4.1 %


3.9 %

Information Technology

3.2 %

Advertising, PR & Marketing

3.9 %

Political Organizing

3.2 %

Consumer Packaged Goods

2.7 %

Advertising, Media & PR

2.4 %

Sports & Leisure

2.6 %

Data from the undergraduate class of 2018

Data from the undergraduate class of 2018

Each year, Wake Forest students are highly engaged, activated and employed. Over 96% of the graduating classes from 2013-2018 were employed or attending graduate or professional schools within six months of graduation. National average: 81% 95% of students engage in personal and career development programming. National average: 65% Over 80% have active Handshake profiles. Peer average: 41% Wake Forest is one of the few universities to offer credit-based career and life readiness courses to all students. Each year, over 400 students take a College-to-Career course, with over 25% of each graduating class taking at least one course.



Global-Ready talent “My experience as an employer and advisory board member reveals that

Wake Forest students are skilled and well-prepared to successfully work with global, diverse teams and customers. In our organization, these are critical competencies we desire to compete in the marketplace.” Kate Johnson, President, Microsoft US

Wake Forest students originate from almost every state in the U.S., as well as from many countries around the world. They are open to employment opportunities with organizations regardless of location. Further, Wake Forest is recognized for having 76% of students studying abroad, one of the highest percentages in the nation. Through their global and cultural experiences, our students are instilled with adaptability, resilience, a growth mindset and cross-cultural competencies desired by leading employers. Employers from all over the world recruit at Wake Forest. Students go after great opportunities no matter the location. 68% of students go somewhere other than “home” (where they originated from before attending WFU).



EMPLOYMENT OUTCOMES CLASS OF 2018 SOUTH 40.5% North Carolina – 28.6% Georgia – 4.3% Florida – 4.1% Tennessee – 1.7% NORTHEAST 24.0% New York – 17.0% Massachusetts – 3.6% New Jersey – 1.8% MID-ATLANTIC 14.2% D.C. – 7.6% Pennsylvania – 2.6% Maryland – 2.2% Virginia – 1.9%

“Wake Forest talent is outstanding and the school’s geographically diverse student body means we will recruit there to fill openings at a wide array of offices and lines of business.”

SOUTHWEST 5.7% Texas – 4.4% Colorado – 1.1% WEST 5.4% California – 4.4% Washington – .6% MIDWEST 5.3%

Dan Black, Director, Global Recruiting Leader, EY

Illinois – 2.4% Ohio – 1.6% Wisconsin – .6% INTERNATIONAL 4.9%



DIVERSE TALENT “The difference-makers that contribute to Wake Forest’s uniqueness are the overall talent and diversity found in the student population, including career openness and preparedness; and the talent, energy and professionalism availed from the career services team. Wake Forest has positioned itself in both these areas as an example of best in class.” Joe Roffers, National Recruiting Manager Sales Division, General Mills



The biannual, award-winning Diversity

2018 SoACE Mosaic Award Wake Forest University & EY Demonstrates a commitment to participation in diversity and inclusion initiatives, as well as positive communication and education that promote mutual respect, acceptance, cooperation or tolerance among people of different backgrounds.

Matters event connects employers with diverse talent in a unique, comfortable, educational personal



that and

produces concrete

results for employers. Learn more or be a sponsor: bit.ly/wfdiversitymatters Each year, underrepresented students receive grants that provide support to

2019 NACE National Award

participate in career-related and recruiting events, treks, internships and programs.

This award acknowledges excellence in best practices in nurturing and advancing diversity and inclusion.

WAKE FOREST TALENT INCLUDES “DIVERSITY OF THOUGHT.” Students from the pre-experience master’s degree business






Management, Business Analytics and Accounting) come from a diverse set of schools, including: Brigham Young University Howard University (HBCU) The Ohio State University Spelman College (HBCU) University of Florida University of Michigan University of Virginia



and the impact it has had


and continues to have on

Over the past decade, Wake Forest has been a pioneer in

our students stands out

and alumni. Over 200 higher education institutions have

“The establishment of Wake Forest’s Office of Personal and Career Development

transforming personal and career development for students

for me as one of the most

visited campus to learn about best practice models for

significant enhancements

technology, data analytics, and alumni personal and career

career readiness, employer relations, mentoring, fundraising,

to Wake Forest during my

development. Our work has been featured in The Wall Street

time here.”

Chronicle of Higher Education and Fast Company and on

Nathan O. Hatch, President,

Dr. Hatch was presented with the Career Services

Wake Forest University

and Employers in 2018 for demonstrating forward-thinking


Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The NPR, the “Today” show and MSNBC.

Excellence Award by the National Association of Colleges leadership in career services education.


Employers Love Wake Forest Wake Forest is committed to providing an outstanding recruiting experience for employers that ensures easy access to our exceptional students. Each organization is assigned a dedicated account manager who partners with the organization to develop and implement its recruiting strategy. Whether it’s


establishing connections with key student influencers and organizations, providing designated reserved parking, assisting with room reservations, or recommending dining options, our staff has it covered. In addition, we go the extra mile to prepare our students for their interactions and interviews with

Strong work ethic Team players

employers and executives. Employers consistently confirm that recruiting at Wake Forest is a positive experience.

“I love recruiting at Wake Forest! The staff provides an exceptional experience for employers, working with our specific and sometimes tailored requests. Having a dedicated account manager makes my

Creative problem solvers Excellent communication and interpersonal skills Appreciative Humble

job easier by allowing me to focus on student interaction, which our outcomes demonstrate.” Tess Yerby, Manager, Recruitment, Teach for America



Tailored, Signature Events We respond to market demands by establishing diverse channels of employer engagement and student preparation. We recognize that one size doesn’t fit all. Below are examples of our tailored, signature events. Go to www.recruitatwake.com to see them all.

CAREER TREKS Taking students to the market is one of the best experiences we can provide to students. On these treks, our students have the opportunity to engage with industry professionals, expand their networks and increase their awareness of career possibilities. Treks have included San Francisco, Austin, New York City, Washington, D.C., Charlotte and Atlanta in fields such as consulting, data & analytics, government, marketing/advertising/PR, technology, finance and performing arts. Career Treks are an ideal way for students to become career and life ready. Students who participate are well-prepared and professional, and many secure internships and full-time jobs with organizations visited on the treks.

STEM SLAM Employers interested in students with science, technology, engineering and math knowledge and skills greatly value our unique “reverse networking� event. Representatives pitch their organization and internship/job opportunities to students in highly interactive, engaging sessions. Students and employers value the personal, face-to-face conversations with each other given their common interests.

STUDENT-ATHLETE CAREER & NETWORKING NIGHT Employers meet over 300 talented, hard-working student-athletes to discuss what comes after sports and college and help them be prepared and ready for life and career.





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ANALYTICS, CONSULTING, FINANCIAL SERVICES & MARKETING NETWORKING NIGHTS Over 40% of Wake Forest students pursue careers in the areas of analytics, consulting, financial services and marketing. Special career affinity groups enable all interested students to learn about these career paths early in their college career. Networking nights provide students with valuable opportunities to meet industry representatives, build relationships and skills, and grow their professional network.

BIANNUAL CAREER FAIR With over 100 recruiters and 1000 students attending, the Career Fairs are our largest events each year. Held in September and January, a wide range of employers and students are able to connect with each other and build great relationships.

STUDY AWAY INTERNSHIP PROGRAMS Students can secure internships and “study away� during the semester or summer in Washington, D.C., or in the San Francisco Bay Area. With Wake Washington and Wake West, students receive 6 units of credit for a semester-long internship and take two, 3-credit courses. In addition, they visit with local alumni and organizations to build their professional network.

NONPROFIT NETWORKING NIGHT Held each fall, this event gives students the opportunity to network with dozens of representatives from nonprofits in fields such as education, government, health, environmental issues, religion and more to learn about the different roles within these organizations.

PRE-WALL STREET CAREER TRACK The Pre-Wall Street Career Track is designed for qualified first- and second-year students who are interested in learning about and being prepared for a career in investment banking, asset management, and/or private equity career paths. Diverse students interested in any major experience tailored courses, mentoring/coaching, experiential learning, skills and technical training, and networking with potential employers early in their college careers. WAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY


World-Class Employers A broad range of diverse employers hire Wake Forest students and have successfully built talent pipelines at Wake Forest, including:




WANTED BY MORE THAN JUST EMPLOYERS Each year, Wake Forest graduates attend many of the nation’s top universities for graduate or professional school, including:



HOW TO ENGAGE No matter the time, budget or location constraints, we offer you a range of options to engage with our students and alumni. ON-CAMPUS RECRUITING We offer traditional on-campus recruiting activities such as career fairs, industry panels, information sessions and interviewing. OFF-CAMPUS RECRUITING If visiting campus is not an option, we provide support for virtual recruiting through online information sessions, interviews and webinars. In select cities, consider hosting an off-campus recruiting career trek or an industry networking event. ENGAGE WITH ALUMNI To hire talented Wake Forest alumni, go to: alumni.opcd.wfu.edu/job-search-sites/hiring-alumni-students/

To learn more, Contact: Stuart Mease

Executive Director of Employer Relations meases@wfu.edu 336.758.4150


www.wfu.edu wfuniversity www.opcd.wfu.edu wfuopcd 16


Profile for Wake Forest

Career Ready. Life Ready. Market Ready.  

Recruiting at Wake Forest University

Career Ready. Life Ready. Market Ready.  

Recruiting at Wake Forest University