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6 Hour Regularity On again in 2012 New year and increased interest for 2012 Wakefield 6 Hour The third Wakefield 6 hour Regularity is set for July 14/15 2012. The events inaugural race in 2010 was hailed a success by those that competed which drew together teams and gave an opportunity for friends or clubs to work together in a motorsport event. 2011 saw a fantastic 18 teams line up on the grid.

(Wakefield Licensees) or a CAMS 2LS. The cars need be no different in compliance than those at a super sprint. This gives many clubs an opportunity to race at Wakefield in a competitive environment without the expensive costs of door to door racing.

The 2012 Event entries are already open and the Team numbers are starting to come in. Teams numbers will be allocated as teams enter the event. The Team that enters first will receive Team #2 and #1 is reserved for last years Champions.

The 6 Hour regularity is an event based of the hugely popular events in Victoria at Phillip Island and Winton. It differs substantially from other 6 hour races that have been previously held in NSW. The main differences are that because it’s a regularity race where drivers nominated there goal time they can now race on a club Licenses. You can either use a AASA Club Licenses

How it Works The 6 Hour Regularity is a Team relay event. It can have between 3 and 6 cars entered. All cars must lap Wakefield park between 1 min 09.0 seconds and 1 min 25 seconds. Drivers can double up on Cars so two or more drivers can drive the same car in the event. Saturday has practice scheduled so teams can work on how

what time they will nominate as their goal lap. Each Driver nominates a Goal lap and then a formula is used to work out the teams Total Goal Laps. During the races there are bonus laps awarded for being as close to your nominated goal lap as possible and penalty laps if you go faster by a significant

margin on your goal time. The Team with the most laps wins a Trophy but the outright winner is the Team with the Best Regularity Factor. It makes sure no matter how fast you are there is always a chance you can win the event. Consistency is the key in this event and of course having fun.

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Licenses Requirements If You have done a Super sprint you Qualify for the Six hour Relay

“One of he Best Events I have driven in. It’s a Fun weekend with mates and I high recommend it” Shane Baker Team Daewoo

The requirements for the Six Hour Regularity could not be more simple. If you hold either a AASA Club Licenses (Wakefield park License) or higher such as a National AASA Licenses.

club licenses and it only costs $50.

Or If you have a CAMS L2S it qualifies as the equivalent of the AASA Club Licenses for this particular event as is a OK to compete.

If you have never held one before you will need to obtain either a CAMS L2S or AASA Club licenses. Then complete a track day satisfactorily. There are numerous club track days available at both Wakefield par and Eastern Creek to allow you to qualify.

If you have one of these licenses then you already qualify to compete. If you have held one of these licenses before you can simply apply for a AASA

The Entry fee for the event is $1500 and can be split by as many as six drivers bring the cost down to just over $250 each competitor.

overall factor. The best individual factor was Victorian Trevor Lee driving a falcon. Team Fiat torque won the best presented team and the mini team took the honors over the other three BMW teams. Mike Batton in a 1968 Volvo coupe completed the most individual laps completing more than 170 including bonus laps throughout the 6 hours. Team Fiat torque had stormed up to second place at hour 5 but a couple of late mechanical problems saw them drop behind

the WRX Team which seem to handle the rain a lot better than the other teams.

2011 Winners Team Daewoo tool out the 2011 6 Hour after having a disastrous effort in 2011. Team Daewoo managed to hold off a late challenge by the WRX club and the Fiat torque who just piped out arch rivals Team FIAT NSW. The Classic Rally clubs team lead early but mechanical problems caused them to drop away. With the late rain shower Team Daewoo judged their regularity factor the best leaving there last car out for an hour so not to mess with their

The biggest improvers from 2010 were definitely Team Daewoo who came second last in 2010 and then Victory in 2011. This shows how any one can win the 6 hour relay and it doesn’t matter how fast your Team is just how consistent. Overall 18 teams took he grid with over 90 cars competing in the event.

Club’s and mates all Winners in the 6 Hour

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With the third running of the Wakefield 6 hour relay approaching soon, one thing is become more obvious and that is the clubs entering are growing in numbers. Clubs who started with 1 team just two years ago spread too two last year and are already indicating they may be upto three teams. This is showing the popularity amongst people who attend the

6 hour and experience it first hand. The 2012 6 hour already has teams from the WRX club, BMW Club and two teams from last years winner Team Daewoo. There already is interclub rivalries being displayed. With this much fun it would be a great way to get your club together in a competitive social atmosphere that see’s your club work as a team.


“Club racing for Club Members” Wakefield Park 4770 Braidwood Road Goulburn, NSW 2580 PO Box 151 Goulburn NSW 2580 Phone: (02) 48222811 Fax (02) 48222812 email:

How the Event is Scored The Scoring system is designed so that the team with the lowest Final Factor wins the event. The following is an explanation on how this Final Factor is arrived at and a description of the variables that make up the calculation. *Goal Laps For this example, each team comprises a minimum of 4 competitors and each competitor nominates a lap time in whole seconds that they believe they can maintain while on the circuit. Those nominated lap times (in seconds) are averaged and divided into 6 hours to give a theoretical maximum number of laps that could be achieved by the team. This number is then doubled and rounded to the nearest whole number to take into account “Bonus Laps” to arrive at “Goal Laps” for the team. Example: 4 drivers Driver #1 nominates 1:15.00 = 75 seconds Driver #2 nominates 1:20.00 = 80 seconds Driver #3 nominates 1:19.00 = 79 seconds Driver #4 nominates 1:12.00 = 72 seconds Total = 306 / 4 = 76.5 21600 (6 hours) / 76.5 = 282.35 x 2 = 564 Goal Laps Team Managers to complete Competitors Lap Time Nomination Form

(included in Team Manager’s Kit) and submit it to the Event Secretary by 5.00pm on Saturday 10th July, 2010 Team Managers may change their competitors’ nominated times by submitting a Competitors Lap Time Revision Form no later than 9.00am on Sunday11th July 2010 to the Event Secretary or their representative. *Bonus Laps A Bonus Lap is reward for maintaining regularity and is awarded when the driver completes a lap within + 0.99 seconds of their nominated lap time. *Penalty Laps A Penalty Lap occurs when the driver completes a lap under their nominated lap time. *Changeover Laps A Changeover Lap occurs when a driver leaves the circuit i.e. at a changeover. The inlap of the incoming car and the out-lap of the outgoing car (a total of 2 laps, combined time exceeding 2:30 minutes) are not counted. The software automatically recognises a period in excess of 2:30 minutes and generates a Changeover Lap. It is shown on the print out as *****. *

Achieved Laps Achieved Laps is the number of laps actually completed by the team, varied by the addition of Bonus Laps or subtraction of Penalty Laps. * Regularity Factor Regularity Factor is the difference between a driver’s fastest lap time and the average of their slowest 5 lap times. *Factor 1 Factor 1 is Goal Laps / Achieved Laps Example: 564 / 352 = 1.602 *Factor 2 Factor 2 is obtained by averaging all the drivers’ Regularity Factors e.g. Driver # 1 = fastest lap (1:15.10) and average of slowest 5 laps (1:18.28), factor = 3.18 Driver # 2 = 3.12 Driver # 3 = 4.87 Driver # 4 = 4.42 These factors are added and averaged to determine the team’s Factor 2, in this case = 3.897 *Final Factor The winning team has the lowest Final Factor.

Wakefield 6 Hour Newsetter 1 - 2012  

The Firt Newsletter for teh 2012 6 Hour relay event to be held at Wakefield park on July 14/15.