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Ryan McNamee

The time has come 3rd of April, I woke up feeling so excited because I knew that in a few hours I will be boarding the plane and flying to France for 3 weeks, I opened my suitcase and checked thoroughly that I had everything. I hate forgetting things it puts a downer on my day. I looked out of my window to see what the weather was like before I leave and it looked quite sunny but where I was going was forecasted to be sunny too so that’s alright. I then ran to the bathroom, brushed my teeth then jumped in the shower, I was just waiting for the time for when the taxi arrived, I got changed as quick as I could and just sat in my living room casually looking out of the window looking for the taxi. My face lightened up even more, the taxi has arrived, and I say my goodbyes to my family then jump in, inside, the taxi driver said that it wouldn’t be long until we would arrive at Liverpool John Lennon airport! , we just had to make two stops for the two lads Jamie and Danny, I was looking forward to this whole new experience in a place that I’ve never been before. when I reviewed the place online it looked amazing!, we finally arrived at the airport ,checked in then just waited in the que to board the plane, a couple of minutes later that was it, we was on the plane and on our way to France! The pilot had said that it only takes just over an hour to get to our destination so that was alright. One hour and 15 minutes is all it took to get there, I checked in with Jamie and Danny and then we found Steve! he was the boss of the company that we was working for (Absolute alpine), He was friendly and polite, I couldn’t wait to get started doing the work, Steve told us that the work we was going to be doing wasn’t rocket science, basically easy peas as pie. Steve took us to the place where we was staying which from the outside looked beautiful and I knew straight away that the inside was just as good And I was right. Steve said told the three of us to eat something then meet two of his colleagues a restaurant at half seven to be told what would be happening the next day. We met the colleagues Kate and Lee, they told us to meet at the grand ourse (Main building) nine o clocks sharp and not to be late.

Ryan McNamee

The 2nd day is here, time for work!, we met at the Grand ourse 10 minutes early , we wanted to make a good impression and wanted to show that we was willing to work, I was full of energy and exited, we were given a short brief on what we were supposed to do and were then told the rules in the workplace , I set up the table b for the guests , places mats out, bowls and cutlery for breakfast , my role was to waiter for the guests and clean, I have really good experience in these two roles so I was over the moon when I got the job here. The guests were very polite to us on the day and throughout my stay in Samoan. After the guests had eaten they went off skiing up on the mountain, this was when time to tidy their rooms and remake their beds and leave it all neat and tidy for when they came back. I enjoyed the cleaning and the waiter part because I knew I was doing something which I had done before. I was told after I had finished that I could go off and chill for a bit then come back later on that day to waiter for the guests,

I really enjoyed working for Sam and Steve at absolute alpine, I thought the job role was great, I enjoyed making the guests happy, checking to see if they wanted refills. I loved to wake up, go to work and get on with what I was supposed to do. When I cleaned the chalets some days I were told to do a few touch ups on some bits what I had missed, this is because the chalet needs to be 100% perfectly cleaned and needs to look nice and tidy for the guests, if not then it would look bad on the company. I felt exited some days because I woke up feeling hyper, I never hated anything with the job that I had to do, even cleaning the bathrooms especially the toilets, I knew when I signed up to do this role what was expected of me and I did what I was supposed to do. The bonus part of the job was when it wasn’t busy I had the chance to go skiing up on the mountains which was great as I haven’t been skiing before. When it came to waiter for the guests I was glad they had smiles on their faces from how presenting I was polite throughout the 3 weeks they enjoyed all the food that was made for them, I even used a dish washer for the first time which I thought I am definitely buying one of these when I am older, a machine that cleans your cutlery and all the kitchen equipment. There were also tasks such as setting out tables, one placemat and 2 coasters to each guest’s, I had to picture this in my head after a few days to see if I knew what I was doing and if it was right or not, I also were making beds and dusting the bedrooms and also polishing the corners of the rooms, The bedrooms were spotless when I finished with them. The best part of the whole job was feeling good about the job I was doing, waking up with a smile on my face, in a whole different environment in France, what more could you want. When it came to the last day, I was deep cleaning the place where I was staying; making sure that it was looking perfect and as good as new. After I had finished I sat waiting for the lift to the airport. Steve pulled me aside and said how you found it, were there any problems, I replied and told him that I loved it, each day I went in to work feeling positive

Ryan McNamee with the right attitude, there wasn’t a problem with the staff and even the guests. I shook Steve’s hand and said thanks for having me it’s been an honour working for you, I said my farewells to the staff then my lift was here and ready to take me, my experience in France was amazing, a once in a lifetime opportunity, I’d be happy to do this again… if I were asked that is.

Ryan McNamee France Blog 2013  

A blog of my time in Samoen, France by Ryan McNamee a Wakefield College Student.