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Motivational letter Architecture is not only my proffesion, but it is my passion, since i was 15 years old. In architecture my main think is for who I design. First I was interested in history of art and draw. When I had rode a book ‘Agony-ecstasy’ Irvinga Stone’a about Michaelangelo Buonarotti life i have known that I want to be an architect. I started to intersted in history of architecture and constructions of buildings. I have 4 - months experience as junior architect. I was responsible for architectural projects, space plans, visualisations and technical drawings. Now in my life the most important thing is to work in architecture in order to have to chance to improve my knowlege. I am self-contained, ambitious and commited person . I am very motivated to improve my skills and profesionals qualifications. I had to join study time with work time, thanks to I am good organised and I work effectively under presure of time. My work experience taught me interpersonal comunications, team working and communications with customers. Addictional I invite you on my web portfolio :

Enjoy my works Katarzyna Wakuła

Archfoliok wakulaissuu  
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