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Try These 5 Yummiest Dishes While Touring in Kuwait There is no second thought to be given over the Gulf cuisines. A foodie can enjoy a great deal of cuisine in restaurants which are mushrooming lavishly. However, Kuwait being mostly the desert country, the number of foods you’ll find is quite limited to only animals. Camel being the most common animal in this land, its milk has been used for consumption for centuries. However, with the international cuisines becoming popular and people experimenting with food items, one can enjoy different options of cuisines. Staple foods found in Kuwait are: 

Hummus: A dip consisting of mashed chickpeas, garlic and lemon

Rice: Varied rice options are available in the region

Tabbouleh: Salad made out of Parsley, bulgur, tomatoes and lemon

In addition to the above mentioned food, there are other Kuwait food dishes available that can be enjoyed while in the region. We bring the list of 5 yummiest Kuwait food options which you must try out: 1. Warak Enab: This is an Arabic dish which is stuffed with grape leaves. These leaves are stuffed with rice, tomatoes, onions and olive oil. In some of the notable restaurants in Kuwait, you'll even find fresh mint and lemon juice added. Warak Enab is the most delicious food you can enjoy and with its ingredients, you'll find a bit sour dish.

2. Machboos: The national dish of Kuwait, Machboos is a rice dish served along with meat. This Basmati rice is cooked with saffron and the meat is cooked separately. Once cooked, the rice is consumed with red sauce known as Dakkous made up of tomatoes and black pepper. You can find this dish at some of the well-known restaurants of Kuwait.

3. Kuboos and Hummus: A flat bread or Arabian Pita called Kuboos is made up of wheat flour. Consumed along with Hummus, a popular and traditional Middle Eastern item, usually eaten as accompaniment. Made up of chickpeas, Hummus is served with swirls and hollow in the centre and is garnished with chopped tomato and cucumber. These

are among the best Kuwait dishes that are widely served in restaurants across the region.

4. Shawarma: This is the most famous dish available across the Middle East and is accompanied with different items. This thinly sliced cuts of meat have a large piece of flatbread. Eaten with fries and salad, it is among the favourite dishes in Kuwait and other regions.

5. Balah El Sham and Katayef: Known as delicious patties and pastries, this Kuwait food is crunchy on outer side and soft inside. Katayef, on the other hand, is pancake pastry filled with sweet cheese and nuts.

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5 Yummiest Kuwait Food Dishes - Have You Tried It?  

Kuwait dishes are the best the Gulf region food that shouldn't be missed. Wajabaty bring the list of 5 yummiest Kuwait food dishes which you...

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