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World Anti-Illicit Traffic Organization

Counterfeiting: an organised crime by Pierre Delval, Guy Zilberstein

40,000 deaths per year in Russia are caused by adulterated alcohol. 2,500 deaths in Niger are attributable to false vaccines administered to patients with meningitis. 192,000 deaths in China in 2007 were directly related to the consumption of false medicines‌ counterfeiting is a massive killer. It does not only concern the market for luxury goods. It takes consumers hostage, often by surprise. Counterfeit toys in China contain lead. Counterfeit replacement parts for cars or avionics are responsible for disasters. Cigarettes, sold as branded products on the Internet, are highly poisonous, carcinogenic and full of heavy metals. The phenomenon is growing strongly. To the list of countries that have traditionally been counterfeiters, such as China, Thailand or Taiwan, we must now include Pakistan and, closer to us, Turkey and Russia. The authors criticise the extent to which this phenomenon has grown in Europe. Jean-Claude Gawsewitch Éditeur - April 2008 - Collection: Coup de gueule, 192 pages - ISBN-10: 2350131149

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WAITO fighting against organized crime  
WAITO fighting against organized crime  

Counterfeiting is now an organised crime and not only targeting market of luxury goods but also consumers hostages. WAITO anti counterfeit o...