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A.D. Marzia e Leonardo Dainelli | photo Stefano De Monte


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10/3/16 12:24 PM | Hickory Chair is a registered trademark of the Heritage Home Group, LLC family of brands. ©2016

CUSTOM CRAFTSMANSHIP FOR MORE THAN 100 YEARS Featuring The Alexa Hampton® Collection


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fall 2016


Features 42 | Lobbying Effort

With help from Safavieh, the Glen Cove Mansion, a neo-Georgian gem, has been restored to its former architectural glory.

48 | Jewel Box on Park

When clients asked for a touch of glamour, Safavieh fashioned the perfect Park Avenue pied-à-terre, gleaming but unfussy.


54 | Sound Investment

Built on the ruins of the storied Guthrie estate on Long Island Sound, a new Shingle-style home makes the most of its waterside setting.

66 | Lush Living

The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Long Island, North Hills, aims to deliver the best of all worlds—home ownership at a five-star resort.

72 | Artfully Yours


Prints, memorabilia, sculptures—creative displays of the well-loved pieces in your life can create commanding visual centerpieces in your home.

80 | Dream Team

In the breezy Bronx neighborhood of Throggs Neck, a homeowner and her Safavieh designer collaborate on a shimmering retreat.

84 | Carte Blanche

80 6

Renovated and furnished from scratch in a mere four months, this coastal-style vacation home in Connecticut makes every detail count.

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

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fall 2016


26 departments 10 | Welcome!

From freshly designed homes, to hotel projects, to a revamped design center, there’s plenty new at Safavieh. RUG TRENDS

16 | Luxury Under Foot

Timeless, luxury pieces, the rugs of Ralph Lauren Home add character to any room and only improve with time.

25 | Safavieh Showcase

Furnishings follow fashion in today’s sleek, chic new designs. FASHION GREY

Soft, smoky tones are big on fall runways and in the home. COBALT BLUE

For an electrifying effect, nothing beats this rich, saturated hue. CHAMPAGNE

Raise your glass to glamour! The color of bubbly is always elegant. PUMPKIN

Orange really is the new black, as seen in this bold harvest. VINTAGE SILVER




These lustrous new pieces shine with the patina of antiques. CLARET RED

The deep color of Bordeaux wine lends undeniable romance.


36 | Rest Assured

Is a good night’s sleep the greatest luxury of all? The folks at Shifman Mattress Company are convinced of it. travel

96 | Steamy Delights

Soak your weary self in the thermal hot springs at Costa Rica’s Tabacón Grand Spa and Thermal Resort. WINE

101 | Malbec’s Comeback

This Argentine varietal has regained its reputation for subtlety and balance— and hard times actually helped.

109 | Where to Find Us

A directory of Safavieh’s 11 retail galleries of home furnishings and fine rugs in metropolitan New York.

110 | New at Safavieh

The Design Center at our Broadway store in Manhattan takes the Safavieh Experience to a higher level.

112 | The Last Word

Chris Harrison, the designer behind the Christopher Guy brand, talks about the inspirations for his signature style.


104 | Reaching for the Sky

Safavieh brings Feng Shui to The Grand at Sky View Parc, the luxury development that made Flushing a hot neighborhood.


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

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The ar t of things chosen well rather than of ten.


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Editorial Director



Art Director & Style Editor

ALEXIS puccio

Creative Director







Contributing Photographer


see what’s new at


Hello and thank you for exploring the latest issue of Safavieh Style. One of the missions of our magazine is to encourage the dreamer in all of us—to help you “dream without boundaries,” as we like to say, about a more beautiful home. In the pages that follow, you’ll tour homes with interiors freshly created by Safavieh, including a new Shingle-style mansion on Long Island Sound; a jewel-like pied-a-terre on Park Avenue; a Nantucket-style retreat in Fairfield, Connecticut; and a glamorous townhouse in Throggs Neck—a city home at the beach! This issue also showcases Safavieh’s growing commitment to the hospitality field, whose definition is expanding to include residences with all the amenities of a hotel, as well as actual hotels (think the Plaza and the Waldorf-Astoria) remade to incorporate private homes. In the former category, we take you inside the Ritz-Carlton Residences, Long Island, North Hills, which provides owners with a five-star resort experience. You’ll see Safavieh’s work at The Grand at Sky View Parc, the celebrated luxury development that’s helped transform Flushing into the hottest neighborhood in Queens. And you certainly won’t want to miss how we restored the lobby of the Glen Cove Mansion, a Gilded Age country house turned hotel—an incredible before-and-after story. There’s plenty more: We showcase the timeless style of Ralph Lauren, with whom Safavieh


has partnered to create exquisite rugs. And we introduce you to Chris Harrison, the designer of Christopher Guy furniture. His collection embodies a truly global style. It’s no wonder this dynamic line of furniture is so popular with Safavieh customers. Finally, take a peek inside the new Design Center at our Broadway store in Manhattan. This spacious workshop represents what I call the “new Safavieh” a chic environment where you can relax with one of our staff designers, give your imagination free rein, and plan a new room or an entire home. Our Design Centers are part of the Safavieh Difference: The services of our designers are always free to you. When you factor in our unparalleled selection, the hospitality that we offer to all our customers, our in-stock program and our signature white-glove delivery, you indeed have the perfect one-stop shopping experience. Whatever you can dream, Safavieh can create. Enjoy the magazine, and thank you for sharing this journey with us. Here’s to a happy 2017 and to a beautiful home! Kind regards, Michael YaraghI




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President & CEO

SAFAVIEH STYLE Magazine is published by Wainscot Media, 110 Summit Avenue, Montvale, NJ 07645, in association with Safavieh Home Furnishings. Copyright © 2016 by Wainscot Media, LLC. All rights reserved.

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Be Unique, Buy Local.

Century believes that style and service are personal and best provided by passionate local businesses. We are proud to be family owned and operated in Hickory, North Carolina since 1947. Safavieh Ad 9_16.indd 1 CENTURY RIGHT.indd 1

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Henredon is a registered trademark of the Heritage Home Group LLC family of brands. ©2015

Furnishing the finest American homes for 70 years.

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• Choose from 145 table sizes

• Customize your chair by choosing the style, leg, cushion, fabric or leather and the wood finish

• Very easy gear glide system for self-storage leaves

• More than 80 very resistant finishes

• All aprons 1 inch thick

• COM accepted

in many shapes



Warranty On chairs


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rug trends

Luxury Under Foot The rugs of Ralph Lauren Home reflect the designer’s abiding focus on authenticity and quality. These are timeless designs that add character to a home and only improve with age.


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

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“I design for the home the way I design for a man or woman,” says Ralph Lauren, “with the same attention to detail, the same eye for what is beautiful and unique.” Lauren’s rug collections, like all of his designs, are true to his underlying principle: “Quality improves with age and use.” This quality depends on exquisite materials, authenticity in the design process and a high level of craftsmanship. To produce rugs that are faithful to the designer’s vision, Ralph Lauren Home chose Safavieh, a world leader in the creation of fine rugs using traditional techniques. For example, Ralph Lauren’s Richmond rug is inspired by a 19thcentury Farahan Sarouk antique. To produce the Richmond rug, Safavieh’s artisans use vegetable dyes to color premium wool and cotton yarns in the traditional manner. The yarns are then hand-knotted with 160 to 170 knots per inch for rich detail. The signature rugs shown on these pages showcase some of Ralph Lauren’s most recognizable influences, from the glamour of Hollywood’s golden age, to the modern urban penthouse, to the grandeur of the English estate. True to the principle that quality improves with use, all of these rugs are objects of great beauty that will last indefinitely and take on a soft patina with the passage of time.


Inspired by velvet fabrics originating in Europe, the Fairfax rug (shown above in Silver Sky) complements many of today’s looks from Hollywood glamour to understated, monochromatic sophistication. The yarns are hand-spun and vegetable-dyed to achieve a lustrous, heathered effect. Hand-knotted in India and then sheared, the Fairfax cut pile rug has a luxurious sheen and texture reminiscent of the Golden Age of film.

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Rugs2.indd 17


10/3/16 5:10 PM


The elegant Ellington Border rug, shown above in Platinum, recalls the Art Deco glamour of the 1930s and 1940s and features a classic double border frame made of a velvety cut pile ground. The monochromatic color and texture are artfully achieved in Nepal, where the rug is made of 70% hand-dyed, hand-spun high mountain wool and 30% organic viscose yarns.


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Rugs2.indd 18

10/5/16 11:24 AM

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Rugs2.indd 19


10/3/16 5:11 PM


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Rugs2.indd 20

10/3/16 5:11 PM


The Richmond rug (above) is inspired by a 19th-century Farahan Sarouk rug. Masterfully woven, this rug is crafted from 90% premium wool and 10% cotton. It is authentically dyed and hand-knotted for exquisite detail and woven with 160 to 170 knots per square inch. Shown in Midnight Navy, the Richmond rug is also available in Vintage Red. A complex geometry of color and form interplay, the Mamluk-style Lourens rug (left) is influenced by antique floor mosaics and textiles, and is finely crafted with hand-spun wool, using traditional square knot weaving techniques. The central dominant octagonal medallion, surrounded by a variety of smaller geometric motifs, evokes an architectural decoration portrayed in a deep palette of crimson red and olive green, with touches of light blue.

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Rugs2.indd 21


10/5/16 11:32 AM

L i e v C o n s o l e Ta b l e

L i e v C o n s o l e Ta b l e

10/3/16 12:41 PM


BERNHARDT RIGHT.indd 1 166705_BF_SafaviehCC14.indd 1

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fashion grey

safavieh showcase

Furnishings follow fashion in today’s sleek, chic new designs.

Lounge in style on the sculpturally stunning Courbet settee by Century.

Fashion-forward and textural, Studio leather rugs by Safavieh are crafted with the finest hides and hand-stitched to create contemporary works of art.

Vanguard’s Julius lifestyle cabinet is constructed with hand-planed white cedar and pewter hardware.

Inspired by a vintage Hollywood studio executive’s office, the Delia table lamp by Safavieh has a faux croc textured finish.

The Carnelian lounge chair by Baker features a grey mink finish with antique silver ferrules.

Glamorize your sofa in a New York minute with silver-metal Temy throw pillows by Safavieh, inspired by the new luxury of Downtown chic.

SAFAVIEH s t y l e

SAF.fw16.ProductPages.indd 25


10/4/16 9:49 AM

cobalt blue

safavieh showcase

Art Deco glamour suffuses the hand-knotted Monroe Chevron rug by Ralph Lauren Home.

The Mariella porcelain lamp by Arteriors showcases the best of Portuguese artistry, including crosshatch detailing with brown and blue accents.

Simplicity meets perfection in the Marco chair by Lee, featuring topstitched fabric and a hammered metal frame.

The sculptural Carousel table by Kindel has an octagonal base and a quartz top (wood top also available).

For an electrifying effect, nothing beats rich, saturated blue tones.

In this teak “tooth” stool by Made Goods, natural gaps in the wood have been filled with clear acrylic resin and amber mirrored squares.

The hand-painted Demilune cabinet by Decorative Arts features a lightly distressed lacquer finish with antiqued silver trim.


Old meets new in Safavieh’s Mercurio table lamp, with its sparkling glass and classic double gourd shape.

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.ProductPages.indd 26

10/5/16 11:24 AM


10/3/16 11:58 AM


safavieh showcase

This striking pendant by JohnRichard features a dazzling array of faceted crystals suspended in silverleaf metal settings.

Hand knotted in pure premium wool laced with lustrous silk, this vintage-inspired rug is part of Safavieh’s Centennial Collection.

The precise geometry of the Cole accent pillow works with almost any décor.

Crafted in steel with a clear glass top, the Aiza dining table by Safavieh is an instant classic.

Raise your glass to glamour! These elegant pieces shimmer, shine and set a tone that recalls the Gatsby Era. Biscuit tufting adds interest to the velvet upholstery of the Miller Chair, a luxurious piece by Safavieh Couture.

It’s easy to imagine a ’40s-era starlet perched upon the winsome Piper stool by Theodore Alexander.


Seductively comfortable, Safavieh’s Nampa chaise in white velvet appears to float on its champagne steel base.

SAFAVIEH s t y l e

SAF.fw16.ProductPages.indd 28

10/5/16 11:24 AM

safavieh ad 2016.indd 1 VISUAL COMFORT RIGHT.indd 1

9/28/2016 4:27:34 PM 10/3/16 11:58 AM

safavieh showcase


Inspired by the playful style of the Italian Memphis movement, this brilliant orange leather bench by Safavieh adds instant warmth.

Solid, baby! Anchor a seating area with the sturdy club chair by Lee.

Porcelain garden seats by Safavieh are perfectly versatile. Use them as movable seating or occasional tables.

Orange really is the new black, as seen in this harvest of bold fall furnishings.

Hand-woven in India, this wool rug from the Martha Stewart Collection by Safavieh features an oversized leaf motif.

With smooth curves and a sleek low profile, the Stressless Paris recliner by Ekornes makes a fashion statement.

With its open cutouts, Safavieh’s Regina lamp offers a fresh take on the traditional gourd shape.

Upholstered in Homer orange with a spice finish, the Leda ottoman by Vanguard is a pretty accent piece.


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.ProductPages.indd 30

10/3/16 5:07 PM

imagine comfort -keep calm and stress less.


Every now and then, even the best of intentions lead to uninteneded consequences that were not part of the plan. From the Stressless point of view, there is no reason to get upset. Free your body and mind and imagine what you can do when you escape into a Stressless®. Enjoy your time-out.

Made in Norway


10/3/16 12:03 PM

safavieh showcase

vintage silver

The Barcelona credenza by Bernhardt makes a dramatic Art Deco statement. Reclaimed teak is wrapped in nickel alloy, which is embossed and finished in German silver.

With its nipped waist, the Wheatley accent ottoman from Lexington’s Laurel Canyon Collection lends architectural interest.

Find your silver lining with lustrous new pieces that have the patina of antiques.

For the modern urban oasis, the mirrored Rivera cocktail table by Safavieh Couture creates an instant aura of decadence.

Contemporary meets Old World in this hand-knotted wool-and-silk rug from Safavieh’s Centennial Collection.

This curvaceous chair by Harden would look right at home in Sherlock Holmes’s study—or perhaps your living room.


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.ProductPages.indd 32

Evoking Hollywood glamour with its tuxedo style and luminous velvet upholstery, the Miller sofa by Safavieh is hand-finished with nailhead trim.

10/5/16 11:25 AM

BDI RIGHT.indd 1

10/3/16 12:04 PM

claret red

safavieh showcase

A classic Moroccan weave with patterns representing Moorish tiles, the Tangier rug by Safavieh is hand-knotted in a blend of natural hemp and wool yarns.

The Nocturne pendant light by Safavieh has a shirred-ribbon drum shade and delicate crystal water-drop orbs.

The Coral Branch table lamp by Safavieh perfectly replicates ocean coral in vivid red, with a whimsical coral finial.

Deep and romantic, claret is the color of Bordeaux wine—a cousin to Burgundy with less purple.


SAFAVIEH s t y l e

SAF.fw16.ProductPages.indd 34

With its curved back, this loveseat by Lee is an updated version of the classic wing chair.

Graceful and glamorous, the Mystic ottoman by Safavieh is an easy and versatile accent piece.

The Wiggle chair by Global Views is a surefire conversation piece. Micro-velvet upholstery is paired with a washed wood finish.

Ahoy! The lovely Finch dresser, part of Century’s Thomas O’Brien Collection, features carved nautical rope detail.

10/4/16 4:00 PM





t h e o d o re a l e x a n d e r. c o m


10/3/16 11:58 AM




Is a good night’s sleep the greatest luxury of all? The folks at Shifman Mattress Company are convinced of it. Photography by

Yvonne Marki

Text by

Darren Ressler

Safavieh has sold a lot of beds over the years, but something was missing: the mattress to fill the fashionable bed frame. When CEO Michael Yaraghi decided to offer customers the convenience of one-stop shopping, he set out to find a manufacturing partner that could produce mattresses worthy of the Safavieh name. The search led him to Shifman Mattress Company of Newark, New Jersey. Says Yaraghi, “Shifman is the very best mattress available that’s locally made.” Like Safavieh itself, Shifman is a heritage company that’s family owned and family operated. Opened in 1893 by brothers Abraham and Samuel Shifman, the firm operates in a four-story factory in the Ironbound section of Newark. While the mattress industry cranks out mass-produced, machine-made products meant to wear out in a few years, Shifman maintains an uncompromising ethos rooted in 19th-century tradition: Use the finest materials, and craft each mattress to last decades. Skilled artisans handcraft double-sided mattresses with layers of cotton and natural latex. Double-sided mattresses, which

36 36

SA A FA FA V V II E EH Hs s tt y y ll e e S

SAF.fw16.Shifman.indd 36

can be flipped, last far longer than onesided mattresses. Shifman box springs, too, are a work of art: Framed with superior-grade Canadian spruce sourced from sustainably managed forests, the box spring contains eight-way hand-tied coils—the same hour-glass-shaped steel upholstery coils found in fine furniture. A queen-size model is secured by hand with Italian twine and approximately 1,600 knots, an unhurried process that takes a few hours. For mattresses and box springs alike, rigorous quality checks are part of the production process, and corners are never cut. Aside from a few equipment upgrades over the years, production is completed in much the same way that it’s been done since the company opened its doors a century and a quarter ago. “If you can’t get a good night’s sleep, then your bed is going to compromise your health,” says Bill Hawkens, key account manager, who has been with Shifman since 1992. Since we spend a third of our lives in bed, it’s not surprising that scientific research supports the connection between sleep

The artisans of Shifman Mattress Company hand-make exclusive mattresses and box springs for Safavieh, using processes that have changed little since the company opened in 1893. Shifman’s signature eight-way hand-tied box spring and hand-tufted craftsmanship result in products that provide continual comfort and stand the test of time.

10/4/16 4:01 PM

Extending dining table

Handcrafted in Italy Since 1975 Bookshelf

Timeless furniture made with purely natural stones STONE INTERNATIONAL RIGHT.indd 1

10/5/16 12:18 PM

We have true craftspeople using a 123-year tradition—always by hand with the best natural materials and taking luxury to the next level.” and well-being. “Our bedding helps the customer get a good night’s sleep, night after night, for a very long time,” adds Hawkens, “and that turns out to be a very good value.” Shifman, which was bought by veteran industry executive and current CEO Mike Hammer in 1985, now manufactures two lines available exclusively at Safavieh. Both collections—Safavieh Mattresses by Shifman and Safavieh Couture Mattresses by Shifman—provide incomparable luxury and comfort. “We cater to the person who wants the best mattress and box spring he or she can find,” says Mike’s youngest son, Bill, who is the company’s president. “The average mattress factory is about how fast and inexpensively they can make a mattress. We have true craftspeople


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Shifman.indd 38

using a 123-year tradition—always by hand with the best natural materials and taking luxury to the next level. We prefer to make a product that will satisfy our customers for many years. It’s something we’re very proud of.” If Mike Hammer has learned one thing during his 53 years in the mattress industry, it’s that the greatest luxury of all is a good night’s sleep. That’s why he’s delighted when he hears from satisfied customers who’ve had their mattress for 20, 30 or even 40 years, a byproduct of the quality engrained in Shifman’s product. “With a Shifman mattress, the consumer gets to choose when they want to replace it. They don’t replace it because they have to. That’s what it’s all about for us.”

Shifman was bought by the Hammer family in 1985. President Bill Hammer and CEO Mike Hammer (pictured, middle) manage an operation that’s fanatical about helping customers get the best sleep possible. Securing a box spring by hand with Italian twine and 1,600 knots ensures lasting comfort and durability.

10/4/16 4:01 PM


10/3/16 12:01 PM

ATLANTA DALLAS HIGH POINT LAS VEGAS NEW YORK | P 888.956.0030 | F 214.956.0031


10/3/16 12:19 PM

Finished to Perfection


10/3/16 12:04 PM

before & after

lobbying Karin Krinsky & Joe Murphy for Safavieh Photography by Peter Rymwid Text by Mark Dowden

Interior design by

effort With help from Safavieh, the entrance to the Glen Cove Mansion is restored to its former architectural glory.

When John Teele Pratt and Ruth Baker Pratt completed their neo-Georgian home in Glen Cove, New York, Country Life magazine called it “one of the best 12 country houses in America.” That was in 1913, the Golden Age of Long Island mansions. Mr. Pratt wouldn’t survive the Roaring Twenties (he died young of a heart attack in 1927), but his wife, the first Republican Congresswoman from New York, lived until 1965, and her family maintained the grand house and 55-acre grounds until then. A mere two years later, The Manor, as it had been known, was renamed the Glen Cove Mansion and opened as one of the first conference center hotels in the United States. The Sixties were not kind to historical architecture. Preservationists are still lamenting the teardown of the original Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan, among other, similar travesties too numerous to mention here. That the Glen Cove Mansion survived at all is unusual, as so many of the “white elephants” on Long Island’s North Shore met the fate of Penn Station. While it remained structurally intact, the Pratts’ home inevitably suffered vari-


ous indignities in its new incarnation as a conference center. The marble checkerboard floor in the entrance hall, for example, was redone in wood and then carpeted over in less-than-elegant broadloom. Enter the Safavieh design team of Joe Murphy and Karin Krinsky, which was chosen by the hotel’s new owners to restore the mansion’s original spaces to the “harmonious balance” that was John Pratt’s obsession. Says Murphy, “Our first commission was the lobby, where our first order of business was to replace the wood floor. Black-and-white marble, which we believe was architect Charles Adams Platt’s original solution, has done wonders to bring the lobby alive.” The trend in luxury hotel design is to fuse contemporary furnishings and art to a historical foundation. Accordingly, Krinsky and Murphy chose pieces by Christopher Guy to furnish the lobby. “We did this with a light touch because we wanted the focus to be on the original architecture,” Murphy notes. The renewed space could well be the lobby of a grande dame in London’s Mayfair, but it just happens to be in suburban Long Island.

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.GlenCove2.indd 42

10/4/16 4:01 PM

Architect Charles Adams Platt designed the Pratt mansion with a transverse entrance hall, a common feature of neo-Georgian homes. In the restored south hall of today’s Glen Cove Mansion Hotel & Conference Center, Platt’s symmetrical plan delights the eye.

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.GlenCove2.indd 43


10/4/16 4:01 PM

In the restored lobby (above), Safavieh employed new marble flooring—a black-and-white checkerboard laid on the diagonal. This historically correct solution complements the formality of the neo-Georgian architecture and breathes new life into the space. Designers Karin Krinsky and Joe Murphy placed a red confidente settee by Christopher Guy dead center in the room, a bold touch that echoes Dorothy Draper’s décor at The Greenbrier. Before the restoration (far left), a beige marble floor looked drab by comparison. On the mansion’s exterior (near left), the limestone-clad central bay and portico prepares guests for the grandeur within.


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.GlenCove2.indd 44

10/5/16 2:40 PM | | Made in Grand Rapids, Michigan


10/3/16 12:01 PM


10/3/16 12:26 PM

NEW YORK PREMIER for Hooker Furniture


10/3/16 2:41 PM

jewel box on


When clients asked for a touch of glamour, Safavieh designer Luis E. Ramirez fashioned the perfect pied-à-terre, gleaming but unfussy. Interior design by

Luis Ramirez for Safavieh Photography by

Peter Rymwid Text by

Mark Dowden


“Darling, I love you, but give me Park Avenue,” sang Eva Gabor in the theme to Green Acres. Victoria Spagnola could relate, and fortunately for the sake of domestic tranquility, so could her husband Fred. Emptynesters who live a stone’s throw from the water and the golf club on Staten Island, they both hankered for some Manhattan sheen in their weekly routine. So they bought what they considered the perfectly sited pied-à-terre, a corner unit in a postwar building at 37th and Park. Fred could walk to work, a few blocks up Park Avenue and through Grand Central Terminal, to the MetLife Building, on days when he stayed over in the city. Victoria would find it easy to attend classes and meetings of organizations to which she belongs. And the couple could entertain friends with ease. They found their interior designer by chance. Strolling past Safavieh’s Broadway store, they admired the window displays. So they walked through the door, and there was Luis E. Ramirez. “We hit it off right away,”

says Victoria. “He’s got great taste, a great personality, and he’s very easy to work with.” The decorator’s brief was simple: “I asked for a look that was citified and chic,” Victoria explains. “Although our main home is only 14 miles away, it’s a bit like living at the beach. So in Manhattan, I wanted the opposite.” Ramirez could relate to “the opposite.” Having grown up on a farm in northern California, he’s now an advocate of full-on New York glamour. “This is a neighborhood of distinguished architecture,” notes Ramirez. “The Union League Club is directly across the street, and within a block are the Morgan Library and the Polish embassy. In starting with a blank box of an apartment, my goal was to maximize ambient light and multiply the window views with mirrors.” He complemented the mirrors with mirror-like surfaces and burnished metals. The end result is a bright, clean-lined home that glistens day and night, just as his client wanted.

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.37thpark.indd 48

10/4/16 4:03 PM

Homeowner Victoria Spagnola emerges from the kitchen of her pied-Ă -terre, wearing a skyline dress that echoes the view from the windows.

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.37thpark.indd 49


10/3/16 4:54 PM


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.37thpark.indd 50

10/3/16 4:55 PM

Even natural objects—a rock specimen lamp, a gilded tree trunk end table—whisper of glamour in this Park Avenue apartment. Reflective surfaces are everywhere: nailhead trim on the sofa, metallic fabric on pillows, acrylic trays and smoked mirror panels on the coffee table. All that shimmer is anchored by a quiet, neutral color scheme, which contributes to the soft aura of sophistication.

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.37thpark.indd 51


10/3/16 4:55 PM


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.37thpark.indd 52

10/3/16 4:55 PM

Designer Luis E. Ramirez gave the bedroom the feel of a boudoir from 1930s Hollywood. The dining room (opposite) was created by removing the inner wall of a second bedroom, which helped open the layout for entertaining. An upholstered banquette and acrylic chairs invite guests to linger. The wall is adorned with a metallic feather sculpture.

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.37thpark.indd 53


10/5/16 11:25 AM


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Lattingtown.indd 54

10/4/16 9:07 AM



Built on the ruins of a storied estate, a new home makes the most of its waterside setting. Interior design by Karin Krinsky & Keith Murphy for Safavieh Photography by Peter Rymwid Text by Mark Dowden

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Lattingtown.indd 55


10/4/16 9:07 AM

Built in the Shingle style, this new home is laid out to maximize views of Long Island Sound. The terraced stairs are a vestige of Meudon, the original Gilded Age estate on this site. In the living room (left and previous spread), transitional furnishings from Safavieh provide an ideal setting for the owners’ art collection.


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Lattingtown.indd 56

10/5/16 2:41 PM

One of the great legal minds of the early 20th century, William D. Guthrie lost many of the causes he took on, notably the fights against a federal income tax and the Prohibition amendment. But he succeeded in amassing great wealth as counsel to the Rockefeller family, and he used that wealth to build Meudon, a splendid estate of 80 rooms and 300 acres on Long Island’s Gold Coast. Guthrie and his friend John E. Aldred, who built his estate nearby, bought and demolished 60 homes and stores—essentially the entire Village of Lattingtown—in order, as Aldred put it, “to get the view we wanted.” The view of Long Island Sound and the Connecticut shore beyond remains spectacular today, although Meudon itself is long gone. Guthrie’s widow died in 1958 at age 100; two years before her death, the contents of Meudon were auctioned, the house demolished, and much of the land developed as subdivisions. Spared this fate was the central axis of terraced gardens sweeping down to the Sound. In recent years a family purchased this land and erected a new Shingle-style home—large by today’s standards but dwarfed by Guthrie’s original mansion. The new owners needed to buy and raze only a single structure that stood between them and the Sound. Now they are, in a sense, standing on Meudon’s shoulders,

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Lattingtown.indd 57


10/5/16 2:41 PM

Situated in one of the home’s two turrets, the breakfast area offers panoramic water views. In the kitchen and butler’s pantry beyond, light-stained oak is paired with white wood cabinets, a combination that echoes the kitchens of Meudon and other great estates of the Edwardian era.


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Lattingtown.indd 58

10/5/16 2:41 PM

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Lattingtown.indd 59


10/4/16 9:08 AM

A terrace overlooks acres of manicured lawn rimmed by hydrangeas, beyond which can be seen Long Island Sound and the Connecticut shoreline. The stonework in the foreground survived the demolition of the original estate. In the family room (right), a favorite haunt of the family dogs, a more casual, country style prevails. The antique Persian rug is from Safavieh, as are all the furnishings.


enjoying world-class Gatsby-esque views from nearly every room. While different in architectural style than its predecessor, the new house, expanded and enhanced by architect Michael Jay Wallin, has even earlier Gilded Age references, including McKim, Mead & White’s Newport Casino and the quintessential “seaside cottage” in the Shingle style, Peabody & Stearns’ Kragsyde. With its emphasis on horizontal continuity, both in outside detailing and the flow of interior spaces, the Shingle style was the perfect 21st-century choice to suit the terraced land of Meudon and maximize views of the Sound. Inside the house, the décor is more homey than opulent. The living room is furnished by Safavieh in today’s tailored transitional style, which creates an ideal setting for the owners’ collection of contemporary art. The room that comes closest to Gilded Age formality is the dining room, with its hand-blocked Gracie wallpaper, bombé sideboard and Venetian glass mirror. At the other end of the design spectrum and the far end of the house, the family room is country house casual, with its tall fieldstone chimney and hewn oak trusses towering over comfortable upholstered chairs and sofas placed on an antique Persian rug. This is where the family’s two outsized Labrador retrievers can usually be found lolling about. Some would call this house the product of a new Gilded Age. But what comes around twice never comes around the same. The new mansion on this site feels intimate and unpretentious, reflecting the laid-back lifestyle of the family that lives here.

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Lattingtown.indd 60

10/4/16 9:09 AM

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Lattingtown.indd 61


10/5/16 9:05 AM

With its elegant Gracie wallpaper and 18th-century style furniture, the dining room is the most formal setting on the first floor. In the entrance hall beyond, a piano, flowers, sculpture and staircase form a balanced tableau.


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Lattingtown.indd 62

10/4/16 9:09 AM

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Lattingtown.indd 63


10/4/16 9:09 AM



10/3/16 12:19 PM

Breitling_JT44Stl_LaViano_Holiday_Magazine.indd 1 BREITLING RIGHT.indd 1

9/17/15 12:04 10:21PM AM 10/3/16

lush living The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Long Island, North Hills, aims to deliver the best of all worlds— home ownership at a fivestar resort. Joe & Keith Murphy for Safavieh and Alyssa Grella for Studio Grella Design Photography by Peter Rymwid Text by Rita Guarna Interior design by


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Ritz-6pps.indd 66

10/4/16 4:04 PM

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Ritz-6pps.indd 67


10/5/16 11:26 AM


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Ritz-6pps.indd 68

10/5/16 11:26 AM

They call it the lock-and-leave lifestyle, because the cares of home ownership become a thing of the past. At The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Long Island, North Hills, the lobby and hallways are hotel-like, as are such amenities as housekeeping, pet-walking, doormen and porters. But when you walk into your suite, you’re entering your own home, furnished as you like. “It’s like living at a five-star resort,” says Joe Graziose, senior vice president of residential development at RXR Realty, which also developed The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. “There’s nothing comparable on Long Island.” Most of the initial buyers, he explains, came from a six-mile radius: “They wanted to get out of the business of running a home.” And then there are the buyers who see ownership here as

an alternative to living in Manhattan. Graziose notes that the price of comparable real estate is one-half to two-thirds less at The Ritz-Carlton Residences in North Hills. Given its proximity to highways and the Long Island Railroad, getting to Manhattan is a relative breeze, he says. Safavieh made it easier to envision the lock-and-leave lifestyle by designing the interior of a model home here. It’s done in classic Ritz-Carlton taste—light in color and spirit, lustrous and uncluttered. An adjacent model home, designed by Studio Grella Design and Design Concepts Interiors, with furnishings by Safavieh, has a similarly luxurious, tailored feel. Just visiting these spaces makes stress ebb away. To live here with the legendary services and amenities of The Ritz-Carlton would be icing on the cake.

In the spacious open living area furnished by Safavieh (above and previous spread), a double-sided fireplace bridges two sitting rooms. The bedroom at left is large enough to have its own seating group, as well as a door to the patio. A view of the lobby (above left) gives a sense of the luxurious scale of The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Long Island, North Hills.

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Ritz-6pps.indd 69


10/5/16 11:26 AM

Studio Grella Design and Design Concepts Interiors outfitted this model home at The RitzCarlton Residences with furnishings by Safavieh. The many textures play well together here, united by a cool grey color scheme. Floor-to-ceiling glass lets in plenty of natural light, which keeps the greys from feeling heavy.


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Ritz-6pps.indd 70

10/5/16 11:27 AM

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Ritz-6pps.indd 71


10/5/16 11:27 AM


yours A collection of prints. A montage of memorabilia. A cluster of sculptures. Creative displays of the important well-loved pieces in your life can create commanding visual centerpieces in your home. Photography by


Susan Sully

Text by

Nicole Lupo

SAFA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.home7.indd 72

10/5/16 11:28 AM

Art is often more than just a picture in a frame. Give your special memories and collectibles equal footing by incorporating them into the mix. Here, miniature art pieces, found objects and special memorabilia help create an attractive textured montage.

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.home7.indd 73


10/3/16 5:03 PM


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.home7.indd 74

10/3/16 5:03 PM

There are no hard-and-fast rules to displaying your favorite things within the same space. With the right arrangement, dissimilar objects can easily evoke a quiet harmony in a room. Here, a classical mahogany table and sideboard define the area with their straight lines and are complemented by a pair of dark wood frames hanging from the picture rail. In contrast, a curated assortment of stark plaster busts of American statesmen adds pops of white and softness to the dĂŠcor.

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.home7.indd 75


10/3/16 5:03 PM

An affinity for silver holloware extends from the pieces atop the English mahogany secretary to the main display wall. This tightly clustered collection of framed engravings from a 19thcentury silversmith’s catalog weaves a subtle thread of elegant design continuity throughout the room.


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.home7.indd 76

10/3/16 5:04 PM

An array of antique portraiture creates a commanding visual centerpiece in the heart of this living space, which is outfitted with furnishings and accessories spanning multiple design eras. The art and environment play well together thanks to the beautifully balanced palette of golds, beiges and browns.

Reprinted with permission from Past Present by Susan Sully. Š 2016 The Monacelli Press. Images Š Susan Sully

SAF.fw16.home7.indd 77

S A FA V I E H s t y l e


10/3/16 5:04 PM

Pool Party

PowerView™ Motorization

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The PowerView Pebble is available in seven colors.

*The PowerView App and additional equipment required for programmed operation. © 2015 Hunter Douglas. All rights reserved. All trademarks used herein are the property of Hunter Douglas.


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9/20/16 8:33 AM 10/3/16 12:00 PM


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Bronx.indd 80

10/3/16 4:57 PM


team A homeowner and her Safavieh designer collaborate on a glamorous retreat. Interior design by

Melissa Sarhane for Safavieh Photography by

Peter Rymwid Text by

Nicole Lupo

The Throgs Neck Bridge gets its name from Throggs Neck, a narrow spit of land that separates the East River and Long Island Sound. (Robert Moses dropped the second “g” so the name would fit better on highway signs.) As a neighborhood, Throggs Neck escaped the decay that plagued much of the Bronx in the 1970s. A refreshing breeze blows here much of the time; there are two beaches and various beach clubs. It’s not how most people imagine the Bronx. When Nadire and Halil Djekovic decided to move from an apartment to a house a bit more than a year ago, there was no question of their leaving Throggs Neck. Nikki and Hal, as they call themselves, bought a somewhat nondescript row house a few blocks from the water and set about to transforming it. They stopped at Safavieh’s Hartsdale store, where the first person they met was designer Melissa Sarhane. “I told Melissa I wanted a glamorous look— chic and clean,” Nikki recalls. “She said, ‘I can do that!’ with so much confidence that we gave her the job.” The two turned out to be natural collaborators. Together they continued

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Bronx.indd 81


10/3/16 4:57 PM

created a shimmering private haven, and Nikki got all the custom details she wanted. For example, she had always wanted a dressing room that organizes and shows off her world-class collection of shoes; now she has what friends call “a shoe museum.” Nikki’s only regret is that she’s reached journey’s end on the project: She’s suffering from “design withdrawal” and is imagining how she and Melissa Sarhane might work together on some future commission.


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Bronx.indd 82

10/3/16 4:57 PM

Vintage champagne tones make the master bedroom (left) an especially cozy haven. In the dressing room (this page), a couture gown hangs beside a portion of the owner’s shoe collection. Previous spread, the living room is remarkable for its subtle interplay of pattern and texture. Note how the rivets of the coffee table echo the studded trim of the sofa.

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Bronx.indd 83


10/3/16 4:57 PM


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Fairfield.indd 84

10/5/16 11:28 AM


CARTE Interior design by

Ron Marshall of Ronald P. Marshall Inc., with Judy Sullivan for Safavieh Photography by

Peter Rymwid Text by

Mark Dowden

Furnished from scratch, this coastal vacation home makes every detail count.

In this coastal-style living room, light colors and an abundance of natural light highlight nautical details and wildlife themes. Designer Ron Marshall acquired every item on behalf of his international client, from the baby grand piano to the birch logs in the fireplace.

Interior designer Ron Marshall loves to tell the story of his latest project, a whole-house redo in Fairfield, Connecticut. The English owner of an American company wanted a second home for his family in the U.S. After acquiring a Shingle-style house a block from the beach on an awkward, wedge-shaped lot, he gave Marshall a difficult commission: Have everything ship-shape in four months, when the family would cross the Pond for a six-week stay. As the homeowner put it, he wanted his daughters to be able to jump into the swimming pool the minute they arrived. Trouble was, the swimming pool didn’t ex-

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Fairfield.indd 85


10/5/16 11:28 AM

In the kitchen dining area (above), bistro chairs and a comfy window seat surround a lime-washed farm table. The family room (opposite) is designed for hard wear and casual play. Wicker chairs and ottoman-style seats are easily moved around to suit the occasion. A fun rope lamp with a straw shade contributes to the nautical atmosphere.

ist yet. And more to the point, the house was a bit of a shambles. This was just the kind of challenge that Marshall loves. Give him carte blanche, and he takes care of every detail. Outside, he designed and commissioned the pool, along with a spa, fire pit, fountain, fencing, hardscape, plantings and landscape lighting. “I redid literally every surface of the house and property,” he recalls. Inside, he pulled off a magic trick, creating an instant home that looks anything but. It’s filled with personal mementos, including many framed photographs of the homeowners and their daughters taken in beachy environments around the world. The images were emailed from England, and Marshall had them printed and framed. One of the bigger purchases was a baby grand piano for the lady of the house, an accomplished musician. Marshall even stocked the bathrooms with monogrammed custom bathrobes and towels. Not only is the home full of personal touches. It also expresses a unified theme of coastal style. Marshall calls this look “up-to-date Nantucket” and points out that it can work virtually anywhere near water in New England and the Middle Atlantic. Casual and refined, the style is characterized by white surfaces accented by light blue fabrics; liberal use of natural materials such as jute, wicker and wood slabs; and marine and nautical themes. continued


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Fairfield.indd 86

10/3/16 5:00 PM

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Fairfield.indd 87


10/5/16 11:28 AM

Swathed in soft linen, the guest bed (left) appears to guarantee a restful night’s sleep. This beachy guest room is as polished and commodious as any master suite. The façade of the house (above) was stained dark, with green shutters, before Marhsall lightened it up with a Nantucket-style makeover.


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Fairfield.indd 88

10/3/16 5:00 PM

No nautical detail proved too small for Marshall, who used boat hardware to affix sailcloth covers to bistro chairs. Coastal wildlife is represented everywhere: Seashells are etched on barware. Weathered wood pelicans are at home near a glass sculpture of a jellyfish. How did all this get done in four months? Part of the secret is choosing the right suppliers. For instance, Marshall worked, as usual, with Judy Sullivan of Safavieh’s Stamford store to select furnishings and rugs. “Ron makes crisp decisions,” notes Sullivan, “and Safavieh has an extensive in-stock program with fast, white-glove delivery.” Getting owner approval could have caused delays. But, says Marshall, with Skype, texting and email, the long-distance collaboration was actually very smooth. “I’d text pictures of anything I recommended buying, along with the price, and I could count on a very quick response.” When the owners did arrive for the summer, all was in readiness, including a tea kettle, a coffee maker—even the tea and coffee—plus a stocked pantry and bar, and all the beach towels needed for that inaugural dip in the pool.

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Fairfield.indd 89


10/3/16 5:00 PM

For the dining room, Marshall commissioned a hand-painted mural to be installed at eye level above the wainscoting, providing diners with the sense that they’re picnicking on the beach. The scene, which was painted off-site on canvas and is removable, wraps all four walls. A sand-colored rug and washed, woven chairs help complete the illusion.


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Fairfield.indd 90

10/5/16 11:29 AM

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Fairfield.indd 91


10/5/16 11:29 AM



10/3/16 12:25 PM

WHP91053-WH L:25” W:25” H:32”



F i n e s t

P e r m a n e n t

B o t a n i c a l s


10/3/16 11:58 AM


10/3/16 12:17 PM




3:44 PM










10/3/16 12:00 PM


Steamy Delights

Soak your weary self in the thermal hot springs at Costa Rica’s Tabacón Grand Spa and Thermal Resort. Text by Liz Donovan The “law of the land” in Costa Rica is “Pura vida!”—you’re likely to be greeted with the expression shortly after arriving in this cheerful Central American country. It directly translates to “pure life,” and after your stay here, you’ll know why. Flanked by the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica makes up for its size (19,653 square miles; smaller than Lake Michigan) with a wealth of biodiversity and ecotourism—it hosts nearly 6 percent of the world’s species and protects 25 percent of its land within national parks and wildlife reserves ranging from tropical dry forests and cloud forests to wetlands and rainforests. Conveniently situated at the edge of one of these magnificent rainforests, nestled under the grand Arenal volcano, is the Tabacón Grand Spa and Thermal Resort in La Fortuna. This five-star luxury getaway features three natural hot springs, which are 97 percent rain-based and 3 percent magma-based. After a rainfall, the water seeps through fissures down to the Earth’s core, where it’s heated by volcanic magma. Once heated, the now mineral-rich water resurfaces and is funneled at a temperature of 120°F into the resort’s 20 magnificent pools, complete with waterfalls and flora. Simply soaking in these luscious

ambient pools is pampering enough, but if you desire, you can turn it up a notch by retreating to a private open-air bungalow surrounded by lush gardens and equipped with a thermal spring tub. There, expert masseuses will rub you from head to toe, wrapping your feet in a warm volcanic mud that will both soften and detoxify. Couples may opt for a romantic side by side full-body massage that ends with a love poem read in Maléku, the native language of Costa Rica, and topped off with a milk bath and a bottle of champagne. Spending the day idling in a state of blissed-out nirvana can work up one’s appetite; fortunately, a cultural culinary experience beckons at the resort’s multiple restaurants. Start your morning with a colorful spread of local tropical fruits, like fresh papaya, mango and guava, or perhaps sample the traditional Costa Rican dish of sweet plantains at Los Tucanes. Of course, the Costa Rican coffee—strong and dark without a hint of bitterness— is not to be missed. Light bites are available for lunch, and both casual and formal dinner options are offered at Ave de Paraiso and Los Tucanes, respectively. While enjoying the natural splendors of the Earth here, it may heighten your experience to know that this resort is

proud to be both environmentally and socially responsible. It holds a Sustainable Tourism Certificate, is certified by the government as a carbon-neutral facility and is active in supporting the local community through education and outreach. When not indulging in the thermal springs, set out to explore the area and its stunning natural attractions. The majestic Arenal volcano rises more than 5,400 feet and at one time was Costa Rica’s most active volcano. But fear not—it’s now in a resting phase, with no major eruptions since 2010. Craving adventure? Explore the lush rainforest surrounding the volcano with a guided hike and you may be rewarded with a glimpse of one of the thousands of species that call it home—our group spotted a toucan perched on a nearby tree during a recent visit. Other activities include zip-lining, whitewater rafting, bird-watching tours across some of the Arenal area’s “hanging bridges” and a Costa Rican–style safari river float, where you’ll discover wildlife such as monkeys, iguanas, sloths and crocodiles. Truly, whether you’re tired and weary or seeking an adrenaline rush, you’ll surely discover something here that by the end of your stay will have you exclaiming, “Pura vida!”

Clockwise from top: one of Tabacón’s 20 pools, warmed by natural hot springs; the luxe honeymoon suite, which features a private Jacuzzi; some of the resort’s scenic waterfalls; a massage is one of the offerings at the top-rated spa; a bridge leads past a bungalow and through the lush gardens; the Arenal volcano rises beyond one of the resort’s thermal pools.


S A FA V IEH s t y l e 96

10/4/16 9:50 AM

S A FA V I E H s t y l e 97


10/4/16 9:51 AM

ATLANTA DALLAS HIGH POINT LAS VEGAS NEW YORK | P 888.956.0030 | F 214.956.0031


10/3/16 12:23 PM

If you have a good night,

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10/3/16 12:28 PM


malbec’s comeback

This Argentine varietal has regained its reputation for subtlety and balance—and hard times actually helped. Text by Josh Sens Don’t cry for Malbec, Argentina! The truth is, the wine for which that country is best known came through the economic crash of the late 1990s and early 2000s. It didn’t just survive; it flourished. Over time, the downturn had an unexpected upside, as runaway inflation corrected an imbalance in the market. In the sour climate, it no longer made sense to bottle low-end Malbecs because it was pretty much impossible to turn a profit on them. So vintners slashed production of their two-buck chuck—the subpar swill they’d been pumping out for years, staining Malbec’s image around the world. “So much cheap stuff had been getting out there

This label announces a subtle, widely suitable varietal—a far cry from the not-so-distinguished table wines that recently diluted the distinction of the Malbec name.

SA FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.grape3.indd 101


10/4/16 4:05 PM

Clockwise from top left: Winemaker Paul Hobbs with Bertrand Vigouroux, whose family has produced Malbec in France for 150 years; wine caves at Argentina’s Pulenta Estate winery; the wine-making Pulenta family: Hugo, Don Antonio, Eduardo Jr. and Eduardo; the Viña Cobos winery in western Argentina.

that it was hurting Malbec’s reputation,” says Paul Hobbs, a veteran wineCheap Malbec still flooded the market, and in the early aftermath of maker and wine importer. “It was a serious problem. But the Argentine the crash it gushed out in even greater torrents. Much of it was overeconomy solved it for us.” oaked and over-extracted, with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. Some As it happens, Hobbs lent a hand as well. A former of it was fraudulently labeled. winemaker for Robert Mondavi, Hobbs has roots “It got so bad that there were ‘Malbecs’ on the market in Malbec that run decades deep. He first turned that didn’t contain any actual Malbec,” Hobbs says. “We his mind to it in the late 1980s, when he traveled used to joke that they were born with a birth certificate of to Argentina and was struck by the varietal’s vast Bonarda [a less nuanced grape varietal] but were traveling untapped potential. Though Malbec grew abundantly with a Malbec passport.” around Mendoza, the country’s largest wine-making Meanwhile, Hobbs kept at it, and when the economic Cobos Malbec 2011 region, its quantity far outstripped its quality. Most crash crushed the low end of the market, the Malbecs he $210 Argentine Malbec wound up in inexpensive blends had championed came to the fore. Hobbs has since been A dark, elegant wine that opens with known as “criollas”—ho-hum table wines with not joined by a growing number of Malbec producers who are hints of coffee and caramel, but plays out on the palate with bright much to recommend them other than their bargainout to show the grape for all that it can be. Among them berry and cherry notes. basement price. Hobbs envisioned a different fate for are wineries such as Riglos and Pulenta Estate, in the Malbec, a noble French-born grape that he believed rolling folds of the Mendoza region, on terrain that inches Pulenta Estate just needed to be treated with more dignity. toward the Andes foothills, where the climate and the soil Malbec 2011 $29 Using old-vine fruit grown by Nicolas Catena, one of give rise to complex fruit. The first impression: French oak Argentina’s most respected vintners, Hobbs began a Like Hobbs, the vintners on these properties lean and mulling spices. But those wintry deep dive into Malbec, applying Old World practices to toward low-tech practices, a minimalist approach that notes make way for a springtime New World wine production. The result was Malbecs of lets the winning traits of the grape shine through. Their symphony of lavendar and honeysuckle, followed by a clean unusual refinement, not the high-alcohol brutes that so vintages demonstrate impressive range—some lean and plum-tinted finish. many consumers had come to know. supple, others round-bodied and robust. And contrary to In 1999, Hobbs co-founded Viña Cobos, a Mendoza Malbec’s stubborn reputation as a varietal best suited to Riglos Gran winery, where he experimented with varied root stocks, steakhouse fare, these wines are strikingly food-friendly, Malbec 2012 $35 planting the varietal on new sites that showcased pairing beautifully with sirloin, sure, but also with pasta, A juicy but balanced wine that Malbec’s distinctive terroir. The wines he produced seafood, curries and more. never grows too jammy, it mingles earned widespread accolades for their bright notes “To a lot of people, it used to seem that Malbec had a floral flavors with a ripe minerality, and balance. But in the world of Malbec they were the serious problem,” Hobbs says. “But the bigger problem and a just-right touch of tannins tickles the tongue. exception, not the rule. was, we didn’t really understand the grape.”

tasting notes


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Refreshing Expectations


Chances are you’ve passed by The Mansion without ever knowing that we are so much more than a landmark Georgian estate, outstanding hotel, conference center and private event venue. We are rapidly becoming the Gold Coast’s go-to gathering place for seasonal and holiday celebrations, live music and parlor games at Pub 1910, and we’re open to the public all year long. Visit our website to learn more about what’s happening when, or simply stop by and ask us. We’ve been expecting you.



516-671-6400 |

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high-rise living

reaching for

the sky

Safavieh brings Feng Shui to interiors at The Grand, the new phase at Sky View Parc in Flushing, New York. Karin Krinsky & Joe Murphy for Safavieh Peter Rymwid Text by Danielle Gallo

Interior design by Photography by


S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Flushing.indd 104

10/5/16 11:29 AM

Sky View Parc, the luxury condominium development in Flushing, New York, created a sensation four years ago, generating headlines in the press such as, “Queens Gets Its Luxury On.” Promising “fashion, function and Feng Shui in every detail,” these condos sold like hot cakes and helped give Flushing a reputation as the most happening ’hood in Queens. With that reputation proven (Flushing’s Main Street is said to have the best Chinese restaurants in the world, outside of China), a new collection of high-rise homes at Sky View Parc is now under construction. Three luxury towers known collectively as The Grand will feature 743 units, ranging from studios to four-bedrooms. As with the first phase, pre-sales have been brisk. The developer of Sky View Parc is Onex Real Estate Partners, one of America’s oldest and most successful private equity firms. Onex has assembled a team of leading international players to make The Grand a reality—firms such as Moss Gilday Group, known for its cohesive approach to urban landscape design. Safavieh, for its part, created a model home for the sales center, which you see on these pages. Buyers can tap Safavieh to replicate the décor of the model or, if they prefer, have Safavieh design their new home from scratch. Either way, the result will be great Feng Shui with amazing skyline views.

In a private study (left), a wallpaper mural of a wooded landscape provides a witty foil to Sky View Parc’s signature vistas of the Manhattan skyline. Above, transitional furniture lends a crisp edge to the living room. The view at right shows how the towers of The Grand will look when completed.

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

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enchantedhome . com ENCHANTED HOME RIGHT.indd 1

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Where To find us There are 11 Safavieh Home Furnishings galleries conveniently located in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York. flagship stores: New York City | broadway & 20th Street | 902 Broadway, New York, NY 10010 | Phone: (212) 477-1234 Stamford | 230 Atlantic Street, Stamford, CT 06901 | Phone: (203) 327-4800 Glen Cove | 24 School Street, Glen Cove, NY 11542 | Phone: (516) 365-3800 Livingston | 442 West Mount Pleasant Avenue, Livingston, NJ 07039 | Phone: (973) 629-5800

design stores: Paramus | 110 East State Route 4, Paramus, NJ 07652 | Phone: (201) 291-0200 hartsdale | 45 South Central Avenue, Hartsdale, NY 10530 | Phone: (914) 681-6000 Farmingdale | 110 Route 110 (Broad Hollow Road), Farmingdale, NY 11735 | Phone: (631) 777-5678 Danbury | 7 Backus Avenue, Danbury, CT 06810 | Phone: (203) 790-7200

outlets: Port Washington | 2 Channel Drive, Port Washington, NY 11050 | Phone: (516) 945-3868 New Rochelle | 64 Nardozzi Place, New Rochelle, NY 10805 | Phone: (914) 355-5353

rugs only: East 59th Street | 238 East 59th Street (Between 2nd & 3rd Aves.), New York, NY 10022 | Phone: (212) 888-0626

Pictured is the ground level of the Safavieh Home Furnishings store in Glen Cove, New York, with the escalator leading to the second level.

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new at safavieh



The Design Center at our Broadway store in Manhattan takes the Safavieh Experience to a higher level.


Lorraine Gordon & Suzanne Petrozzino for Safavieh

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

SAF.fw16.Broadway.indd 110

Photography by Peter Rymwid

Interior design by

10/5/16 3:28 PM

Business school professors talk about the “secret sauce” that differentiates a market leader from competitors. Does Safavieh have a secret sauce? Actually, we have several! And one of them is our free design service. As a design-driven firm, we have more than 60 interior designers on staff. To make working with them easier than ever, we’re upgrading our in-store design centers. In these bright, inviting, well-organized spaces, you can relax with your own designer, sip a beverage and dream about transforming your home into something magical. With tons of work space and literally thousands of fabric samples at your disposal, as well as furniture finish options, paint samples and more, you can make confident decisions (or revisions) on the spot. Plus, it’s easy to wander through the roomscapes and merchandise of our adjacent retail floor to get extra ideas. It all adds up to a fun, satisfying and stress-free experience. Here you’ll be doing more than shopping. You’ll be creating your ideal future home environment. While appointments are appreciated, they’re not necessary. Just drop by any Safavieh Home Furnishings store to get started.

The new Design Center of Safavieh’s Broadway store in Manhattan (left and above) is spacious, light-filled and stocked with myriad tools for designing every aspect of your dream room or dream home, making it the perfect place to take advantage of our free design service. The store (also shown at right) contains three floors of furniture, rugs and accessories to suit every taste and style.

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

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the last word with...

Christopher Guy Harrison Known for exuberant pieces, he’s forging a unique global style. Chris, what’s your design philosophy? I’ve always admired elegance. I probably should have been born in a different era! I love the glamour of the 1920s and ’30s. I feel the same way about the early Bond movies. Everything you could dream about was there—beautiful locations, cars, people—and I always transfer that feeling to my designs. Another way I describe it is: If Coco Chanel were alive today, what would her home look like? I want to create that—lifestyle pieces that are clean, not overly ornate, elegant and timeless, so they look good in 10, 20 or 100 years. Are you self-taught as a designer? Unfortunately, yes [laughs]. I left school when I was 16 and went on to build a house with my stepfather in the South of France. We built it from scratch, just the two of us. And


that’s what started my interest in being a designer. Your signature design is the Chris-X [pronounced criss-cross] leg. What was your inspiration for that? I began with an observation about dining chairs: You don’t really see them from the front. You look at them from behind. So why not start designing from behind? Dining chairs always had what I call a middle-aged waistline. I thought, how do I bring a more youthful waistline—let’s say a corseted waistline like Vivien Leigh in Gone With the Wind? When I pulled in the waistline on a chair, still there were two protruding back legs, which didn’t go with the slim waist. So I needed to modify the legs—to have the curve form a continuous sweep from one side to the other. That’s how the Chris-X leg was born. You’ve done some hospitality

projects and you’ve designed for films, such as Casino Royale. Do you have a favorite project? The most important one to me was the Georgian Restaurant at Harrod’s in London. I’ve been going there since I was a kid. In redesigning the space, I asked myself the question: Where would I like to go for afternoon tea? You live in Singapore, not too far from your workshop in Java. Is your home furnished in all Christopher Guy? Yes, it is. Not because I have a crazy ego, but because it allows me to think about what works and what doesn’t. I change the furnishings quite often. It’s always evolving. What’s your current favorite piece? I think any designer would answer the same way: It’s the piece I’ve yet to design. There’s always going to be a new challenge.

In a dining room by Pfuner Design (top), Christopher Guy chairs bear the signature Chris-X legs. Chris Harrison regards the redesigned Georgian Restaurant at Harrod’s in London (center and bottom) as his most important commission.

S A FA V I E H s t y l e

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9/29/16 9:14 AM 10/3/16 12:04 PM

Welcome Home.

516.486.6100 The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Long Island, North Hills are not owned, developed or sold by The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. or any of its affiliates (“Ritz-Carlton�). RXR North Hills Phase I Owner LLC uses The Ritz-Carlton marks under a license from Ritz-Carlton, which has not confirmed the accuracy of any of the statements or representations made herein. The complete offering terms are in an offering plan available from sponsor. File No. CD-14-0036. Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated.

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Safavieh Style: Fall/Winter 2016  
Safavieh Style: Fall/Winter 2016