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fall winter 2019

an experience like no other | 28 Raleigh opens doors to the exclusive Peter Millar Crown Shop.

Ferrari’s Hottest | 32 The F8 Tributo, the Italian brand’s new flagship, is a blend of its greatest hits and today’s chart-topping tech.

Formal education | 44 It’s a fact that any man looks good in a tuxedo—as long as it’s the right one, of course. Consider these head-to-toe tips to find the perfect look for your next special occasion.

DEPARTMENTS Memo | 6 At Raleigh, we welcome all the changes that fall brings.

The raleigh Guide | 11 L.B.M. 1911’s fall jackets...fine knitwear by Fedeli...Canadian brand Moose Knuckles...and much more.

out of the shadows


In these fall fashions, you’ll get the helping hand you need to look great.




Essentials | 22 Check out the newest sweaters, activewear and sneakers to update your fall wardrobe. THE MUSE

emma stone | 46 Sexy, husky-voiced Emma Stone has shown amazing range and conviction as a performer, proving that she’s a gem.

The SPORTING LIFE | 56 At Alpe d’Huez in the Alps, great skiing matches up with unforgettable scenery, dining and nightlife.

fitness | 60 Dance + martial arts + spirit of a game = great exercise, Brazilian style.

pursuits | 62 Luxury goes wild in the MercedesBenz G 550, a masterpiece of tech that’s hyper-ready for an encounter with tough terrain.

directory | 64 Your guide to the Raleigh experience.

art | 48 American photographer Michael Yamashita discovered his ideal career: exploring other cultures with his camera.

ON THE COVER: Mitch is wearing a sportcoat, sweater, shirt and pants by Peter Millar and sneakers by Eleventy.

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STORE HOURS MONDAY TO SATURDAY: 10 A.M. TO 8 P.M. SUNDAY: NOON TO 6 P.M. Editorial Director CINDI KOPLOW Editor-in-chief RITA GUARNA creative Director STEPHEN M. VITARBO senior Editor DARIA MEOLI senior Associate Editor DARIUS AMOS lifestyle Editor HALEY LONGMAN art director VICTORIA BEALL

Welcome to Fall sneak peek


zip it! p. 22


Although a perfectly tailored suit will always top our list for dressing well, we know we are living in an increasingly casual world. But casual doesn’t equate to careless or sloppy. It is the philosophy of Peter Millar—one of our favorite contemporary brands—that men should always dress better than they have to. And we couldn’t agree more. This is just one of the reasons we at Raleigh Limited Menswear are so excited to open our in-store Peter Millar Crown Shop. The brand established itself as an elite knitwear and golf apparel designer 20 years ago, but today, Peter Millar’s collection includes polos, pullovers, sportcoats and more that define refined casual style. These modern styles are crafted from luxury performance fabrics and are beloved by everyone from corporate officers to tech start-up entrepreneurs—and everything from the Collection, Crown, Crown Sport and Crown Crafted lines is available this season at Raleigh. In addition to Peter Millar, you’ll find more of the world’s best brands in our store. Admire the exclusive collections from Brunello Cucinelli and Isaia or browse in our expanded Ermenegildo Zegna shop, which is filled with a larger variety of made-to-measure clothing and fine outerwear and knitwear from which to choose. Our selection of soft jackets from Boglioli, L.B.M. and Etro now includes velveted corduroy, washed flannels and knits that are exceptional, imaginative and perfect for Indianapolis’ cool autumns. For a great fall look, pair these sportcoats with a cashmere or fine-gauge merino wool sweater and trousers that combine stretch comfort and five-pocket styling.

When cool weather turns frigid, turn to Raleigh for the hottest overcoats and topcoats. We’re excited to offer discerning gentlemen formal toppers in modern classic styles and fashion textiles. But for a garment that will look good and protect you from winter’s harshest elements, try an all-weather coat from Moose Knuckles or Herno, two of our most popular outerwear brands. If you want to learn more about Herno, be sure to attend our in-store made-tomeasure event featuring the brand. It’s one of several special programs we have lined up for you. (Ask us about upcoming events spotlighting Samuelsohn, PT01 trousers, Thomas de l’Île Poitras cashmere and Gimo’s leather.) And while you’re in store, don’t forget to check out the latest shoes, boots and sneakers from Salvatore Ferragamo, Ermenegildo Zegna, DiBianco, Tod’s, Golden Goose, Eleventy and much more! You’ll find many of these trends and brands in this issue of Raleigh as well as other articles that will surely interest you. On page 32, for instance, learn about the Ferrari F8 Tributo, the brand’s new model that combines new and old. Then turn to page 56 and read about Alpe d’Huez, a French skiing destination that will please any thrillseeker. And on page 48, we highlight a longtime National Geographic photographer whose work we know you’ll love. After reading this issue, we invite you to visit us, enjoy a drink and get to know our style professionals. We pride ourselves on being a part of this community, offering you the very best clothing and shopping experience. And please say hello—we look forward to seeing all of you. MARK KOPLOW

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Most true car enthusiasts are likely familiar with “My Ride,” the Wall Street Journal column by longtime automotive journalist A.J. Baime. Well, rev your engines, because Baime has turned his popular column into a book, which, like his weekly posts, is a mustread for any true car aficionado. In 100 Dream Cars: The Best Of My Ride (Rizzoli, $45), Baime highlights 100 of the most impressive wheels (including motorcycles) featured in “My Ride,” each with a descriptive profile of the vehicle, its technical specs and a poignant story about the relationship between car and driver. From a fast ’62 Lamborghini to a classic ’37 Caddy V-16 or the ultra-cool Tesla Model X, this curated collection is enough to make any gearhead googly-eyed.


As far as fashion goes, undergarments may be the last item you think about even though they’re the first thing you put on each morning. But as with other sartorial matters, choosing the perfect underwear is key to looking and feeling your best. Here’s the lowdown on the different underwear options and what to wear down there. Boxers are characterized by their open fly and mid-thigh length. They offer lots of breathability, coverage and comfort, but don’t offer much (or, well, anything) by way of support. Opt for boxers if you’re not a skinny jeans type of dude, as the fabric will most likely bunch up. Briefs, on the other hand, are best for skinnypants wearers and offer more support than their boxer counterparts. They also feature a Y-front fly, and are a good bet if you’re thicker in the thigh area. Boxer briefs, of course, are a hybrid of the two, featuring the shape of a boxer but a closer fit like briefs. Many guys prefer these when they’re working out or being otherwise active, as boxer briefs give coverage and support and don’t bunch or chafe. A newer style we’ve been seeing as of late? Trunks, which sit lower on the hips, are shorter in the leg than boxers and cut across-mid thigh. Get a pair or two of these if you’ve got skinny stems or wear tucked-in shirts. A few other quick tips to keep in mind: Replace your underwear once a year—anything with visible stains or holes has got to go. Wash new unmentionables on a gentle cycle to maintain their longevity and get some mesh pairs, rather than cotton or jersey, if you tend to, uh, sweat a lot. As for how many pairs you should own, experts say about 20 is the sweet spot. Stop by Raleigh, where we can help you supplement or overhaul your underwear wardrobe—we have comfortable and stylish options from brands like Saxx that we’re sure you’ll love.

Sure, your sportcoats fit like a glove, but for the ultimate in coziness this season, try on L.B.M. 1911’s fall line of soft blazers. You’ll never have to sacrifice comfort for cool (or vice versa) with these jackets—after all, L.B.M.’s autumn themes are softness and super cozy fabrics. For example, the brand’s 1970s-inspired, 500-stripe corduroy blazer feels like cashmere. They’ve arrived in Raleigh in our favorite fall colors, including warm pumpkin, dark green and collegiate-looking high-blue. They’re made by the same family that’s been creating luxury menswear for more than 100 years, a company with a long-standing commitment to meticulous tailoring and a dedication to catering to contemporary lifestyles. Stop by Raleigh today to try on one or all of L.B.M.’s sportcoats. Whether it’s a corduroy blazer or knit-effect soft jacket, you’ll get a piece that’s perfect for the season.


THE RALEIGH GUIDE A PAW-SITIVE EXPERIENCE With cold weather around the corner, it’s time to put away the linen shirts and move your parkas and puffers back into the wardrobe rotation. Sure, you’ll be prepared for whatever winter has in store, but what can you do to ensure the comfort of your furry friends? Unlike your Moose Knuckles or Herno toppers, the natural coats of most dog and cat breeds lose resiliency when the temps drop. Here are some tips that will help you and Fido enjoy winter. Know their limits. Most vets agree that America’s most popular dog breed, the Labrador retriever, should be kept indoors when the mercury dips below freezing. Owners of smaller animals should be more cautious. Of course, pups like Siberian huskies and Saint Bernards thrive in the cold, but even they shouldn’t be kept out too long. Feet first. You wouldn’t step outside without proper footwear, so make sure you take care of your animals’ paws. Keep them clean and free of ice and melting agents like driveway salt. All-weather booties offer protection from the elements (and make for great Instagram posts). Also consider applying a moisturizer like ResQ Organics Pet Skin Treatment to keep paw pads soft, smooth and crack-free. Play dress up. Cats and dogs with lighter layers of fur should be covered in the cold, whether they wear

sweaters or are wrapped in blankets. While wool is very warm, think wool/cotton blend or acrylic so washing the garment doesn’t become a chore for you. And be certain it’s the right fit—a loose sweater can pick up dirt and moisture if it’s dragging on the ground. Keep moving. Good old body heat can keep you warm on a brisk day, and the same is true for your pets. Invest in some durable toys so outdoor exercise routines can continue in fall—they’ll also come in handy and keep finicky doggos and kitties entertained when the weather is too frightful to venture outside. The heat is on. If you’re caring for a cat, you know he/she loves a good radiator. But it’s important to never give a household pet direct access to heat sources like a fireplace or space heater, as they can snuggle too close and burn themselves. Other things to consider: For canines—Keep snow mounds low in fenced-in areas to reduce the possibility of escape; go for walks during daylight for warmth and extra vitamin D. For felines—Keep cats out of the garage, where substances like anti-freeze have an attractive scent but are poisonous if ingested; always tap on car hoods and wheel wells, both of which are common kitty hiding places because of their heat; set up indoor litter boxes for cats that usually take care of business outdoors.



Our hearts belong to Monza, Italy. It’s the home of the famed Italian Grand Prix, a race that’s almost as great as our own Indy 500, but we love it even more because it’s also where some of the finest knitwear in the world is made. Fedeli has been selling superior clothing—sweaters, polos, T-shirts and more—out of the same factory in Monza for the past 85 years. The traditions and values instilled by founder Luigi Fedeli have been preserved and passed down through the generations of his family. The company recently expanded its factory, showing us that even though it’s been in business since FDR was president, Fedeli is still looking to expand, grow and push its limits. Ask your Raleigh associate to show you the latest Fedeli collection, which includes one of our favorite pieces of the season: a washed merino sweater. Crewnecks are available in red, charcoal, navy and denim blue, while V-necks are found in dark olive, blue, mid-gray and wine. In the world of knitwear, Fedeli has earned many a checkered victory flag.


DRY SKIN? CHILL OUT You worked hard all summer to maintain the perfect tan, but good skin care shouldn’t stop now. The cool, dry air of winter tends to pull moisture away from your skin, leaving it flaky and scaly. Sure, you can cover up, but ignoring dry skin can lead to unsightly cracking and bleeding or trigger conditions like eczema. So what can you do to survive winter? Chill out and follow these simple tips. Shower power. Long, hot showers might feel great when it’s cold out but they can remove the essential oils that protect your skin from dryness. Try a lukewarm, 10-minute shower instead. Suds up. Use a natural, moisturizing soap or a non-soap option, like Cetaphil, to clean extremely dry skin, the University of Iowa’s Department of Dermatology recommends. And trust your handiwork: Lather up using your hands instead of a loofah or washcloth

(both of which have abrasive textures that can damage dry skin). Get a pat down. Gently pat—don’t rub—your wet skin with a towel until the moisture is absorbed. You may think the extra rubbing will brush flakes from your body, but the friction could cause more irritation. The right stuff. It’s important to apply a moisturizing lotion after every shower and while your skin is still damp. Products that contain ceramides, a type of fatty acid, work best because they help fill cracks in the outer layer of the skin, according to studies from the Department of Dermatology at The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Face time. Don’t forget to apply a proper moisturizer to your face. Heavy body moisturizers can clog pores; a lightweight facial moisturizer will relieve dry skin and can have anti-aging and anti-acne properties.

A U T U M N | W I N T E R C O L L E C T I O N 2 019



We have a confession at Raleigh: Yes, we’ll miss the 80-degree days of summer, but we can’t wait to wear our winter coats. They protect us in freezing temps, they have a plethora of pockets (who doesn’t love extra storage?) and, thanks to modern styling, they’re suitable for many occasions. Moose Knuckles, a 10-year-old Canadian brand, immediately comes to mind: Its fashionable parkas, jackets, bombers and more are heating up in well-dressed cold-weather towns like Indianapolis. Take, for instance, the Ballistic Bomber; it’s down-insulated with fox fur trim to keep guys warm on a chilly night. When Jack Frost makes an appearance, the waterresistant Stirling Parka will keep anyone toasty, even in the harshest tundra-like conditions. The best part about Moose Knuckles? Its coats and jackets are available at Raleigh for you to try on and take home!

Raleigh Limited Menswear features dozens of the world’s finest designer brands under one roof. See if you don’t find your favorites in the list below. Then stop by the store for a shopping experience you’ll love.


Everyone loves a mojito or Aperol spritz, but those drinks are so summer. Fall/ winter is back in fashion, and ’tis the season for the hot toddy. Whether you’re in the mood for a nightcap or a cocktail to sip while cozying up to a fire, this drink will warm the body and soothe the heart. Never had one? Here’s an easy-to-follow, surefire recipe from The Bourbon Bible (Mitchell Beazley, $20), a collection of recipes curated by Eric Zandona, a spirits specialist at the American Distilling Institute. Cheers! Ingredients n 2 oz. bourbon n 1½ fl. oz. lemon juice, freshly squeezed n 4 fl. oz. hot water n 1 tsp. honey n 1 lemon wedge, for garnish n 1 cinnamon stick, for garnish Directions n Add all the ingredients to a mug, coffee cup or glass cup with a handle and stir to dissolve the honey. n Garnish with a lemon wedge and cinnamon stick, if desired.





Mark Koplow explains how to sail through life without giving offense. I frequently see men wearing baseball caps while dining in restaurants. Is this acceptable? —Uncertain in Indianapolis Uncertain, you have touched a nerve! You have hit on the peeviest of my pet peeves. Under no circumstances should a man wear a hat at the table. Ever! Well, OK, I can think of two exceptions: If the headgear has religious significance, then he may leave it on. And if the restaurant is a truck stop and the man is a trucker, I suppose I can look the other way.

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SLEEP ANYWHERE Comfort does not always have to come at the cost of efficient travel, and the Big Agnes Flume UL sleeping bag proves it. With a temperature rating of 30°F and a maximum weight of only 1.5 pounds, this bag is perfect for any trip in which packing light is a priority. Starting at $449.95



Gadgets & Gear

A WISER WORKOUT The phrase “dumb kettlebell” might sound redundant, but a smart one does, in fact, exist. The KettlebellConnect by JAXJOX can connect to your phone (via Bluetooth, of course) to track your progress and, with the push of a button, alter itself to weigh anywhere between 12 and 42 pounds. Talk about a smarter workout routine! $279


UNWIND WITH A DRIVE Some stress-relief methods are more effective than others, but this one is essentially fool-proof. That’s BodyFriend’s Lamborghini Massage Chair. Immerse yourself in the spa-like experience of a full-body massage without ever leaving home. With completely customizable, remote-controlled settings and heart rate sensors that compute the ideal types of stimulation, this chair might literally be the height of luxury. $30,000


These high-tech toys might not be a true necessity, but need-schmeed­—we want ’em!


WORK HARD, PLAY HARD Three minutes of video gaming can be an effective workout—if you’re using STEALTH’s Core Trainer. With a foam armpad to optimize comfort and cleanliness and two free connectable gaming apps, this device makes working out quick, fun and challenging. Three “trainers” with varying intensity are available: the personal, professional and plankster trainers. $149–$299



IT’S ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE Looking for a personal ski coach for less than $200? The Rossignol & PIQ Wearable Ski Sport Tracker is a hassle-free device that attaches to your boot and imports data (speed, carve angles, jump heights, rotations and more) to your smartphone. It even generates a report detailing what you did well and which skills you could improve upon—just like a coach would do. $190



GET THE BAND BACK TOGETHER Grungy garage-born instrumentals are out, and smooth, technically proficient audio is in. Produce crisp sounds on the Roland TD-50KVX V-Drums set, a five-piece drum kit that blends electronic and acoustic beats. And you can march to the beat of your drum: Customize everything from the drum shell’s overtones to the cymbals’ thicknesses, and utilize 30 types of built-in sound effects. $8,000




SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD IDEA Add style and reduce the clutter on your tabletop with the Symfonisk table lamp speaker. A joint product by Ikea and Sonos, the device boasts a sound output similar to the iconic Sonos One speaker. Highachieving in both aesthetic and audio quality, this product ushers in a new element of interior design: sound. $179

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OF MEN’S STYLE which Mark Koplow solves your sartorial dilemmas. What fall collections are you excited about? We’re excited to open the Peter Millar Crown Shop in store. Peter Millar has always been known for elite knitwear and golf apparel, but our customers now will get the full experience: The Crown Shop showcases the luxury performance fabrics and refined casual style from all the brand’s lines—Crown, Peter Millar Collection, Crown Sport and Crown Crafted. This means we’ll have Peter Millar’s best sportcoats, sweaters, trousers and more in one space.


What trends are you seeing this season? More and more businesses are encouraging a relaxed dress code. Though you may not need a suit anymore, a jacket—even worn with a pair of five-pocket pants—is a must. You should always maintain an appropriate image and style. That’s something I feel is very important. There’s also a renewed effort with formalwear.


From left, Peter Millar, Moose Knuckles, Common Projects, PT05, Isaia

These days, men want to own their tuxedo, not rent one. It’s a good investment. We have the basic black tuxedo but also have options in navy and winter white as well as dinner jackets with many variations. I want to invest in a new coat or jacket this season. What is the most versatile piece of outerwear for fall? There are a lot of great pieces for fall, but you can’t go wrong with an overcoat by Brunello Cucinelli. It’s sophisticated to wear to the office and stylish with a pair of jeans for your fall weekend activities. I also love technical-fabric jackets, which are great for active lifestyles. And when winter hits? Moose Knuckles is one of our best sellers because the coats are super warm and always fit well—not like an oversized ski coat. Guys love the bombers and lightweight down jackets, but their parkas are a must-have for our frigid winters. And one of our newest and most popular collections is Herno; its puffer coats are fashionable and functional. So I have jackets and coats covered, but how can I dress for an office that tends to overheat during winter months? Layering is the smartest way to dress for this time of year. Skip the bulky sweaters and try one in cashmere or fine-gauge merino wool by Brunello Cucinelli. I like to top it with a sportcoat— it’s a classic look that’s easy to peel from when the office starts feeling like a sauna.

Are jeans OK to wear to the office? As long as you’re in the right setting, dark wash denim can be work appropriate. A pair of jeans by Eleventy or five-pocket pants by PT05 with a turtleneck or luxury knitwear under a sportcoat is a smart look. Can I still wear sneakers in the fall and if so, what should I keep in mind? Good news: Leather sneakers are perfect for many environments, and we carry soft leather or suede slip-ons and low-sole, blucher-style lace-ups from brands like Common Projects, Golden Goose and Santoni that are just as comfortable as your summer footwear. Common Projects also has stylish leather boots and chukkas that feel just like their sneakers. What’s the difference between an online custom suit and a made-to-measure suit from Raleigh? Yes, those companies will put together a suit for you using measurements you provide, and they’ll deliver the garment in two weeks. But a suit purchased online will never be a perfect fit—it takes an actual person to do it right. We at Raleigh take more measurements than you knew you had, source fabrics from the finest mills, pay attention to details like drape and lining and consider your lifestyle—for example, do you reach for journals on the top shelf or sit at the head of a conference table all day? Our expertise and personalized service set us apart. Do you have a favorite or go-to coldweather accessory? I always wear a cashmere scarf from Isaia or Autumn Cashmere, or at least I keep one available in case the temperature takes a quick dip. Silk scarves also look great with every outfit, and they’ll also keep you warm during a cool fall night.









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HOT STUFF Stock up on musthave basics for fall and winter.


Crewneck and quarter-zip sweaters by Kinross Cashmere.


made for mischief

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Activewear by Peter Millar.


Per son a l T rust & Estat e Angie Berg, JD

Doug Tirmenstein

Brian Senninger, CTFA

Beth McIntire, JD, CPA

Trust Legal

Wealth Management

Personal Trusts

Trust Legal, Tax and Estates

Proven Expertise You Can Trust For more than a quarter century, attorneys, accountants and other trusted advisors have relied upon our Personal Trusts and Estates Group to provide their clients with a wide range of fiduciary services: ◆◆ Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts

◆◆ Charitable Trusts

◆◆ Estates

◆◆ Guardianships

◆◆ Special Needs Trusts

◆◆ Directed Trusts

We deliver local expertise as well as the highest level of personal service, confidentiality and attention to detail. Discover the reasons so many trusted advisors trust us.

317-261-9790 ©2019 The National Bank of Indianapolis

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No Bank Guarantee

May Lose Value

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Clockwise from top left, white sneaker by Ermenegildo Zegna; navy high-top by Golden Goose, navy sneaker by Ermenegildo Zegna; white high-top by Golden Goose, brown leather sneaker (middle) by Tod’s.

An Experience Like No Other

Raleigh opens doors to the exclusive Peter Millar Crown Shop.


Peter Millar was founded in 2001 with a single cashmere sweater and has grown into a premium American lifestyle brand featuring a wide range of casual sportswear, tailored menswear and luxury and performance golf apparel. At Raleigh Limited, we are excited to open our Peter Millar Crown Shop this fall, joining 25 of the finest specialty retailers in the country. This new space was meticulously designed to convey an acute sense of detail and represent the impeccable craftsmanship found in Peter Millar apparel. The in-store aesthetic is comprised of custom-designed display fixtures featuring 375 square feet of Peter Millar offerings. The modern interior boasts a refined yet relaxed masculine backdrop to highlight the dynamic lifestyle of the brand. The Peter Millar Crown Shop at Raleigh will include an assortment from several Peter Millar silos—Crown, Peter Millar Collection, Crown Sport and Crown Crafted. The Crown silo embodies an evolution in menswear while maintaining a timeless sense of sophistication and signature style. These products celebrate the world’s best craftsmanship and innovation and feature impeccable detailing and expressive,


uniquely purposeful design for any occasion. Peter Millar Collection blends the best of European aesthetics with an American sensibility. Apparel in this line is sourced and manufactured in Europe. All constructions highight leading innovation, luxury materials and impeccable detailing—creating a new and unique standard in the menswear market with superlative attention to product integrity. Crown Sport features the best performance apparel for an active lifestyle. These products combine leading fabric technology with wicking, breathability, warmth, water and wind resistance and classic Peter Millar style. This capsule resonates with those who look for performance apparel that transitions easily from the active to the everyday. Crown Crafted is luxury performance apparel curated from unique technical fabrics blended with natural fiber compositions and offered in tailored fit silhouettes. This product capsule fulfills a need for those who seek the highest quality fabrics and materials in elevated lifestyle performance apparel. We invite you to visit us at Raleigh, where we’ll help you find the best Peter Millar apparel.





F8 Tributo, the Italian brand’s new flagship, is a blend of its greatest hits and today’s chart-topping tech. By Darius Amos As if we needed another reason to sing the praises of Ferrari, the iconic Italian carmaker has rolled out yet another head turner. Gone from its lineup of speed demons is the 488, replaced triumphantly with the F8 Tributo. It’s easily the new flagship for the legendary brand, whose lineage includes some of history’s most recognizable and quintessential sportscars. (The Testarossa and 308 GTS come to mind.) And it pays tribute to many of its Ferrari ancestors, borrowing design elements from the F40 and the Pista. Performance, however, is all its own. The Tributo is muscled by a 710-horsepower V-8, the highest output ever for a Ferrari equipped with that engine size. Engineers say it can reach a top speed of 211 miles per hour and finish a 0-to-62 dash in 2.9 seconds, two stats aided by top-of-class aerodynamics. The Tributo, which has an estimated price tag of $350,000, has sexy curves, like many Ferrari models and unlike the aggressive lines found on competitors like the Lamborghini Huracan and McLaren 720S. Though styling has always been the company’s forte, Ferrari has never needed sex to sell.


One of the Tributo’s front-end features is the air intake system. Left and right vents provide cooling for the brakes and wheel arches, which naturally heat when drivers have the need for speed.


Boosting the car’s aerodynamics begins front and center. The S-Duct was specially designed to expel high pressure flow from the central bumper by deflecting it upward through the hood bonnet. Highway driving has never been this fun (or fast).

A 7-inch touchscreen is mounted in front of the passenger, giving the co-pilot a clear view of the car’s vitals and command of the infotainment system, climate controls and more. Drivers, after all, can’t have all the fun.

Twin LED displays flank a central tachometer on the driver’s instrumentation cluster. The screens show everything from the car’s gear selection to satellite radio stations so the driver’s head (and racecar focus) rarely has to shift.

While you can select a variety of wheels, the optional starburst design is an aggressive twist on the classic five-spoke rim. The focal point of the wheel, of course, is Ferrari’s prancing horse on a field of yellow.

You can not only feel the power of the Tributo’s 710-horsepower engine, but also see it in action (unless you’re driving, of course). Ferrari’s engine-underglass bodywork offers a full view of the midmounted V-8.

Maybe you’d like to forget 1980s fashion, but the Tributo’s louvered rear window (a throwback to Ferrari’s legendary F40 of the late ’80s and early ’90s) is a style from that bygone era that Ferrari brings back with pride.

Rearview highlights include the return of Ferrari’s twin tail light cluster—a throwback to the brand’s old 308 models—and a lightweight carbon-fiber spoiler that doesn’t add many pounds but still lowers the car’s center of gravity.


Ferrari debuts its new steering wheel in the Tributo. The design features a flat bottom for added comfort and convenience and more on-wheel controls such as a push-button start and paddle shifters. Steering-column stalks are clearly things of the past.

| 33

out of the shadows There’s no doubt that in these fall fashions you’ll get the helping hand you need to look great. Photography by Daniel Springston


Sweater by Paul & Shark, shirt by Eton, pants by PT05, belt by Anderson’s, sneakers by Eleventy.


Suit, shirt and tie by Ermenegildo Zegna, pocket square by Robert Jensen, shoes by Ermenegildo Zegna.


| 35


Suit by Canali, shirt by Eton, tie by Etro, pocket square by Edward Armah, belt by Simonnot Godard, shoes by Tod’s.


Sportcoat by Etro, shirt by Eton, pants by PT01, shoes by Magnanni.


| 37


Sportcoat and sweater by Brunello Cucinelli, shirt by Eton, pants by PT01, shoes by Tod’s.


Jacket by Eleventy, sweater by Peter Millar, shirt by Etro, pants by PT01, scarf by Etro, shoes by Peter Huber.


| 39


Sportcoat by L.B.M., shirt by Etro, pants by PT05, pocket square by Etro, shoes by Alden.


Jacket by Herno, shirt by Faherty, pants by Peter Millar, sneakers by Golden Goose.


| 41


Sportcoat by Canali, shirt by Etro, pants by PT01, shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo.


Sportcoat by Isaia, sweater by Brunello Cucinelli, shirt by Eton, pants by PT01, shoes by DiBianco.


| 43


JACKET CUT Try a modern fit for a fashion-forward and flattering silhouette. This style is trimmer through the chest and shoulder than a traditional-cut jacket and it’s still black-tie appropriate.

JACKET SHOULDER The same rules for your sportcoats and suit jackets apply: The padding of the tuxedo jacket should not extend beyond the tip of your shoulders. If it does, the garment is too big.

JACKET LAPEL Wear a silk-faced peak lapel for highly formal occasions and a rounded shawl style when you want to soften your look. A notch lapel is versatile but the least formal for a tuxedo.

SHIRT FRONT A smooth bib-front shirt, perhaps in a pique fabric with room for studs, is a classic look. A shirt with no placket and concealed buttons is clean, while a pleated front worn with studs adds textural interest.

SHIRT COLLAR The best bet for the most formal occasion is the wing, a stand-up collar with downward points. For a more contemporary look, the mandarin and wide spread collar (ideal if you’re wearing a necktie instead of bow tie) are great options.



FORMAL EDUCATION It’s a fact that any man looks good in a tuxedo—as long as it’s the right one, of course. Co


SHOES Patent loafers and oxfords are a sure-fire hit for the most formal events. Keep it low key by choosing the styles in suede or polished leather.

PANT LEG LENGTH See your tailor ASAP if your pants are bunching at the ankles (or showing them). Trousers should have half or no break. The half break is standard, showing a slight dent where the hem rests on the top of the shoe.

PANT LEG WIDTH The way the fabric drapes is key: Anything too tight will create wrinkles, while too much material will appear baggy. Find a cut that’s flattering to your waist, thighs and calves.

JACKET LENGTH Most guys can follow these easy guides: Your jacket should cover your backside and, with your arms at your side, the piece should end between your thumb’s knuckle and base. Of course, if you’re an NBA center, we’ll work with you.


JACKET SLEEVE LENGTH The jacket sleeve should show about a half-inch of the shirt cuff—just enough for others to see your cuff links.



Consider these head-to-toe tips to find the perfect look for your next special occasion.




Precious Stone

Sexy, husky-voiced red-haired Emma, just three decades old, has shown amazing range and conviction as a performer, proving that she’s a gem. By Haley Longman One look at actress Emma Stone and two things stand out: those stunning auburn locks and her large, green puppy-dog eyes. Hear her speak and you’ll instantly be charmed by her distinctively husky voice. Then watch her grace the red carpet and it becomes obvious that Stone’s sense of style is fully worthy of those physical gifts. The star, whose legal first name is Emily, grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona, with a homemaker mom and a dad who was CEO of a general-contracting company. She’s spoken in many interviews of the panic attacks she suffered as a child, and, though therapy helped, her real salvation was performing in local theater. “My mom always says that I was born with my nerves outside of my body,” she told Elle magazine. “But I’m lucky for the anxiety, because it also makes me high-energy.” And highly persuasive, perhaps? A PowerPoint presentation titled “Project Hollywood” convinced her parents to let her drop out of high school and pursue acting full-time in Los Angeles, where Emily became Emma. (An Emily Stone was already registered with the Screen Actors Guild.) But, like many young L.A.-bound whippersnappers, she faced years of rejection with failed TV pilots (such as on the competitive reality show In Search of the New Partridge Family) and not-so-great auditions (she lost out to Hayden Panettiere for the lead role in NBC’s Heroes). By 2007, however, the 19-year-old had booked what became her big break: a supporting role as Jonah Hill’s love interest in the acclaimed coming-of-age comedy Superbad. The job offers began piling up; the budding starlet was cast in her first leading role in 2010’s teen comedy Easy A; she played a journalist in 2011’s Oscar-nominated The Help and was Ryan Gosling’s romantic partner for the first of three times so far in Crazy, Stupid Love that same year. She soon became Andrew Garfield’s on-screen girlfriend in The Amazing SpiderMan (and in real life too) along with its 2014 sequel before racking up a stunning three Academy Award nominations in four years: She was a contender for Best Supporting Actress for Birdman (2015) and for The Favourite (2018) and took home the statuette—for Best Actress this time—for 2016’s La La Land. In between the latter two was also

the critically overlooked Battle of the Sexes, for which Stone gained 15 pounds of muscle to accurately portray tennis champ Billie Jean King. “Emma’s very modern, but there’s a timelessness to her, too,” La La Land writer and director Damien Chazelle has said, explaining why he cast the doe-eyed talent in her Oscar-winning role of Mia, an aspiring actress trying to make it in the City of Angels. (Her jazzpianist beau Sebastian was played by Gosling.) Chazelle may as well have been talking about her sense of style. Just as Stone’s roles have grown increasingly notable, her sartorial choices have become more and more evolved. Nowadays, the style chameleon goes against the grain with unexpected looks on the red carpet, such as a show-stopping silk Louis Vuitton pantsuit or an elegant Chanel haute couture dress over ankle-length pants. But she is every bit as comfortable in a simple slip dress by Stella McCartney, or on the streets of New York in Madewell jeans and a tee. Her style has depth, much like her characters, and her bold fashion statements are representative of her all-around versatility. Stone’s prowess on-screen and on the carpet—she even proved her theater chops with a stint in Cabaret on Broadway—is likely what snagged her her next big gig: Last year she became one of Louis Vuitton’s ambassadors and the star of its fall/winter 2018 handbag campaign. Endorsements weren’t new to her, though, as Stone was also the face of Revlon for a few years, joining with her mother, a breast-cancer survivor, to promote awareness of the disease. “It’s true designers love her,” says Petra Flannery, her stylist for more than a decade. “But also Emma appreciates fashion from an artist’s point of view. Style is innate. It’s in her bones.” Next up professionally for this self-deprecating but determined Alister are two film sequels; to the decade-old action flick Zombieland and the animated blockbuster The Croods. She’ll extend her range even more in 2020, playing a villain for the first time as the title character Cruella in Disney’s live-action remake of 101 Dalmatians. One glance at Stone’s IMDb profile and it’s clear that her immediate professional future is well planned out. Beyond that, her high energy and great gifts promise decades of achievement to come.


Emma Stone has steadily ascended to the top of both the fashion world and the box office since her big break over a decade ago, often making the best dressed lists and starring as a range of diversified characters in blockbuster after blockbuster.





finding focus | RALEIGH

Photographer Michael Yamashita discovered his ideal career: exploring other cultures with his camera.


Few people have the privilege of living out their dreams, but Michael Yamashita is one of the lucky ones. The New Jersey native has combined his two loves—travel and art—for more than 30 years as a photographer for National Geographic magazine. Since graduating from Wesleyan University in the 1970s with a degree in Asian studies, the Japanese-American camera artist has spent decades taking indelible photos of people, street scenes and landscapes across the Middle East and Asia. He even retraced the steps of Venetian explorer Marco Polo and simulated life in the 13th century through his lens for one magazine-cover-worthy assignment (and subsequent book). Yamashita has published 10 photographic books, won innumerable awards, been featured in dozens of exhibits around the world and amassed a bevy of scrapbooks filled with his iconic images. It’s our privilege to share a collection of pictures from his impressive vault, sure to inspire a new generation of shutterbugs.


In an image by photographer Michael Yamashita, Gandze monks study at a nunnery from scriptures hand-made in Derge Parkhang, one of Tibet’s cultural treasures.


| 49



This page: Monks are unperturbed by a snowstorm outside the Labrang Monastery in China and await the start of morning prayers by exhibiting kshanti, or patience and forbearance, a highly regarded practice in Buddhism. Located in the Gansu Province in China, the Labrang Monastery was founded in 1709. Opposite page: A child sits on the Wakhan Corridor, a narrow strip of land in Afghanistan that extends to China.


| 51


This page: Tibetan harvesters arrive in the market town of Sêrxü in China’s Sichuan Province on a motorcycle paid for with the profits from their lucrative trade of yartsa gunbu. Yartsa gunbu, called caterpillar fungus in English, is the priciest fungus in the world and has been called the “Viagra of the Himalayas.” Opposite page: Photographer Yamashita traveled through numerous Chinese villages that Marco Polo saw on his historic journey, including Tiznot, where women still wear traditional red garments.





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the french connection If you make plans to ski at Alpe d’Huez in France this winter, there’s every chance that you’ll be one of the few Yanks on the slopes. Maybe the only one. Beyond the French who flock here from Paris and the provinces, the resort is also beloved by Brits. Together they set the tone of the resort, which manages to be both friendly and chic, appealing to families and to youthful partiers. The resort flies under the radar for most Americans, even though it was named Europe’s Best Ski Resort 2019 by European Best Destinations, the second time it’s been singled out. If you recognize the name Alpe d’Huez at all, it’s likely because it offers one of the toughest and most challenging climbing days during the annual Tour de France race in July. You come to Alpe d’Huez not for a stuffy, jet-set party scene like the one in Courchevel or for hardcore skiing as they do in Les Arcs, but for the terrific and varied skiing and the quietly chic accommodations, many of which are family friendly. Getting here is easy as well, since it’s about a 90-minute drive south of Grenoble. I came to ski the legendary run called Sarenne, which is the single longest ski run in the world at nearly 10 miles. Personal best aside, what I discovered was that Alpe d’Huez offers much more than mere statistics.


The skiing


Part of the Grandes Rousses massif, the village is located at 6,102 feet, set on a plateau below the mountain and surrounded by other peaks on all sides. It is a very beautifully situated resort, one of the best in the world. The slopes themselves are south-facing, so that long, sunny days are the rule here. For sun-starved Europeans in winter, that is a major attraction, and not all that common in the Alps. There’s a reason that the French call it L’île du Soleil, or Island of the Sun. It’s also one of France’s largest ski resorts, with 155 miles of skiable pistes when you include the neighboring linked resorts. That means plenty of interconnected skiing on the slopes of the neighboring villages of Auris, Villard Reculas, Oz en Oisans and Vaujany. As a skier, you get a sense of setting out on a different

At Alpe d’Huez in the Alps, great skiing matches up with unforgettable scenery, dining and nightlife. By Everett Potter

journey every morning, which is one of the primary reasons I love to ski in Europe. Alpe d’Huez is one of those rare resorts that offer a wide variety of skiing terrain at all levels as well. There are steeps—the longest vertical drop in the world at over 6,000 feet is here—but there is also an abundance of blue and green runs, with miles of moderately vertical, well-groomed slopes that are perfect for intermediates who want to feel like heroes on skis. All said, it’s pretty much a perfect destination for families or for couples and friends of different skiing abilities. My goal was to tackle the Sarenne run, which goes off from the summit of the Pic Blanc glacier. I reached it by the two-stage DMC gondola from the resort, the Téléphérique des Grandes Rousses, followed by a ride in a cable car. Sarenne, at 9.9 miles, is the longest black run in the Alps. There were some tough bits, but much of it turned out to be surprisingly forgiving. What it really demands of you is endurance. Skiing nearly 10 miles is a real workout, and I made my fair share of stops on the way down to rest my burning thighs. The next day, my friends went back up the mountain for another challenge. Le Tunnel is a black run from the summit that requires that you ski through a corridor of rock and onto an icy mogul field. It can be dangerous enough that falling is a particularly bad idea. I already had made up my mind to leave them to the challenge and headed down some blue slopes until we met up for lunch. The slopeside lunch is a ritual in Europe and nowhere more than in France. You’re spoiled with choices at Alpe d’Huez. Our favorite was Chez Passoud, just above the village of Oz, where charcuterie was followed by tartiflette, a fondue made with the local Reblochon cheese. We also liked Chalet du Lac Besson, where lamb and seafood grilled over an open fire were delicious. Out of the way but also delicious was the classic Savoie faire at L’Altiport. For those who still have energy to burn after a morning on the pistes and a long lunch, La Folie Douce is famed for its views and for encouraging dancing on the tables. Many guests seem to oblige. It should be visited at least once during your stay. My

verdict: The champagne was great, the energy unbelievable, the dancing best left to agile 20-somethings.

The village Alpe d’Huez’s resort village is split into quartiers. The Viel Alpe quartier, also known as the Old Town, is best for nightlife. The chic-est shopping is on Avenue des Jeux. From an architectural standpoint, it’s a bit of a hodgepodge of chalet-style buildings and modern construction. That said, those mountain views, the high-season energy on the streets and that reliable sun together make the village a welcoming place. Our favorite dinner was at Au Montagnard, a classic in town with wood beams and lace curtains, where I enjoyed steak cooked on a hot stone one night and raclette the next. A slightly fancier meal was on offer at La Crémaillère, which was also housed in a charming chalet building, and they had French mountain fare such as onion soup and Côte du Boeuf. Nighttime? If you intend to stay out until 2 a.m., then the New Sphere, Freeride Café and Underground Bar are where to head, as well as the tried and true Smithys Tavern. Since my idea of late night after a day of Alpine skiing is 9:30 p.m., I had a quick cognac. You should plan on arriving at least two hours later, just when they start getting lively.

Daria-I Nor There’s been a lot of buzz about Daria-I Nor, which just opened in December. The sister resort to Hotel Koh-I Nor in Val Thorens and Hotel Taj-I Mah in Arc 2000, Daria-I Nor is a “ski in, ski out” hotel with just 46 rooms, each with a private balcony, faux fur throws and phenomenal views. The darkened lobby has highback chairs and spotlights and feels like a chic urban club. The concept of wellness looms large here. The spa is 8,600 square feet, with the requisite pool, Jacuzzi and a hammam, as well as two saunas and a relaxing indoor pool with a fountain. The dining is on the formal side at L’Améthyste, while Table de Daria has traditional French mountain fare. It’s the most sublime hotel in all of Alpe d’Huez, a property I would gladly check into on a return visit. There’s no question that after my first trip here, I’ll be back.

Opposite page, clockwise from top: Skiing Sarenne takes endurance—at 9.9 miles, it’s the longest black run in the Alps; nightlife at Alpe d’Huez’s resort village includes a bevy of taverns, bars and cafes; guests at the Daria-I Nor hotel can enjoy traditional French mountain fare at Table de Daria; each of the hotel’s 46 guestrooms has a balcony with slopeside panoramas; aircraft and gondola rides offer breathtaking views of the Alps.

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A dog that plays all day sleeps all night.


Fun in the sun where your dogs can run!






Have You Tried Capoeira? Dance + martial arts + the spirit of a game = great exercise, Brazilian style. By Haley Longman


razil is known for nuts, soccer stars, bikinis and the supermodels who wear them. But have you heard of that South American country’s martial-arts-meets-dance workout, capoeira? If not, it’s not because it’s too new; capoeira dates back to the early 1500s. The masters of African slaves in Brazil didn’t permit them to fight, so the slaves created this art to disguise fighting with dancing. It also was (and is) a means of self-defense and self-expression. But only lately has it become an international workout trend. Capoeira’s maneuvers are choppy, with sweeping punches and kicks, spins and head-butts. Speed and technique vary slightly by type of capoeira. There are two main types: Angola (traditional) and Regional (usually faster and more aggressive). But across the board the so-called game’s fundamental movement is the ginga (the Portuguese word for “sway”), a back-and-forth motion intended to prevent oneself from being a stagnant target. In both forms, only the hands and feet touch the ground. In contrast to its cousin jiu-jitsu, capoeira has music as an intrinsic feature, one that sets the tempo and style of motions that are performed to traditional African instruments such as the berimbau (string instrument), the pandeiro (tambourine) and the atabaque (drum). There is also singing in Portuguese, and you’ll appreciate the lyrics more if you pick up a smattering of that language, predominant in Brazil. But mastery isn’t mandatory. Brazil attracts thousands of tourists yearly who gather round just to watch capoeiristas, as practitioners are called, in action. And since the 1970s, mestres, or masters, have been traveling to each of the continents to teach this art form, so that it eventually caught on beyond South America. Now fitness studios such as Abadá-Capoeira teach classes for around $18 a pop in New York and San Francisco. Other

all-encompassing gyms in cities like Los Angeles, London and even Tucson offer capoeira lessons to beginners and experts, and sometimes even kids, in single sessions or in bulk. What can a newbie expect? Many classes begin with stretching before students are divvied up into groups by skill level or age to practice various movements. At the end of each session, participants form a roda (the Portuguese word for “circle”) in which two dancers essentially face off and perform the moves they’ve learned. And though professionals don a capoeira uniform that typically consists of a white shirt and a pair of loose trousers, for novices standard workout clothes are fine—though roomy pants you can move in are preferred over shorts. Apart from its novelty and its cultural tradition, capoeira has clear benefits as exercise. It improves upper-body strength, cardio condition, stamina and overall flexibility— in fact, some capoeiristas are as flexible as professional yogis. Hollywood hasn’t failed to notice this phenomenon. Superheroes in the recent blockbusters Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther have used capoeira in combat. Dustin Hoffman was practicing the art when he first appeared on screen in Meet the Fockers (2004), and Cate Blanchett employed it to fight her enemies in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok. Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima (who is—you guessed it—Brazilian) counts capoeira among her workouts. Action star Wesley Snipes is trained in it, and Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Conor McGregor incorporates capoeira into his winning fighting style. “The human body can move in many ways,” he told a sports website in 2013, “and that’s what I’m trying to do.” Perhaps a well-known mestre said it best when he declared: “The more you devote to capoeira, the more capoeira will return to you.”


Kiss the Road Goodbye


Spacious luxury goes wild in the Mercedes-Benz G 550 SUV, a modern masterpiece of tech that’s hyper-ready for an encounter with tough terrain. By Timothy Kelley


Once you leave the highway and take to rough turf, it stands to reason you’ll bid adieu to luxury, capaciousness and speed. But wait! The Mercedes-Benz G 550 stands reason on its head. Melting categories like so much candle wax, this cargo-hungry off-road SUV (with more than 100 cubic feet of cargo volume behind front and rear seats) is every inch a Mercedes. It was thoroughly redesigned for 2019, carries five passengers in comfort, boasts 416 horsepower with 450 lb.-ft. of torque and goes from 0 to 60 in 5.6 seconds. On-road or off-, the G 550’s engine shows a family resemblance to its racing-minded kin. It’s a 4.0-liter V8 biturbo, which means two turbochargers are sucking air into the cylinders, for more power with less engine bulk. It’s equipped with an independent suspension with a double-wishbone front axle and a rigid rear

axle. The vehicle boasts permanent all-wheel drive, and its ECO start-stop system automatically shuts off the engine at stoplights and other idling occasions—to save fuel and cut emissions—and quickly restarts it on green. (Don’t want this feature? Simply turn it off.) The latest G is still no curvaceous sweeping beauty. But in both tech and luxe there’s outsidethe-box thinking inside this box. And while the traditional side-opening swing gate (clumsy for narrow garage spaces) has its quibblers, some things didn’t need changing. The decisive door-lock “clack” and door-closing “clunk,” for instance, will sound just fine in the 2020s. Reportedly about 350 pounds lighter than its predecessor, the G 550 features a 9G-Tronic ninespeed automatic transmission that changes gears quickly and almost unnoticeably for the smooth-

est ride as you grip the Nappa leather-wrapped steering wheel. And there’s a sequence of three lockable differentials controlled by dashboard buttons to maintain optimal balance between torque and traction. Almost five inches wider now, the G 550’s interior lavishes six extra inches of legroom on backseat riders. And drivers will savor the 12.3-inch flat-panel display screens showing gauges, while a multicolor ambient lighting setup makes for a surprisingly customizable interior. Was roughing it ever so swanky? The G 550 starts at $124,500, and with mpg ratings of 13 city and 17 highway there’s no quick payback at the pump. But if your accountant balks, take her for a ride—across the desert, perhaps, or to the parking lot of the trendiest restaurant in Beverly Hills. You only live once.

The Mercedes-Benz G 550 SUV gives new meaning to the phrase “peak performance,” declining to make the usual sacrifice of commodious comfort for the thrill of off-road adventure. It’s available in 24 exterior paint colors—and note the LED daytime running lights that ring the round headlamps.

MEYER A perfectly fitting trousers with quality in every detail. Designed for the discerning gentleman and environmentally friendly.

ROBERT GRAHAM Pair a hit of fashion under a basic layered knit—a signature Robert Graham look.



Sartorial SARTORE The real Italian sartorial trousers. Tradition is our faith.

L.B.M. 1911 slim-fit jacket in maxi piqué wool bouclé, fused effect, extra lightweight.

ANDERSON’S BELTS Elegant and bold. The belts that make a perfect addition to any fall outfit.


RALEIGH PERSONAL SERVICE As a family-owned business, we take a lot of pride in everything we do at Raleigh. We have the finest sales professionals you will find anywhere, and our experienced tailoring staff works diligently to make sure you look great. Our commitment to our customers goes beyond the sale. Service impacts every part of our business, and our goal is to constantly exceed your expectations. Here are some of the things we do to take care of you. Of course, special requests are always welcome!

EXPERTISE A central part of the Raleigh experience is superlative service in a relaxed atmosphere. If you want to browse in private, you’re more than welcome. When you need expert, individual attention, you’ll get it—instantly and for as long as you want. Our knowledgeable staff is well versed in all of the brands we carry, the trends of the season and how to fit every body type. They stand ready to advise you on all matters of wardrobe and accessories.

DELIVERY We understand that sometimes it’s a challenge to get to the store to pick up your alterations. Just let us know when and where, and we’ll be happy to deliver them to you.

SHOPPING BY APPOINTMENT If our store hours don’t fit your schedule, call us. If you’re a morning person who finds 7 a.m. the ideal time for your Raleigh experience, we will arrange to be here. Shopping by appointment allows us to give you the personal attention and time you need, as your schedule permits.



Sometimes it’s hard to part with old friends. We can help. When you shop for your new seasonal wardrobe, our sales associates will come to your home and let you know which items are worn or out of style, and suggest how to coordinate your existing clothes with new additions. We’ll even take your old clothes and donate them to a local charity on your behalf.

Whether it’s a suit, sportcoat or a pair of shoes, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just let us know. We’ll do our best to find it from one of our many resources.

TAILOR SHOP Our on-site tailor shop is at your disposal for alterations to your Raleigh purchases. We provide sameday service when necessary and can usually handle minor alterations while you wait. The same goes for emergency repairs and routine wardrobe maintenance, such as tightening loose buttons: Bring the garment in, and we’ll fix that button on the spot.

RALEIGH GIFT CARDS A Raleigh Gift Card guarantees your gift will be the perfect style, size and color. Purchase a gift card at the store in any denomination you choose for a remembrance that will dazzle any lucky recipient.

MADE-TOMEASURE SERVICE Our Made-to-Measure service takes advantage of the relationships we have established with Italian manufacturers to deliver a suit that is smart and sexy—and a good value— in just four to six weeks. You won’t find a better plan to look your best.



Sure, all of your new clothes look great at the store, but sometimes, once you get home, it’s hard to remember what goes with what. Just ask and we’ll be happy to photograph your ensembles.


COFFEE BAR Like any gracious host, we always offer our guests something to drink. The Lavazza Bar is the perfect place to relax, reflect and enjoy coffee, espresso, cappuccino or a cool drink in between trips to the dressing room. Keep up with the latest scores on our flat screen. Need to charge your iPhone or iPad? No problem. We’ve got all the bases covered.

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