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J AV I E R B A R D E M a n d D E V PAT E L , M A L I B U H I L L S , 8 p m WAT C H T H E S E R I E S O N Z E G N A . C O M

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a practical performer | 34

Memo | 4

Ferrari’s GTC4Lusso is packed with groundbreaking tech, 680 ponies under the hood and seating for four—placing it in a class of its own.

ooh la za za! | 36 It’s all fashion, fun and games at the new ZaZa Hotel in Memorial City.

out of india | 54 With tropical rainforests, white-sand beaches and eye-popping coral reefs, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands offer a scenic retreat like no other.

gardens of paradise | 60 Boasting gorgeous greenery and lush landscapes, these spots have attracted admirers from all over the world.

filipino is the new thai | 76


The exotic flavor of the Philippines is coming to a restaurant near you.

Spring is in full bloom at M PENNER!

The m penner Guide | 7 Hayden Lasher’s hot handbags…the coolest cufflinks on the market…the best ballparks to visit now… Ask Mr. Etiquette…and much more.

the techie | 14 You may not need any of these new toys. But you’ll certainly want them!

music | 16 The best cure for a fakenews hangover in this age of discontent: Spin some mindcleansing tracks from these up-and-coming artists.

murry’s musings | 18 From fashion icons to artisans, M PENNER is on a quest for the best.


ryan reynolds | 30 The ladies’ man may have finally settled down, but he’s still continuing a love affair with three women: his wife and two daughters.

behind the scenes | 52 Putting together this year’s photo shoot was hard work, but the M PENNER crew enjoyed every second of it.

made-to-measure | 64 One of these shirt collar styles can complement your mood and even your face.

fitness | 68 Is your workout routine on the ropes? Here’s a remedy.

Sporting life | 72 Streamsong’s two quirky tracks have been smashing the clichés about Florida golf. Now there’s a third course to play.

grape | 78

hot tips | 20

With these wine choices, the Mediterranean is but a sip away.

Check out this season’s ontrend must-haves for women.

can you guess? | 80

Essentials | 22 It’s never been easier to refresh your look—and have some fun too.


36 7

Match the M PENNER stylists with the descriptions, and if you get them all right, you’ll win a special prize!


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Editor RITA GUARNA Art Director STEPHEN M. VITARBO Associate Editor DARIUS AMOS Editorial assistant ALENA WOODS art assistant YVONNE MARKI Contributing Editors LEE LUSARDI CONNOR, LANCE DEBLER, NANCY MATTIA, MARISA SANDORA, JOSH SENS Contributing Photographer CODY BESS At left, M PENNER’s style team sporting white denim looks. From left to right: Cody Sever, Belinda Hillhouse, Gregory Harris, Butch Layne and Susan Claffy. Below, Helaine Brochstein styles trunk show looks from Peserico.


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account executives KRISTEN DAUSS, CHERYL FRYER

For starters, we’ve totally revamped our Women’s Boutique. Industry veteran Susan Claffy (you may know her from Leap and Brooke Feather) and stylist Helaine Brochstein have updated the department and enhanced our offerings. On the men’s side, Gregory Harris joins our already stellar sales force. If you haven’t met the newbies, please stop by and you’ll see why they’re a perfect fit. Finally, Uptown Park is getting a new look. The entire center is being revamped, and by fall, you’ll find some exciting new spots for eating and shopping. For now, come by and see how great our new façade looks—bright, white and simply stunning against our beautiful blue Houston sky! — With best wishes for a wonderful season, Murry & Karen Penner and the M PENNER crew

Contributing stylist GAYLE WALDMAN

national brand manager MONICA DELLI SANTI

New Brands, Fresh Looks, New Staff, Fresh Paint! Welcome to the spring/summer edition of M PENNER. Each fall and spring, we love showing you how fashion moves and styles change. This season is especially exciting because, along with new clothes, when you come to the store you’ll see new faces and a new storefront too! We love the wonderful looks for spring and summer and can’t wait for you to see not just the best from the brands you come here for, but also some fabulous new finds you just won’t get anywhere else! You’ll get a great preview (along with some entertaining behind-the-scenes snapshots) in our photo spread shot by Cody Bess at ZaZa’s new hotel in Memorial City (page 36). We’re also anxious to introduce you to our newest faces at M PENNER.

Contributing Photo assistant ALEX MORALES

Director of Production and Circulation CHRISTINE HAMEL Advertising Services director JACQUELYNN FISCHER Senior Art Director, Agency Services KIJOO KIM Production/Art Assistant ALANNA GIANNANTONIO Accounting AGNES ALVES, MEGAN FRANK PUBLISHED BY Chairman CARROLL V. DOWDEN President & CEO MARK DOWDEN Senior Vice Presidents SHAE MARCUS, CARL OLSEN Vice Presidents NIGEL EDELSHAIN, THOMAS FLANNERY, RITA GUARNA, CHRISTINE HAMEL M PENNER Magazine is published twice a year by Wainscot Media, 110 Summit Avenue, Montvale, NJ 07645, in association with M PENNER. Copyright © 2018 by Wainscot Media, LLC. All rights reserved.


Editorial Contributions: Write to Editor, M PENNER, 110 Summit Avenue, Montvale, NJ 07645; telephone 201.782.5730; email The magazine is not responsible for the return or loss of unsolicited submissions. Subscription Services: To change an address or request a subscription, write to Subscriptions, M PENNER, Circulation Department, 110 Summit Avenue, Montvale, NJ 07645; telephone 201.573.5541; email Advertising Inquiries: Contact Shae Marcus at 856.797.2227 or shae.

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THE REAL CRAFTSMEN, AND LOTS OF THEM Picture a team of 45 Italian tailors, each supremely dedicated to their craft, spending about 25 hours altogether to meticulously complete a single suit by hand or following 22 precise steps to construct a dress shirt. Now picture that garment on you. It’s a Kiton. The style is refined and sophisticated, but with a playful and exuberant side. Kiton—its name derived from chiton, a garment worn by the ancient Greeks—was launched in 1956 in Naples by Ciro Paone, a fifth-generation fabric merchant. The company’s motto is “the best of the best plus one.” M PENNER proudly offers Kiton, presented with outstanding service and finished to perfection in our on-site tailor shop.


Hayden Lasher is a hit with style influencers like Taylor Swift and Chloë Sevigny—they adore the designer’s eponymous line of handle bags and totes. So how is this 30-something gaining popularity? First, she has a rich fashion pedigree: Lasher is the great grandniece of Henri Bendel, founder of the iconic brand of luxury women’s accessories. But it’s her creativity and ingenuity that are really paving the way. Her designs are inspired by the classic Belgian slipper (the signature mini bow is on every bag) and focus on functionality—they all feature a cellphone pocket, credit card holder and key ring. Her business was founded in the Big Apple, but she’s living back in Houston now and so are her bags thanks to M PENNER’s exclusive partnership with the company. Come in and see Lasher’s line of fine handbags for yourself, and we’ll help find the perfect one for you.


| 7


Sneakerheads, rejoice: In a book simply titled Sneakers, author Rodrigo Corral offers what’s been called the “definitive exploration” of casual footwear and the cultural phenomenon it created. Spread over 320 pages, the tome offers not only a seemingly endless collection of photos but also interviews with celebrities, sports figures and industry gurus. One of its most fascinating tales? Designer Jeff Staple recalls how one of his collections actually incited a riot on Manhattan’s Lower East Side in 2005. Meanwhile, ad genius Jim Riswold talks about making some of Nike’s best-known commercials (he’s the one who paired Michael Jordan with Bugs Bunny and created the “Bo Knows” campaign featuring Bo Jackson); Adidas’ Rachel Muscat and Jon Wexler chat about their superstar collaborator, Kanye West; and tennis champ Serena Williams makes a surprising revelation (sorry, no spoilers here). We think it all makes for an immensely enjoyable read. It’s available in bookstores and ready to entertain any and all footwear fanatics.


4/24/18 3:36 PM


Of all the ingredients that go into each bottle of Creed perfume and cologne, one is paramount: the family name. Seven generations of Creeds have run this family company since 1760, when James Henry Creed launched the business as a tailoring shop in London’s West End. The Creeds created custom fragrances for King George III, Queen Victoria and Napoleon Bonaparte. And while not everything those monarchs did passed the smell test, Creed certainly did. Now Paris-based, Creed maintains its commitment to excellence, producing finely handcrafted fragrances that bring together the world’s finest flower, fruit and herb essences. The result: a brand that makes good scents. For men, there’s the top-selling Aventus, which was inspired by the dramatic life of Napoleon Bonaparte and is meant to celebrate all that makes a man successful. It brings together accents of black currant, bergamot, apple, pineapple, jasmine, patchouli and other essences. Another masculine scent, the spicy, sporty Green Irish Tweed, is reputedly a favorite among Hollywood hunks. For women, Jardin d’Amalfi evokes the floral groves of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, artfully blending citrus, woods, apple and rose. Stop by M PENNER and let us take you on a scent-sory tour of Creed.


It takes a trained craftsman or designer to produce a pair of cufflinks, but leave it to gemologists to come up with pieces that are elegant and expressive. Deakin & Francis has been familyrun for a whopping seven generations and is best known for its cufflinks (though it also makes classic signet rings and dress sets). The English company today, behind brothers and certified gemologists James and Henry Deakin, employs the best jewelers and designers to work alongside the siblings to create accessories for the world’s most discerning individuals. For the more traditional man, there are classic oval designs in silver and gold, which can be engraved with initials or family crest, carved right in the Deakin & Francis factory. Want to show more of your personality? The brand isn’t shy about molding cufflinks into fun (and some unusual) shapes, from adorable dogs and owls to dashing rockets and helicopters. The personal touch is just another way for Deakin & Francis to demonstrate its commitment to family—if you’re weren’t convinced enough already. Find your next pair when visit M PENNER!

THE A–Z LIST M PENNER features dozens of the world’s finest designer brands under one roof. See if you don’t find your favorites in the list below. Then stop by the store for a shopping experience you’ll love. AG JEANS ANDERSON’S BELTS ALTEA ASHLEY PITTMAN AUTUMN CASHMERE BALDASSARI BRAX CHAN LUU CIRCOLO CREED CULTURATA




8 8

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Passion + Performance

With Victory Comes Preparedness

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A major trend that may be sneaking up on you (excuse the pun) is how sneakers can enhance your look. When you think about it, it’s the sartorial trend you’ve been waiting for since you were a kid wearing Chuck Taylors. But, like all fun stuff, it comes with a warning: It has to be done right! Not just any sneaker will work with any outfit—trust your M PENNER stylist to help you find the perfect pair. We offer fine leather sneakers from renowned brands like Ermenegildo Zegna, Santoni, Magnanni and Harrys of London in a wide range of styles and colors. So whether you’re looking for bold, masculine or playful, we’re here to advise you on the best sneaker to complete your look with impeccable style.




Denim has turned the page from the days when the fabric was considered comfortable but too casual for the sophisticated man. Nowadays, thanks to the rise of luxury jeans makers like Jacob Cohen, these pants are the garments of choice for discerning gentlemen around the world. But what separates Jacob Cohen from the rest? For starters, Italian craftsmanship and attention to detail go into each pair, from the fit to the individual hardware. The brand’s styles run the gamut and meet the needs (and wants) of every denim lover: clean dark hues, relaxed stonewashes, slim stretch cuts, tailored silhouettes. The jeans are also unique. Jacob Cohen promises that no two pairs are ever alike—the patches and needlework are matchless, and you’ll receive a tracking code noting which tailor worked on the various stages of the jeans-making process. What else makes Jacob Cohen special? It’s an eco-friendly company: Only all-natural indigo dyes are used—never any chemicals. We know Houston is home to the fashion elite, and we’re excited to offer Jacob Cohen to our customers. Stop by M PENNER, and we’ll introduce you!

“When I tell people there are at least 100 steps in the production of one of our belts, they don’t believe me,” says Riccardo Valenti, third generation CEO of Anderson’s. “A suit or shoe, yes. But a belt?” Of course, you don’t have to do it the Anderson’s way. You could start by not spending up to six months naturally tanning your hides with oak barks and natural tannins. You could eliminate the hand-shaping, trimming, die-cutting, stab-stitching, loose-thread sealing and hand-finishing and polishing using hard natural wax. You might not bother with ostrich, crocodile and lizard skin, or offer the stretch multicolor woven belt in so many different combinations. And why go to the trouble of pre-softening and ageing a hand-braided leather belt, giving it the glow and patina of a life well-lived?


Your mother always told you: Don’t judge a book by its cover. And M PENNER is telling you: Don’t judge a clothing line by its name. PT01, for instance. PT stands for Pantaloni Torino: In other words, Turin Pants. OK, not too sexy. But try them on at M PENNER, and your fashion world will get turned on its ear. In particular, notice the kinetic fabric. Its four-way stretch gives you max comfort and movement. On top of that, they’re water resistant and come in a variety of fabrics. The company is out to break conventions (fitting, since the Fassino family textile business was founded in 1969—though the PT brand launched in 2006), yet stay true to the classic Italian style and the superb craftsmanship that goes with it. Judge these pants on how they look and feel, and you won’t care what they’re called.

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Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

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BEST BALLPARKS TO VISIT THIS SPRING On a business trip and have an afternoon to play hooky? You know taking in a ball game will provide nine innings of bright green stress relief. But in some towns, it’s not just the team that is the attraction—the ballpark itself is something to enjoy. We love going to Minute Maid Park to root for the Astros, but here are five other standout stadiums across the land to put on your baseball bucket list: San Diego’s Petco Park: The Padres’ performance hasn’t lived up to the awesomeness of its stadium, sadly, but that’s beside the point. Opened in 2004, this park features spectacular views of the San Diego skyline and excellent local food and drink options—and there are plenty of bathrooms and beer stands. You also can’t beat the San Diego weather. Chicago’s Wrigley Field: Known for its ivy-covered brick outfield wall and the iconic red marquee over the main entrance, this 104-year-old ballpark retains its nostalgic appeal even after an extensive renovation that followed the 2014 season. Fans will appreciate new concession stands in an improved concourse opening this year. And check out Wrigleyville, the lively surrounding neighborhood. Pittsburgh’s PNC Park: The Pirates’ home has an intimate feel, with the highest seat in the stadium only 88 feet from the field. And every seat (except in the bleachers) features spectacular views of downtown and the riverfront. Opened in 2001 and built in the style of classic stadiums, PNC Park features archways, steel trusswork and a natural grass playing field that pleases purists, but also the latest amenities like a wide range of food options for fans. Boston’s Fenway Park (pictured): Catching a game at Fenway is a must for any diehard baseball fan, but to get the best local color and history of MLB’s oldest park, sign up for a tour, available year-round. You’ll see the iconic ballpark that has been home to the Boston Red Sox since it was built in 1912, and you can sit atop the Green Monster (its high leftfield wall) and check out the press box, the rooftop garden and a small museum. San Francisco’s AT&T Park: The Giants’ home opened in 2000, replacing iconic Candlestick Park. And the great views of San Francisco Bay are only part of the appeal of this award-winning stadium. Expansive concourses that feature top-notch dining options, an interactive play area for children and adults, the world’s largest baseball glove and boatloads of Willie Mays memorabilia are all part of the fun. 12

Like a good friend, a good sportcoat is hard to find. Well, your search for that perfect garment is over. Visit us and ask about Circolo 1901: soft, easy jackets and blazers in styles ranging from understated to bold. Try one on, and you’ll be amazed at how the fit seems to be made just for you. How does Circolo do it? The short answer: unmistakable Italian craftsmanship. And that’s because each jacket is the product of founder Gennaro Dargenio’s fashion philosophies. With more than 30 years in the textile industry, Dargenio is committed to product development and innovation, resulting in timeless relaxed jackets, unstructured sportcoats and velour blazers. Even a brand new Circolo 1901 will feel familiar and easy—like a friend you’ve known for years. Get to know the brand during your next visit to M PENNER.


Susan Paillassou had no idea her life would change so suddenly. While shopping a collection of leathers for wall treatments, floors and furnishings, she found herself in awe of the treatments applied to hides: floral embossings, hand-painted prints and filigreed paisleys carved into beautiful, soft leather. Her first reaction was, “I want a bag out of this!” Realizing that no one was going to do “this,” Paillassou decided she had to do it herself. Now, she imports from the finest Italian tanneries, and Lucque bags are crafted in Los Angeles by masters in the industry who have made handbags for the most prominent fashion houses.


Murry Penner explains how to sail through life without giving offense. I see men wearing trousers with either cuffs or plain bottoms, as well as shirts with French or barrel cuffs. How should I wear these garments? —Wondering in West U Cuff the suit pants. This will not only dress up your look but also give it better balance. If you’re wearing separate trousers, however, I suggest wearing them without the cuffs to offer a more casual point of view and a more fashionable, trimmer fit. For shirts, a French cuff is an absolute must for formal and dressy occasions but avoid them for everyday wear. For daily use, a barrel cuff—either one- or twobutton, curved or mitered—is the way to go.

4/24/18 3:37 PM

New automatic watches from Glashßtte: sitting smartly under the cuff, working with high precision, for those who are passionate about what they do. The motor within is NOMOS’ sensational neomatik caliber DUW 3001, made by hand in Germany, trimmed for peak performance with high tech. Metro neomatik 39 silvercut and other models are now available at Lewis Jewelers, Uptown Park, 1141 Uptown Park Blvd, Houston, TX 77056 and Clear Lake, 19335 Gulf Freeway, Webster, TX 77598. More:,

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16.04.18 11:40 4/27/18 11:04 AM



Gadgets & Gear These new toys might not be a true necessity, but need-schmeed­— we want ’em!

GET A GOOD LOOK Are you still squinting to see what’s stirring in the distance? Feast your eyes on the Maven B3 binoculars, an incredible mid-range option for bird watchers, hunters and anyone who needs to zoom in on the action. The compact and lightweight body boasts elite optics that deliver superior low-light performance, razorsharp clarity and smooth focusing. Grab a set and see for yourself. $525.



A THRILLING GRILLING EXPERIENCE You already use your phone to pay bills and fly drones, but are you using it yet to grill a steak? With the Traeger Timberline 850 pellet grill and its smartphone app, you can remotely monitor the temperature inside the airtight gasket and the internal temperature of the meat. It also features three-tier stainless steel grates that accommodate six pork butts, eight rib racks or nine whole chickens. $1,700.


KILLER WORKOUT Not many float like a butterfly and sting like a bee these days, but you can sure try. The speed bag boxing kit from Killspencer Athletics lets fitness gurus and Rocky-wannabes hit like a champ while boosting hand-eye coordination. The welded steel frame and swivel hold the premium black leather bag securely in place so it’ll never go down for the count. $1,245.



6 4

THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE If you live a made-to-measure lifestyle, you’ll want to add the Alchemy Eros road bike to your collection. Each titanium and carbon frame is handmade in the U.S., and owners can customize frame shape, brake system and color, among other features—in true bespoke manner. As for the ride? It’s fast on flats, comfy on long journeys and overall silky smooth. $3,500.


START YOUR DAY OFF RIGHT Ditch the single-serve coffee pods and overpriced chain brews: You deserve a morning jolt from Dutch Lab’s Steampunk AKMA 3000 coffee maker. The avant-garde, Korean design features a three-liter tank for water, three deposits for grounds and three glass jars to collect brewed coffee. (That’ll keep you awake!) OK, so maybe at 3 feet tall it won’t fit on the kitchen counter—but you know it would look good! $5,200.




AND.ss18.gadgets.indd 14

OUT OF THIS WORLD At ease, James Bond fans—Bossa Sound’s Moonraker speaker system has nothing to do with the film series (though it’s perfect for a home theater). Despite its minimalist design, each speaker system delivers immense audio output (150 watts) and connects to wired and wireless equipment. Now that’s music to our ears! $2,400.

4/24/18 11:40 AM

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Best cure for a fake-news hangover in this age of discontent: Spin some mind-cleansing tracks from these up-and-coming artists. By Mark Dowden


Proudly Southern, gay, Christian, post-punk, recovering from addiction and just months out of her teens, Julien Baker embraces what to some would seem contradictory strands of identity. Her songs are raw and intimate, giving the listener the sense, as writer Rachel Syme put it, of “eavesdropping on someone else’s prayers.” Concerned with themes of brokenness and redemption, Baker’s lyrics are fresh and honest. This latter-day pilgrim also happens to be highly listenable. The album: Turn Out the Lights Go-to song: “Appointments” Deeper dives: “Sour Breath.” Also check out “Blacktop” from Baker’s first album, Sprained Ankle.


Their hiatus may not set a record, but close: Slowdive, an English “shoegaze” band, went 22 years between recording sessions. The reunited band’s self-titled album, released last spring, shows the benefits of aging—or maybe just the benefits of creating art outside “The Scene That Celebrates Itself,” which the music press turned into a pressure cooker. On the new Slowdive, you’ll find meticulous songwriting and musicianship combined to produce a beautifully textured collection of tunes. The album: Slowdive Go-to song: “Sugar for the Pill” Deeper dives: “Slowmo” from the new album, “Celia’s Dream” from Just for a Day

ROSTAM As the musical leader and producer of Vampire Weekend, Rostam Batmanglij employed hand drums, harpsichord and strings to create a cheery, distinctive, genre-blurring sound. As the solo act Rostam (preferring to be mononymous), he brings the same signature techniques to his debut album, Half-Light. Rostam’s vocal style—somewhat hushed and often near-mumbling—is decidedly un-Vampire, but it’s pleasing and well-suited to his lyrics, which paint soft images of past memories. The album: Half-Light Go-to song: “Bike Song” Deeper dives: The short, haunting “I Will See You Again.” Also sample “In a Blackout” from Rostam’s collaborative album with Hamilton Leithauser.


The title Aromanticism, or the inability to experience romantic love, telegraphs this album’s bleak lyrical point of view. But singersongwriter Moses Sumney’s mood isn’t one of despair. In the solitary life, he seems to find both comfort and challenge. And so he wraps his blues in a package that sounds downright romantic, compact of dreamy harmonies, warm strings and Sumney’s own emotive, falsetto crooning. The songs may pack a series of existential bummers, but they also have the power of sonic seduction. The album: Aromanticism Go-to song: “Self-Help Tape” Deeper dives: “Plastic” and “San Fran,” both from the EP Mid-City Island





There are two kinds of playlists—the kind that makes an unobtrusive background soundtrack (meh) and the kind that keeps you on your toes, reaching to adjust the volume with each new song. This is the latter kind, with recordings that span seven decades and cover genres from R&B to trip-hop. “Jenny of the Roses” by Hiss Golden Messenger “Little Sally Walker” by The Rivingtons “Let Me Go” by Cake “Roadless” by Frightened Rabbit “Witness” by Benjamin Booker “Foggy Day” by Beegie Adair 16

“Barefoot Desert” by King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard “I Must Be in a Good Place Now” by Bobby Charles “Salt Pork, West Virginia” by Louis Jordan “Lebanese Blonde” by Thievery Corporation “Sunshine Superman” by Donovan “Girlfriend” by Matthew Sweet

4/23/18 12:57 PM

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FROM THE ICONS TO THE ARTISANS I suppose one could say I’m a veteran in this business; I’ve been around a while and the fashion business is, arguably, in my blood. I studied fashion in New York City and worked at Macy’s in Herald Square and then at Marshall Field’s before joining my dad at M PENNER. I’ve done everything from dusting shoe boxes to directing fashion. One thing I’m particularly proud of is building a team of talented, passionate and committed employees who love helping their customers and love M PENNER—my staff, my second family. I’m also proud to have the privilege of following in my father’s and my grandfathers’ footsteps of bringing great fashion to my friends. Sonny Penner, my dad, introduced Luciano Barbera, Isaia, Etro and Ermenegildo Zegna, among others to Houston—all iconic brands of today that were little known here in the early years of our business. Between then and now, they have grown to be global powerhouses and we’re proud to be a part of that success. I am relentless in my drive to continue to excite you with beautiful and luxurious merchandise. Many of the incredible people I meet own family businesses like

ours, and our relationships are cemented by our mutual love for what we do and our drive to ultimately bring wonderful clothing to you. This season, the store is filled with wonderful items from these artisan companies. Polos from Edoardo Borrelli are handmade in Naples from some of the most luxurious fabrics you can imagine in elegant, sophisticated colors. Color saturated Fedeli knits are made from Giza 45—a precious cotton that comes exclusively from Egypt. From northern France, we bring Simonnot-Godard—the finest woven handkerchiefs and pocket squares in the world. And if you haven’t been in to try on a pair of Harrys of London sneakers, well, put it on your list! Pescarolo, Giannetto Portofino, Finamore, Tintoria Mattei … please come by and enjoy the adventure of discovery with us … M PENNER style!


Clockwise from top right: Tintoria Mattei, Fedeli, Simonnot-Godard, Harrys of London, Tintoria Mattei


PEN.ss18.Q&A.indd 18

4/25/18 10:50 AM


4/23/18 3:58 PM


Hot tips

THE WOMEN’S BOUTIQUE This season’s on-trend must-haves

GREETINGS FROM INDIA Whether inspired by or made in, India fashion is big for spring and summer. Look for bold colors, combining patterns and comfortable styles from brands like Figue. If you just want to touch on the trend, add a clutch with pom-pom accents.

AT YOUR LEISURE Gym meets the street from head to toe these days. Speaking of toes, we’re loving the super comfy, fit-for-a-workout or just strolling around town On Cloud sneaker.


It’s the truth: Pearls just never go out of style. For a new look on a classic trend, try a strand of big baroque pearls by Margo Morrison. They’re beautiful and versatile, and you can wear them as easily with your little black dress as with a T-shirt and jeans.


This tried-and-true wardrobe staple takes on a new attitude for spring 2018. The leader, we say, is Veronica Beard, whose Orchid Jacket marries classic tailoring with contemporary appeal.



While fringe continues to dominate the runways, we say accent the accessory! Our faves? The Rebecca leather bag and Nora Clutch, both from Fabiana Filippi.

We’re talking jeans here, not credit cards. If you add only one jean to your wardrobe this season, make it one with a stripe down the side. The exposed-fly red tuxedo stripe Carolyn Baby Boot gets the thumbsup from us!


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4/23/18 3:59 PM




It’s never been easier to refresh your look—and have some fun too.

Polos: Kiton


PEN.ss18.essentials.indd 22

4/23/18 12:47 PM

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4/24/18 9:24 AM



Jeans: PT05


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4/23/18 12:47 PM

A visit to the Tanglewood area would not be complete without a visit to SERENTE SPA, we invite you to come and escape into a world of total comfort, relaxation, and rejuvenation.


Young beauty is an act of nature. Ageless beauty is a work of art.

Serente RIGHT.indd 1

Come Relax, Refresh and Renew …it’s what we do here at Serente Spa. 4801 Woodway Drive, Suite #105E Houston,TX 77056 713.621.7722 • •

4/24/18 9:27 AM



Shirts: Ermenegildo Zegna


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A whole new world of experience: discover the new GTC4Lusso, the new Prancing Horse’s 12-cylinder that gives a new meaning to innovation, versatility, performance, sportiness and elegance. Official Ferrari dealer, Ferrari of Houston and Ferrari of The Woodlands is delighted to invite you to discover the GTC4Lusso at the dealership showroom now.

Ferrari of Houston 6100 Southwest Freeway Houston, Texas 77057 United States of America Tel. + 1 713 772 3868

Ferrari RIGHT.indd 1

Ferrari of The Woodlands 1501 Lake Robbins Drive, Suite 150 The Woodlands, Texas 77380 United States of America Tel. + 1 281 771 3344

4/23/18 4:30 PM

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4/23/18 4:17 PM

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| 30

PEN.ss18.leadman.indd 30

4/23/18 12:57 PM


Ladies’ Man Ryan Reynolds may have finally settled down, but he’s still continuing a love affair with three women: his (very famous) spouse and their two daughters. By Lance Debler


Wilson, who acquires a superhuman healing factor that enables him to survive unfortunate events like decapitation—in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The role brought him a new level of fame: People magazine named him one of its Sexiest Men Alive twice before bestowing the top honor upon him in 2010, and fashion bloggers began obsessing over his dressed-upyet-laid-back sense of style. For the Origins premiere, he ditched the jacket of his black three-piece suit and cut a breezy figure, the sleeves rolled up on his dress shirt. It’s a relaxed look that has stayed on constant display: In 2016, when that X-Men role finally turned into what’s sure to be his franchise goldmine with the release of the official Deadpool film, he showed up in a camel-colored suit, no belt and enough “dapper” to drench the red carpet. By then, of course, he’d met and married Lively and spawned the aforementioned two daughters, James, now 4, and Ines, 2. So will Reynolds begin embracing his dad status and lay back even more? Could be. While promoting Deadpool in London, he hit the press trail with mostly grey hair, a matching salt-and-pepper beard and a pair of thick-rimmed black glasses. Of course, no one seemed to mind his mature new look: Courtesy of style watchers, Twitter users and just about everyone else on Earth, Ryan Reynolds was officially proclaimed Hollywood’s newest silver fox.

PEN.ss18.leadman.indd 31


Opposite page, clockwise from left: Ryan Reynolds strikes a dapper pose in a three-piece suit at a Hugo Boss event, gets laidback in leather for a photoshoot, hits the red carpet in a V-neck sweater and blazer combo at the 2009 premiere of The Proposal and gets totally casual while posing on a Harley-Davidson.


ith a wife and two young daughters at home, you might assume that Ryan Reynolds is ready to build an impassable man cave and retreat to it frequently. But you’d be wrong. “I’m just fine being surrounded by estrogen,” the 41-year-old (and better half of actress/lifestyle maven Blake Lively) once told an interviewer. “I grew up in a house full of testosterone. I’m the youngest of four boys, and my dad was a cop—and that’s intense. For whatever reason, I always got along great with girls.” No kidding. Before he settled into domestic bliss with Lively—they exchanged vows at a South Carolina plantation in 2012—he romanced several wellknown women. One of his most serious (but often forgotten-by-the-masses) relationships: a three-year union with angst-ridden rocker Alanis Morissette, to whom he was even engaged. Those looking for insight on the split need look only as far as Morissette’s 2008 Flavors of Entanglement album; she’s said it was inspired by the pain of the breakup, with the song “Torch” specifically based on Reynolds. The Canadian-born actor, meanwhile, rebounded quickly: He soon began dating Hollywood goddess Scarlett Johansson (the two were wed by 2008, with a divorce following three years later). Professionally, his career soared. In 2009, he first appeared as Deadpool—aka mild-mannered Wade


4/23/18 12:57 PM

ETON_LEFT.indd 2

4/23/18 4:17 PM

How do you build the very best city? Getting to our very best Houston means first making Houston more resilient. A more resilient city is one that can withstand anything that comes its way: economic cycles, population growth, and of course flooding. Having a more resilient city sets the stage for a city that can focus its efforts on increased opportunity and on the very best quality of life for us all. We are starting to put in place some very important pieces to building this more resilient Houston, this very best Houston. There is still much work to do, but we are making progress. This is how life works for us all. We see to it that we are on solid ground, that all of the pieces are in place for us to keep getting what we want out of life. Whether we’re moving up, moving out, or moving on, we can’t do it all at once. We do it just one step at a time. My role as a Houstonian is to be a part of the dialogue about resiliency and to understand the vital efforts that are underway. My role as a Realtor is to educate and advise you since it impacts your home, your life, and your neighborhood. Should you ever feel that no one is working to make your city and your quality of life any better, know that Boulevard Realty and I are doing that every single day. Little by little. Piece by piece.

One step at a time. Broker/Owner

Let’s continue taking steps toward a more resilient city. Let’s continue taking steps toward our best quality of life. For ever y step along the way, we’ll continue to be your Realtor, your resource, and your friend.

Rice Village Houston Heights Historic Downtown Galveston

713.862.1600 •

Boulevard Realty_RIGHT.indd 1

Realtor. Resource. Friend.

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With groundbreaking tech and 680 ponies under the hood, Ferrari’s GTC4Lusso is in a class of its own. And there’s seating for the entire family! Don’t let the spacious trunk and wagon-like silhouette fool you, this is every bit a Ferrari as Magnum P.I.’s 308 GTS—and it might be better! The legendary Italian luxury sports car maker has revamped its old FF model and renamed it the GTC4Lusso (one word, Ferrari says). Casual drivers will love the trunk space and seating for four. But enthusiasts will appreciate the power, falling for the 680-horsepower V12 engine and all-wheel drive/four-wheel steering combo—a first in the gran turismo class. Undoubtedly, this is a Ferrari!


The big coupe obeys every steering command thanks to 20-inch front and rear wheels. The 117.7-inch wheel base, wide like other sports coupes, provides extra stability.

A sports coupe for the snow? Not only does the Lusso feature a rugged AWD system, but its four-wheel steering (when needed, the front and rear wheels will steer into a turn) gives it top-notch handling and control.

From sculpted sides and chiseled crease lines to aggressive angles, styling on the Lusso—which translates to “luxury”— earns higher marks than its predecessor, the Ferrari FF.



Starting Price:

A front-mounted 6.2liter V12 engine cranks out 680 horsepower at 8,000 rpm. (That’s a big roar!) All that muscle catapults the Lusso from 0–62 mph in 3.4 seconds; it has a reported top speed of 207 mph. Catch your breath before you read on.

34 34

4/23/18 12:44 PM

A 10.3-inch touchscreen is mission control of the infotainment system. Together with the knob-and-button interface, the audio, phone and ventilation systems are intuitive and easy to navigate.

Like Formula 1 racers, Lusso drivers can control the car without taking their hands off the wheel. Controls for ignition, headlights, turn signals and windshield wipers are mounted on the front of the steering wheel. Rotary switches for the audio system are built into the back of the wheel spokes.

The Lusso’s two rear seats aren’t just for looks—two people can fit snuggly in the back. It’s unlikely that a pro basketball player can squeeze in (this is a sports coupe, after all) but this car has 16 millimeters more legroom than its predecessor.

The company’s trademark twin rear lights broaden the horizontal lines of the rear profile. Tailpipes remind those who follow behind the car of its raw power.


With an AWD drivetrain and ground clearance higher than any other sports car, driving in everyday conditions (including nasty potholes) is a breeze.

Unlike many luxury sports coupes, the Lusso provides ample trunk space. Pop the hatchback and stow your groceries, luggage or even a couple of golf bags. Going skiing? Fold down the 50/50 split rear seats to fit all your gear.


Ferrari’s prancing horse emblem is mounted front and center on the large single grille, which provides all the necessary air intake to cool the mighty V12 beneath the hood.

Double pane glass is used throughout the vehicle, including an optional panoramic moonroof, giving riders a sweeping view of the surroundings. Though noise is an expected quality of Ferraris, the glass, coupled with an improved exhaust system and extra soundmuffling fiberglass, keeps the cabin quiet.

35 35

4/23/18 12:44 PM

| M PENNER 36 36

4/23/18 12:48 PM

ooh la za za!

It’s all fashion, fun and games at the new ZaZa Hotel in Memorial City. Enjoy some of our favorite looks for spring and summer. Photography by Cody Bess with Alex Morales

Styling assistant Gayle Waldman

On Shilo: Jacket: Samuelsohn Shirt: Eleventy Jeans: AG Belt: Anderson’s


On Anyta: Top and pants: Peserico Necklace: Fabiana Filippi Bracelets: Ashley Pittman Clutch: Christiansen Sunglasses: Maui Jim

| 37 37

4/23/18 12:48 PM

| M PENNER 38 38

4/23/18 12:49 PM 39


Opposite page: Suit: Isaia Shirt: Maurizio Baldassari Tie: Kiton Pocket square: Etro Belt: Bill Lavin


This page: Blouse: Veronica Beard Jeans: AG Necklaces: Muse, Diane Cotton Bracelets: Ashley Pittman, Chan Luu Handbag: Figue Earrings: Ashley Pittman Scarf: Etro


4/23/18 12:49 PM

This page: Sportcoat: Etro Shirt: Luciano Barbera Jeans: PT05 Pocket square: Eton Belt: Anderson’s


Opposite page, on Shilo: Seersucker sportcoat: Hickey Freeman Shirt: Luciano Barbera Jeans and pocket square: Eleventy Shoes: Trask Sunglasses: Maui Jim

40 40

On Anyta: Blouse and Dickey jacket: Veronica Beard Jeans: AG Necklace: Muse Collective Earrings: Chan Luu Sunglasses: Maui Jim

4/24/18 3:43 PM


| 41 41

4/23/18 12:50 PM

This page: Jacket and striped top: Eleventy Pant: Peserico Earrings: Ashley Pittman Necklace: Diane Cotton Handbag: Lucque Opposite page, on Anyta: Jacket: Veronica Beard Silk top: Peserico Jeans: L’Agence Scarf: Etro Jewelry: Muse Collective


On Shilo: Sportcoat: Kiton Shirt: Giannetto Portofino Tie: Geoff Nicholson Pocket square: Finamore Pants: Ermenegildo Zegna

42 42

4/23/18 12:53 PM


| 43 43

4/23/18 12:50 PM

| M PENNER 44 44

4/23/18 12:52 PM

On Shilo: Printed shirt: Eton Shorts: Brax Sandals: Olukai Bracelet: Tateossian Hat: Etro Sunglasses: Maui Jim


On Anyta: Cotton caftan: Figue Earrings: Daugrhter Sunglasses: Maui Jim

| 45 45

4/23/18 12:50 PM

| M PENNER 46 46

4/23/18 12:51 PM

This page: Sportcoat: Circolo Shirt and pocket square: Finamore Jeans: PT05 Belt: Anderson’s Hat: Christys’ London Duffel: Moore & Giles Opposite page, on Anyta: Top: Fabiana Filippi Jeans: AG Necklace: Muse Collective Bracelet and earrings: Chan Luu Rings: Metalli 925 On Shilo: Jacket: Circolo Knit top: Fedeli Jeans: Raleigh Denim Pocket square: Penrose


| 47 47

4/23/18 12:53 PM

This page: Jacket and silk cami: Peserico Jeans: AG Fringe clutch: Fabiana Filippi Necklace and dragonfly pin: Diane Cotton Opposite, on Shilo: Linen shirt: Altea Jeans: AG Bracelet: Tateossian


On Anyta: Top: Figue Jeans: AG Earrings: Metalli 925

48 48

4/23/18 12:52 PM


| 49 49

4/23/18 12:52 PM

| M PENNER 50 50

4/23/18 12:51 PM

On Shilo: Dinner jacket and tuxedo pant: Ermenegildo Zegna Shirt: Eton Bowtie: Carrot & Gibbs Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo 51


Opposite page: Sportcoat: Maurizio Baldassari Striped shirt: Luciano Barbera Polka-dot tie: Eton Pocket square: Eleventy


This page, on Anyta: Dress: Fabiana Filippi Scarf: Etro


4/23/18 12:52 PM


photo finish


You saw the shots of our spring looks. Here, you can see what happens “behind the scenes” as we work our way through the day of the photo shoot—setting the stage, adjusting the lighting, fixing makeup, trying different poses, goofing off a little and finally celebrating the end of a successful day of work. We hope you enjoy our little look behind the lens.

52 PEN.ss18.behindscenes.indd 52

4/24/18 3:44 PM

PEN.ss18.behindscenes.indd 53

4/23/18 12:45 PM

Out of india |


With lush rainforests, white-sand beaches and eye-popping coral reefs, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands offer a scenic retreat like no other. By Nancy Mattia

54 54

4/23/18 1:02 PM


A villager rides one of the famous swimming elephants, originally hired to help with commercial logging in area forests.

| 55 55

4/23/18 1:02 PM




This page, clockwise from top left: The on islands that are off-limits to tourists. f your bucket list includes vacationing on a remote island private villa at Jalakara, a boutique hotel, As for the isles you can visit, be forewarned: It takes where the water is blue and clear and the white sand is built into the hill and outfitted with a double hammock for resting or just time, patience and more time to reach them. To get sparkles like tiny diamonds, then pack lots of sunscreen gazing. The infinity pool at Jalakara is to Havelock Island, for example, you typically fly into and head to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a far-flung lined with Italian mosaic tiles and Indian granite; a French filtration system keeps New Delhi or Mumbai (14 hours nonstop from, for archipelago off the coast of India. the water clean, hygienic—and chilled. Sunsets like this that brilliantly color the example, Newark Liberty International Airport), take Considered one of the most gorgeous out-of-the-way sky are as mesmerizing as they are comanother flight to Andaman and Nicobar’s capital city, destinations in the world, this group of small islands mon on Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Grilled tiger prawns from local waters Port Blair (four hours), then get a boat ride (90 minutes admittedly doesn’t have the trendiness of St. Barts or the make a healthy and delicious dinner. by speed catamaran or two-and-a-half hours by ferry). glamour of Fiji. But think a minute: Isn’t that an addiOpposite: Take a stroll on the bottom of the Andaman Sea for a glimpse of colorful You will be amply rewarded. tional advantage? marine life, such as the striped IndoPacific sergeant. Scuba-diving is big on Havelock, especially from The UN doesn’t keep jaw-dropping statistics, but a first January to May, when the waters are calmest and the surface conditions glimpse of the stunning beaches here surely sets a high international mark best. Want to try something more laid-back? Go snorkeling in the sea for facial muscles gone slack. On 44-square-mile Havelock, one of the biggest and prettiest islands on the archipelago and the place you’ll likely spend around the Island, and you’ll get a close-up view of the colorful life that lies beneath, such as turtles, sharks and rays. There’s also an activity at the most time (Nicobar is still recovering from the 2004 tsunami), you’ll see Elephant Beach called Sea Walk that the whole family (ages 7 and up) some of nature’s finest work, including lush rainforests and exotic flora and can enjoy together. It involves strolling on the bottom of the Andaman fauna. If you want to delve deeper, literally, into this wonderland, there are excellent snorkeling and scuba-diving opportunities to satisfy that urge. And Sea and getting a close-up view of fauna, coral and tropical fish; a specially designed helmet allows you to simultaneously breathe and see yes, it’s just as gorgeous under the sea as above it. the fascinating sights around you. Calling the Andaman and Nicobar Islands “remote” is no exaggeration: Ever thought you’d go to jail on vacation? On these islands, it’s the thing These beauties are tucked between the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, to do when you need a break from paradise. Ross Island is as famous for its with India to the west and Myanmar to the north and east. Though they breathtaking beauty and scenic views as it is for its ruins of a penal colony comprise almost 600 isles, only 36 are inhabited and just 17 are accessible to established in 1858 and active during the British occupation of India. But tourists. Jacques Cousteau, the legendary undersea adventurer, was so taken before those infamous days, Ross Island had an opulent life as a colonial with this area that he filmed a documentary here in 1991 called Andaman: base for the British military. Walk around the area today and see remnants of Invisible Islands. He studied not only the spectacular sea life but also the happier times, such as a bakery, a church, tennis courts, a swimming pool, mysterious tribal people who still live a Stone Age life (not just no Netflix; a bazaar, gardens and a ballroom. And while you’re doing the history thing, no running water either). They reside in the dense jungles and rainforests

56 56

4/23/18 1:03 PM


| 57 57

4/23/18 1:03 PM


| 58 58

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This page, clockwise from left: The or TV but do suggest guests “log on” to the beautiful visit the so-called cellular jail, a popular national meFestival of Panguni Uthiram is a colorful tropical surroundings, go swimming in the on-site pool morial monument in Port Blair where political prisoners annual event in Port Blair that celebrates the importance of relationships to Hindu or get a massage at the spa. Though remote, it’s close were incarcerated back in the early 20th century. followers. A scuba diver swims around a enough to go snorkeling at Elephant or Turtle Beach, Until recently, Andaman was the proud home of colorful coral reef deep down on the ocean floor; the Andaman and Nicobar Islands take in the pretty scenery at Radhanagar Beach, or hike Rajan, an elephant who famously swam in the gentle are renowned for their scuba-diving sites, considered some of the best in India. through the jungle, kayak or birdwatch. Since the British waters around the islands and became a YouTube star. Visitors enjoy navigating the tranquil owner, Marko Hill, is also a chef, there’s no doubting the How did he get there? Back in 1883, elephants were waters around the islands in small boats. Opposite: Rajan, the last of the swimming food—it’s fabulous. Seafood such as spiny lobster with brought to the islands to help with timber extracelephants, frolics in the Bay of Bengal a tasty nimbu hollandaise and sugar-cured tiger prawns tion for the burgeoning logging industry. Swimming, alongside a snorkeler; the three-and-a-half ton animal became a beloved tourist attops the daily dinner menu, and fruits and vegetables which elephants excel at, was the most efficient way for traction before his death in 2016. grown locally are used in dishes like the signature “threethe animals to go from island to island. But in 2000, way” papaya and coconut curry. logging was banned on Andaman, making the elephants obsolete. Most Though it hasn’t opened yet, the Taj Exotica Resort & Spa on Radhanwere shipped back to the mainland but a few, like Rajan, remained. Sadly, agar Beach plans to make future travelers’ dreams come true. Spread out though, in 2016, he passed away at age 66—but his legacy and those of the over 30 acres, the resort has 75 villas whose design was inspired by an other waterborne Babars remain a part of the islands’ history. indigenous tribe’s real-life huts, but they’re filled with luxury amenities— Where to stay in this magical world? With scenery so mesmerizing, this isn’t a camping trip, after all. By day, go for a scenic kayak ride; at night booking accommodations in a ramshackle hut would be a downer. Fortueat by candlelight at one of the resort’s fine dining establishments. Make nately, there’s Jalakara, an intimate boutique hotel on Havelock Island with time at the Taj’s holistic spa, where offerings include a detoxification called just six rooms and suites and a private villa, including the “Sky Room,” a Abhisheka; it starts with a body cleansing using the Holy Ganges water and teak pavilion with glass-paneled walls that’s accessed via a private staircase. is followed by a signature massage. Just ask the resort’s butlers what’s on ofWith an outdoor balcony overlooking the main villa lily pond and an en fer—they’re at your beck and call to make your getaway something special. suite bathroom with views of the jungle, even your moments spent inside When you arrive home after vacationing on the Andaman and Nicobar will give you an up-close and personal visit with Mother Nature. Like Islands, it may be difficult to make the transition back to the real world of everything about the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Jalakara is distant, set crowds, noise and daily duties. But, fully renewed and rejuvenated, you high in the jungle and backing a rainforest. The property’s owners make a won’t regret your time in this faraway paradise. serious attempt at creating a relaxing environment—they don’t offer Wi-Fi

59 59

4/23/18 1:03 PM

gardens of paradise

Dating back to 1100 A.D., Hindringham Hall is surrounded by one of the only complete moats left in the Norfolk, England area. Amid winding, narrow paths and a stately bridge, a Formal Garden features a pergola with scented clematis and roses; in contrast are less manicured areas like the Wild and Bog gardens with a dense planting of hosta, primula, daylilies and hellebores.



With gorgeous greenery and lush landscapes, these spots—located across the pond—have attracted admirers from all over the world.


PEN.ss18.home3.indd 60

4/23/18 1:03 PM


| 61

PEN.ss18.home3.indd 61

4/23/18 1:04 PM

Sharply trimmed hedges and topiary surround the main house of Woolbeding Gardens, a 25-acre property in Midhurst, West Sussex, England. Less formal gardens, meanwhile, are filled with narcissi, crocuses and tulips shaded by oriental plane trees.



Four years after a restoration that began in 1995, The Aberglasney in Llangathen, Carmarthenshire, Wales opened to the public. At the center of its 10 acres is an Elizabethan cloister garden, plus a Jubilee Woodland and a circular Upper Walled Garden.


PEN.ss18.home3.indd 62

Reprinted with permission from Dreamscapes by Claire Takacs. Published by Hardie Grant Books (2017).

4/23/18 1:04 PM

Rich wildflower meadows are a hallmark of Great Dixter in Northiam, East Sussex, England. It was the home of legendary gardener and garden writer Christopher Lloyd until his death in 2006.

Several different garden rooms and stepping stone paths can be found at Long Barn in Sevenoaks Weald, Kent, England. Plantings in pink and grey tones are plentiful—along with lots of green, of course.


| 63

PEN.ss18.home3.indd 63

4/24/18 3:45 PM


Hot Under The Collar One of these five styles can complement your look, your mood­—and even your face. Which one is best for you?

This style is known as fashion’s safest bet—from the way its points perfectly meet and then disappear into a sportcoat to its crisp look even when you’re not wearing a tie, the spread collar is suitable for any occasion. It can also help a thinner man look more proportioned. How? The collar’s wide look is the perfect counterpoint to long facial features.


By Lance Debler



PEN.ss18.madetomeasure.indd 64

4/24/18 11:01 AM





The most popular style of collar, found on some 90 percent of all men’s dress shirts, the point is best for men who prefer a medium to small tie knot. Perhaps most important, it’s extra-flattering on a man with round features, as its elongating effect will visually lengthen (and hence slim) his face. Conversely, a man with a thin face may want to avoid the point collar, as it’ll only elongate his mug.

This style gained popularity in the mid-19th century when England’s Eton College was looking for a way to distinguish its students’ uniforms from that of other educational institutions. It eventually became known as the club collar to convey an air of sophistication, and enjoyed a revival when period TV shows began featuring characters in them (think Mad Men’s Don Draper). They’re best for a cocktail party or an elegant event, when you’re feeling adventurous and want to mix poise with a bit of playfulness.


Sometimes referred to as a Windsor collar—because it provides plenty of room for a Windsor tie knot—this style emerged in the 1930s and is considered a more pronounced version of the spread collar. Wear one for a jaunty look that sets you apart with a bold, yet nuanced fashion statement.

A hallmark of more casual shirts, this collar is perfect for the man who’s forgoing a necktie for the day and still wants a crisp, clean look. Not ready to toss the tie? Wear one with a button-down collared shirt for an instantly preppy vibe.

| 65

PEN.ss18.madetomeasure.indd 65

4/24/18 11:02 AM



Sunday Buffet Brunch 11-2 pm

Hotel Granduca Houston 1080 Uptown Park Boulevard Houston, Texas 77056 713.418.1000

Hotel Granduca_LEFT.indd 2

4/23/18 4:13 PM

PT101_RIGHT.indd 1

4/23/18 3:22 PM


roped in Is your workout routine on the ropes? Here’s a “badass” remedy.



By Lee Lusardi Connor

68 68

4/23/18 12:52 PM




f spring fever has you battling a case of workout boredom—or waging war on waistline expansion—battle ropes could be your answer. The practice of waving, thrashing and slamming thick ropes provides a fast, high-intensity workout with a big payoff. “Battle ropes are a great alternative for upper body training,” says Rob Sulaver, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and the founder of Bandana Training in New York City. “That’s why boxers and martial arts experts love them.” Football players are also drawn to the workout, says Franklin Antoian, founder of the top-ranked online personal training website iBodyFit. “It builds the skills they need—quickness, agility, power, speed and strength—in short bursts,” he says. Amateur athletes are drawn to battle ropes for the hard-core aspect they add to a workout. The concept was developed by John Brookfield, a renowned fitness expert who holds a number of world strength records (including one for bending 520 penny nails in about 90 minutes). Despite this fearsome lineage, battle ropes are an accessible workout. “It’s like learning to jump rope or ride a bicycle,” Antoian says. “It looks really challenging, and in the beginning it is—but you quickly get the hang of it. It’s great for both men and women, and you can do it no matter what fitness level you’re at.” The ropes are generally 30, 40 or 50 feet long and from 1.5 to 2 inches wide. They weigh between 25 and 50 pounds and can be made of polyester, rubber or even plain old hemp. The most common move—and the one you can find on numerous YouTube videos—is The Wave, in which two equal lengths of rope, secured by an “anchor” (such as a heavy piece of equipment), are made to undulate in ocean-like swells. This lends a play-like, graceful aspect to a super-challenging workout. The demands on muscles, as well as the intense cardio exertion, can make a 20-second interval feel endless. Studies have shown that a battle ropes workout burns as many as 112 calories in 10 minutes. There are technique variations within the Wave category— Tsunami, SideWinder and Rainbows, to name a few. But rope exercises can also consist of pulling, slamming or twisting, often while the user simultaneously does lunges, squats or even jumping jacks. “Battle ropes movements aren’t limited to a single plane of motion—they’re three-dimensional, and you can easily flow from one exercise to the other,” says Sulaver. “That lends itself to a lot of variety, and athletes find that interesting and fun.” Battle ropes newbies should combine 20- to 25-second work intervals with 20-second rest intervals, according to the American Council on Exercise; more experienced or highly conditioned individuals can use 30- or 35-second work intervals and 15-second rest intervals. In either case, a typical battle ropes workout should last no more than 15 to 20 minutes. While battle ropes are becoming increasingly available at gyms—many locations in national chains like Crunch and Equinox offer them—they also work well at home. “When I design a home gym for a client, battle ropes are always on the list because there are so many exercises you can do with them,“ Sulaver says. “They’re relatively inexpensive, and when you’re done you can put them away and they don’t take up a lot of space.” Battle ropes are also a good option for workouts in the backyard, where they can be anchored by a small tree or sturdy deck support, Antoian reports. “People who want a badass feel to their workouts tend to go for battle ropes,” Sulaver says. “Plus, the exercises look really cool. They give you great pictures to post on Instagram.”

69 69

4/23/18 12:52 PM


ANDERSON’S Anderson’s elegant accessories are handmade from start to finish in Parma, Italy to achieve unparalleled quality.

Sartorial SUMMER SHINOLA Every detail of the Canfield Sport makes it a refined and quintessential timepiece to add to your wardrobe.

MAJESTIC FILATURES This french terry blazer is a wardrobe staple that will elevate any outfit from day to night. 

SartorialSummer_MP_SPR18_final.indd 2

4/24/18 12:14 PM






2/21/18 12:58 PM



Navy Reserve | Patriots Long Snapper | Business Major

Marine Veteran | Team Rubicon | Sandy Responder

Army Veteran | Non-Profit CEO | Best Selling Author




thrice as nice

Streamsong’s two quirky tracks have been smashing the clichés about Florida golf. Now there are three courses to play. By Josh Sens




n a lush swath of central Florida, at a triangle point between Tampa and Orlando, the flat terrain begins to wrinkle like a rumpled bedsheet. The air is warm, but a breeze is blowing as white-sand dunes rise into view. In the near distance, down a sleepy turnoff south of the city of Lakeland, a modern wood-stone-and-glass clubhouse stands lonely sentinel, its windows glinting in the daylight. Behind it stretch green fingerlings of fairway, bent and knuckled, fringed by knobby mounds and native grasses. Welcome to Streamsong, a slice of Scotland in the Sunshine State. From the day it opened in 2014, this upscale resort has upended preconceptions about Florida golf. While the stereotype features geezers riding golf carts on cookie-cutter courses carved through gated subdivisions, Streamsong offers something wild and otherworldly. Its location alone sets it apart—on a former phosphate mine, far removed from any residential sprawl. Here, there are no houses. But the land itself has plenty of life, marked by shaggy hillocks and sandy gouges, with elevation changes that are hard to come by elsewhere in the state. At its inauguration, Streamsong cut the ribbon on two courses, the Blue and the Red, designed, respectively, by Tom Doak and the duo of Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw. If you’re looking to name-drop in golf architecture circles, the names don’t

get much bigger than those three. True to their reputation as rugged minimalists, Doak and Coore/Crenshaw crafted layouts that required little earth-moving. On both the Red and Blue, the holes buck and roll with the dips and rises that phosphate mining left behind, their imprint lying gently on the land. Before you could yell “Fore!” Streamsong gained acclaim as a pleasure ground for purists, celebrated for its throwback style of golf. Unlike many Florida layouts, which require blunt-edged aerial assaults, the Red and Blue encourage creative play. You can launch high shots. But you can also bound your ball along the firm, wide fairways, making use of the quirky humps and hollows. Though the two tracks are a long way from identical—the Blue has larger greens; the Red has tighter tee shots, among other distinctions— both are shaped by a similar aesthetic. They are reminiscent of British links, except that they are nowhere near the sea. Although walking isn’t mandatory, it’s highly recommended, just as it is throughout the British Isles, where the philosophy holds that a caddie beats a golf cart any day. “As public-access, two-course complexes go, there’s none better in the United States,” raved Joe Passov, Golf magazine’s chief architecture critic, after seeing the property for the first time. That assessment was correct but it needs

updating: Today there aren’t two courses at Streamsong, but three. Last fall, the already sprawling resort expanded further with the opening of Streamsong Black. Designed by Gil Hanse, another noted architect, whose heralded course credits include Castle Stuart in Scotland and the 2016 Olympic Course in Rio de Janeiro, the Black is a kindred spirit of the Red and Blue—with magnified features. Located a mile southeast of its two siblings, it spreads across a larger footprint. It has broad-shouldered fairways, cavernous sand traps and dunes that loom like scale-model Himalayas. It’s a course that calls for power but also precision, as evidenced by the holes such as the short par-four 14th, with a green that’s reachable from the tee—if you can laser your drive along the proper line. As a complement to its time-capsule golf, Streamsong rolls out refined accommodations, its lodge honeycombed with 216 custom-designed guest rooms and suites. There are four casual and fine dining restaurants. There’s a full-service spa. There’s a convention center’s worth of conference rooms and meeting space. Inside, you’re coddled by contemporary comforts, just as you would be in a luxury hotel in Tampa or Orlando. Outside, though, the mood is different. Step onto the first tee and click your spikes. You get a funny feeling you’re not in Florida anymore.

Opposite page, clockwise from top: The Blue course features multiple elevation changes, fairways navigating wild grasses and deep-water ponds; the Red course boasts decadesold sand dunes, lakes and natural bunkers; the resort’s Lodge has a quiet loft/lounge area, along with a grotto-style, full-service spa and a fitness center; the Black course is known for its sand ridges akin to the Sand Belt Region of Melbourne, Australia; the Red course was designed by the team of Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw; guestrooms have floorto-ceiling glass with custom louvers, with many offering stunning water views.


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Elevate your stay with an intimate place to belong beyond your hotel room. The Ritz-Carlton Club Level is an exclusive space with unique amenities and services where guests enjoy fine culinary presentations ideal for families and business travelers.

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FILIPINO IS THE NEW THAI Get ready: The exotic flavor of the Philippines is coming to a restaurant near you. By Darius Amos


hile cuisines from mainland countries like China, India, Korea and Thailand have made their marks on Western cultures, Filipino food always seemed to lag behind. But thanks to internationally renowned chefs-turned-TV-stars like Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern, we’ve caught a glimpse of the good and tasty plates from the Philippines. Our thoughts now? Lemme try some of that! To prepare you for the influx of Filipino restaurants in a city near you, we provide the 411 on four Filipino staples (pictured on opposite page) that you’ll likely find on any menu. Enjoy!




The Philippines’ national noodle dish, pancit (PAHN-sit or PUN-sit) resembles Chinese lo mein in appearance, but it awakens different tastebuds when eaten. And depending on the home or restaurant, you’ll find different versions. The most common, pancit canton, combines an Asian egg noodle with a variety of chopped vegetables, meat (chicken, Chinese sausage and fish cake are popular options), soy sauce and a tangy splash or two of calamansi. In pancit bihon, chefs use a translucent rice noodle as the base for the mix of veggies and meats, and they often enhance it with a few sprinkles of patis (a savory sauce made of fermented fish and salt). A third kind, pancit palabok, features a thick rice noodle topped with a golden shrimp sauce, hard-boiled egg, chicharrón (crushed pork rinds) and other garnishes. Mastery of chopsticks not required!

Many Filipinos eat rice with breakfast, lunch and dinner—and a good number will even have it for dessert! Biko is a glutinous rice (short-grain, sticky rice) cake that’s mixed and topped with a delectable syrup consisting of coconut milk and brown sugar. And contrary to the name of its main ingredient, biko does not contain gluten, so those with Celiac can enjoy! Because it’s best served warm—though still appealing served at room temperature—biko is considered a comfort food and might feel as good as an affectionate hug from a loved one.

When translated to English, kinilaw literally means “eaten raw.” This raw seafood delicacy is closely related to ceviche or poke—it’s even eaten as a snack or appetizer—but there’s one major difference. In kinilaw, the acid in vinegar is used to “cook” the seafood, which is usually octopus, tuna, swordfish or mackerel mixed with calamansi juice, salt, ginger, chili peppers and other spices. Ceviche dishes, on the other hand, rely on lime juice. Tip: Check the description before ordering. Filipino cuisine includes a similarly named dish called “kilawin.” Some restaurants will use the names interchangeably for the raw seafood plate, but traditional kilawin features cooked goat, pork or beef instead of seafood.

Typically consumed as an appetizer, these savory spring rolls are just as palate-pleasing served hot as they are cold. And like pancit, there are several varieties that will satisfy vegetarians and carnivores alike. The most popular is deep-fried lumpia, a rice wrapper filled with meticulously chopped vegetables like bean sprouts, carrots, string beans and, if you choose, morsels of meat (chicken, shrimp, pork). The non-fried fresh lumpia can include those ingredients plus lettuce, coconut hearts and crushed peanuts along with a dipping sauce made of crushed peanuts, stock and garlic. For the true snacker, bite-size lumpia Shanghai is stuffed with ground pork or beef, minced onion and zesty Asian spices, fried and then enjoyed with either a spicy dip or sweet banana sauce.

Opposite page, clockwise from top left: pancit, the traditional Filipino noodle dish; biko, a glutinous rice cake dessert; kinilaw, a raw seafood appetizer that resembles ceviche; lumpia, a deep-fried rice wrapper containing chopped vegetables and meat.



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Wines by the Water

The weather’s warmer, and with these wise choices the Mediterranean is but a sip away. By Josh Sens


ith spring in the air and summer basking just around the corner, our thoughts turn to wines that are suited to the season. We find them in the vineyard-latticed hills of Sicily and Portugal, and along the sun-splashed shores of the Canary Islands, Corsica, Santorini and Sardinia. Here, across a generous swath of the Mediterranean, delicious grape varietals abound, giving rise to light, bright wines of wonderful complexity—qualities that make them ideal for warm-weather drinking.




Formed over the course of several million years, this volcanic archipelago—a property of Spain but more geographically proximate to Morocco—has ancient wine-making traditions. But only recently have its vintages gained recognition around the West. When Lindgren thinks of summer on these islands, she thinks of malvasia, a varietal with roots centuries deep.


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EVERYDAY s Bodegas los Bermejos, Malvasia Seco Lanzarote, 2016—$19 SPLURGE Ignios Origenes Baboso Negro, Ycoden-DauteIsora, 2012—$40

That’s the common theme. But every region offers something slightly different. To help us navigate the territory, we’ve looked to Shelley Lindgren, co-owner and wine director of the A16 restaurants in San Francisco and Oakland. One of this country’s leading experts on southern Mediterranean wines, Lindgren was keen to lead us on a tasting tour, replete with personal recommendations for must-try wines at each of our six stops.



Located 40 miles west of Italy and 80 miles southwest of France, this island is a cultural hybrid: It’s a French territory (and Napoleon’s birthplace), but many of its winemaking traditions are Italian. The three dominant varietals are Nielluccio, Sciacarello and Vermentino. “As someone with an affinity for Italian wines, I find Corsica to be a magical place,” Lindgren says. “There’s a minerally and citrus quality to the wines that I just love.”

EVERYDAY s Domaine, U. Stiliccionu, Vermentino, Ajaccio, 2016—$28 SPLURGE Domaine Comte Abbatucci, “Général de la Révolution,” Vin de France Blanc 2015—$53

On this Greek island in the southern Aegean Sea, the volcanic ash-rich soils are immune to the almost microscopic aphidlike insects known as phylloxera, so many of the vines are centuries old. Among the varietals that flourish is assyrtiko, a grape whose mineral qualities make it great for blending. Then again, Lindgren says, it’s also delicious on its own.

EVERYDAY s Gaia, Thalassitis Assyrtiko, 2016—$26 SPLURGE Hatzidakis, Assyrtiko de Louros, Vignes Centenaires, 2014—$89

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In the chill of winter, nothing beats a glass of port around a roaring fire. But when the days are long and sunny, Lindgren leans toward the crisp whites of Vinho Verde, from the mountainous province of Minho in northern Portugal.

EVERYDAY s Adega de Moncao, Vinho Verde, DOC, 2016—$23 SPLURGE Soalheiro Alvarinho “Primeiras Vinhas” Vinho Verde, 2016—$36

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You could spend a lifetime exploring the wines of Sicily and still feel you’ve only scratched the surface. Lindgren suggests starting along the volcanic slopes of Mt. Etna, where a host of younger plantings at high elevation provide the fruit for a range of subtle reds and whites.

EVERYDAY s Fattorie Romeo del Castello Allegracore Etna Rosso, 2012—$30 SPLURGE Benanti Serra della Contessa, 2004—$90

An island off the east coast of Italy, this is a starkly beautiful place known for starkly beautiful wines. Lindgren loves Sardinian vermentino, which mingles notes of minerals and stone fruits and pairs magically with a range of foods.

EVERYDAY s Jankara Vermentino di Gallura, 2016—$23 SPLURGE Capichera Vendemmia Tardiva, 2014—$62

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