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THE DATEJUST 41 The new generation of the essential classic, with a new movement and design that keep it at the forefront of watchmaking. It doesn’t just tell time. It tells history.


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oyster perpetual and datejust are ÂŽ trademarks.

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C O N T E N T S Spring/Summer 2018


4 Welcome Letter 6 Events at Lee Michaels


12 New Mexico, Here We Come

Stuart Nifoussi EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

14 In Good Company: Celebrating 40 Years

Karen Alberg Grossman

18 Timepieces: Rolex


22 First Look: Summer 2018

Jillian LaRochelle

24 Brilliant Beauties


26 Designers: David Yurman

Hans Gschliesser

29 Lee Michaels Couples


34 Engagements: Ring In the News 36 Weddings: Best Dressed 39 Finishing Touches 42 Speed: Racing Against Time 44 Timepieces: It’s a Blue, Blue Summer 46 Auctions: A Good Investment 48 Collectors: Enrico Libani 50 Timepieces: Patek Philippe 52 Albuquerque: The Hidden Gem 54 Spotted: As Seen On... 56 Washington, D.C. Mardi Gras

Lisa Menghi


7560 CORPORATE BOULEVARD 225.926.4644 MALL OF LOUISIANA 225.766.6000


SHREV EPOR T 6605 YOUREE DRIVE 318.222.2929






Agnes Alves, Megan Frank




58 Perfect Gems

Carroll V. Dowden

60 Spirits: Sipping Through East Asia


62 Food: Eat Happy!

Mark Dowden

64 Giftware: Baccarat


66 Travel: Earned Indulgences 70 Top 10: Travel Essentials 72 The Last Look

Shae Marcus, Carl Olsen VICE PRESIDENTS Nigel Edelshain, Tom Flannery Rita Guarna, Christine Hamel

Jewelry has been enlarged to show detail. Due to the fluctuating prices of diamonds, gold and platinum, prices are subject to change without notice and may vary depending on size, quality and availability. While we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information in this magazine, we are not responsible for errors or omissions. ACCENT is published by Wainscot Media, 110 Summit Avenue, Montvale, NJ 07645, in association with Lee Michaels. Copyright © 2018 by Wainscot Media, LLC. All rights reserved. Editorial Contributions: Write to Editor, Lee Michaels, 110 Summit Avenue, Montvale, NJ 07645. The magazine is not responsible for the return or loss of unsolicited submissions. Subscription Services: To change an address or request a subscription, write to Subscriptions, Lee Michaels, 132 Park Avenue South, Winter Park, FL 32789, or by telephone 407.629.7944 Advertising Inquiries: Contact Shae Marcus at 856.797.2227 or Printed In The U.S.A. Volume 16, Issue 1. ©2018

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s a family, we are thrilled to celebrate our 40th year in business this fall. Your trust and confidence in Lee Michaels as your First Choice for a personal jeweler has ensured our success, and it has been an honor to help you create those special moments for your life’s celebrations. As we embark on our 40th year, we look ahead to offering our clients the best of our world: design innovation, service excellence, education and guidance, and of course, some of the most beautiful collections in the world. Working together as a family unit has allowed us to excel throughout the years and achieve this significant milestone, but we could not have done it without the help of others. In this issue of Accent magazine, you will meet many of the associates who helped us to build the business that we have today. We could fill an entire issue talking about our incredible team and their stories, from day one to the present. We are continuing to grow and are always looking for future expansion opportunities. Lee Michaels is delighted to be expanding to the West, where we will open our ninth store in

Albuquerque, New Mexico this summer. This is our outermost location, and we are excited to bring brands like Rolex and David Yurman to the high desert area in the ABQ Shopping Center. Our Mall of Louisiana location will also undergo a relocation within the mall to the “Boulevard” outdoor shopping area, which is expected to be completed before the fall weather arrives. The new store will be larger than the existing location, offering an even greater selection of jewelry and watches to our customers. Our brand promise, to deliver the Lee Michaels Extraordinary Experience, remains constant to our associates and to our customers during our continued growth and expansion. We realized that the words “First Choice” – two little words – are very simple, yet so very important to our company. Striving to be First Choice is our passion, and by doing so Lee Michaels will continue to deliver the Extraordinary Experience. We wish you and yours a wonderful spring and summer season and hope to see you soon.

The Lee Michael Berg Family 1.800.543.4367 | LMFJ.COM


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1. Konstantino Sioulas and Dr. David Hanson 2. Lisa Rickards 3. Megan Rials 4. Louisiana First Lady Donna Edwards, Sarah Edwards and Sandy McClelland 5. Marianne Freeman, Larry and Alice Kronenberger, Robin and Dr. Keith Sehon, and Johnny and Diane Tate










1. Vernon and Lynn Chance 2. Dee Paille and Krissy Keating 3. Donna Richardson and Raquel Alderman 4. Sarah McMichael and Margaret Victory 5. Eric and Glynnis Davidson 6. Sandra Walton and Lidgette Burda 7. Carol Free and Roxanne Downing 8. Wendell Whetstone and Tuoi Hull













1. Penny and Al Baumer 2. Mr. Toshiyuki Kumai, president and CEO of Mikimoto, and Lee Berg 3. Dr. Elizabeth Riggs and Laurie Young 4. Rachel Kirschman, Charlotte Bollinger and Brenda Berg 5. Sheila Davlin, Phyllis Taylor and John Georges 6. Robert Lupo and Dr. Mary Lupo 7. Katie and Wendell LeGardeur 8. Glen and Marilyn Smith 9. Japanese drummer welcoming guests 10. Ted George, Dathel Georges and Julie George

3 D AYS A U TO M AT I C ACC I A I O - 4 5 M M ( R E F. 674 )

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STORE LOCATIONS Exciting news: Lee Michaels is growing!

Corporate at Bocage

Mall of Louisiana

Ambassador Caffery Parkway

Lakeside Shopping Center

Youree Drive at East 70th

Renaissance at Colony Park

Baton Rouge, LA

New Orleans, LA

Baton Rouge, LA

Shreveport, LA

Lafayette, LA

Jackson, MS


Late Summer 2018 The Shops at La Cantera San Antonio, TX

North Star Mall San Antonio, TX

ABQ Uptown

Albuquerque, NM



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our new addition

NEW MEXICO, HERE WE COME! Our ninth location is opening in late summer.


ee Michaels Fine Jewelry will open our ninth location this summer in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “Our philosophy is to provide each Lee Michaels' customer with extraordinary jewelry and service,” says Lee Berg, CEO and founder of Lee Michaels. “For 40 years, service has been the cornerstone of our growth and will continue to be the foundation we build upon. Albuquerque presented another opportunity to introduce new customers to that level of quality and service for which Lee Michaels is known in Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi.” The store will be 3,500 square feet and represent many of the most prestigious watch and jewelry manufacturers in the world,

It’s our passion that we provide every opportunity for our customers to create memories and mark milestones.

including world-famous Rolex timepieces, David Yurman jewelry and many other luxury designers including John Hardy, Mikimoto and TAG Heuer watches. The new store at ABQ Uptown will be Lee Michaels’ ninth store in our family-owned and operated business. “Lee Michaels desires to offer Albuquerqueans the newest and most innovative designs. It’s our passion that we provide every opportunity for our customers to create memories and mark milestones,” says Ryan Berg, president of Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry, who will oversee the Albuquerque market. Lee Michaels is excited to become part of such a rich and vibrant community filled with amazing culture, beauty and uniqueness.

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IN GOOD COMPANY Celebrating 40 years and the team that made it possible. KAREN B. GIBBS

Ken Gikas, Jane Widas, JosĂŠ Awill, Greg Johnson, Johnny Tate, Jane Harrington


sk Lee Berg why Lee Michaels is successful and his answer may surprise you. There’s no mention of the wealth of experience he brought to the business, or the sacrifices it took to bring his dream to reality. No, instead he credits his success to the Lee Michaels team—especially that first team he handpicked when starting the business 40 years ago. Impressively, many in that original group continue to work alongside Lee and sons Ryan, Scott and Chad—a tribute to Lee Berg’s keen ability to hire the right people and his company’s commitment to valuing them. “Any time you build something, you build it with a team,” says Lee. Although most of those original team members began as sales associates, over time other talents emerged— talents that Lee was quick to recognize and utilize. “They each brought different perspectives. That’s what made this business successful.”


For example, “Senior vice president and general manager Johnny Tate has a real knack for developing long-term relationships,” says Lee. Johnny developed a relationship with Lee Michaels while buying an engagement ring. “They remembered my name, opened an account and made me feel important.” For the last 32 years, Johnny, in turn, has valued each customer, too. “Many of them are now my dear friends.” Johnny now teaches associates how to build such bonds. “I’ve learned more about that from Johnny than from anyone else in the company,” admits Lee. “Plus, Johnny’s probably the most talented salesman I’ve ever been around.” While Johnny is grateful for the opportunity to grow professionally (receiving gemological training) and personally (promoting the Baton Rouge Symphony with wife Diane), Lee sees it differently. “Johnny’s given back 30 times what I’ve given him with respect to what he’s taught our people, the number of associates he’s brought into the company, how he’s trained them and the example he sets for the other associates.”


Mark Hendricks, hired by Lee Berg in 1984, is the company’s longest-tenured sales associate. A veritable institution at the Bocage store, he’s one of the top-performing sales associates and a talented mentor for newcomers. He also received specialty training in luxury timepieces and jewelry design. Mark appreciates the caring attitude at LMFJ. “When Baton Rouge flooded, they helped associates whose homes were damaged. When I was hospitalized, they sent meals to the house,” he says. Emulating this example, he’s active with the Chamber of Commerce, calls fellow associates on their birthdays and goes above and beyond to meet customer expectations. “Mark’s had customers for 20 years,” says Lee. “Now their children come to him.”


Another original team member who started as a Lee Michaels’ customer is Jane Widas. Thirtyeight years ago, her love of jewelry brought her to Lee Michaels in Cortana Mall, but her desire to work for the best jeweler in town prompted her to stay. Seeing something special in Jane, Lee hired her as an associate. After promoting her to manage the Lafayette store, he knew there was more than sales in her future. In 1993, Lee chose Jane to head his HR department. “Jane’s more Lee Michaels than I am,” he says with a hint of pride. “She understands the culture, the people and how we got here. Plus, she has sound judgment. I can always depend on her for good advice.” Truly, Jane embodies the Berg family’s philosophy. “They bring their heart to work, not just their good business sense,” she says. Dedicated to making a positive difference in the world, they inspire that same commitment in the LMFJ family. To that end, Jane encourages associates to “autograph” their work, their contribution to this world, with pride. “While our signature red box has ‘Lee Michaels’ on its ribbon, we hope our associates envision their name on it, too.”

invest in every worker, especially by providing advanced training. This makes associates feel productive and valued so they stay with Lee Michaels—something that’s rare in retail businesses, he notes.


Just ask longtime employee José Awill. “José was the hardest hire I ever made. I landed my wife easier than I landed him,” laughs Lee. Now, 21 years later, José manages the Lakeside store in Metairie. “He’s terrific with customers and employees and symbolizes everything we want in New Orleans,” says Lee. “Any success we’ve had there is because of José.” “I feel like family here,” says José. “I get calls or personal notes from Lee or one of his sons on special occasions. Plus, they truly care about my family. I’ve never experienced this before in a job.” José continues this legacy of caring by building relationships that “put smiles on my face and tears in my eyes” and going above and beyond to make his customers’ occasions special.


Mark Hendricks helping a customer at the Lee Michaels Holiday Party


Although Jane Harrington didn’t start as a sales associate, she made her mark at LMFJ as an accountant. Starting as assistant controller in 1991, she was promoted to CFO five years later. “Jane’s my conscience,” declares Lee. “I don’t make a business decision—especially a hard financial decision—without getting her opinion. She’s the one who says why we can or cannot do something. When you’re in business, it’s key to have someone who can be honest, forthright and speak her mind. We’re very blessed to have her. She’s an extremely influential part of our business.” For Jane, the admiration is mutual, notably the way the company cares for its associates. “For example, during natural disasters, like the floods last year, we try as a company to make sure everyone is okay,” says Jane. “After Hurricane Katrina, we offered associates temporary jobs in our other stores until the New Orleans-area stores reopened.”


Senior vice president Greg Johnson, a 21year veteran of LMFJ, was supervising a competitor’s 15 jewelry stores when he first met Lee Berg. A few years later, he joined the Lee Michaels’ family, attracted by its reputation for high standards, luxury and prestige, and the way the company and its employees give back to the community. (For Greg, that means serving on Shreveport’s philanthropic Committee of 100 and on the board of the Independence Bowl, to which LMFJ contributes the distinguished Eagle Trophy.) “A lot of the profitability and structure of our company today is because of Greg,” acknowledges Lee. “He put together checklists for managers, assistant managers and supervisors. Drawing from his experience with a larger company, he introduced systems and organization that we didn’t have.” One thing that Lee Michaels did have, according to Greg, was a determination to

If there’s one associate who’s Lee Berg’s polar opposite, it’s Ken Gikas. As Lee explains, “I have great ideas and am very entrepreneurial, but I’m not focused. Ken balances that. He’s very diligent, on task, involved in detail and executes beautifully.” Ken first displayed remarkable proficiency in handling construction while he was store manager at Cortana Mall. Today, as construction coordinator, he primarily oversees new construction. “He’s my right arm,” says Lee. “I trust him implicitly.” As the team member who’s been with Lee Michaels longest, Ken shares a favorite customer story. “After selling an engagement ring to a couple, the young lady related that when she was 10, I let her and her friend try on engagement rings. She felt so special, she promised herself that one day she would buy her ring from LMFJ—and she did.” Whether they excel in constructing stores or building relationships, making sales or managing finances, hiring or training, the Lee Michaels team is one Lee Berg continues to admire. “I don’t have a beautiful team behind me. I have a beautiful team in front of me.” Lee Berg and his Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry team—celebrating those in the celebration business.

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SET IN STONE True works of art, ROLEX timepieces combine superior stones, precious metals and precision gem setting.


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This page: Meticulous steps in the creation process ensure that nothing is left to chance: everything works together to enhance the stones and the watch.

“The precious stones selected by Rolex endow its gem-set watches with unparalleled prestige.�


hat is it about Rolex that has kept it in a class of its own for 113 years? In addition to its mechanical superiority, consider the exceptional gemstones that enhance these timepieces. Starting with the most stringent selection criteria, each stone is sorted individually by hand and closely examined to surpass standards of carat, clarity, color and cut. Using only top-quality colorless diamonds in brilliant 8/8, trapeze or baguette cuts, artisan gem-setters then work their magic: bead setting, channel setting, bezel setting and prong or claw setting, all to create an ideal arrangement of perfectly positioned gems. Consider too the Rolex gold, ascribed to the absolute purity of exclusive alloys that Rolex creates in its own foundry by melting noble metals at over 1,000 degrees Celsius. It is at these foundries that its 18K gold (yellow, white or Everose) is cast and formed to ensure a peerless luster for its watch cases and bracelets. (In its 24-karat state, gold is too malleable for watchmaking, so it must be alloyed with silver, copper or other elements; since quality and properties of alloys can vary, Rolex chose to install its own foundry to ensure perfection.) Forever a symbol of purity and eternal brilliance, gold remains the stuff of legends, Rolex gold the crowning glory.

Opposite: After selecting the world’s finest stones, master gem-setters at Rolex precisely align the height of the gems, their orientation and position.


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Diamond watches to reflect her beauty.

The Lady-Datejust 28 in Everose gold and diamonds is the perfect gift for the woman you adore, on Mother’s Day or any day. Let her know you appreciate her brilliance with this sparkling timepiece from Rolex.

30_Rolex Feature V3_ BLACK HeadlinesAccent.indd 20

4/6/18 10:06 AM

Unparalleled Craftsmanship


ot all gold and diamond watches are created equal, for only Rolex combines art and science in its own foundry to create exquisite 18-karat gold. Its exclusive patented rose gold (Everose),

introduced in 2005, achieves its characteristic pink hue from a special composition that prevents the pink tone from fading. As for Rolex diamonds, they are of the highest quality in purity and brilliance, meticulously set by highly trained artisans in a rigorous process that ensures perfection. Our selection of gold and diamond watches is unsurpassed, each style as unique and exceptional as the woman who wears it. From top left, counterclockwise: Rolex Lady Datejust 28 in yellow gold and diamonds; Datejust 31 in yellow gold with white mother-of-pearl dial and diamond-set bezel; Pearlmaster 34 in Everose gold with diamond-set mother-of-pearl dial; LadyDatejust 28 in steel, Everose gold and diamonds; Day-Date 40 in Everose gold and diamonds; Pearlmaster 34 in Everose gold with diamond-set mother-of-pearl dial.



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stylish Left page: 18K yellow gold diamond bar necklaces from David Yurman's Barrels Collection, starting at $1,950. 14K yellow gold diamond open teardrop earrings, $1,975. 14K white gold diamond circle cluster earrings, $1,250. 18K yellow, white and rose gold pavĂŠ diamond intertwined eternity bands, $6,000. 18K yellow gold and diamond fashion ring, $4,000. 18K yellow or white gold diamond bracelets, starting at $2,750.



choices Right page: 14K white gold diamond fashion bands starting at $875. 14K yellow gold turquoise and pavé diamond necklace, $2,400. 14K yellow gold mabé pearl and pavé diamond necklace, $2,400. 14K yellow or white gold pavé diamond fashion necklaces, starting at $400. 14K white or yellow gold diamond arrow bangles, $600 each.




Diamond pendants are classic and timeless. 14K white gold diamond solitaire pendant, starting at $375. 14K yellow gold diamond disc pendant with pavé diamond halo, $725. 14K white gold marquise diamond pendant with pavé diamond halo, $2,850. 14K white gold round diamond pendant with pavé diamond halo, $32,400. 14K white gold emerald-cut diamond pendant with pavé diamond halo, $4,250. 14K yellow gold diamond disc pendant with pavé diamond halo, $1,050. 14K white gold oval diamond pendant with pavé diamond halo, $2,950.


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10/5/17 3:14 PM 4/6/18 10:50 AM



Jewelry icon DAVID YURMAN talks inspiration, exploration and collaboration.


t all started with a book on prehistoric art that fascinated 11-year-old David Yurman. In high school, he learned welding from noted sculptor Ernesto Gonzales, then lived an artist’s life in California before moving back east to Greenwich Village. In 1969, he met a beautiful young artist named Sybil (later to become his wife) while working for sculptor Hans Van de Bovenkamp. Then, apprenticing with

highly esteemed sculptor Theodore Roszak, Yurman designed a bronze necklace for Sybil that got picked up by a gallery and quickly sold out. This evolved into the Yurmans’ first business: selling their jewelry at arts and crafts fairs. David and Sybil got married in 1979, and a year later relaunched the company as David Yurman. Year one, a good omen: an award from the World Gold Council for the Starlight


30_Designers_David Yurman.indd 26

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“Sybil’s works are lyrical with elemental forms, expressed with a poet’s subtle color palette.”


partnership between me and Sybil, along with our son Evan. We exchange ideas as well as artistic exploration. I’d like to think our success can be attributed to remaining true to our origins. When Sybil and I started the company, it was simply to make beautiful things to wear. The business was and is a vehicle for our creative expression.

necklace, precursor to the iconic Cable design. Known to be as philanthropic as they are creative, and now collaborating with their talented son Evan, the Yurmans’ designs are sold in the finest stores around the world, and their collections extend to one-of-a-kind rare gemstones.


You and Sybil are a rarity in the fashion world; what’s the secret to being both business partners and life partners?

What inspires your designs these days? I continue to draw inspiration from art. I’m always inspired by what is modern yet enduring, new pairings of materials, or an unexpected combination of colored stones. My designs incorporate a wide range of cultural influences; we are not a brand driven by trend.

I think because we’re both artists and view life creatively, we have become soul mates. Ironically, we never set out to create a business. It sprang from the way we painted or did sculpture: a private moment, dreaming with our hands. From the beginning, as a painter and a sculptor, Sybil and I responded to each other’s creative ideas. We work and collaborate together every day. I credit Sybil with bringing much of the beautiful color to our collections. Her works are lyrical with elemental forms, expressed with a poet’s subtle color palette. Also, the way she’s always worn jewelry has inspired the casual, bohemian elegance for which our designs have become known. The stacking, the layering, the bold scales. I realized early on that we didn’t have to separate the worlds of form and color, of sculpture and painting—they merge organically in our various jewelry collections.

With such an extensive body of work, do you have a favorite collection or piece? For the past 30 years, I’ve evolved the Cable motif in my jewelry, reinventing the twisted helix into myriad designs. Cable provides a textural contrast to smooth, polished metal. It appears in elements as small as a bead or a clasp, and can be used as an elegant setting for a gemstone. In essence, Cable is the DNA of the brand.

What do you consider the main reasons for your success in this highly competitive business?

Thank you David and Sybil Yurman, for reminding us that in jewelry, as in nature, components that evolve organically form a stronger and more perfect union than if forced or contrived. It's art imitating life. KAREN ALBERG GROSSMAN

We could never have imagined when we started the company in 1980 that it would grow to the size and breadth it is today. The company’s roots are based on the collaborative


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Apply today for the Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry


INSTANT CREDIT AVAILABLE* SPECIAL FINANCING OPTIONS* LOW MINIMUM PAYMENTS *Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payment required. Initial account activation in store only.

Lee Michaels is pleased to provide the LM Preferred Financing Program with the flexibility to help your dreams come true. Our convenient and fast approval process makes it easy and safe to apply online at or in store. Let our extraordinary selections, service, quality and values earn your trust for a lasting relationship with us.

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All you need is

LOVE Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Dumas

(Allison Morgan) December 9, 2017 | Darrow, LA

Mr. & Mrs. Joel Jones

(Laurey Jones) October 6, 2017 | Labadieville, LA

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Jackson

(Rachel Heitzmann) January 20, 2018 | New Orleans, LA

Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Espey

(Kaitlyn Guerin) November 17, 2017 | Baton Rouge, LA

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Simpson

(Anna Kathryn Phillips) November 18, 2017 | New Orleans, LA

Mr. & Mrs. Sinisa Dragovic

(Catherine Edmonds) January 6, 2018 | Baton Rouge, LA

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Nolan

(Lauren Casada) March 25, 2017 | Louisville, Kentucky

Mr. & Mrs. Taylor Carroll

Mr. & Mrs. Chad Soileau

Mr. & Mrs. Darren Kimball

Mr. & Mrs. Brice Bates

(Caitlyn Odom) November 11, 2017 | Wimberley, TX

(Mary Golden) October 6, 2017 | Baton Rouge, LA

(Katie Wooten) October 14, 2017 | Vinton, LA

(Lauren Brumfield) October 28, 2017 | Baton Rouge, LA

Mr. & Mrs. Bryant Awill

(Deleon Wilson) January 27, 2018 | Baton Rouge, LA

Mr. & Mrs. Brent Brogan

(Adrien Meyer) November 5, 2016 | Mandeville, LA

Mr. & Mrs. Corey Talton

(Shantรก Brown) November 17, 2017 | Baton Rouge, LA

Mr. & Mrs. Brett Sandifer

(Britany Viguerie) June 2, 2017 | Baton Rouge, LA


RING IN THE NEWS How to prep your new stunner for its first selfie.


TO KEEP YOUR RING SPARKLING LONG AFTER ITS SOCIAL MEDIA DEBUT: Clean it every few days using a formula that’s safe for your specific stone and metal type. Buy specially formulated cleaners directly from your jeweler. Steer clear of abrasive “household hacks” like toothpaste, lemon juice or pure ammonia.

Be careful about when and where you wear your ring. Leave it in your jewelry box while cleaning, cooking, and hitting the beach or pool, which can expose it to damaging chemicals, oils or forces that can bend the setting or chip the stone.

It’s also best not to wear your ring while applying lotions, makeup, hairspray or perfumes, which can leave your jewelry covered in dulling residue. Consider a “last on, first off” rule for for all of your jewelry, bridal and otherwise.

ou keep staring at the ring on your finger, watching it sparkle in the light. It finally happened! The partner you want to spend the rest of your life with has slipped the ring of your dreams on your hand. It’s all so exciting. Once the shock has worn off, it’s time to let your friends and family in on the exciting news. You know everyone will be dying to see what the ring looks like, so posting a hand selfie to Instagram or Facebook is a must. First, make sure your ring is clean and sparkling (see tips at left). Then get a manicure in a seasonally appropriate hue or a never-fail shade of nude. Choose a background that will let your hand and your ring stand out: nothing too bright or busy. Sunlight will ensure your stone sparkles its brightest. Try a few different angles until you’ve captured your hand and ring looking their absolute best. Lastly, compose a caption that captures your feelings, maybe with a fun hashtag to boot. We love Ashlee Simpson’s #hedidgood, or the classic #isaidyes.

By Kristie Nicolosi, president and CEO of The Kingswood Company. As an expert on jewelry care and cleaning, Nicolosi has offered contributions to a variety of publications, including Martha Stewart Weddings and The Knot.


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April 2018

Know Your Diamond COLOR GRADE




Look for diamonds graded by GIA, the creator of the 4Cs. Learn more at




100070693_GIA_Accent_April_2018.indd 1 Gia RIGHT.indd 1











3/12/18 3:11 PM 3/23/18 2:08 PM



Provides support for full busts. Accentuate with a simple pendant and a stack of thin bracelets so as not to compete with the unique shape of the neckline.


Elongates the neck and torso, works for medium to large chests. Try a diamond collar necklace to mirror the neckline’s curves and top with diamond button earrings.


Camouflages broad shoulders, wows on taller women. Bring focus to hands and wrists with a statement right-hand ring or bold cuff.



Flatters small chests. Choose drop earrings that graze the exposed shoulders, or long layering necklaces that dip well below the neckline.


Slims round faces, works well on small to medium chests. Fill the frame with a lariat necklace, or go for contrast with a choker.

36 36

30_Weddings_Best Dressed [1 page version].indd 36


Elongates the neck, accentuates collarbones, feminizes petite and athletic shapes. Pair with a bold pendant or trend-right hoop earrings.


Styles to make every bride sparkle.

4/18/18 2:43 PM

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3/27/18 12:50 PM

LEEM_.indd P055 Jack Kelege LEFT.indd 2

10/5/17 3:12 PM 4/6/18 11:12 AM

18K white gold graduated diamond drop earrings with post backs, $2,150. 14K white gold white South Sea pearl and diamond drop earrings, $3,725. 18K white gold and diamond double oval drop earrings, $4,000. 18K white gold and diamond deco earrings from designer Penny Preville, $5,395. 14K white gold graduated diamond drop earrings with French wire backs, $2,150.



Diamonds are the perfect accessory for your big day


ORIGINATOR OF CULTURED PEARLS TO LEGENDARY JEWELER MIKIMOTO celebrates its 125th anniversary. Original Yaguruma Obidome Kimono Sash Clip

Praise to Nature Collection


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ince 1893, Mikimoto has celebrated the natural beauty, exceptional quality and timeless elegance that define the originator of the world’s finest cultured pearls. This year marks its 125th anniversary, a time to reflect and look to the future, ushering in a new chapter of the Mikimoto brand. When founder Kokichi Mikimoto successfully created the world’s first cultured pearl, he continued to innovate and develop new techniques and designs, rivaling those of his European contemporaries. At the 1937 International Exposition in Paris, he unveiled the Obidome Kimono Sash Clip, with exquisite detail and Art Deco style. Adorned with Akoya cultured pearls and precious stones, it demonstrated a novel versatility with 12 interchangeable settings that allowed the disassembling and reassembling of parts to form completely different pieces, including a brooch, rings and hair ornaments. To celebrate 125 years, Mikimoto proudly revisits this classic, vintage design and introduces the Yaguruma collection, featuring a belt, bracelet and pendants. Recently shown in Geneva, one of this season’s highlights is the Praise to Nature collection. Through exquisite craftsmanship, it’s the embodiment of a song of praise to the glory of the natural world. Fantastic gemstones—diamond, emerald, pink and blue sapphire, and aquamarine—appear throughout the new collections, dancing in a festival of color. In Kokichi Mikimoto’s pioneering spirit, the jeweler’s spectacular pearl collections continue to pay homage to natural origins and evolve with High Jewellery. “2018 is an important year that marks a pivoting point and clear transition to focusing more on High Jewellery, notably non-pearl jewelry,” says Yugo Tsukikawa, senior vice president of marketing and brand strategy, Mikimoto America. Outlining its future, Mikimoto extends its expertise and creativity to brand-new luxury gifts: photo frames in Akoya cultured pearl and diamond, thoughtfully designed in a lacework pattern, as well as radially cut mother of pearl. Both lines signify the next step for the lustrous pearl house, as its luxury offering extends globally and beyond jewelry, growing to meet the demands of today’s customer.


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Style looks good from every angle


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elebrated as the annual event that signals the start of a new racing season, the Rolex 24 At Daytona is more than just a twice-round-the-track race. For drivers and fans, it’s the Super Bowl and the World Series combined, a race featuring the best international drivers from Formula 1, IndyCar, NASCAR and other series who find themselves teamed up with drivers they don’t normally race. Among this year’s lineup: Formula 1 world champion Fernando Alonso, a Spaniard in his first endurance race, and F1 driver Lance Stroll from Canada. Former F1 drivers who raced: Juan Pablo Montoya from Colombia, Bruno Senna from Brazil, Paul di Resta from Great Britain and Pedro Lamy from Portugal. For those unfamiliar with this form of racing: IMSA (International Motor Sport Association) is the sanctioning body of the series that will hold 12 races this year (11 in the US, one in Canada). With three classes of cars competing simultaneously at top speeds, the excitement is intense. The three car classes are the “P” Prototype (the fastest and most technologically advanced cars on the track); the “GTLM” (sharing technical regulations with the GT cars

that race at the 24 Hours of Le Mans; manufacturers like Ferrari, Corvette, Porsche and Ford GT use this class as a proving ground for their street car market); and the “GTD” GT Daytona (makers such as Acura, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lexus, Mercedes and Porsche modify their street cars to meet FIA GT3 technical specifications). This year marked the 56th running of this iconic event. Since the late Dan Gurney won the first race in 1962, each year has presented its own brand of drama. A 24-hour race in Florida in the month of January can present racers with various handicaps: fog or rain, mechanical problems, and driver fatigue, all of which can make for a very exhilarating event. Rolex became title sponsor for the race in 1991, and since then, a motivating factor for drivers has been the desire to go home with a Rolex timepiece. All winners of the race are awarded a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona in two-tone steel and yellow gold. Engraved on the back: “Rolex 24 Daytona 2018 Winner.” In fact, the Rolex name is so synonymous with this event that many refer to the race simply as “The Rolex.” DAVID A. ROSE


The ROLEX 24 At Daytona is not your ordinary car race.


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HISTORIC NEWS! Proud to announce the addition of two new Silo Family Restaurants, set to open Fall 2017. Join us at the historic Fairmount hotel, in beautiful downtown San Antonio, and experience contemporary Italian cuisine & modern steakhouse fare with the service you have come to expect from Silo restaurants.

401 S. Alamo St, San Antonio, Texas 78205 / (210) 224 - 8800

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it’s a blue,


PATEK PHILIPPE Gondolo 43mm white gold timepiece featuring a rectangle sunburst dial and alligator strap, $27,200. CARTIER Ronde Solo 42mm stainless steel timepiece featuring Roman numerals and three-row brushed bracelet, $3,750. TAG HEUER Carrera 43mm stainless steel timepiece featuring three subzones and blue tachymeter bezel, $5,900. PANERAI ROLEX

Mare Nostrum 42mm stainless steel

Oyster Perpetual 39mm stainless steel

timepiece featuring two subdials,

timepiece with green accents and Oyster

tachymeter bezel and blue alligator strap,

link bracelet, $5,700.




Monaco 39mm "Steve McQueen" stainless

Yacht-Master 40mm stainless steel

steel timepiece with red markers, two

timepiece featuring a platinum Yacht

subdials and black leather strap, $4,800.

bezel and optical date, $11,550.



A GOOD INVESTMENT Paul, Joanne and the $17.8 million Rolex.



ollywood marriages are not known for longevity, but Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward had something special. They met in 1953 while understudies for the Broadway play Picnic; their friendship intensified in 1957 when they co-starred in The Long, Hot Summer. By the time filming was complete, the public learned that the two were living together. After Newman’s divorce from his first wife was finalized in 1958, the couple headed to Vegas to tie the knot. Ten years later, Woodward wanted to give her husband a special gift. She also wanted to voice her concern about his growing passion for car racing. When she walked into the Tiffany store on Fifth Avenue and saw a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona designed for the highperformance world of motor racing, she knew she’d found the perfect gift. But perfection required an inscribed message: “Drive Carefully, Me.” It is said the engraved timepiece cost around $300. The message must have resonated with Newman because he wore this watch throughout his racing years, and while filming the classic Indianapolis 500-themed film, Winning, in which Woodward also starred. This iconic Oyster timepiece became known as “The Paul Newman” and bore all the patina one would expect from many years of car racing, which contributed to its extraordinary value. Although best known as a screen legend and philanthropist, Newman was also respected in the world of motor racing, earning many wins including four national championships while competing in the Sports Car Club of America series. In 1979 he finished second at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and in 1995, at the age of 70, he shared a win at the Rolex 24 at Daytona, the oldest racer ever to accomplish that feat. His achievements as a race team co-owner in Can-Am and IndyCar were equally impressive. Newman wore this watch every day for more than 15 years. But one day in 1984, in conversation with his daughter Nell’s boyfriend James Cox, Newman learned that Cox didn’t own a watch. So Newman nonchalantly handed him his Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, saying only, “Keeps good time…” Cox and Nell ultimately separated but remained good friends. When the time came to sell the watch, it was consigned by both, with price expectations of over $1 million (a portion of proceeds would go to the Nell Newman Foundation to support environmental projects). When “The Paul Newman” went on the auction block at Phillips in New York on October 26, 2017, an anonymous phone bidder bought the watch for $15.5 million (after various buyer’s fees, the bidder actually paid $17,752,500). This selling price set a world record for the highest price ever paid for a wristwatch. Newman is surely smiling from heaven. DAVID A. ROSE


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nrico Libani is the US distributor and brand ambassador for the Neapolitan men’s clothing maker Cesare Attolini. Attolini is a “quiet” brand; among its luxury menswear neighbors like Kiton and Brioni, it flies below the radar due to its apex aesthetic, price and the company’s refusal to scale. “We’re a delicate brand,” says Libani, “like a jewel. We make 30 garments a day. To make more would upset the balance in our universe of quality. Part of my job is to protect this brand from the overzealous American market.”

two Patek Philippes. With the exception of Swatch, those not on his wrist are housed in a Wolf winder. “I was always an admirer of watches. About 20 years ago I began buying. My first was a 1979 Daytona, model 6265. Then, a 1974 Submariner, model 1680. My most recent was a 1661 Submariner. Next will probably be the Pepsi Rolex, with the blue and red bezel. I’ve been charmed by it for some time. “A favorite is my Patek Aquanaut. It’s the most unpretentious Patek, I believe, and the coolest and youngest, with no complications. I don’t find it to be excessive. And then there is my white gold Patek World Time, reference 5130G. This I purchased in 2014. I happen to think it’s a beautiful piece because of its complications. “Take cars,” he continues. “I only drive the Porsche 911 and have owned six of them. One cannot perfect something if one discontinues it immediately. Porsche is perfect for me because there is a generation of engineers behind every steering wheel with me. Imagine,” he implores, “all those years of passionate thought pouring into that 911 automobile. To me, it’s an expensive yet affordable car, because over time it offers a value steeped in pedigree and perfection.” In all things, Libani is a purist. “Levi’s 501s are the only jeans I wear. Classic. I believe Attolini makes the perfection of the jacket its number one priority as Porsche makes the car its priority and Rolex and Patek make the watch their priority. One business,” he says, raising a finger, “one focus. The constant improvement…of a constant. When one experiments too often, one cannot be perfect.” JAMES RARUS

ENRICO LIBANI’s pursuit of perfection extends from exquisite menswear to watches.

To understand Libani, one must understand Attolini, and to do that, one must think in terms of the peerless, like Porsche or Rolex. Cesare Attolini is peerless, and Libani is nothing if not Attolini’s authentic voice in America, a representative of the pure, striving for perfection. “I enjoy the iconic,” Libani explains. “Mr. Attolini makes the best jacket because his firm has pursued the perfect jacket since 1930. “My admiration and respect for Attolini is equal to the watches I enjoy. It’s the pursuit of not only the mechanically perfect, but also the aesthetically perfect. Mr. [Luciano] Barbera said, ‘You can spend 60 hours [sewing] and produce the ugliest jacket.’ I like that statement. A watch, like a tailored garment, not only must have iconic technical pedigree, but also aesthetic, visual pedigree. The fact that something pleases your eye and at the same time pleases through performance is a wonderful and rare win.” Libani considers himself an enthusiast, rather than a collector, of watches. His collection comprises two original plastic Swatches from 1983, two Zeniths, four Rolexes and


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timepieces Left: Patek Philippe Ref 4960 400R Diamond Ribbon Joallerie Moon Phases Right: Patek Philippe Ref 4947 Annual Calendar

Sandrine Stern, head of creation at Patek Philippe


When it comes to choosing a watch, PATEK PHILIPPE understands that women are looking for more than just a pretty face.


any people think of us as a men’s brand, but women were among the first Patek collectors,” reveals Lisa Jones, vice president of Patek Philippe USA. At its manufacture in Geneva, Switzerland, each watch made and sold by Patek Philippe is recorded in detailed archives, which show that the first three sales in 1839 were made to women. When the brand claims a lifelong relationship between women and its complicated watches, the evidence is there: Several of its impressive technical feats were accomplished with female buyers in mind. The first “tiny pocket watch,” for example, was decorated with a rose to be worn by women. Ring watches from the early 1800s were modern marvels that never sacrificed usefulness in their pursuit of beauty. In 1868, Patek Philippe produced the first Swiss wristwatch made specifically for a woman, a Hungarian countess. In 2009 came a true breakthrough: A new in-house movement was introduced in a ladies’ timepiece rather than a men’s—almost unheard of for a Swiss watch manufacturer. As head of creation, Sandrine Stern is dedicated to the idea that the movement be developed first, and the watch designed around the movement. Luckily, the thinness of Patek Philippe’s advanced movements allow for beautifully

feminine designs—not just “sporty” styles that are merely miniaturized versions of men’s watches. In 2012 the brand introduced a perpetual calendar (automatically accounting for leap years) for women, and it also offers moon phase and World Time options. Watches are produced fully in-house, with most highly complicated watches made by a single watchmaker from start to finish. “Five to seven years ago, more women began requesting complicated watches; not a watershed, but enough that we noticed it as a growing segment of the business,” Jones explains. “Today, businesswomen, international travelers, etc. have a practical need for complications like World Time.” According to Sandrine and her husband, Patek Philippe president Thierry Stern, customer feedback directly influences watch development; they frequently meet with collectors and incorporate requests to make ever more useful timepieces. “We don’t like to design something too specific for the moment; we want to create for the future,” Sandrine adds. “We always want designs to be timeless and aesthetically beautiful,” Jones continues, “but at the end of the day the most important thing is what’s inside the watch. That’s what differentiates Patek Philippe.” JILLIAN LAROCHELLE


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SERVICE AWARD PROGRAMS | MILESTONE & RETIREMENT GIFTS | SALES RECOGNITION AWARDS SAFETY INCENTIVE PROGRAMS | DONOR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT GIFTS Our competitive service and commitment to excellence guarantees that everyone will enjoy the reward, recognition and representation of your business. For customer service, please contact Lindsay Chustz Guerin at 225-368-3641 or

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ALBUQUERQUE: THE HIDDEN GEM Lee Michaels has found an additional home out West.


n virtually any given evening in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as the sun sets over the West Mesa and the Petroglyph National Monument, where ancient stones carry the ancient drawings of ancient tribes, you can look east at the imposing Sandia Mountains and see something you’ve never seen before. The Sandias (Spanish for watermelons) turn a vivid pink. Glancing up you will see splashes of orange, purple and deep blue streak across the sky.

With over 310 days of sunshine, the daytime hours are just as beautiful as the evenings. Albuquerque is located at the intersection of the Chihuahuan Desert and the Rocky Mountains, so the air is crisp and dry, without a hint of humidity. The city sits nearly a mile above sea level and so lacks the muggy air of lower altitudes. It also avoids the freezing winters of other mountain states and the blistering summers of other desert states. In the fall and spring, visitors can ski Sandia Ski Basin in the morning and golf at any one of Albuquerque’s half dozen courses in the afternoon. If golf isn’t your thing, you can hike through the Bosque (or forest) along the famous Rio Grande or take the La Luz Trail from the base of the mountains all the way to the peak. Once on the peak, drink in the view of the city from 10,679 feet and then ride the Sandia Peak Tram, a 2.7-mile, 15-minute, 4,000-foot decent, back down. If you are in Albuquerque in October, get up early and go check out the world-famous International Balloon Fiesta. Every fall the city is packed with hot air balloon crews from around the globe and, for one week, they fill Balloon Fiesta Park for daily mass ascensions. It’s the largest hot air balloon festival on the planet and it paints the skies with tiny dots of color. With so much vibrancy everywhere you look, it’s no wonder Albuquerque is home to some of the best artists in the world and art is seen throughout the city: in the adobe architecture, in the turquoise fashion, in the public sculpture, in every aspect of the city’s life. Albuquerque’s artistic heart is, indisputably, Old Town.

Old Town is a small area of the city that could take days to explore. It is localized in a small plaza surrounded by shops. One of the oldest churches in the state, San Felipe de Neri Church built in 1793, dominates the plaza’s north side. The sidewalks are lined with local artists selling jewelry, paintings and decorations. In the center of the Plaza, a mariachi band may be playing in the gazebo. Surrounding Old Town are the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Natural History and Science, both nationally renowned. Just up Route 66 from Old Town is the University of New Mexico, a sprawling and beautiful campus centered on an elaborate duck pond. At UNM, basketball is played inside Dreamstyle Arena, known locally as “the Pit,” which has been ranked in the top 10 best college sports arenas in the country.

But the cuisine is the real gem of this southwestern city. At over 300 years old, Albuquerque has had plenty of time to take in new styles and traditional foods to meld a taste all its own. The secret ingredient? Green chile. Locals put it on everything, from pizza to cheeseburgers to enchiladas, and even in the award-winning local beer. Three centuries ago, explorers from Spain introduced the chile pod to the Pueblo tribes of New Mexico, who quickly found the hearty, spicy and delicious plant grew amazingly well in the soft soil and arid climate of the Rio Grande Valley. Blending traditional Mexican dishes with the recipes of local Native tribes, New Mexico gave birth to a new style of cuisine: New Mexican food. Of course, there are many reasons to love Albuquerque: the weather, the art, the food. But the secret to Albuquerque—its beauty, its challenge, its strength—is diversity. Albuquerque is a city of three cultures (Hispanic, Native American and European) that have all come together to build a high desert mountain oasis. TAY L O R H O O D


As Seen On…

Our favorite stars share a love for our favorite brands! JILLIAN LAROCHELLE

Lea Michele wore Penny Preville in a photo posted on Instagram. Leslie Mann, with husband Judd Apatow, wore Roberto Coin to the Academy Awards. 54

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Louise Roe wore Marco Bicego to the Emmys. Jane Fonda wore Mikimoto to the AFI Awards.

Adwoa Aboah wore John Hardy to the Party for a Cause NYFW kickoff party.. 55

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WASHINGTON, D.C. MARDI GRAS A jewel of an event for Lee Michaels and Mikimoto.


hat’s the next best thing to Mardi Gras in Louisiana? Mardi Gras in Washington, D.C., of course! A 74-year tradition in the nation’s capital, the Washington, D.C. Mardi Gras is a mix of politics and business with a laissez les bon temps rouler flair. In other words, getting things done, Louisiana-style. “Even though the event is a political one, it provides a fun environment to meet with congressional leaders and other business owners to express concerns and look for opportunity,” explains LMFJ senior vice president Greg Johnson. But that’s not the reason president Scott Berg and vice presidents

Princess Madison Smith escorted by her father, Glen Smith

Johnny Tate and Greg Johnson represented Lee Michaels at the event. They came to spread some of their Lee Michaels-kind-of-happy to the queens and princesses in attendance. More about that magical moment after we share a bit of Washington, D.C. Mardi Gras history. While it began in 1944, the Washington carnival festivities were not held in 1945, 1947, 1950 or 1951, making this year’s celebration the 70th in its fun-loving history. Originally conceived by C.J. Bourg and Lt. Col. Leonce Legendre as a way to celebrate George Washington’s birthday, the first ball would be considered rather subdued by today’s standards, consisting of a tableau, presentation

of royalty (Hale Boggs as George Washington and Miss Rupert Perry as Martha) and call-out dances. However, in 1957, Russell Long created the Mystick Krewe of Louisianians, and that added lots of New Orleans Carnival flavor to the event. In true Mardi Gras tradition, Long brought in bead-tossing notables like Hubert Humphrey and Barry Goldwater, Dixieland jazz from Bourbon Street, and Vice President Richard Nixon to escort the queen. From that year forward, the Washington Mardi Gras has been a rocking event that has grown in popularity. Since 1975, it’s taken over the giant oval ballroom in the Washington Hilton. Boasting more than 2,500 guests, 90 percent of whom are from Louisiana, it is a sellout party that is paid for by ticket sales, krewe memberships and corporate donations. Chairman of this year’s ball was Congressman Garret Graves. Reigning as 2018 royalty were Baton Rouge residents Queen Anna Reilly and King Todd Graves, founder and CEO of Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers. By all estimations, King Todd raised the bar in entertainment, bringing in legendary Louisiana alternative rock band Better than Ezra to keep party-goers dancing, and introducing his company’s newest mascot, Raising Cane III, a nine-week-old yellow lab, who was greeted

Greg and Lisa Johnson, Ruth Taft, Scott and Leslie Berg, Kara Sheridan, Diane and Johnny Tate with more oohs and ahs than a platter of its eponymous chicken fingers. Other royalty in attendance included more than 25 Louisiana festival queens and a host of princesses, all of whom participated in the pageantry. After being announced, each queen took a ceremonial walk around the dance floor, then was presented to King Todd and Queen Anna. At the culmination of the presentations, princesses were given classic Mikimoto Akoya

cultured pearl stud earrings—a gift from Lee Michaels and Mikimoto. Presenting the heirloom jewelry were Lee Michaels president Scott Berg, vice president Johnny Tate and Mikimoto representative Ruth Taft. Needless to say, that signature Lee Michaels box brought smiles to the royal ladies’ faces. And why shouldn’t it? After all, at Lee Michaels, we’re in the celebration business! K A R E N B . G I B B S

Congressman Garret Graves and wife Carissa, Queen Anna Reilly and King Todd Graves, Congressman Steve Scalise and wife Jennifer with princesses receiving Mikimoto pearl earrings—a gift from Lee Michaels and Mikimoto.



Explore the little luxuries the world has to offer.


FLY STYLE The Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Private Jet program allows travelers to fulfill their most extraordinary travel dreams aboard a custom-designed aircraft, while enjoying personalized service every step of the way. Among the special itineraries set for 2019 are the “Latin Escape,” a 16-day adventure for those looking to explore the most exciting natural and cultural offerings of Central and South America (pictured above); “International Intrigue,” which includes visits to Asia, Africa and Europe; and “Timeless Encounters,” taking guests on a three-week journey across four continents, beginning in lush Kona, Hawaii, then visiting Bali, Australia, Dubai and Prague before concluding in London. Guests can tailor trips to their interests, discovering authentic flavors and connecting with local cultures and communities without the added stress of planning air travel, ground transportation, special excursions, meals or luxurious accommodations, as all are arranged through Four Seasons hotels and resorts. A bon voyage, indeed!


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James Bond might never give up his Aston Martin, but if 007 had to escape by sea, he’d definitely choose the new Hinckley Dasher. Designed by Michael Peters, this sleek 28-foot yacht was built from the ground up for electric propulsion and can reach speeds up to 23 knots. Better still, it features 3D-printed components, like various hardware styled in brushed titanium, as well as “artisanal” teak: faux wood that’s immune to the elements and was hand painted to look like grain-matched teak trim. Clever details include hidden cup holders that slide out with a tap and a windshield that lowers electronically so the driver can converse with passengers seated in the bow. Naturally, the boat’s proprietary touchscreen navigation and digital switching system is as discreetly integrated as everything else. Even Dr. No would say yes to this glorious craft.

If you want a unique photo op in the middle of Times Square, forget the bright lights outside and head inside the beautiful new Luma Hotel Times Square. It has recently introduced Alina, Manhattan’s first hotel robot butler, and encourages its guests to share pictures with the three-foot-tall machine as part of an Instagram initiative (by tagging @lumahoteltimessquare and using the hashtags #AlinaMoments and #RelayRobot). What makes Alina, who was created by Savioke, Inc., so unusual is that she uses advanced technology to fulfill and deliver guest requests directly to Luma’s 130 guestrooms. Designed to travel at a human walking pace, she can independently navigate between floors, even calling the hotel elevator when necessary. This takes room service to a whole new level.


Following up on their acclaimed Flora and Fauna books, Patrick Mauriès and Évelyne Possémé’s latest volume, Figures & Faces: The Art of Jewelry (Thames & Hudson), is devoted to the splendid jewelry collection of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. This newest tome offers 120 photographs of striking and witty works of art, and focuses on jewelry inspired by the human figure and face from the Byzantine era through the medieval and Renaissance periods and beyond. Among the artists celebrated by photographer Jean-Marie del Moral are René Lalique, Alphonse Fouquet, Pablo Picasso, Alberto Giacometti, Jean Lurcat, Line Vautrin and Claude Lalanne.


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Asian whisky can be its own travel destination.


East Asian whisky is wowing collectors and whisky fans. Top: Mizunara Cask bottle Insets: Yamazaki warehouse and exterior

his is the most visited distillery in the world,” says Ian Chang, the master blender for Kavalan, Taiwan’s first high-end single malt whisky. Glancing around the visitor center, where scores of families are dining and wandering, it seems to be the case. While not many Americans yet drop by this whisky mecca, roughly one million Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese and other travelers take advantage of the relative centrality of the nearby city of Taipei to partake in what has quickly become an award-winning Scotch-style whisky (its Vinho Barrique expression won “world’s best single malt” in 2015). In addition to family dining and distillery tours, guests can blend their own signature Kavalan whisky bottle to take home. In Taipei, travelers will find a lovely, friendly city with top-tier dining options, an active night-market scene (food stalls stay open well after midnight) and the stunning National Palace Museum housing 10,000 years of Chinese art and artifacts. In Japan, Suntory Yamazaki has been distilling for nearly a century, but it’s only been in the past decade or so that Americans have caught the Japanese whisky fever. “It’s hard to nail down quite why Japanese whisky has

taken off in the US,” says Gardner Dunn, Beam Suntory’s brand ambassador for Japanese whisky. It helped that industry guru Jim Murray awarded the Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask “best world whisky” in 2015, beating out Scotch whiskies for the first time. There’s also a lightness to most Asian whiskies that appeals to Westerners who find Scotch too heavy. “There are three words we like to use: subtle, refined and complex.” Last year, the brand released a $1,000 Mizunara Cask expression, incorporating hard-touse Japanese oak barrels in the aging process, with some component whiskies aged up to 45 years. The Yamazaki distillery is an easy train ride from Kyoto (arguably the cultural center of Japan, where even the Four Seasons hotel is tucked amidst the stunning 800-year-old Shakusuien Pond Garden). While it doesn’t quite have the family summer vacation vibe of Kavalan, it’s beautifully situated among forested hills, and guests can tour the workings and participate in a blending experience. ROBERT HAYNES-PETERSON


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Forged by hand, Mokume Gane is an ancient Japanese layering technique once used to adorn samurai swords. Together with Spruce Pine Cones, the handle is crafted to compliment a Damascus Steel blade in a concert of pattern and texture. Combined to honor the layers and depth of extraordinary men.

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Award-winning chefs across the country share their tastiest treats. 8. Dry in a 150ºF oven or dehydrator for 11/2 hours 9. Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. FOR GARNISH: 6 white pearl onions 1 Tbsp. canola oil 1 bunch flat-leaf parsley 1 loaf good crusty bread 1. Gently peel each pearl onion and cut in half. 2. Heat an 8” saute pan (cast iron works best) over very high heat. 3. Add 1 Tbsp. canola oil to hot pan. (It should begin to smoke almost immediately.) 4. Place pearl onions in pan, cut side down, and leave to sear for 60 seconds. 5. Remove from oil and let cool slightly. Separate onions into petals. 6. Slice bread, dress with olive oil and grill or toast lightly. 7. Pick parsley into individual leaves.

Dry-Aged Steak Tartare


PRIME + PROPER Prime + Proper in Detroit’s historic Capitol Park, originally home to the grocer and butcher Peter Smith & Sons, takes its name from “prime” meats and “proper” service. The restaurant’s new-world take on an old-world steakhouse includes in-house dry-aging and butchering of premier, locally sourced meats by executive butcher Walter Apfelbaum, and meat and seafood dishes prepared by executive chef Ryan Prentiss using classic French technique and modern, international elements. The expansive two-story establishment in the 1912 Capitol Park Building is an homage to Detroit’s post-modern, neoGothic and Art Deco decorative traditions that still retain oldworld grit: a perfect reflection of the textures and depth of the taste sensations it serves up.


Steak tartare is deceptively simple. Sourcing quality ingredients is what turns simple dishes into great dishes. Use high-quality singleorigin olive oil, Jacobsen’s sea salt (we use it to season all of our steaks and chops) and a fantastic crusty semolina bread.

FOR STEAK TARTARE MIXTURE: 4 oz. NY strip 4 oz. filet 2 egg yolks 2 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil (the “good stuff”) 2 tsp. Jacobsen’s sea salt 1 tsp. black pepper, toasted and ground

FOR CURED EGG YOLKS: 4 eggs 3 cups Diamond Crystal kosher salt 2 cups granulated sugar 1. Mix salt and sugar and place a 1/2” layer in an 8” x 8” baking dish. 2. Make small indentations in the salt/sugar mixture just large enough to hold the egg yolks. 3. Separate yolks but keep them whole, gently setting each into the indentations. 4. Gently cover yolks completely with remaining salt/sugar mixture. (Make more salt/sugar mixture if needed to completely cover.) 5. Leave for 4 days buried in salt/ sugar in a refrigerator. 6. Remove yolks from salt/sugar and brush off any excess. 7. Rinse yolks and pat dry. They should be translucent and slightly firm.

1. Slice beef against the grain, then small dice and place in medium mixing bowl. 2. Dress diced beef with egg yolks, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and black pepper. Mix thoroughly. 3. Place tartare in a ring mold on a plate or shallow dish and form into a rough circle. Remove ring mold. 4. Garnish the top of the tartare with pearl onions and parsley. 5. Serve with grilled bread on the side and enjoy.




Husband and wife restaurateurs Colby (chef) and Megan (pastry chef) Garrelts have redefined Midwestern cuisine. Whether in a modern but formal approach at their Bluestem restaurant, or in a casual take at their Rye Leawood and Rye Plaza restaurants, the Garrelts’ farm-to-table menus pay tribute to down-home Kansas City (think steak and BBQ) and comfort food (fried chicken and pie), taking family gatherings to new levels.


1 pre-baked classic or graham cracker pie shell 1/2 cup bittersweet chocolate chips, melted 2 cups whole milk 1 vanilla bean, split and scraped (seeds reserved) 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1/4 cup cornstarch, sifted 4 large egg yolks 1/2 tsp. kosher salt 4 Tbsp. unsalted butter, softened 3 very ripe bananas, sliced thin 11/2 cups heavy cream, whipped stiff 1/2 cup salted toffee, ground 1. Using a pastry brush, evenly coat the bottom and sides of a pre-baked pie shell with melted chocolate, then refrigerate to set chocolate. 2. In a medium pot heat milk, vanilla bean and seeds, and vanilla extract over medium heat for about 3 minutes to bring the mixture to just below boiling. 3. Meanwhile, in a large mixing bowl, whisk together sugar, cornstarch, egg yolks and salt. Slowly whisk hot milk into cornstarch mixture in thirds as to not curdle egg yolks. Return


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Banana Cream Pie




8 lamb loin chops from your favorite local farmer, brought to room temperature and seasoned with salt and pepper


mixture to pot and whisk constantly until pastry cream is thick, about 4 minutes. 4. Whisk in softened butter. Remove pastry cream from stovetop and discard vanilla bean pod. Fold in sliced bananas. Transfer pastry cream into a bowl and cover with plastic wrap, pressing wrap directly to the pastry cream surface. Chill the pastry cream for about 15 minutes so it is cool enough not to melt the chocolate when it is added to the pie shell. 5. Once the pastry cream is cool, fill the prepared pie shell and cover the top with plastic wrap, pressing it directly onto the pastry cream surface. Chill for at least 1 hour or overnight. 6. To serve, slice the pie into 8 even slices, dollop each slice with whipped cream and sprinkle the pie slices with ground salted toffee. Alternatively, if taking the pie to an event or for a dramatic presentation, top the entire pie with the whipped cream and ground salted toffee. Keep the pie refrigerated for up to 3 days. Makes a 9” pie.


LENTO The local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients that make up the majority of the dishes at Lento are reason enough to call it one of Rochester’s best eateries. Meat is butchered, smoked and cured, vegetables are pickled, and condiments, sauces and dressings are made—all in-house. No wonder executive chef and owner Art Rogers has landed on the James Beard Award’s Best Chef Northeast semifinalist list. The execution of the hearty offerings on a menu that changes daily elevates the farm-totable culinary feast from ordinary to extraordinary.

Call it breakfast, lunch or brunch— just do it at the converted-garage restaurant Milktooth. This Indianapolis casual fare hot spot, open 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., was named on the 2016 Condé Nast Traveler “Two hundred and seven of the greatest restaurants around the globe…” list. Chef Jonathan Brooks spins everyday diner grub into fine dining, out-of-this-world seasonal dishes. An egg is black truffle honey-drizzled local sunny duck egg. Pancakes become tarte tatin Dutch baby pancakes. Drink from a selection of over 50 “booze” list items or nearly a dozen coffee and tea offerings while you wait.

1 cup dried white beans, soaked in cold water overnight 1/2 onion, diced 2 stalks celery, diced 1 medium carrot, diced 6 cloves garlic, minced 2 large leeks, cleaned and white parts sliced 1. Sauté vegetables in oil until slightly softened, not browned. 2 Add beans and cover with water just until submerged. Simmer lightly until beans are al dente; keep testing to know when the beans are done. 3. Just before al dente, season with salt and pepper to taste. FOR RELISH (BEST WHEN MADE 1 OR 2 DAYS AHEAD OF TIME): 1 cup Sicilian green olives, pitted and chopped 2 Tbsp. garlic, chopped 2 Tbsp. rosemary, chopped 1/4 red onion, chopped Splash of white balsamic vinegar Extra virgin olive oil to taste Salt and pepper

JONATHAN BROOKS’ CRANBERRY WALNUT, GENEVA AND RACLETTE GRILLED CHEESE 2 slices cranberry walnut bread, not more than 1/2” thick Butter Geneva and Raclette cheeses Black truffle honey 1 duck egg

1. Mix all ingredients together and taste for vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. 2. Keep in mind the olives should be salty.

1. Butter both sides of bread slices and place onto flat-top grill. 2. Divide the cheese evenly on top of the buttered slices. Adjust the heat so the bread sizzles gently. 3. When the cheese is about halfway melted, use a spatula to flip one slice over on top of the other, and press lightly to melt. Keep turning the sandwich, pressing gently, until the sandwich is compact, both sides are crusty and the cheese is melted. 4. Fry the duck egg sunny side up. 5. Once the cheese is melted, top the sandwich with black truffle honey and the fried duck egg.

FOR RAPINI (BROCCOLI RABE): 1 bunch broccoli rabe 1 Tbsp. garlic, chopped 1 tsp. anchovy, chopped Sprinkle of chili flakes Salt and pepper 1. Chop off the bottoms of rapini. Blanch in simmering salted water for 20 seconds, then plunge into an ice bath. Set aside. TO PREPARE THE DISH: 1. Prepare a charcoal grill. 2. While waiting for the grill to heat, keep bean stew warm on a medium flame. 3. Grill the lamb chops to about 120ºF for medium rare, letting the chops rest off the grill for about 10 minutes. 4. While lamb is resting, sauté the rapini with the garlic, chili and anchovy. 5. Divide the beans between 4 plates, then the rapini, then the lamb. 6. Spoon over the relish and serve.



The accolades for Elements’ awardwinning Chef Scott Anderson have been as massive as the restaurant is small (9 tables, 28 seats all within view of the state-of-the-art open kitchen). Elements uses the freshest ingredients from local farmers and producers for a selection that changes daily and emphasizes tasting menus. Patrons will find classic dishes transformed by progressive, modern techniques into something revelatory and new. Innovation meets intimacy, all served to perfection on local artisan-crafted earthenware in this jewel of a dining destination.

SCOTT ANDERSON’S SEA BREAM SASHIMI FOR SEA BREAM: 2 oz. very fresh sea bream, sliced thin FOR CITRUS SAUCE: 1 oz. calamansi citrus juice (Substitute Meyer lemon juice if calamansi isn’t available) 1/2 oz. soy sauce 1 strip kelp/kombu seaweed 1 small handful bonito flakes FOR GARNISH: Thinly sliced cucumber Herbs like cilantro and mint 1. Mix all citrus sauce ingredients and let sit overnight. 2. Slice fish very thinly and dress the fish with the citrus sauce. 3. Garnish the fish with cucumbers and freshly picked herbs.

Sea Bream Sashimi


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SHATTERING STEREOTYPES Crystal is the New Black.



few weeks ago, my dishwasher broke and an appliance repairman came to assess the damage. I offered him a beverage and presented it to him in one of the beautiful crystal glasses I recently received as a gift. I think he was confused as to why I was serving him a glass of plain water in such fine crystal at 11 a.m. on a routine Tuesday. But he seemed to appreciate and enjoy it. Thanks in part to Baccarat, a French company that has been providing beautiful giftware since 1764, I’m on a mission to incorporate things typically thought of as formal into my everyday lifestyle. This iconic 254-year-old brand wants to change the way we think about crystal. The message is, well, crystal clear: Let’s get rid of the misperception that crystal is just for special occasions. It makes perfect sense: We’re willing to wear our fine jewelry and apparel, drive our high-end cars and risk scuffing our best footwear, so why not allow ourselves the same luxuries at home? Life is too short to limit ourselves this way. It’s really a simple concept: Our lives are special, therefore every day should be treated that way. Imagine how decadent it would feel after a long, stressful day to sip your glass of wine from exquisite stemware. How much more enjoyable that morning juice would taste in a crystal tumbler. How radiant those fresh tulips would look as they bloom in a crystal vase. Celebrating a typical day should be a rule, not an exception. It’s estimated that half of Americans entertain in their homes at least once a month. That’s a lot of opportunities to take out that fine serveware, yet few of us do for fear of breaking something, or because it’s been ingrained in us to save the good serveware for holidays. Let’s move past that taboo and live for today. Go ahead and use that beautiful crystal; I guarantee it will bring a smile, even on an ordinary Tuesday morning. LISA MENGHI


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INDULGENCES World-class destinations for celebrating life’s milestones.


Explore Greece like a local at Poseidonion Grand Hotel in Spetses.


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hen you’re celebrating one of the major achievements in life, the traditional country club dinner or beach vacation just won’t do. Whether you’re about to embark upon your adult life or saying goodbye to your working days, these are the times to mark the occasion with a unique and luxe experience. JULIANNE PEPITONE

ccessible only by sea, Spetses requires extra travel effort but is worth every minute. This exclusive island is a favorite for Athenians with means, and it offers options for myriad interests: visit historical naval sites, see the island by horse and carriage, or hop on a boat for waterskiing and sailing in the Aegean. After a day of exploring, grab your grad group and retire to the century-old Poseidonion Grand Hotel; its impressive Côte d’Azur-style architecture makes the spot a landmark on the Spetses skyline. Six can stay comfortably in the Royal Suite, which features three bedrooms, a separate living and dining area, and a private terrace. Wander downstairs to one of the two on-site restaurants offering gastronomy lovers the best tastes on the island, or enjoy an al fresco experience at the organic farm. The grounds include an open-air cinema, salon, spa, art gallery and many more ways to while away the heady days before entering the “real world.”

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Indulge and unwind at Remède Spa at the St. Regis Aspen.


25TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY Venture out on a Botswana safari at &Beyond Xudum Okavango Delta.


ark 25 years of love, laughter and memories by going wild on an African safari. Botswana’s &Beyond Xudum is a private spot with only nine rooftop suite hideaways available. The property, which lies within a 672,000-acre wildlife concession, overlooks a seasonal lagoon and features several twisty canals. Each suite offers a dramatic panoramic view of the surrounding wilderness…but you’re here to see it up close! So staffers are happy to set up lodge experiences like guided bush walks, helicopter flights, motorized boat excursions and horseback safaris to help you explore the Okavango Delta area from different perspectives. Wildlife in this area includes elephants, large buffalo herds, tsessebes, hippos, lions, leopards and roan antelopes, not to mention 450 bird species. Once you’ve had your fill of safari, &Beyond Xudum is a lovely place to retreat at night with its unique upcycled objects amid luxe design; a playful tractor tire swing somehow seems at home alongside lush comfortable couches. The overall effect is one of earthy glamour, and the space

is a lovely change of pace at the end of a fruitful but busy day on the plains.

fter spending decades at the office, you deserve to start your work-free life at Remède Spa, named the world’s best hotel spa by Travel + Leisure. Located inside the tony St. Regis Aspen, Remède is dedicated to après-ski indulgence at every turn: Champagne and truffle turndowns, ultra-cozy throws and a host of customized spa treatments (the comprehensive spa menu is centered around bespoke facials, massages and body rituals designed specifically for each guest’s needs). Options include the signature Remède Customized Bath, a relaxing soak incorporating minerals, essential oils, herbs and natural aromatherapeutic humectants like neroli, juniper, oat milk and honey ($75 for a 30-minute treatment). The 15,000-squarefoot spa includes 15 treatment rooms, one couples room, warm and cold plunge pools, a confluence pool and waterfall, oxygen lounge, vapor caves and more. Even better: Remède staffers are dedicated to surpassing guests’ expectations, with attentive service that’s never stuffy or pretentious.


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At Lee Michaels Antique Design. Modern Perspective.

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top 10






Designed for ease of use (and now more than ever, style), diaper bags are the perfect personal item for stashing under airplane seats. Case in point: this premium vegan leather option from Freshly Picked, wearable as a backpack, crossbody, or purse. It has a wipeable, spill-resistant exterior and lining, metal feet so it never touches the ground, and 10 interior pockets with a spacious central compartment to keep your essentials organized.



With two slots to accommodate your credit cards, driver’s license and/or cash, Bandolier’s luxury crossbody accessory liberates you from the need to carry a purse. It also turns your iPhone into wearable tech, keeping your hands free and your phone at the ready to snap photos (or Google directions, or pull up your mobile boarding pass). Coordinating small pouches that attach to the case are also available should you wish to carry additional small items like your keys, lip balm, or passport.


Clothes inevitably wrinkle when stuffed into a suitcase, but some international destinations, like Italy, do not provide irons in hotel rooms for safety reasons. (Who wants to spend their vacation ironing anyway?) The Lemontec Portable Travel Garment Steamer takes up less space than a single shoe, yet provides nine minutes of steam time and heats up in just over a minute.



Made from 100% natural essential oils, Masters of Mayfair’s Luxury Room & Pillow spray releases a calming lavender mist to reduce your heart rate and encourage feelings of relaxation. Spray onto your travel wrap and neck pillow to reduce stress and anxiety during your trip, then use on linens and pajamas to settle in once you arrive at your home away from home.


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Uncomfortable undergarments can ruin an otherwise fun excursion (or add to an already stressful day in transit). So if you plan to hike, bike, work out or even just walk, make sure to start with a solid base layer. Pair of Thieves’ Superfit boxer briefs are breathable and made with cooling mesh to wick away sweat below the belt. They also have four-way stretch, no-chafe seams and the softest waistband on the market.



1Voice Sleep Headphones Eye Mask helps you deal with noisy environments and uncomfortable sleeping arrangements so you can drift off and get the beauty sleep you deserve. It’s made of memory foam and covered with (removable, machine-washable) soft velvet to block out light. Built-in over-the-ear headphones eliminate the need for cords, and sound disks have an extra layer of memory foam over them for superior comfort—even for side sleepers. It’s compatible with any phone or MP3 player, no batteries required.




Don’t get caught in the rain! The Mackage Sanna poncho is an extremely lightweight, waterproof, packable topper which can easily be transformed into a backpack. Perfect for sightseeing, cycling, or any other outdoor activity, this gray-day necessity conceals a practical collar hood and snap buttons to create a sleek and trendy cape silhouette.



The Away rolling carry-on is functional and minimal, featuring an unbreakable shell, well-designed interior compartments and an ejectable battery that connects to a USB cord for charging on the go. It comes in eight colors and fits enough to get you through a three- to five-day trip.


Don’t sacrifice (hair) style for size’s sake. Cult beauty favorite Pai-Shau now offers a Hydrate Gift Set, containing Replenishing Cleanser, Conditioner and Biphasic Infusion to leave hair hydrated, full of shine, and protected from UV rays and other environmental factors you may encounter as you travel between climates.


Safeguard your treasures by keeping each piece separated in a softly lined compartment, and make sure the case fastens securely. Talk to us about your collection and we’ll recommend options that best fit your needs.



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the last look

DELICATE BLOSSOMS The Lunaria Collection by Marco Bicego


nspired by the delicate shape of the Lunaria flower, the Lunaria Mother of Pearl Lariat features hand-cut white mother of pearl and hand-engraved 18K gold. This latest style was designed for the modern woman and can be worn several ways due to the pavĂŠ diamond clasp. $ 7, 4 8 0



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Lee Michaels: Spring/Summer 2018  
Lee Michaels: Spring/Summer 2018