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This page, clockwise from left: The or TV but do suggest guests “log on” to the beautiful visit the so-called cellular jail, a popular national meFestival of Panguni Uthiram is a colorful tropical surroundings, go swimming in the on-site pool morial monument in Port Blair where political prisoners annual event in Port Blair that celebrates the importance of relationships to Hindu or get a massage at the spa. Though remote, it’s close were incarcerated back in the early 20th century. followers. A scuba diver swims around a enough to go snorkeling at Elephant or Turtle Beach, Until recently, Andaman was the proud home of colorful coral reef deep down on the ocean floor; the Andaman and Nicobar Islands take in the pretty scenery at Radhanagar Beach, or hike Rajan, an elephant who famously swam in the gentle are renowned for their scuba-diving sites, considered some of the best in India. through the jungle, kayak or birdwatch. Since the British waters around the islands and became a YouTube star. Visitors enjoy navigating the tranquil owner, Marko Hill, is also a chef, there’s no doubting the How did he get there? Back in 1883, elephants were waters around the islands in small boats. Opposite: Rajan, the last of the swimming food—it’s fabulous. Seafood such as spiny lobster with brought to the islands to help with timber extracelephants, frolics in the Bay of Bengal a tasty nimbu hollandaise and sugar-cured tiger prawns tion for the burgeoning logging industry. Swimming, alongside a snorkeler; the three-and-a-half ton animal became a beloved tourist attops the daily dinner menu, and fruits and vegetables which elephants excel at, was the most efficient way for traction before his death in 2016. grown locally are used in dishes like the signature “threethe animals to go from island to island. But in 2000, way” papaya and coconut curry. logging was banned on Andaman, making the elephants obsolete. Most Though it hasn’t opened yet, the Taj Exotica Resort & Spa on Radhanwere shipped back to the mainland but a few, like Rajan, remained. Sadly, agar Beach plans to make future travelers’ dreams come true. Spread out though, in 2016, he passed away at age 66—but his legacy and those of the over 30 acres, the resort has 75 villas whose design was inspired by an other waterborne Babars remain a part of the islands’ history. indigenous tribe’s real-life huts, but they’re filled with luxury amenities— Where to stay in this magical world? With scenery so mesmerizing, this isn’t a camping trip, after all. By day, go for a scenic kayak ride; at night booking accommodations in a ramshackle hut would be a downer. Fortueat by candlelight at one of the resort’s fine dining establishments. Make nately, there’s Jalakara, an intimate boutique hotel on Havelock Island with time at the Taj’s holistic spa, where offerings include a detoxification called just six rooms and suites and a private villa, including the “Sky Room,” a Abhisheka; it starts with a body cleansing using the Holy Ganges water and teak pavilion with glass-paneled walls that’s accessed via a private staircase. is followed by a signature massage. Just ask the resort’s butlers what’s on ofWith an outdoor balcony overlooking the main villa lily pond and an en fer—they’re at your beck and call to make your getaway something special. suite bathroom with views of the jungle, even your moments spent inside When you arrive home after vacationing on the Andaman and Nicobar will give you an up-close and personal visit with Mother Nature. Like Islands, it may be difficult to make the transition back to the real world of everything about the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Jalakara is distant, set crowds, noise and daily duties. But, fully renewed and rejuvenated, you high in the jungle and backing a rainforest. The property’s owners make a won’t regret your time in this faraway paradise. serious attempt at creating a relaxing environment—they don’t offer Wi-Fi

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Andrisen Morton: Spring/Summer 2018  
Andrisen Morton: Spring/Summer 2018