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Gadgets & Gear These new toys might not be a true necessity, but need-schmeed­— we want ’em!

GET A GOOD LOOK Are you still squinting to see what’s stirring in the distance? Feast your eyes on the Maven B3 binoculars, an incredible mid-range option for bird watchers, hunters and anyone who needs to zoom in on the action. The compact and lightweight body boasts elite optics that deliver superior low-light performance, razorsharp clarity and smooth focusing. Grab a set and see for yourself. $525.



A THRILLING GRILLING EXPERIENCE You already use your phone to pay bills and fly drones, but are you using it yet to grill a steak? With the Traeger Timberline 850 pellet grill and its smartphone app, you can remotely monitor the temperature inside the airtight gasket and the internal temperature of the meat. It also features three-tier stainless steel grates that accommodate six pork butts, eight rib racks or nine whole chickens. $1,700.


KILLER WORKOUT Not many float like a butterfly and sting like a bee these days, but you can sure try. The speed bag boxing kit from Killspencer Athletics lets fitness gurus and Rocky-wannabes hit like a champ while boosting hand-eye coordination. The welded steel frame and swivel hold the premium black leather bag securely in place so it’ll never go down for the count. $1,245.



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THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE If you live a made-to-measure lifestyle, you’ll want to add the Alchemy Eros road bike to your collection. Each titanium and carbon frame is handmade in the U.S., and owners can customize frame shape, brake system and color, among other features—in true bespoke manner. As for the ride? It’s fast on flats, comfy on long journeys and overall silky smooth. $3,500.



START YOUR DAY OFF RIGHT Ditch the single-serve coffee pods and overpriced chain brews: You deserve a morning jolt from Dutch Lab’s Steampunk AKMA 3000 coffee maker. The avant-garde, Korean design features a three-liter tank for water, three deposits for grounds and three glass jars to collect brewed coffee. (That’ll keep you awake!) OK, so maybe at 3 feet tall it won’t fit on the kitchen counter—but you know it would look good! $5,200.


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OUT OF THIS WORLD At ease, James Bond fans—Bossa Sound’s Moonraker speaker system has nothing to do with the film series (though it’s perfect for a home theater). Despite its minimalist design, each speaker system delivers immense audio output (150 watts) and connects to wired and wireless equipment. Now that’s music to our ears! $2,400.

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Andrisen Morton: Spring/Summer 2018  
Andrisen Morton: Spring/Summer 2018