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August 2012

All about WAIMA’s Black Belt Club People often ask us, what is BBC? Black Belt Club (BBC) takes your training to the next level. It's where you make a commitment not only to your training but to live your life like a martial artist, constantly striving for improvement in yourself and others. For kids, BBC is taking on a responsibility to become an inspiring role model. This may be as leader to other kids in and out

of class as well as contributing to the community. BBC members are rewarded with a fortnightly class that teaches them the mindset of a champion through trick kicking, weapon forms, Krav maga and much more. They also get BBC-only social events which gives members an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. There are different options when it comes to becoming a BBC member so enquire with your instructor today!

Farewell Jack Sadly the time has come to say goodbye to our Thai trainer and good friend Jack. We have had the pleasure of training and learning from him for the last two years and will be very sad to see him leave. Although he will be gone the mark that he has made on our school will last forever and a little bit of

him will live here with us until his return. He's more than just a trainer, he is a big part of our WAIMA family. Come and wish Jack a final farewell on Saturday the 25th of August from 5 - 7pm and make sure you check out his last fight at the upcoming BATTLE COLOSSAL.

Martial Arts News

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West Australian Institute of Martial (Allen’s Martial Arts Academy) West Australian Institute of Martial ArtsArts (WAIMA) 15 Canham Way, Greenwood. Contact: (08) 9247 4800

15B Canham Way, Greenwood. Contact: (08) 9247 4800

August Dates 11th

WKA Fight Night

20th - 25th

Tip Testing Muay Thai Grading


Kids Graduation


Farewell Jack

25th 28th

Adult Graduation

August BBC Dates Beginner






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The real benefits of martial arts The most important life skill you can gain from practicing martial arts is self-defence. This is a skill that is important in today’s society with cases of bullying and assaults continuing to increase. However, the benefits don’t stop there. In fact, this is just the beginning…

element, it promotes improvement in focus, perseverance, determination, confidence and respect, while also building stress management and communication skills.

Martial arts improves cardio vascular fitness and flexibility, and it increases physical power, co-ordination and strength. Unlike other sports, martial arts contains a mental and spiritual

Sometimes we all need some help to stay on the right path, but remember a black belt is just a white belt that never gave up. Stay committed and you will achieve things you never thought possible.

Martial arts is more than a sport, it’s a discipline and a way of life.

WAIMA martial arts birthday parties Kick off your next birthday in style. WAIMA’s birthday parties are fun, interactive and action-packed with your child being the star of the day! These unique parties will have your guests up and moving and enjoying a variety of different martial art skills and games. For more information please see reception.

Share your WAIMA experience We want to hear your story, share your experience or most memorable WAIMA moment. We are seeking inspirational testimonials from students and parents to feature on our website and Facebook page. We would love to hear your personal martial arts experience at WAIMA. Please email your story to Facebook:

Message of the Month

Academic: to learn


Academic means “to learn.” It could be learning subjects at school such as math, English or science, or it could be learning activities such as a musical instrument or martial arts. Bob Jones/ZDK WA:

A well known saying states “knowledge is power.” Learning is valuable for building confidence as well as stimulating your mind and creative thinking.

Feedback Here at WAIMA we are always striving to have the very best customer service and the most enjoyable learning experience for all our students. The best way for us to improve our school is through feedback from our members. We would like to ask all students and parents to fill in a simple feedback form that is currently available at reception. The feedback we receive is vital for the continued improvement and development of the school.

WAIMA August Newsletter  
WAIMA August Newsletter  

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