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Welcome to the 2012-2013 season. It’s great to finally start the season after a long pre season. Today we welcome Chris and his Hawkes Bay season to Porritt in what promises to be an exciting game. Both teams have recruited well in the off season. Waikato has a lot of respect for Hawkes Bay football. They are a well run organisation both on and off the field. From a personal perspective, I regularly speak with my counterpart, Peter Grant. It’s great having rivalry on the field but its important we share ideas to ensure we are always lifting the standard of the league. I would like to thank both the Ngaruawahia and Hamilton Wanderers clubs for hosting Waikato FC this year. It’s great to have the support of the local clubs to ensure Waikato Football remain strong. Waikato FC would like to acknowledge and congratulate our captain, Adam Thomas. Adam became an Olympian when he represented New Zealand at the London Olympics. Adam started all three matches and played against some of the worlds’ best teams. To play at Coventry, Old Trafford and St James is a true credit to Adam. He is an extremely talented footballer but more important he is very humble.

I would like to thank the tremendous support of our sponsors. Without their support the club could not function. Waikato FC acknowledges the support of NZCT, Lion Foundation , Dragon Trust, ASB, Soccer Shop, Nike,Printhouse, Valerie Lissette School of Dance, Caffe Centrale,Hogs Breath Cafe and Chris Ryan. All the best to both teams and for the season. Yours in Football Brendon Coker Waikato FC Chair

Welcome back to Porritt Stadium for another season of the ASB Premiership. This is the ninth season of an 8-team summer franchise league and I would like to congratulate New Zealand Football for continuing to support this format in the face of the suggestions for change from some quarters. The national body has had the insight to keep the league going, making it the most settled competition we have ever had in the history of the national league. Increasingly we are seeing players - such as Tyler Boyd - signing pro contracts who have got a start in the game in the ASB Premiership, and that is a pretty good barometer of the league fulfilling at least one of its objectives. This is a very good league and I would like to think that companies like ASB which have supported it will soon get their reward in terms of some televised coverage. I would also like to acknowledge the work done by the Waikato board - particularly chairman Brendon Coker - to keep the Waikato franchise afloat. A huge amount of work has gone on behind the scenes to maintain a Waikato presence in the league, and that needs to be recognised. Today we welcome the return of Hawke’s Bay United, with whom we had a number of close battles last summer. They warmed up for today’s match with a 3-1 pre-season win against Team

Wellington last weekend. To my mind Hawke’s Bay are the best franchise. Why? Because unlike the likes of Auckland, they do not have lots of money from World Club Champs, but they have the best set-up in terms of infrastructure and facilities. They have never made the playoffs but have an extremely good foundation. In many respects they are like Sheffield Wednesday, a big club waiting to be awoken. As for Waikato FC, we will be approaching this season with the same mantra and philosophy as last year as last year. We will seek to entertain, play fair, and try to win football matches. We finished seventh last year and have since lost three very good players in Tyler Boyd (Phoenix), Jason Hicks (Auckland) and Matteo Ballan (overseas), so there is a big challenge in front of us. But we have worked hard in recruiting well, and I am delighted that we have pulled in the Chilean lads, Eder Franchini and Alexis Carcamo, new strikers Rory Turner, and the returning Sam Margetts, who was Hawke’s Bay’s top equal goalscorer from last season. Also the Birkenhead contingent of Sam Jasper, Jack Hobson-McVeigh and David Parkinson. As a coach I must also acknowledge that Paul Hobson has done an excellent job in developing players at Birkenhead. Enjoy the game.

WAIKATO SEASON STARTS Waikato FC begins its 2012-13 ASB Premiership campaign with a home game against Hawke’s Bay United on Sunday November 4 with an early 12 noon kick-off at Porritt Stadium The early start is to accommodate Hawke’s Bay’s travel arrangements. Waikato will enjoy three home games in the first four rounds, including one match at Ngaruawahia’s Centennial Park on November 25. Entry for home games is $10 for adults and $2 for U16s. Season tickets are $50, and will be available at the gate on matchday. Feature of Waikato’s away matches is a game v Team Wellington on Sunday December 2 at Westpac Stadium which will be a curtainriaser for Wellington Phoenix’s home game against Western Sydney Wanderers. ASB Premiership - Waikato FC draw 4-Nov-12 12:00 Waikato FC Hawke’s Bay United, Porritt Stadium 11-Nov-12 14:00 Waitakere United Waikato FC, Fred Taylor Park 18-Nov-12 13:00 Waikato FC Team Wellington, Porritt Stadium 24-Nov-12 17:00 Waikato FC Canterbury United, Centennial Park, Ngaruawahia 2-Dec-12 13:45 YoungHeart Manawatu Waikato FC, Westpac Stadium 16-Dec-12 13:00 Otago United Waikato FC, Forsyth Barr Stadium 9-Jan-13 14:00 Waikato FC Auckland City, Centennial Park, Ngaruawahia 20-Jan-13 14:00 Waikato FC Waitakere United, Porritt Stadium 26-Jan-13 14:00 Team Wellington Waikato FC, David Farrington Park 3-Feb-13 14:00 Canterbury United Waikato FC, ASB Football Park 10-Feb-13 14:30 Waikato FC YoungHeart Manawatu Porritt Stadium 17-Feb-13 14:00 Auckland City Waikato FC, Kiwitea St 24-Feb-13 13:00 Waikato FC Otago United, Centennial Park, Ngaruawahia Semi-final Leg 1 3-Mar-13 14:00 4th Place 1st Place 4th Place Home Semi-final Leg 1 3-Mar-13 14:00 3rd Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Home Venue Semi-final Leg 2 10-Mar-13 14:00 1st Place 4th Place 1st Place Home Venue Semi-final Leg 2 10-Mar-13 14:00 2nd place 3rd Place 2nd Place Home Venue Grand Final 17-Mar-13 TBA

Name: Adam Thomas Nickname: A.T DOB: 01/04/1992 Height: 189cm Weight: 80kg Birthplace: Hamilton Position: Defender, Midfielder Football Highlights: NZ U17’s World Cup - Nigeria, NZU20’s World Cup - Colombia, NZU23’s Olympics – playing Brazil, playing at Old Trafford, St James Park Favourite Player: Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Messi Favourite Club: Barcelona, Liverpool Favourite Music: All Genres Favourite Movie: Girl Next Door, Blow Favourite Food: Japanese, Burger Fuel Favourite TV Show: Being Liverpool Favourite Book: Andre Agassi Biography Other Sports: Athletics Who would you most like to meet? Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Johnny Depp Advice to Young Players: The harder you work, the further you insulate yourself from the competition…

Name: Matthew Upton Nickname: Crouchy DOB: 18/03/1989 Height: 1.92cm Weight: 80kg Birthplace: Basingstoke Position: Goalkeeper Football Highlights: ASB Premiership Champions, O –League Champions, Northern Youth League Champs Favourite Player: Joe Hart Favourite Club: Manchester City Favourite Music: Rock/Metal Favourite Movie: Sweeney Todd Favourite Food: Pasta Favourite TV Show: How I met your Mother Favourite Book: Legend of Drizzt Other Sports: Cricket Who would you most like to meet? Annette Olzon Advice to Young Players: Don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your goals…

Declan Edge, Head Coach Neil Mouncher, Assistant Coach Mark Cossey, Assistant Coach Graeme Nobilo, Manager 1. Matt Upton 2. Adam Thomas 4. Josh Greene (A) 5. Eder Franchini 6. Sam Jasper 7. Ryan Thomas (A) 9. Rory Turner (A) 10. Harry Edge (A) 11. Jack Hobson-McVeigh 13. Michael Kramer 14. Sam Margetts 15. Tyler Lissette 16. Jesse Edge (A) 17. Mohammed Awad (A) 18. Alexi Caroama Varela 19. Dave Parkinson 20. Adam Luque 21. Raymond How 22. Jordan Shaw 24. Adam Wallis RGK. Matt Oliver (A) (A) denotes an academy player

CAFFE CENTRALE Referee - John ROWBERRY Assistant Referee - Mark RULE

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Chris Greatholder Head Coach Perry Cotton, Assistant Coach Brandon Campbell Fitness Coach Tim Kilkolly, Manager 1. Richard Gillespie 2. Aaron Jones 3. Josh Margetts 4. Danny Wilson 5. Bill Robertson 6. Stephen Hindmarch 7. Matt Hastings 8. Cole Peverley 9. Jarrod Smith 10. Stephen Hoyle 11. Conor Tinnion 12. Harley Rodeka 15. Ross Halivand 16. Sean Lovemore 17. Fergus Neil 18. Dakota Lucas 19. Rudi Bauerfeind 22. Angus Kilkolly (A) 23. Luke Chapman (A) 24. Tui Kennedy (A) 25. Bjorn Christensen (A) 26. Danyon Drake (A) (A) denotes an academy player

Assistant Referee - Ben NORMAN 4th Official - Chris WOLKEN

Name: Rory Turner Nickname: Rorza DOB: 19/07/1994 Height: 181cm Weight: 72kg Birthplace: Auckland Position: Striker Football Highlights: New Zealand Under 17, ASB Premiership x 2 Favourite Player: Lionel Messi Favourite Club: FC Barcelona Favourite Music: Hip Hop Favourite Movie: All Harry Potter Favourite Food: Sushi Favourite TV Show: Anything to do with Football Favourite Book: Harry Potter Other Sports: Who would you most like to meet? Lionel Messi Advice to Young Players: Train as hard as you can‌

Name Changes When the Brisbane Roar were in New Zealand a few weeks back to play Wellington Phoenix, one of the sideshow stories concerned how their goalkeeper Michael Theoklitos had changed his name by deed poll. To Michael Theo. Michael said he’d always been known as “Theo” around the football traps, so thought he would make it official. His teammates responded by also changing their names on their warm-up shirts. They had Matt Smit (Smith), Thomas Bro (Broich), and Erik Paart (Paartalu) among others. Of course Theo hasn’t always been Mike’s handle. When he played for the Kingz in 200102 his grandstand nickname was Klitoris. But obviously he wanted something smaller and capable of generating more pleasure in opting for Theo.

Name changes are quite common the world over. For instance, an old aquaintance of mine, Bill Scrotum, was so embarrassed about his name, he got it altered. He’s much happier now he’s known as Bob Scrotum. And in football, former Waikato legend Darren Fellowes changed his name to Dash Fellowes, taking a similar approach to Theo. Because it was what people were used to calling him. To employ the same reasoning, it was always a mystery to me why (from the same era) Brian Chisholm never changed his name to Bloody Hell Chisholm. So it go me thinking. What name changes or name shortening would work best within the Waikato FC camp? The very tall Matt Upton would become Matt Up. Obvious. Adam Thomas would morph to Adam Tom, Adam Wallis to Adam All, and Adam Luque

to Adam Q. The Sams are trickier. Sam Margetts to Sam Gets, perhaps? The nippy Sam Jasper would become Sam Jap. Now sadly “Edge” has been a four letter word for some people around here. So Jesse might like to experiment with Jesse Edg or Jesse Dge. Either name sounds quite, er, edgy. Trying to shorten Raymond How’s name could be problematic. Although he would really break bold new ground by changing to Raymond Why. That would certainly raise questions. Even more radically, he could simply become Raymond ?. Mohammed Awad is already know as Pedro. But if he became Pedro Awa he would quickly ingratiate himself with the Tainui sector, and perhaps become eligible for funding. Jack Hobson-McVeigh would become Jack Hyphen. Tyler Lissette would become Tyler Liz. Ryan Thomas would be Ryan Ho (add your own

gag here, this is a family column). When I see Rory Turner’s dad on the sideline it reminds me Rory carries the burden of having one of the more famous surnames names in New Zealand football quite lightly. But he could really stamp his own individual identity if he became Rory Urn. However the best name changes of all would come on the management side. Manager Graeme Nobilo has long been known as Nobby Nobilo. But imagine if we took that to the next logical step and shortened it to a crisp Nobby Lo. An inspired choice. And chairman Brendon Coker? Brendon Pepsi, of course. Photos by Garry Konings





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Waikato FC vs Hawke's Bay United  

November 4th 2012 Porritt Stadium Round 1