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Where they’re going Veran Scott Acob- LCC Noah Acosta- LCC Chrisitan Agcaoili- LCC Jasmyne Agricula- UH West Oahu Allyson Agustin- Washington State University. Pullman, WA Kriselle Agustin: Heald Brandon Amaya: Working Dustin Anderson: HCC Garren Anderson: Working Kiani Andrade: HCC Jasmin Ash: Texas Christian University. Forth Worth. TX Donna Au: UH Manoa Reanna August-Agabin: Undecided Jonathan Bacarro- UTI Jazzmin Ashley Baclaan- Undecided Ciara Balidoy- South Western Oregona College. Coosbay, OR Keoni Bicoy-Gaco: Cypress Community College, Cypress., CA Tiffany Bio: LCC Anthony Broberg: Undecided Jesse Buenrostro: Orange County College, Costa Mesa, CA Cara Caneso-Bonilla- LCC Charlie-Lee Case- Colorado Sate University. Fort Collins, CO Alyssa Castellanos: Trinity Western University, Langley, Canada Samantha Castillo- LCC Zachary Chalker: Air Force

Christopher Clark- Undecided Justin Cuesta-Herron: LCC Harper Defreitas: Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley. MA Sheena-Marie Dela Cruz: LCC Tiger Doerner: Working Brandi Mae Domingo- Working Sonny Mar Domingo- Working Conor Donovan- Undecided Precious Fate FagaraganHeald Kaleo Fernandes- LCC Cyerra Foster- University of Oregon, Eugene, OR Nati Fuatiga Snow College, Uphrim, UT Braylyn Gasper: Heald College Christohper Gervacio: Monterey Peninsula College, Monterey, CA Jordan Ryan Gudoy: UTI Mykal Guigui: Cal State North Ridge, LA, CA Francesca Herrera: Undecided Alexander Ho- Air National Gaurd Jadelyn-Nicole Holdern: Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR Lea Hutchinson- UH Trent Icari- LCC Kilen Iona- Chaminade Ayano Jeffers-Fabro: UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Faisal Jubran: LCC Gerika Kaaua-Acorda: UH West Oahu Kaimana Kalulu: LCC Leilani Kalulu: Coast Gaurd Filisione Kamai- Undecided Vincent Kapehe-Nelmida: Undecided Khadija Karodia: UC Berkley, Berkley, CA Jake Kaysonphet: LCC Jimmy Keoseng: Working Shantelle Kobayashi: UH West Oahu Angela Kroeger: HPU Jacob Kuewa: Army Loren Kuni: LCC Robert Ladia: Monterey Peninsula College, Monterey, CA Warren Lagua: UH West Oahu Shawn Langamin: UTI Allsion Lapa: Undecided Brendan Lee: UH Karl Lele:Rocky Mountain College, Dilings, MO Jason Lopes: LCC Keolaonalani Lorenzo: HCC Sindia Lovan: LCC Destry Lunasco: Working Katarina Mango: Undecided Chandler Mallette: Undecided Alyza Maluano: UC RiverSide, Riverside, CA Derek Marks: Undecided

Geremy Martyn: Undecided Gabrielle Maxwell: Undecided Stephen Minehardt: Working Michelle Miguel: Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR Dillon Mulhearn: Cypress Community College, Cypress, CA Kylie Murry: Undecided Lani Musselman: UH Kasey Nacario: Working Brain Newhouse: UTI, AR Jozzel Newman: Undecided Edward Nocom: LCC Eli Noyes: KCC Daniel Oroyan: LCC Noah Pacatang: Army Rayelle Pactol: Heald College Dylan Paty-Miner: LCC Trevor Pedro- LCC Samuel Perry- LCC Keith Prehen: Undecided Jerimiah Repollo- Undecided

Rebecca Repollo: HCC Gavin Rin: Undecided Jherico Rivera-Albeso- Grand Canyon University, Phoniex, AR Brighton Rowley: Utah Valley University, Orem UT Jandie Sabo: Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon Winston Sacapulo- UeepaLCC Angelica Salvador: UH West Oahu Chavis Santiago: HCC Jacy Shimahara: Working Hunter Shiraishi: Undecided Mikela Shiroma: UTI Kennedy Shiroma: National Gaurd/West Oahu Kiana Storey: HCC Molly Swanson: Biola University, Justin Tantog: Monterey Peninsula College, Monterey, CA

Ashley Tashiro: Undecided Tanya Torres: UH Ezra Travis: HCC Chase Uhlir: LCC Kerlyne Ulep: LCC Anyssa Vidad Albeso: West Oahu Micheal Wedge: University of Oregon, Ugene, OR Charee Wong: University of Nevada Las Vagas, Las Vagas, NV April Xiengsome: Navy Stacey Ann Yacapin: Undecided Devan Young Toledo: Monterey Peninsula College, Monterey, CA

I’ll always remember... I’ll always remember the tree I’ll always remember the time I thrust-kicked the door to a bathroom stall, only to find that it was both locked and occupied. Sorry about that. I’ll always remember coming to the high school as 7th graders with Brighton, Alyssa, Lani, and Dakota and wondering “Where is the playground?” We then decided to play “Ditch tag” where we wound randomly ditch and chase each other around the school. I’ll always remember prom. That night was full of new experiences and a lot of excitement. Prom was one of the greatest nights to remember. The only thing I regret is not dancing at prom. But I will always remember the sisters and brothers I made throughout high school. They will always be in my heart from now until death. I’ll always remember when I tore a ligament two days before our Waialua High Schools girls’ varsity volleyball game. I was out for the entire season and that was an experience that I’ll never forget. I was able to focus more on my education but I still wish I could have played. I’ll always remember when Kylie and I dressed as Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg for Halloween. I’ll always remember the summer after 8th grade when our

AVID class went to Camp Erdman. We had to do this one activity called high ropes course where you had to walk ropes that was really high. Ms. Sonan & I were deathly afraid of heights & did this activity together. We screamed throughout the whole thing. This is how we got close. I’ll always remember Homecoming 2011, I was a Varsity Sweetheart while my two best friends were also on court, and Nicole was Queen & Kilen Senior Princess. It was a fun threeday event with friends, family, classmates, and my cheer girls. Definitely a moment of high school I will never forget. Also having our senior class with c/o the year was awesome. I’ll always remember those Saturday nights after a long week of school and practice being at the beach cooking and fishing with the friends that matter to you most. I’ll always remember the time that my Death Knight on WoW reached 85. It was the first time I had reached endgame on any game so it was a very tear jerking moment. I continue to have high hopes for my frost DK and wish for a better future. I’ll always remember having fun with my friends in ceramics class. From funny drawing to funny sculptures we were always having fun. It was also a class to socialize with your friends, as long as you were

working. I’ll always remember scoring the team’s first in season goal and not even knowing I scored. I’ll always remember Aunty Gwen kicking me out of her classroom every day and telling me not to come back even though I never ended up leaving in the first place. Also all of the priceless moments going on the bus to away games, moments I’d never trade for anything. But most of all those EPIC moments that I can’t repeat, because the best secrets are always the best stories never told. And every time on the field when me and Christian A. would look at each other and say … “we should’ve wet”. I’ll always remember PROM (2012)!! I had sooo much fun! I will never forget that day. I’ll always remember the day me & friends become F.U.S.A (Forever, Unusual, Sisters Always) in our junior years’. Knowing that we’re sisters through thick & thin. Also the day I found my best friend Kyra Armstrong. I’ll always remember playing football at Waialua and suiting up every day. Also, rushing to practice because I would be late. I’ll always remember coming to school every day wanting to go home but in actuality I wanted to stay in school. I’ll always remember staying in the hotel with the wrestling

team and how Dillion Nahooikaika will never fail to make me laugh no matter what mood I was in. I’ll always remember when the softball girls and I would imitate how people fight from different area codes. I will never forget how our class of 2012 always seems to come together at the right time and always end up being class of the year! I’ll always remember the box. I will also always remember the morning where Colon kicked off her shoes to stop a fight in the cafe.

I, Noah Acosta hereby leave my potential & kinetic energy as a function of time, but only half of my mass multiplied the velocity of my wok squared to Wyatt Rushing. I, Jasmyne Agricula give the #23 to Kiaralee for Soccer & softball. My cumulative GPA to Michaela Chalker, my calves to Kiersten Razon, Nicole Verdadero gets my laugh, orange backpack to Kaili Agabin. Rest of my lunch money in my card goes to Shannon Fisher-Larue. I, Kona Au hereby will Chloe all the winks I could possibly muster, and every meow. I also will Kevin his jacket back, and any and all creepy faces. I, Ciara Balidoy hereby give Kaila Yoneda-Lapenia my brains and ability to stay in school. Pono L. my smart decision making. Nicole V. my center field skills. Kaili P-A my basketball dribbling skill. Ulu P. my EV-

Senior Wills

ERYTHING. Kiersten R. my 67 Block Kuhi Bangahz ruggedness. Michaela C. my throwing skills. Sabrina T. all the sauerkraut for your polish dogs. Kiara K. my fielding skills. Amber A. all the blue moon & cotton candy ice cream. I, Cara Caneso-Bonilla hereby leave my filming and editing skills to my sister Tifani. I leave my strength to go on to you . Be strong Tifani, remember, you can do all things through christ who strengthens you! You can do it Tifani, I love you. I, Harper Defreitas hereby leave my bubble butt, AKA Lafonda, to Ellie, Juju, Malakai and Keefe. I hereby leave an infinite amount of hugs and saying “oooh you smell good!” to Rose Thomson. I love you baby girl! Never porget it! I, Mykal Guigui, hereby give my baseball number to Caelan A., my smarts to Hunter Q., abd my friendliness to my bro Logan O.

I, Alexander Ho hereby leave my courage, inspiration, and strength to Austin Ho. I also leave my love, compassion and creativity to Chelsea Hookala. And last I leave the greatest memories and my heart with Aunty Lorri. I, Kilen Iona hereby leave my passion and motivation for volleyball to Joelle Haime and Lani Maluyo. I leave my brains and my outgoing personality to my brother Kyle Iona. I leave my love, strength and ability to have fun yet get things done to our senior class advisor, Lorri Sonan. I, Ayano Jeffers-Fabro hereby will my Bessie the cow, my hair, skin color and a leash for my wolf puppy to Kirra Burke. Use everything wisely young one. I also leave Juju Bean my height & pidgin accent so she can one bangah. To all the soccer girls, go for those yellow

cards and make us proud next season. Peace! I, Jake “Rubio” Kaysonphet leave my mana and gutsyness to you fellow youngins. With what I leave, it will give you the courage to never give up and will make you become the person you want to be. I, Shantelle Kobayashi hereby leave my football, baseball, wrestling, & basketball statistician and managing skills to all the keikis who are going to be taking over. Just remember you need to be really patient & organized in whatever sports you decide to manage & take stats for. I, Angela Kroeger hereby leave my cheer leading voice to all my cheerleaders. I hereby leave my determination and motivation to Amber Tantog. I hereby leave my outgoing personality and brains to Kimo Onizuka. I leave tons of love to all of them plus Raquel Carillo. Gayle Dunn I leave you tons of love and the strength to conquer whatever life throws your way. I, Loren Kuni hereby leave my “TP” skills to Kanoa & Kiana. My love to my cousins. My friend making skills to Andrew. Friendliness to Terina, The strength to carry on & get through anything to Kyra. I, Robby Ladia hereby leave my family to Kimberly Ho’opai, my awesome baseball skizazles to Austin Ladia, my influence and hard work to the baseball ream and I give all of my mon-

ey to… I, Lani Mussleman give my parking skills to Kayla Carroll, my rings to Irina Delatorre, my flowing locks of hair to Ellie Regan, my first born child to Mia Rapine, my car to Amber Lyon, my butterfly beast skills to Kirra Burke, and my everlasting swag and artsyness to Juju Lazar. I, Brian Newhouse hereby leave my dedication and hard working nature to my younger brother Kaieme Newhouse. I Brian Newhouse also leave my love, dedication, and knowledge of Judo to the Waialua Judo Team of 2013. I, Iokepa Paty-Miner leave my speed to Olivia Prindle so maybe next year she won’t still be slow as a turtle. My beasty footwork to young buck Logan Lunasco so he can hold it for the DB’s and my ability to think my feet to the upcoming Bulldog football and soccer team so they can bring in a better season next year. And I leave my shark fins to any boys who step up to the DBeast plate next year. I, Trevor –Saun Pedro hereby leave my brains to Isaiah Mcshane & Jallel Fabro. LOL I Becky Repollo hereby leave my brains to Kyra Armstrong to do everything early and be prepared for what comes to you. I, Brighton Rowley hereby leave Max Rowley, Keefe Weaver, Max Perry, Cooper Thomson, Chandler Johnson & all my other timeflies Tuesday

buddies my freestyle rap skills. I also leave Irina Delatorre my gorgeous eyes and legs. I leave Rose my booty poppin’ skills, Chloe get my height and Kayla gets my love. I, Jandie Sabo hereby will Megan Andrada the power to take charge of the robotics teams, Alana my computer, Aunty Rin Tin Tin my good looks and skills, Team 259 my school spirit to win the Team Spirit Award, and Amber my brains to make the right decisions in life. I, Winston Sacapulo-Uepa hereby leave my height to Jallel Fabro, and Kalen Hong. I leave my jumping skills to Tyren Jon Moniz, I leave my courage to Ruben Castillo. I leave my appetite to Thomas Pule. I, Ashley Tashiro hereby leave my thugness to Ericka, my bread to Marcus for his buttah, Joelle my fierceness and Jake my food since he’s and aku bird. Also Karie my merpness, and Taylor my friendliness and loudness. I leave Nikki my moke action tiddah braddah sistah. I, Charee Wong hereby leave my wrestling skills to Kalen Hong and Ikaika Remigio. I leave Uluwehi Pang my fielding skills and left hand batting skills to Amber Alejandro and the power to handle “King Kong”. I hereby leave Kiersten Razon my hammah dolo, I leave Karie Almeida my Spanish speaking skills. I leave Wyatt Rushing my softball pants because his is too tight for him. Last, I leave my brains to Chaela Chalker because she’s small kine dumb.

Special Thanks

I would like to thank Mr. Shikiya for pushing me through “hell” so that I could feel the weight of real college Physics on my shoulders. –Noah Acosta

college course, Aunty Marge for always making me laugh, and lastly Mrs. Sonan for always being there for me no matter what. -Mykal Guigui

Dear Mr. Cole, Thank you for helping me with my video projects and teaching me all about filming, directing and editing. Thanks you for always making us laugh whenever we were having a bad day. You’re the best and most inspiring teacher here at Waialua! – Cara Caneso-Bonilla

There’s many teachers that made a difference in my life. But there was only three that really changed my life. They are Aunty Lorri, Mrs. Oshiro, and Aunty Taylor. All three of them introduced something new in my life. And that’s leadership, inspiration, and creativity. And all these qualities that were given to me made the person I am today. I love you all!! -Alex Ho

Throughout the past years I have had so much help and would like to thank all of the following people… Ms. Arlander, Mr. Ishimoto, Aunty Gwen, Ms. Sonan, Mr. Lee, Mrs. Ishikawa, Mr. Kamisato and Mr. Boxman. –Harper Defreitas I want to thank Mrs. Thompson for guiding me through my

A few teachers that I’d like to thank are Mr. Nakamura, Ms. Sonan, Mrs. Holdren, and Mr. Ishimoto. Thanks you all so much for being there for me, for motivating me to do my best, and for helping me throughout my years here at Waialua.

You’ve made my experience here a very memorable one and I’ll carry this with me for the rest of my life. -Kilen Iona I would like to especially thank Mr. Cablay for all the support he’s provided me with. He’s become a great mentor whom I will cherish forever. Mahalo Uncle Ian! -Aya Jeffers-Fabro Ms. Piccolo, Ms. Arlander, Mr. Ishimoto, Ms. Sonan, Mr. Cole, Mr. Boxman, Mr. Marcello, Mr. Nakamura, the space provided is not enough to explain how fantastic & amazing you are! -Khajee Karodia From the bottom of my heart I’d just like to thanks all of them for teaching me everything you know. But I foremost would like to thank Ms. Sonan as my advisor she’s been there through thick & thin. And for that here’s my greatest thanks.

-Jake Kaysonphet Special thanks to all my teachers from 7th -12th grade for helping me with everything. I’d especially like to thank Aunty Lorri, Aunty Marge, Mr. Ishimoto, Mr. Nakamura, Mama Susu Chow, Aunty Martha and Mr. Lee for helping me every day of my years here at Waialua High. Without any of you I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you! -Shantelle Kobayashi Mr. Boxman - for all his help with anything I’ve ever needed and becoming a very important person in my life. Ms. Sonan - for everything she has done for me and all the time she has given me to help me, especially with my AVID speech. Mr. Nakamura - for all his dedication to our AVID class and for helping me with college and scholarships. Mr. Ishimoto - for all his help with AVID, college, scholarships, and anything else I’ve ever needed. -Angela Kroeger Special thanks to Mr. Cole, for everything you have done. Mr. Nakamura, Mr. Lee, Mr. Ishimoto for motivating me through my high school years. And the most to Ms. Sonan because she has been with me since eighth grade, & I know will always be there. -Loren Kuni I would like to give a special thanks to Ms. Sonan. Although I have only been at Waialua High School for two years, you have helped our class so much, I don’t know what we would do without you. -Robert Ladia I would like to give my deepest

thanks to Mr. Kevin Lee. He has helped so much throughout my high school years and if not for him I don’t know how I would have got through my senior year. I greatly appreciate what he does for the students and wishes that lives long and prosper -Brenden Lee I would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Cole in the Media Center. He was always there to guide me through projects and presentations. He always knew how to put a smile on anyone’s face. He can be as serious and intelligent as he is goofy. Thank you Mr. Cole -Brian Newhouse I would like to thank Mrs. Victoria Pescaia for always having something to do in her room, Mr. Allen Boxman for always having an ear to listen and for pushing me to turn things around and look for better days, Aunty Gwen for letting me eat all her food and telling me I’m kicked out of her class EVERYDAY, and Mr. Shikiya bird for being such a wookie boss with the force. -Iokepa Paty-Miner I would like to thank the counselor Mr. lee for helping me when I needed help and I also like to thank Ms. Oshiro for being not just a good teacher but a good friend. Last I would like to thank Ms. Holdren for getting on my butt last summer, if it wasn’t for all these people, I wouldn’t be graduating. -Trevor Pedro I would like to thank my family for being there for me, I would

like to thank my sister for being weird & crazy, & my best friend Kyra Armstrong. I couldn’t do this without you! -Becky Repollo I’d like to thank Mr. Shikiya for showing me that I must fail in order to succeed, Mrs. Holdren for being the best social studies teacher ever, Mr. Marcello for the pizza and dolphins, Ms. Souza for all the late night food runs, Mr. Glenn Lee for making a “Hawaiian Kid”, and Ms. Sonan for sticking with our class until the end and guiding us in the right direction. –Jandie Sabo I would like to thank Mr. Erice for being a mentor PTP teacher, coach and role model overall. I would also like to thank ALL my other teachers who gave me a chance and believed in me. I’d like to thank Mr. Nakamura for keep reminding me of what I got to do! Mahaloz to everyone else. You know who you are! -Winston Sacapulo-Uepa To Pono Choice girls, Aunty Martha, and all my teachers who put up with me from 7th grade till now, thank you!! –Ashley Tashiro I thank Mr. Marcello for exercising my brain in trig and pre-calculus. I thank Aunty Lori for giving me a room to sleep in during 4th period and for always keeping us on track. I thank Aunty Gwen for feeding me, giving me service house, assigning me a superior position in SBG and for being the best leadership teacher ever! –Charee Wong

Class Speakers By: Brighton Rowely The audience at the commencement exercises for the class of 2012 of Waialua High and Intermediate School will have the pleasure of hearing from two outstanding seniors, Nati Fuatiga and Anyssa Vidad-Albeso. In the tradition of class speakers their talks usually reminisce about things that have happened to bring our class closer together, and names and events that are familiar and dear to all the seniors in attendance. The Waialua High and Intermediate class of 2012 are small in number but big in memories that will be reflected by Fuatiga and Vidad-Albesso during their speech. Both of the speakers expressed gratitude and were glad that they were chosen by their class to speak. They have been nominated and chosen by the class of 2012 to represent the best of Waialua’s graduating class. “I feel very honored that my class even notices someone like me and it makes me feel pretty special I’d say! And I feel great that Nati is also the class speaker because I know that me and him could work out a pretty decent speech” said Vidad-Albesso. “I feel like it is going to be a fun talk with such a funny girl with great energy” adds Fuatiga. Nerves might play into the situation because being nominated class speaker is a meaningful recognition in the turning point of the nominees lives. Vidad-Albesso states, “I admit, I am a bit nervous but this is an honor and I’ll rise to that level and make the best of what was given to me!” Fuatiga says he is used to speaking in front of large crowds because of his church experiences, but will experience some fear as the day swiftly nears. So on the afternoon of May 19th, sit back and enjoy the celebration, memories and recollections of the class of 2012!

Valedictorians By: Noah Acosta Senior valedictorian Jandie Sabo is attending the University of Oregon where she plans to major in Engineering. “Yes, I’ve worked very hard to maintain my GPA and push myself to strive for the best even when I was super busy” says Jandie when asked her if she feels she has earned her position as valedictorian. The outstanding campus and engineering program was Jandie’s eye catching interest in choosing the University that she did. Waialua High student Alyza Malunao is between crossroads for The University of Hawaii and the University of Riverside, where she plans to major in engineering. Alyza has found her experience at Waialua rewarding in the English, Math, and Science department. “Yes, staying up till 2:00 am on multiple nights gave me the edge to succeed and continue my studies and stay on top as a steady, hard worker” said Alyza when asked if she felt like she has earned her position as valedictorian. She also is thankful to have the honor to carry forth the Malunao name with a valedictorian speech at graduation. Waialua High School student Tanya Torres is currently indecisive about which college she plans to attend to extend her major in environmental studies. Tanya has appreciated the teachings and work given to her throughout her high school career and gives a great thanks to the teachers who have prepared her for future studies. She made sure that she maintained A’s and took the right measures to ensure her rewarded GPA and college choice. Tanya also feels greatly honored for the faculty of Waialua to reward her with the opportunity of speaking for her class at the 2012 Waialua graduation.

Valedictorians By: Jesse Buenrostro Khadji Karodia, one of the many well known valedictorians, set high goals for herself this year. Wanting to enter the medical field, she got help from mentors, and experience from an internship. With her perfect G.P.A, she has decided to go to UC Berkeley with the intent to major in nursing. Waialua has given many opportunities to her as well, allowing her to mature academically and socially. With difficult AP and Honors courses, it gave her just a taste of what is to come when she goes off to college. Waialua also allowed her to grow as a person and become prepared for the outside world. Harper DeFreitas, another valedictorian, showed the dedication and commitment throughout the entire year by balancing school, friends, and sports. She ran cross-country, swam, and played tennis all the while maintaining a 4.0! She is also a member of the interact club, and is on the student council. She got a lot out of Waialua, she learned that no matter where you go, and you work hard you can succeed. She plans on using this mentality to help her through her college years at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts. Jasmin Ash, one of the other valedictorians, was one of the people who could make anyone’s day. Sweet, outgoing, and deeply involved in leadership activities, she represented our school well, bringing spirit where ever she went. She had a lot of stress from her mom and dad to strive and get good grades throughout high school and clearly achieved that through all of her hard work. After high school she plans on going to Texas Christian University, where she’ll continue to pursue her greatest endeavors.

Senior 2012  

c/o 2012, Waialua