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Applying for a Drivers Licence How you can apply To apply for a licence, there are two ways: the first can be done by collecting the application form from your local post office. 

the second involves completing an application form online. For this you will need a debit or credit card, a UK passport and details of previous addresses.

Once you have the application form and have filled in all of the necessary information. The form should be sent with a passport sized photograph and a fee of £50.00 should be enclosed. You should expect your drivers licence two to three weeks after it being sent off.

What happens next

Celebrity Gossip

Once you have received your provisional drivers licence the next step would be to order driving lessons. Below is list of the best driving schools in the north, south, east and west of London.

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ol scho iv ’s dr school r e l e g Whe riving otorin AA d ol of m scho RSM


NSM hool sc riving d ool A A g sch n i v i r d Red


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For discounts on your driving lessons ask the individual driving school for any student discounts, promotions or any other special offers. Most driving schools have introductory offers for first time drivers. So don’t miss out on the discounts and offers available to save your money today!!

December 2009, the world’s best golfer Tiger Woods had driven carelessly into a fire hydrant and tree. The golfer will be charged a maximum £99 fine and up to four points on his drivers licence. In the early hours of morning his wife Nordegren had used a club to smash the window and pull Tiger Woods to safety.

the Elin golf car

Although the crash left Tiger Woods unconscious for several minutes and suffered from cuts to his face, police had branded

the incident the ‘same as traffic violation’. The crash came days after allegations about Wood’s private life, it was rumoured that hours before the accident his wife had phoned him and had been arguing for hours.

Story of the week

Super Granny defender of justice

An elderly lady from A few minutes later she Florida did her shopping found her own car parked and, upon returning to her four or five spaces farther car, found four males down. in the act of leaving She loaded her “I have a gun with her vehicle. bags into her and I know car and drove how to use She dropped her to the police it!” shopping bags, and station, the drew her handgun, sergeant to proceeding to scream at whom she told the story them at the top of her nearly tore himself in two voice, "I have a gun and I with laughter. know how to use it! Get out of the car, you scum He pointed to the other end bags!". of the counter, where four pale white males were The four men didn't wait reporting a car jacking by a for a second mad elderly woman described invitation, as white, less than 5' tall, but got out and glasses, and curly white hair ran like mad, carrying a large handgun. No whereupon the lady, charges were filed. somewhat shaken, proceeded to load her shopping bags into the back of the car and get into the driver's seat. She was so shaken that she could not get her key into the ignition. She tried and tried and then it dawned on her why.

Applying for a Passport How you can apply You can get the form in four ways. You can:  collect it from a Post Office branch that offers the Passport Check & Send service.  request an application form online and IPS will send it to you in the post.  call the Passport Adviceline 0300 222 0000 and ask IPS to send it to you in the post 

complete the application online, in which case IPS will print out the completed form and send it to you to sign and return with the supporting documents

How much does it cost First adult passport: By post = £77.50 Check & Send service = £77.50 Replace a lost, stolen or missing adult passport By post = £77.50 Check & Send service = £77.50

How to take the perfect passport picture

Passport pictures are known to make people to look their worst not their best, to break the mould of looking like a convict try some of the following: 

How long does it By post = 3 weeks + Check & Send service= 1 week

Practise smiling in the mirror with your mouth closed.

Take your passport picture after going to the hairdressers or barbers. 

Try to avoid taking pictures in photo booths, because the light is unflattering and will accentuate your worst features. 

If you go to snappy snaps or a pharmacy, the photographer can take as many pictures as needed to get that perfect passport picture. 

ssport The 10 No’s of pa pictures

the eyes X No hair across make-up ladies X Not too much X No hats

X No glasses X No side profile

ly face : P X No pulling a sil images X No background the teeth X No showing of ulation X No photo manip grumpy X No looking too

Story of the week A two-year old boy was listed on the country’s list of wanted suspects. The toddler’s passport had the same details as those of a convict from an arrest warrant. The father, Abdullah Mohammed Saleh was told by officers that “they need to take Suhail”. The father thought

that it was a joke and replied “take him if you want!”. The joke was not prolonged when the officers had shown Mr. Saleh a printed document of Turkey’s wanted list. After checking and revising the child’s details, the officers said that they would investigate the cause of the mix-up.

Applying for a NUS Card How you can apply You can apply in two ways. You can: Ask your college or sixth form for the application form. 

For this you need the following: 1.Passport photo 2.Have an email address 3.£10 postal order 

Apply online yourself at

For this you will need: 1.Webcam or a scanned passport photo 2.Have an email address 3.Credit or debit card

FAQ’s ible? Who is elig be You must e of over the ag st 16 and mu ation. be in educ

My card has been sto len. Report th e incident and ask for the crime reference number, with this you are entitled to a free replacem ent.

nt has My discou e sed at on been refu dvertised of your a artners. discount p

ing s by visit u t c ta n o C ’ eed help? the ‘still n section on www.nus.o

Where does the £10 go? £6 goes to the printing of the card and the other £4 goes straight ba ck to the student unions.

The best discounts

Amazon Discount of all kinds of stuff and free UK delivery for orders over £5. Lloyds TSB Discount Interest free tiered overdraft with the student bank account and a free NUS extra card. McDonalds Discount Free medium fries with the purchase a Big Mac® or McChicken® Sandwich. AA discount Half price driving lessons for all NUS Extra cardholders. Orange Discount Apply for a free Orange SIM and they’ll give you £10 extra credit the first time you top-up by £10. Rymans Discount 12.5% off all items in the Staples Store for all NUS extra cardholders. Odeon Discount 10% off all ticket prices in Odeon cinemas and 25% off critics’ top films at Odeon. Topshop and Topman Discount 10% off all items in Topshop or Topman all year round.

Applying for a Student Bank Account How you can apply 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Seek guidance from financial advisors to see what bank accounts you should be looking out for. You need to research the different banks and look at what they offer, luckily for you we have done all the research for you already. Compare what the banks offer and which one suits your needs best. Once you’ve found an appropriate bank account, double check with other banks to see whether they can match or beat your quote. After choosing your bank then you can take full advantage of what they have offered you.

Test Factor

Below We have reviews by 4 different people on the 4 best banks in the world; Halifax, Barclays, Lloyds TSB and HSBC. Included in the reviews is an overall 5 star rating, a positive and negative on the bank account and any other banks or student accounts that they would recommend and why.

Student current account Name: Lucy Cornelius

Student additions account Name: Alex Mihalache



“This account was excellent for overdrafts, I had £3,000 interest free overdraft for 5 years which was excellent for shopping! However the interest was extortionate when the 5 years was up!, the bank account also included a 25% discount on AA breakdown cover which was idle as I just bought a car. ”

“I found that Barclays was more useful for me as I travel a lot and their online and mobile banking allowed me to check my bank account at any time, anywhere; however the did not offer me a large enough overdraft as Halifax. “

Student account Name: Yassin Ibrahim

Account name Name: Rasha Salman

Tips on saving you money to prices e r a Comp see buy it n a c if you aper che

Use all discounts available to your disposal e,g, NUS card, promotions etc.

k rmark om e p u s y .c www.m gocompare . w w W



“This account had it’s limitations; it’s overdraft was limited to £1,500 and this was much lower than any other offer from a bank; however the freebies that accompanied the account were very useful such as savings of £75.99 with AA, free NUS extra card, free YHA membership and 35 free music downloads from eMusic. ”

“HSBC was the perfect bank account for me as I was studying overseas for a year the facilities available suited my needs perfectly. The bank offered 25% off travel guides, 24 hour access to my account, 2 years free travel insurance and 2% AER variable with the first £1,000 in my account. The customer service is amazing!“

Buy generic products wherever possible, whether it is buying a tin of beans or swapping designers for high street brands.


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