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Jürgen Wagner This month, we talk to a teacher of English and French at Gymnasium am Rotenbühl in Saarbrücken. Why did you become a teacher? English and French simply were my best Abitur subjects. More than 90 per cent of foreign-language students ended up as teachers. So did I. You are very much involved in using “Moodle” in the classroom. Could you tell us about this program? Moodle is an open-source software e-learning platform, initiated by Martin Dougiamas (Perth, Australia), which is now developed by a worldwide community (200 countries, 70+ language versions). The key aspect in the development of this coursemanagement system (CMS) is ease of use. Currently, the Landesinstitut für Pädagogik und Medien (LPM) hosts Moodle classrooms for about 30 schools in Saarland, and since last May, individual teachers have been given the opportunity to apply for free classroom and teacher training. Moodle is based on a collaborative approach to learning. What are some of its other advantages? The classroom is extended beyond its physical boundaries (24/7/365 access), and users don’t need to install any software — a browser will do (Internet Explorer or preferably Mozilla Firefox). Moodle’s collaborative approach increases student motivation. Multimedia resources (podcasts, video clips, SlideShare presentations) are easy to integrate. Courses are easy to create,

using doc, ppt, pdf and mp3 files, and easy to share with colleagues. Thanks to a customizable interface, no HTML skills are required.

in the classroom Ideen und Konzepte für den Englischunterricht

Do you think that one can learn a language without a teacher? Yes, I do, but not from scratch. Presently I’m trying to improve my command of Spanish with the help of podcasts (mainly SSL4You and ECOS podcasts). Poducation works! Any future plans or dreams? Internationalizing my career as a teacher trainer. Contributing to the improvement of my school’s technological infrastructure. Increasing the popularity of my blog (see below) with further guest-blogging contributions. I’d like to explore the huge potential of Web 2.0 applications in the language classroom, for example using blogging. I’ve developed a way to create a free, password-protected virtual classroom with the help of, WordPress or Edublogs software. At the end of the school year, this blog folio may be published — with parental consent — to showcase the students’ academic achievements. Successfully implementing Moodle in Saarland with the help of my colleagues from the LPM’s e-learning department.

Making paper fortune-tellers to practise the past tense, a whistle dictation, a lively grammar auction game and lots of vocabulary-building exercises: these are some of the activities we suggest this month for brightening up your September lessons. We have also reviewed two teacher-training manuals: one on Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), and the other on effectively running a lesson in English. On page 5, don’t miss the interview with Jürgen Wagner, language teacher and expert on e-learning, who talks about using the online learning platform Moodle in the classroom.

Spotlightplus* geht noch mehr ins Detail! Mehr Spracherfolg mit Ihrem persönlichen Sprachtrainer für Englisch. Das Trainingsplus auf 24 Seiten für Sie als Abonnent im Pocket-Format:

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Reviews Primarily intended for non-native teachers of English, this manual suggests ways to help students accept and use English as the natural language of classroom management. It contains lots of phrases needed to run a lesson effectively, as well as numerous exercises and activities to help practise them. The CD features 30 hours of live lessons from eight different countries. Multilingual reference lists of key vocabulary and more are available online at

Language and content teachers at primary, secondary and vocational levels can uncover and discover new ideas for getting started in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) with this book. It is filled with practical ideas, clear explanations and examples for CLIL teaching in a number of languages. The eight units cover CLIL methodology and its learning outcomes, how to create authenticity and promote active learning in a safe environment, along with plenty of activities.

Practical Classroom English, G. Hughes, J. Moate, Oxford/Cornelsen, ISBN 978-3-06-800439-5, €28.50.

Uncovering CLIL, Peeter Mehisto et al., Macmillan/Hueber, ISBN 978-3-19-032972-4, €26.50.


Zu jeder Ausgabe von Spotlight. is a free, independent and non-profit e-magazine which brings you compelling and well-written stories about travel, politics, culture, food, sport and music from all over Europe.

9/2008 Spotlight

ältlich. * nicht im Handel erh

Aktives Lernen durch vertiefende Übungen Die monatliche Ergänzung zu Ihrem Spotlight-Heft Zahlreiche Aufgaben zu Grammatik, Wortschatz, Redewendungen und Alltagssprache Jeder Sprachtrainer mit großem Überprüfungstest der eigenen Kenntnisse und Lernfortschritte Sie verbessern kontinuierlich Ihre Englisch-Kenntnisse, da Sie keine Ausgabe verpassen Ihr Preisvorteil: Als Abonnent kostet Sie Spotlightplus statt 3,50 ¤ nur 3,00 ¤ pro Ausgabe.

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Spotlight in the classroom ist ein kostenloser Service für Spotlight-Abonnenten in Lehrberufen. Er erscheint monatlich und bezieht sich auf die jeweils aktuelle Heft-Ausgabe. Das nächste Spotlight in the classroom erscheint am 24. September (zur Oktober-Ausgabe von Spotlight ).

Fun, games and more


9 l 2008





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Language work



Subject-auxiliary inversion Discussion, giving reasons Reading, speaking

15 20 25

difficult easy/medium medium

Easy Fortune teller New arrival

Past simple, following instructions Writing a dialogue, vocabulary

Hw, 45 60

easy easy

Medium and more Old habits East coast attractions Multitasking*

Specific listening, dictionary work Whistle dictation, reading, speaking Grammar auction, discussion

45 45 60, hw

medium medium/difficult medium

Quick (In)Formal Odd picture out Video gamers

Copy file: Name der Firma / Institution

Based on magazine item

Language Cards (pp. 61–62) Various photographs World View (p. 10)

The Lighter Side (p. 71) “The baby’s room” (pp. 54–55)

Around Oz (p. 48) Travel (pp. 32–38) Before You Go (p. 78)

*Photocopiable material for exercise “Multitasking”

PLZ, Ort


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9/2008 Spotlight

Jürgen Wagner Uncovering CLIL News website

Practical Classroom English


Jürgen Wagner Talking Teaching  

Interview in der Beilage "Spotlight in the Classroom" des beliebten Fremdsprachenmagazins Spotlight

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