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Crestia Carpets, Riverina Terrazzo Tile Boutique, Interior Constructions, Supermix Concrete, Hudson Building Supplies, Harrison & Higgins, Wagga Bricks and Roofing and & Powers Insulation & Plumbing for their support during our My Kitchen Rules ad campaign. With an average local audience of 45,000 we hope this campaign was successful for you! View the ads on our You Tube channel - Hurst Homes Wagga Wagga

Congratulations to Stephen & Pearl of Melbourne on their purchase of 11 Yandee Place, Estella. This 3 bedroom home recently completed by Hurst Homes will be perfect for their daughter to complete her university studies in! With Market conditions conducive to investing, the University in Estella is providing good investment opportunities, contact us for more details.



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The bottom line on being Green Smart We’ve broken down the costs of building an energy efficient home versus electricity bills! Building a Green Smart home may cost you more upfront (absorbed into your loan costs), but the savings on heating and cooling costs (direct from your pocket) will be more than you could imagine!



$255,000 over 30 years @ 7.5% (Variable NAB Loan) including energy efficient extras

$250,000 over 30 years @ 7.5% (Variable NAB Loan) with no energy efficient features

Monthly Repayments= $ 1783

Monthly Repayment = $ 1748.04

Average Thermal Electricity Costs= $23.50 per month

Average Thermal Electricity Costs = $115.41 per month

Total cost per month = $ 1806.50

Total cost per month = $ 1863.45

That’s a Saving of $56.95 per month or almost $700 per year! Not only will you Save $700 per Year, Your House will be more favourable in years to come, as Energy Rating on Homes becomes more prevalent in the future.

Don’t be left behind! Energy efficiency is a part of reality right now and into the future. You must consider the energy efficiency of your home for daily running costs and future values as Energy Rating will become mandatory to sell your Home in the not too distant future. Call us Today to Discuss Energy Efficient Options! All costs are estimates, and you should talk to us for an exact quote, as prices may vary depending on your plan and block.

Insulate! Upgrading your insulation to a higher R-value can lower energy costs dramatically. Sealing ducts, caulking, and weather stripping reduce energy loss even more. Change your old shower head- most deliver more water than in necessary. Reduce to 3 Star (6 litres/minute) and save on your water bill. Try the same with older toilets- changing to modern low flush designs that use 4 Litres of less per flush. For many reasons- plant a tree. If properly sited, trees and other landscaping can save up to 30% in home cooling and heating costs. Replace old inefficient appliances with new High Energy star appliances- the initial outlay will quickly be repaid in electricity savings. You can compare energy efficient products at, and follow the links. Hurst Homes: 5/17-25 Lake Albert Road - 6921 9988 -

Doing an internet search on any potential builder By simply “Googling” a person’s name or business name, you will be able to see if there is any feedback about the business, normally through “blogs” or social media. Of course, you’ll need to do the normal Department of Fair trading licence check firstbut the information people post on the internet could be invaluable to your research. Don’t take on person’s view though, make sure you do enough research to support either using, or not using a particular company. This could save you money and stress in the long run! We also recommend asking questions of any potential builder and having a strong understanding of what you are looking for. Go to to check out our list of recommended questions to ask in our updated 50 Quick Questions document.

CASH RATE: 4.25% The Official Cash Rate remains unchanged for March, and is sitting at 4.25%. The RBA’s decision to hold interest rates is based on information that risks to the Global Economy are receding and conditions in Australia and improving.. World Economy will grown below pace, but the Aussie economy wil lgrow close to rend, and the RBA are forecasting productivity growth and improvement over the next few years.

While the Australian Housing Industry was labelled “soft” by the RBA, the Wagga market appears to be Flourishing! Local enquiries into new homes are Strong, and confidence is building in the local economy and housing industry.

Building Quality Homes since 1990 Hurst Homes: 5/17-25 Lake Albert Road - 6921 9988 -

Peter is the Vice Chairman of the HIA Wagga Branch, and is organising the Annual HIA Golf Day is being held on Friday, March 23rd at the Wagga Wagga Country Club. The day will start with a BBQ Lunch at 12 pm, followed by tee-off at 1pm. Proceeds from this years Golf Day will go to the Amie St Clair Melanoma Trust- a foundation providing support to rural cancer patients, as well as assisting with funding for medical research for the management of Melanoma. The registration fee of $50 includes a 9 hole, 3 man Ambrose with drinks and finger food included. Everyone is welcome, however places are limited so register by calling Peter Hurst on 0418692963.

5/17-25 Lake Albert Road PO Box 5905 Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 Phone: 02 69 21 99 88 Fax: 02 69 21 89 88 Web:

HIA Award Winners 2011

While so many people were effected by the recent floods, Hurst Homes were lucky enough not to be inundated, despite being in an evacuation zone. We hope all effected residents and businesses make speedy recoveries. We also lost our Server last week, and we apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. Here are some pictures of us flood-proofing the office.

HIA Riverina Customer Service Award HIA Riverina Occupational Heath & Safety Award HIA Riverina Spec Home of the Year HIA Riverina Project Home of the Year HIA ACT/Southern NSW Spec Home of the Year HIA ACT/Southern NSW Business Partner of the year

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