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Prof. Johan Bouma, WU Soil and Fertilization Sciences 1966, emeritus professor of Soil Science, received the 2018 Dokuchaev Award from the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS). 28 September 2017.

professor holding a personal chair in the Business Economics group. 1 October 2017. Arthur C. Ouwehand PhD, WUR Biology 1992, has received one of the three 2017 Pedersen Awards given by the DowDuPont Specialty Products Division. 17 October 2017. Prof. Eric Smaling, WUR Soil and

Fertilization Sciences 1982, former professor of Soil Surveying and Land Evaluation and an MP for the Socialist Party until 26 October, will be working at WUR on international research projects in the field of food security and soil fertility. 1 October 2017. Laan van Staalduinen MSc, WU

Jeroen Dijsselbloem MSc, WUR Economics of Agriculture and the Environment 1991, will continue to chair the Eurogroup until January. On 26 October, his tenure as Minister of Finance ended and he will not be returning to the Dutch Parliament. 11 October 2017.

Economics of Agriculture and the Environment 1992, has been appointed director of Institutional Affairs on the executive board of VU University Amsterdam. 1 August 2017.

Harry Paul PhD, MPA, WUR Phytopathology 1985, Wageningen Ambassador, former inspector-general of the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority and deputy project secretary-general at the Ministry of Finance, has been given the task of preparing the way for the new secretary-general of the new Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. In the previous two governments, agriculture was covered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.


Theo van Haeften PhD, WUR Biology 1988, has been appointed director of the Undergraduate School of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University. 1 June 2017. Frank Jorna MSc, WUR Zootechnics 2000,

animal feed expert and formerly employed by SecureFeed, has been appointed operations manager at the WUR Dairy Campus. 1 November 2017. Karel Keesman PhD, WUR Land

Development 1984, has been appointed professor of Biobased Chemistry and Technology at Wageningen. 1 October 2017.

Aretha Aprilia receives the Green Talent Award from Matthias Graf von Kielmansegg.

Johan Kroes MSc, WUR Environmental

Aretha Aprilia (Urban Environmental Management 2005) won one of the 25 Green Talent Awards 2017 at the end of October that were awarded by the International Forum for High Potentials in Sustainable Development, part of the German Ministry of Education and Research. Aprilia, who obtained a doctorate from Kyoto University after her Master’s, works for CDM Smith in Jakarta via the US Green Prosperity Project. She works on small-scale systems for generating electricity in rural areas and is studying the incentive policy for generating green energy in Indonesia. More than 2500 villages in Indonesia do not have access to electricity. The jury was particularly impressed by Aprilia’s commitment to giving every household in Indonesia access to energy, however remote they might be.

Protection 2004, won the 2017 ‘Prince’s Speech Award’, the speechwriting competition in the festival marking the opening of parliament. 15 September 2017. Miranda Meuwissen PhD, WUR

Economics of Agriculture and the Environment 1995, has been appointed



Green Talent Award for small-scale power generation

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Wageningen World 2017 04 (in English)  

Wageningen World 2017 04 (in English)