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Applied Statistics Bringing statistical methods to life

Wageningen Academy Dates: November 6, 7, 8 and 11, 12, 13, 2013 Course leader: Ir. Saskia Burgers, Wageningen UR - Biometris

The course In this course the basic principles of statistics and modelling will be introduced using examples from the life sciences (plant, animal, food and environment). The mathematical fundamentals of the used methods are briefly mentioned. The statistical techniques and thought processes needed to design an experiment or research study are discussed. Of course the appropriate analyses of the data obtained are explained and practiced during the computer practical sessions. The emphasis will be on the application in practise: •

statistical methods are discussed on the basis of realistic cases;

advanced regression techniques for a model-based approach are addressed, focussed on experimental and observational research.

The course provides an introduction to GenStat. During the course students can expect a high degree of feedback.


The book An Introduction to Statistical Methods and Data

Statistical methods form an essential part in analysing

Analysis by R. Lyman Ott and Micheal T. Longnecker is

– and thereby giving meaning to – scientifically

handed out and will be used for training and self-study.

obtained data. By performing the right statistical analysis, the researcher gives backbone to his research and it forms the basis for interpretation and predictive

Target group

value of the results.

The course is designed for researchers (Higher Education or University), working at government, research

Through the availability of advanced computer programs,

institutes, businesses and teachers in higher (agricultural)

the modelling of more complex situations, becomes

education. If you have doubts whether you belong to the

relatively easy. This course aims to bring statistical

target group or have enough relevant basic knowledge,

methods to life for every researcher.

please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Course Applied Statistics Practical information


The course will be organized in Wageningen.

Every course day consists of a theoretical and

The lecturers and course material are in English.

practical part. During the practical’s students will

The course fee is € 2795 per person, including

work with GenStat (15-th edition).

syllabi & book, lunches and coffee/thee/drinks.

Course fee does not cover breakfast, diner and

Day 1 – November 6, 2013

hotel accommodation. Overnight stays can be

Basic descriptive statistics: population, sample,

booked optionally but are additionally charged.

standard deviation, standard error, confidence

The general terms and conditions can be read on

interval, hypotheses testing, two sample t-test, least

our website.

significant difference, sample size and an introduction to GenStat for Windows.

Course leader

Day 2 – November 7, 2013

Saskia Burgers is working at Wageningen UR,

Experimental design: completely randomized design, randomized block design and factorial design,

Biometris. Biometris is the fully integrated

interaction, analysis of variance and F-test.

collaboration of PRI Biometris and the Mathematical and Statistical Methods Group. Statistical and

Day 3 – November 8, 2013

mathematical methods are being developed for the quantification of biological processes and processes in our living environment, both for companies and academics, to explore the potential of nature to

Simple linear regression, correlation, multiple linear regression and model checking. November 9 and 10, 2013: no programme

improve the quality of life. This is done at all levels,


from gene to ecosystem and from product to production chain. In various fields of expertise

Day 4 – November 11, 2013

Biometris has implemented established methods of analysis into software packages. The goal is to bring quantitative methods to life!

Analysis of covariance, Latin-square design, split-plot (nested) design, (pseudo) replication and multiple comparison tests. Day 5 – November 12, 2013 Linear regression with qualitative and quantitative variables, polynomials and selection of variables (to obtain the best model). Day 6 - November 13, 2013 Binomial distribution, proportions and logistic regression analysis.

Course fee

€ 2795

Max, students



November 6, 7, 8 and 11, 12, 13, 2013

Registration before

October 20, 2013

For more information, please contact Wageningen Academy Monique Tulp

P.O. Box 226 6700 AE Wageningen

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Applied Statistics  
Applied Statistics  

In this course the basic principles of statistics and modelling will be introduced using examples from the life sciences (plant, animal, foo...