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The Danish Baker Boys

mr willis Says

Kids’ Summer Party

Master bakers behind Baker & Spice

Q&As from our favourite chef Craig Willis

DIY ideas for a kid’s summer party

Baker & Spice 美味面包背后的丹麦面包师。

与我们大爱的厨师Craig Willis有趣问答 。


FOREWORD When I was asked to write and edit some of the articles in the first issue of The Journal, I thought to myself “I failed high school English, after living in Shanghai for 15 years my English has "wenti." Surely we can afford to find a more qualified person? ” The Journal is the beginning of a new phase in our time in ever changing China. It is a collection of bits and pieces that inspire us. It is a sharing of culture, food, wine, people, travel and beautiful things for our guests to enjoy over a latte, Margarita pizza or Farmhouse carrot cake. May 2013 was a turning point for us. John, my business partner, founder of Wagas, Co-founder of Mr Willis, joined Wagas and Mr Willis full time. And we knew (with nervous anticipation) that any flash or idea that would cross John’s mind – would very likely come to life. The Journal is a fine example of a flash coming to life. Wagas app, mobile payment and membership programs are on the horizon. It is a very exciting 2014. We chat with winemakers, designers, chefs, guests and other interesting people. As with everything we do at Wagas & Mr Willis, it’s a continual learning process and despite the occasional humps and bumps, we do it all with a great sense of humour and an ambitious drive to be better at what we do. We will attempt at keeping with tradition by offering a quarterly print newspaper in stores, but also an online edition. Stay connected by following us at I write this on behalf of my family – John, Michelle Zhou, Craig Willis and all our colleagues who put their hearts and talents into the coffee, bread, cake, design, photographs and service that the thousands of people in Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing share each day. We hope you enjoy the aesthetics of the newspaper, and the stories we have enjoyed putting together for you.

得知我需要为第一期The Journal写编者前言时,我心里有些犯嘀咕: “我不仅高 中英语不及格,而且在上海生活了15年,其实我的英语是有问题的。”找一个比我 更擅长写前言的人,对我们来说应该不难吧? The Journal是我们在瞬息万变的中国的一个全新的起点。 在这里,我们分享文化、美食、美酒、人物、旅行,还有美好的事物,趁您喝杯拿 铁、品尝玛格丽塔披萨或农舍胡萝卜蛋糕的工夫,我们邀您来品读那些赋予我们 灵感的点点滴滴。 2013年5月是我们全新的一个里程碑。我的合伙人John,也就是Wagas创始人及 Mr Willis联合创始人,开始了他在Wagas和Mr Willis的全职工作。我们深知(并踌 躇满志地期待着)任何闪现在John脑海里的想法都有可能会实现,The Journal 就是一个最好的例子; 另外,Wagas的应用程序、移动支付系统和会员制度也即 将与大家见面。2014年著实是令人激动的一年 。 相比一本正经的采访,The Journal更喜欢聊天。 我们跟葡萄酒生产者、设计师、 厨师、客人,以及各种有趣的人聊了聊。就像我们在Wagas和Mr Willis所做的,这 是一个不断学习和成长的过程,虽然偶尔会遇上小跌撞,可我们拥有十足的幽默 感和满满的信心。我们尝试每个季度在店内为您奉上一份印刷版的The Journal, 也会提供一份电子报纸。您可以关注我们的博客 这段前言代表著我和我的大家庭:John、Michelle Zhou、 Craig Willis,还有我 们所有全身心投入的同事。他们用心制作咖啡、面包、蛋糕,设计,拍摄照片…… 在上海,在北京,在南京, 他们孜孜不倦地为我们每日成千上万的客人服务著。 希望你喜欢这份The Journal,也喜欢这些我们为你精心准备的故事。

Jackie Yun 执行合伙人和代班编辑

Jackie Yun Managing partner and accidental editor

CONTRIBUTORS Editors: Jackie Yun, Sylvia Bai, Craig Willis, Michelle Zhou, Clair Zhang Photographers: Sara Biancaccio, Benedetta Anghileri, Thomas Anderson Art directors: Maria Gronborg, Abigail Yang Special thanks to: Connie Gu, Bellow Dong, Emma Pan, models, friends and family of Wagas and Mr Willis who played a small part in creating the The Journal Contact:

The Journal by Wagas and Mr Willis is published Quartely. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is strictly prohibited. All prices and credits are accurate at time of going to press but are subject to change. The Journal and it’s owners cannot be held responsible for any unsolicited material. The Journal by Wagas & Mr Willis 是我们的季度报刊。如未经允许,禁止重印或重新发表部分或全部报纸的任何内容。在报纸印刷之际,所有产品的价格均准确无误,但也不排除改动的可能性。 The Journal及其所有者不会接受任何未经请求的材料。



请多多留意 Keep an Eye Out 不要错过我们大家庭下各咖啡店,面包房,餐厅的各式新品和优惠

Don’t miss these upcoming great products and offers from our restaurants and cafes in the coming months!

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mr willis 独家有趣问答 mr willis Says… 我们大爱的厨师Craig Willis最近在忙些什么?

What has our favourite chef Craig Willis been up to?

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来自丹麦的面包师们 The Fabulous Baker Boys

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第一期的 Journal伊始,我们与两位有意思又顽皮的丹麦面包师小伙子喝杯咖啡。 The Journal’s first feature story opens with a breakfast coffee with two cheeky charming Bakers from Denmark.

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来自Baker & Spice最优价值葡萄酒 Great Value Wine from Baker & Spice 为何我们的葡萄酒有如此优异的性价比?因为我们直接采购,直接进口,并直接销售。 Why are Baker & Spice wines such great value? Because we buy directly, import directly and sell directly. No middle man.

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一个家族的葡萄酒情结 The Longview: A Wine Family Affair 每期The Journal会与来自世界各地的葡萄酒专家深度探讨某款产品。

Every issue, The Journal chats with wine growers from around the world to get down to basics of a product which is rich in complexity.

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儿童夏日派对计划小贴士 A Few Tips for A Kid’s Summer Party 我们Journal在一个周末起了个大早,跟一伙精力出奇旺盛的孩子们开了一个我们自己 的夏日派对。快来看看!

The Journal braved an early weekend morning to hang out with a group of super energetic kids to throw our own summer party. Check it out!

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我们大家庭的好友 Friends of The Family 与两位Wagas大家庭的新老朋友聊聊天。

Interview with old and new Wagas costomers.

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夏季法式菜单,夏季泰式菜单 Summer Menu: French and Thai Style

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我们喜爱的时令食材 Seasonal Ingredients We Love

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由La Poste的行政总厨Peter Gong 推荐

La Poste’s executive chef Peter Gong’s recommendations

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我们的最新足迹 Our New Locations 和我们互动 Get Social with Us 我们的家族品牌 Our Family Locations p. 26



Keep an Eye Out 请多多留意

N º2

Don’t miss these upcoming great products and offers from our restaurants and cafes in the coming months! 别错过我们大家庭下各咖啡店,面包房,餐厅的各式新品和优惠 。

N º1

Baker&Spice Pizza

50% of proceeds from Baobei Orange Iced Tea support the Baobei Foundation, providing life-saving surgeries to Chinese orphans born with birth defects. We have contributed over 700,000RMB to Baobei Foundation and we feel proud.

Sizzling gourmet dinner pizza is now served at Baker & Spice! Price starts from 58RMB. After 5pm Everyday. 晚上来Baker & Spice试试香喷喷的 美味披萨吧!每晚5时后, 价格58元起。

每卖出一杯宝贝冰橘子茶,我们就捐出其中 的50%给宝贝基金会。该基金会为生来就有 缺陷的孤儿提供拯救生命的手术经费。 我们已为宝贝基金会累计捐献超过70万元, 我们为此自豪。 Large size at 38 RMB. Served exclusively in September through October in Wagas and Baker & Spice.

Baobei Tea 宝贝冰橘茶

N º4

BANG by mr willis at IAPM

大杯宝贝茶38RMB。只在所有的Wagas及Baker & Spice 店内销售,九月-十月。

Honest Australian/Pan-Mediterranean fare for sharing. Garden terrace perfect for alfresco dining. Now open! 最新开业,提供澳大利亚及泛地中海特色可 供分享的菜肴。屋顶天台花园适合夏日户外 美餐。

N º3

Weekly rotating deli salads served at the counter at select Wagas stores. You can choose from 4 varieties. Large size: three salads for 52RMB Small size: one salad for 36RMB. 每周轮换的活力色拉在部分Wagas门店 销售。你可以从陈列在柜台的4种色拉口味 中挑选。 大份:三种口味52元 小份:一种口味36元

N º5


N º6

Henkes Set Menu

Afternoon Tea at Wagas

2 courses at 128 RMB or 3 courses at 158 RMB, Monday-Friday, 11:00 am-2:00 pm.

Any large coffee / tea with any cake get 10RMB off. Monday-Friday, 2pm-6pm.

午间套餐:118元2道菜,138元3道菜,周一到周五 。

Wagas Deli Salad

任大杯咖啡或茶配任何口味蛋糕, 享受10元折扣。工作日下午2点至6点。

N º7

Burger Madness at Amokka Café Amokka Café burgers are only 58 RMB everyday after 5pm. Australian premium beef, spicy chicken, lamb, beetroot and more…

Amokka Cafe每日5点后全场汉堡45元,口味包括澳式顶级牛肉,甜菜根,羊肉,辣鸡肉等… 201 Anfu Lu 安福路201号, 近乌鲁木齐路


Tel: 5404 0998

N º8 Sandwiches at Bang Café Lane Crawford Our freshly made sandwiches include the popular Great Dane Sandwich with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Prices start from 50RMB. 连卡佛Bang Café的新鲜三明治包 括美味的烟熏三文鱼口味。价格从50 元开始。

N º9

mr willis brunch Brunch calling? Spend your most cherished time of the week at mr willis on Anfu Lu. 周末早午餐吗?来安福路的mr willis 度过你每周最美妙的时刻吧。

La Poste French Style Set Lunch

N º10

2 courses at 118 RMB or 3 courses at 138 RMB, Monday-Friday. 11:30am - 2:30pm. 午间套餐:118元2道菜,138元3道菜,周一到周五。

N º11 Handmade pasta at Auto

Discover handmade pastas by Auto's Italian chef Giammario. Prices start from 78 RMB. 来意式餐厅Auto探索各式由意大利 主厨 Giammario制作的新鲜手工 意面。价格从78元开始。

N º12 Afternoon Tea at Baker & Spice One person, 45 RMB. Two persons, 88 RMB. 双人下午茶88元,单人下午茶45元。

N º13 Lean and Green

Due to popular demand, our spring special drink Lean & Green is now on the Wagas menu. Regular: 36 RMB Large: 42 RMB

我们春季特饮绿野仙踪大 受欢迎,所以我们将它加入 Wagas日常菜单中了! 36元 /标准杯 42元 /大杯


mr willis 独家有趣问答


When did you first arrive in China and why did you stay? I arrived in China in 2000! Wow was it different then, pigs were delivered on bicycles to the markets late in the night, coffee was 80rmb at the Peace Hotel and there were no Wagas cafes! Shanghai is the city of our times it’s the hottest place on the planet today. Which 4 things would take to a deserted island and why? Craig Willis - Cook From a childhood growing fresh produce and cooking on a family orchard in northern New South Wales, ten years training in iconic Sydney restaurants, stints on Lord Howe Island and a Stage in France, Craig arrived in Shanghai in the year 2000. Instrumental in Wagas foundations, Craig is the chef behind Shanghai’s favourites mr willis & La Strada. Now also serving rustic honest fare for sharing at Henkes and Bang by mr willis. Craig’s passion is for simple well-cooked food, dishing up an Australian mix of influences from the Mediterranean. Craig Willis 厨师 Craig Willis从小亲手种植新鲜蔬果,青少年时期开始在澳大利亚 新南威尔士家庭果园和餐厅烹饪美食。之后在澳洲各地知名餐厅 有长达10年的严格培训,包括在罗德豪维岛(号称“太平洋最美 的岛”-编者注)的经历。在完成了法国一个厨师培训后,Craig 在2000年到达了上海。作为Wagas建成非常重要的一位核心人 物,Craig 更是上海最受欢迎餐厅Mr Willis和La Strada的主厨。 现在Henkes 和Bang by mr willis两家餐厅也呈现可分享的质朴 美食,供新老朋友品尝。 Craig的至爱是认真用心烹饪简单的美食,特别是混杂着来自地中 海气质的澳大利亚美食。


Salt & Pepper, Olive oil, a fishing rod….every night will be BBQ on the beach!! What’s your favourite regional Chinese cuisine and why? I can’t get enough Xiao Long Bao, I love Beijing Kao Ya, Ji Tang, La Mian, Young Rou Chuan, Dan Bing, Guo Tie, Zui Ji, Huang Gua, Zha Ge Zi, Yu Xiang Qie Zi, Ma Po Dou fu, Chou Dou Fu, how to choose… What’s your favourite global cuisine and why? Again It’s not possible to have a favorite… I love the fresh bright flavours of Thailand, I love the sun blessed food of the Mediterranean, I love the fine food of Japan…Every cuisine interests me! Now that you have launched your new concept BANG by mr willis (which is fab, by the way!)… will you have time to travel and relax? If the Gods are willing I’m heading to Denmark & England, taking my mom as well – It’s time she met the Queen, see the changing of the guards and ride the London Eye!

你什么时候来到的中国,一开始在哪个城市? 我2000年就来到了中国!那时这儿的氛围非常不同,要在深夜用 自行车把猪运到市场里。咖啡一杯要花80元才能在和平饭店买 到。当然那时一家Wagas都还没有呢。当年,上海是我们眼中的 焦点城市,也是全球最热门的城市之一。

如果你去一个荒岛,要带哪三样东西? 盐和胡椒,橄榄油,钓鱼竿。这样晚上都可以是沙滩BBQ!

你最爱中国的哪些食物,为什么? 小笼包我是吃不够的。我热爱北京烤鸭,拉面,羊肉串,蛋饼,锅 贴,醉鸡,炸鸽子,鱼香茄子,麻婆豆腐,臭豆腐… 实在太难挑 了…

全世界的食物你最爱哪些,为什么? 要选出一个最喜欢的太难了… 我喜爱泰国清香新鲜的味道,我也 喜爱地中海充分吸收了阳光的食物,我也喜爱日本精致的美食… 每个地方的食物都有吸引我的地方。

恭喜你的新餐厅BANG by mr willis终于开业了 (我们觉得特别棒!)… 你是否将有时间去旅行和放松 一下呢? 如果一切顺利,众神保佑,我将去到丹麦和英格兰,也会带着我的 母亲。她该面会一下英国女皇了,看看白金汉宫交接仪式,也感受 一下观景摩天轮伦敦眼的风采了!

Craig shares a summer favourite "Pesto" one of the brightest summer flavours!

Craig跟我们分享他夏天的最爱…罗勒青酱-夏日最明亮的味道 It’s fun to make, healthy and can be kept in the fridge for more than one meal! Toss it through any pasta, try big gobs of it on bruschetta (that's grilled bread) rub it all over a chicken before you roast or serve beside some poached salmon. I love this recipe because the two cheeses give complex flavours and the butter a special creaminess – don't worry if you don't have all the gear just use what you can find!

At Mr Willis we are making a pesto with rocket and walnuts!! I buy my mortar & pestles in Dongtai Lu. If you look around for long enough you’ll find heaps of them! Dong Tai Lu has long been favourite haunt of mine – in fact it was where I learned to count & haggle in Chinese - sadly it seems to be on the way out with the old village buildings being boarded up waiting to be demolished.

这个万能的酱汁做起来特别有趣,又健康,而且可以在冰箱中储存一段时间。把罗勒青酱拌在任何的意面里,舀一大勺放在意式烤面包片上佐食,把酱汁涂抹在鸡肉上再送入烤箱,或者直接配一块水 煮三文鱼享用… 罗勒青酱真是有无数的可能性呢。我喜爱这个菜谱,因为其中的两种芝士配合散发出了多层次的口味,也加强了黄油特殊的油滑质感。别担心如果你的工具或配料不全,直接用你能找 到的就好!在Mr Willis我们用火箭菜和核桃呢!我是在东台路买到砚体研棒的 -你可以去好好淘货!东台路可是我在中国学会砍价的地方呢,可惜的是,似乎这一带旧区都将被拆除。


Ingredient basil 罗勒 extra virgin olive oil

100g (克) 160ml


pine nuts 松仁 garlic 大蒜 salt 盐 Parmesan 帕马森芝士 Pecorino 陪克利诺 soft butter 软黄油




blend basil, oil, pinenuts, salt, garlic

garlic, salt, pinenuts, basil in mortar, grind round & round do not bash


stir in Parmesan, Pecorino, butter 25g (克) 2 cloves (瓣) 50g (克) 2tbl (2大勺) 40g (克)



add cheese 加芝士 stir in oil slowly 慢慢加入,像打蛋黄酱一样

beat in butter 黄油打发


Baker & Spice' master bakers: Daniel & Kasper


The Danish Baker Boys 丹麦来的面包师 The Journal’s first feature story opens with a breakfast coffee with two cheeky charming Bakers from Denmark who share a bit of the past, present and of things to come ... 第一期的 Journal伊始,我们与两位有意思又顽皮的丹麦面包师小伙子喝杯咖啡。 听听他们的过往,现在,与未来值得期待的点滴…

Denmark is the size of China’s Hangzhou with a population of 5. 6 million people. Aesthetically there is not much one can dislike about the place. Think about it, have you ever met anyone that does not like Danish design? Nowadays, game changing players like restaurant Noma, Danish cycling culture and their commitment to simplicity and sustainability have made Copenhagen one of the best cities in the world to live. Even their Royals are forward thinking and un-stuffy. Though one of Denmark’s biggest tourist attractions and a favourite amongst Chinese tourists, The Little Mermaid, has been through some tough times – she’s been decapitated twice, and her right arm was once stolen. But Denmark is much more than just Copenhagen. Kasper hails from a tiny city called Odense, population 260, 000 about 1.5 hours west of Copenhagen (where Hans Christian Anderson is from). In his words, Kasper was ‘school tired’ and although he tried his hand in multifarious industries ranging from deep sea tuna fishing, smoking meat, making epoxy floors and building houses, he always fell back into baking. He’s the type of guy that no matter what he does, he will work damn hard at doing it well.


Daniel, the quieter of the two, was born in Ribe, one of the oldest cities in Scandinavia. His eyes sparkle when he talks about travelling, working in bakeries around the world, his mentor and just life in general. They both have an energy and attitude that exudes confidence, yet humble. And when they talk about baking – We are also convinced why Denmark also produces some of the best bread in the world. I meet Kasper & Daniel at 195 Anfu Lu – the landmark building which pioneered the café and restaurant culture in this little part of town commonly known as the former French Concession. Kasper’s father was a baker in an old fashioned but ‘very good bakery’. “He told me ‘You have to be a baker, it’s a good opportunity for you.’ So I gave it a try. I have done many things.” Kasper had never travelled to Asia before but was on the lookout for new experiences after spending 2 years in Spain running a couple of bakery-cafes. He responded to a job ad on the Internet and within 4 months, he had his first day in Baker & Spice Shanghai, a city of 23 million people.

Daniel loves travelling. He made up his mind whilst learning to be a baker that he wanted to work (bake) in different places around the world. He tried to open a bakery in Texas, Houston but due to visa difficulties, Daniel ended up in Norway. After a year or so he wanted a cultural change and considered far away countries New Zealand and Australia. Asia was not on his radar. As with many expatriates living in China – a random opportunity flew in and landed perfectly in his lap “I got a call from my former teacher that there were some guys here in Shanghai who needed a baker. I thought to myself, if I don’t do this, I know I will regret it”. Despite not knowing anything about China or the culture, Daniel accepted the offer. Relatively fresh off the boat we ask him what he thinks of Shanghai so far…. Daniel says “I love it, I just love it. The cultural change, the buildings, the small alleyways. People are very friendly, even if you pass by them a few times on the street and say hello, after that they will become very friendly. I really like that about people here.” As for work, Daniel talks about it being ‘different and funny’. “ I like the atmosphere in the bakery, it’s a very nice atmosphere” He goes on to praise the young Chinese team as being ‘faster learners than me’.

传统法棍 Traditional Baguette RMB 16

丹麦这个国家跟中国的杭州差不多大,人口约560万。估计没人会 不喜欢丹麦的设计生活。如今,丹麦的Noma餐厅、自行车文化都 是引导行业格局变化的参与者,加上丹麦对简单美学和生态永续 发展的投入,这些让哥本哈根成为了全球最适合居住的城市之一。 就连丹麦王室的思想也相当前卫,绝不故步自封。尽管丹麦最为 中国游客熟知的“小美人鱼”受过一些磨难(曾被斩首两次,她的 右臂也被偷去过),但是丹麦的意义,可不只是哥本哈根。

Kasper告诉我,他的父亲是一个很传统的面包师。 “他告诉我,’ 你应该更适合成为一个面包师,而这是你的机会。’ 所以我决定 尝试一下,反正之前也做过很多不同的事情。” Kasper此前没有 来过亚洲,他在西班牙的两年裡和几个朋友运营过一些面包店和 咖啡厅后,做了一个惊人的决定:回复了一个亚洲的招聘帖子。四 个月后,他来到了拥有2300万人口的上海,开始了他在Baker & Spice工作的第一天。

Kasper来自一座名叫Fyn的小城,距离哥本哈根约一个小时的车 程(也是童话王子安徒生的故乡)。用Kasper自认为他有点“厌 学”,虽然尝试过做很多不同行业,包括深海垂钓吞拿鱼、制作熏 肉、制作涂层地板和建筑,可他最终还是与烘培面包结了缘。在我 看来,他是那种无论做什么事情都非常努力,而且可以做得很好 的人。

而Daniel他热爱旅行,所以早在还是学徒的时候就暗自决定将来 想在世界各地的面包坊工作。他曾尝试过在美国得克萨斯州的休 斯顿开一间面包屋,由于各种原因,最终他来到了挪威。一年后, 他希望能换个全新的生活环境,起先,他考虑去几个遥远的国家, 比如新西兰、澳大利亚,当时亚洲还不在他考虑范围之内。

在两位面包师中,Daniel是较安静的那位,他出生于Ribe,那是 斯堪的纳维亚半岛最古老的城市之一。每每谈及旅行,谈及他在世 界各地的面包店中工作,或者谈及他的导师,他的双眼就泛起兴奋 的光芒。Kasper和Daniel都兼具著自信与谦虚兼备的特质。当我 亲耳听到他们聊起烘焙,我也再次理解了为什么丹麦能产出世界 上最棒的面包。 我与Kasper和Daniel约在安福路195号见面 — 那栋在原法租界 富有餐饮文化意义且具有代表性的地标建筑。

就像许多在中国生活的外籍人士一样,机缘巧合把他带到了这 里。 “ 一位我以前的老师给我打来电话,他说有人在寻找能够在 上海工作的面包师。我对自己说:这是一个错过了可能会后悔的机 会。” 虽然Daniel完全不了解中国文化,他还是毅然接受了这个 机会。当Daniel刚抵达中国不久时,我让他谈谈对上海的印象,他 说: “我很喜爱爱上海。这里能让我感受到不同文化的冲击,我喜 欢这里的建筑、小弄堂,我也喜欢这里友善的人们,如果你在街上 主动和他们打招呼,之间的气氛就会很快熟络起来。”至于在工作 的方面,Daniel觉得是非常新鲜且有趣的, “我喜欢这里友好的 氛围。” 接着Daniel谦虚地表扬了他’中国团队,说他们“上手学 新东西非常快”。


About Daniel Age: 26 Origin: Ribe, Denmark Been a baker since: 2008 Years in shanghai: 2 months

About Kasper Age: 30 Origin: Odense, Denmark Been a baker since: 2003 Years in shanghai: 2 years

A word that comes up often during our chat is efficiency. With rising costs across the board (labour costs in particular) efficiency seems to be the magic word for not only Kasper and Daniel, but many companies regardless of industry. Their Danish training has helped push their team to be more efficient, an achievement that has earned Kasper a reputation for flying faster than lightning. Like Kasper, time flies. 3 January 2010 saw the launch of Baker & Spice in a quiet little street named Anfu lu. Baker & Spice, the brainchild of Wagas founder John, was created to supply Wagas ‘better quality bread’. Anfu Lu is far from quiet these days, at any given time, it’s as though you stepped into Paddington in Sydney or Soho in London. From one little store counter to Baker & Spice and Wagas stores across three cities and more to come, Kasper says he feels very proud to be a part of the company’s growth. His humility comes through as he states “I don’t open the new stores, I’m just the baker.” What Kasper forgets is that through their strict quality control comes consistency. And that is something these boys should be proud of. Ultimately, it’s about quality, not quantity. “I am very proud also” Daniel says before continuing on to comment about a former bakery he worked with. “The quality was so bad actually I felt really embarrassed to serve some things. I hate that. I need to have good quality else I can’t look the customers in the eye.

I want to feel proud. I was amazed when I first came here (to Baker & Spice) at the quality of the bread.” Baker & Spice guests have more to look forward to as Daniels expertise and passion is in developing new breads, but he is also great at making cakes. The boys discuss the limitations of ingredients available in Shanghai and admire the ingenuity of the key team to come up with recipes to adjust baking methods to face those challenges. “We offer a very good selection of breads even though we have limited products to use. I have worked in many bakeries that often substitute ingredients for the sake of convenience. Even in Denmark many bakeries use yeast in their bread if they don’t have enough sourdough. But here (at Baker & Spice) we never shortcut.” I had planned to ask the boys which superhero they most related to. But instead I asked them who most inspired them. Daniel without hesitation said his former boss, one of Denmark’s most celebrated bakers “even though he is the boss, he is working the most, much more than anyone in the bakery. Everything he does is just great quality, always much better than everyone else (competitors).” The lightning baker responds with a laugh “I like my father. As my father.” For a moment I consider that it’s not necessarily just about the quality of the bread, but also the quality of the person making the bread.

Daniel & Kasper's Baker & Spice recommendations: 1. 法国农舍面包 French Farmer Bread

RMB 30

2. 果仁麦片 Oh So Delicious Granola

RMB 65

3. 蔓越莓白巧克力饼干 White Chocolate & Cranberry Cookies


RMB 32

在我与他们的聊天中最常出现的一个词是“效率”。在各行业成 本全面上升的同时(特别是人力成本),提高效率似乎成为了一个 万能的解决方案,Kasper和Daniel用自己在丹麦受训的标准来 要求中国的团队,以提高效率,Kasper更因此得到了“闪电超人” 的美誉。 Kasper在中国一转眼就度过了4年,他还记得2010年1月3日第一 家Baker & Spice在当时静僻的安福路上开业。Baker & Spice 是由Wagas的创始人John一手创办的,旨在为向Wagas提供“ 最优质的面包”。 今天的安福路早已不复往日的宁静,熙熙攘攘的街道,让人想起 悉尼的Paddingdon或是伦敦的Soho区。从Baker & Spice在 安福路一个小小的柜台,做到如今8家门店和30余家Wagas门 店,Kasper说,作为公司成长道路上的一分子,他感到非常骄傲。 同时,他也自然地流露出了他谦虚的一面,他说: “我并没有开出 新店,我只是个面包师。”当然,对于自己在其中的功劳,Kasper 的形容未免太过太轻描淡写了,毕竟,正是他严格的质量把关才保 证了所有产品高度一致且令人信赖的口感和品质。这两个小伙子有 理由为此感到自豪。归根结底,质量永远是最重要。 “当然,对于质量把控这一点,我也非常自豪。”Daniel说起他之 前工作过的一个面包房, “要我把质量太差的产品提供给客人,实 在令我难堪,我不喜欢这种感觉,我也无法面对我的客人。我希望 能为自己的产品感到自豪。我到现在还记得,第一次看到Baker & Spice所出品的高品质面包那种又惊又喜的感觉。”另外,Baker & Spice的客人们可以好好的期待一下了!因为Daniel的拿手本 领是不仅是开发新式面包,而且他还特别喜爱做蛋糕! 小伙子们很佩服中国团队在原材料有限的情况下依然能够发挥创 意,透过调整配方和烘培方法达到最佳结果。 “尽管原材料有限,Baker & Spice提供的面包种类依旧很齐全。 我知道有些面包房,常为了省事而偷换原材料。丹麦也会有些地方 因为酸面包不够而在面包中添加酵母(编辑注:酸面包应该是完全 自然发酵的一种面包)。而在这里,我们绝不会偷工减料。” 我本计划问问小伙子们最有认同感的科幻英雄人物是谁,但 在谈话的最后,我决定改问他们,谁是能够给予他们灵感的偶 像。Daniel毫不犹豫地说是他以前的老板——一位丹麦最著名的 面包师。 “虽然他是老板,但是他工作的时间比所有人都要长。他 非常看重品质,他总能提供最有竞争力的产品。”而“闪电超人”笑 答: “我爱我的父亲,因为他是我的父亲。” 在那一刻,我突然开始思考,重要的也许不只是面包本身的质量 , 更主要的是制作者本身的品格。



Great Value Wines from Baker & Spice Baker & Spice 最有价值葡萄酒 Why are Baker & Spice wines such great value? Because we buy directly, import directly and sell directly, with no middle man. 为何Baker & Spice的葡萄酒有如此优异的性价比?因为我们直接采购,直接进口,并直接销售。

118 RMB /btl WHEN YOU BUY 3 买三瓶RMB118/瓶

Alcohol: 13.50%

South of France - 750 ml

Laurent Miquel Syrah 'Nord-Sud' 2011


OR RMB138/ btl

Medium body

This medium bodied Syrah has a distinctive taste of mature fruit, a complex layers of black cherry, pepper and spice combined with rounded tannins. 这款西拉红酒有成熟果味的味道,包括层次丰富的黑樱桃,胡椒和香料,配上一丝饱满的葡萄皮单宁细节。

John's favorite best value wine!

98 RMB /btl



Alcohol: 12.50%


RMB /btl

WHEN YOU BUY 3 买三瓶RMB108/瓶

OR RMB128/ btl


Longview Red Bucket Carbernet Sauvignon and Shiraz 2010

Loire Valley, France - 750ml

OR RMB115/ btl

Delaunay Rose 2012, Touraine AOC


Light body

A fresh Cabernet Franc with intense flavour and round palate. Refreshing aromas, fruity notes of strawberry, peach and cherry. 新鲜的品丽珠桃红葡萄酒,具有浓烈的味道和完整的口感。清新的果香混杂着草莓,桃子,和樱桃的香气。


Silver Medal 2013 - at Concours General de Paris

Adelaide Hills, Australia - 750ml Alcohol:14.50% Medium body A well-balanced blend of Carbernet Sauvignon and Shiraz with refreshing aromas and a good structure. Notes of cassis and green pepper.

148 RMB /btl WHEN YOU BUY 3 买三瓶RMB148/瓶

赤霞珠与西拉的混酿,清新的香味和平衡 的口感。少许黑醋栗和绿辣椒的味道。

Awards Gold Medal 2013 Royal National Wine Show of Australia Silver Medal 2014 Intl. Wine Challenge (London)


Alcohol: 14.50%

Langhe, Italy - 750ml

Gagliasso 'Turrion' 2009

OR RMB178/ btl


Medium body

An intense wine on Nebbiolo and Barbera grapes with notes of plum skin, blueberry and leather. Ripe tannins and a bright acidity. 这是款浓烈的内比奥罗和巴贝拉葡萄混酿。有李子皮,蓝莓和少许皮革的味觉。 成熟的葡萄皮单宁的质感配上明亮的酸性口感。

168 RMB /btl

335 RMB /btl

138 RMB /btl






OR RMB195/ btl


OR RMB385/ btl




OR RMB165/ btl

98 RMB /btl

138 RMB /btl




OR RMB118/ btl


Longview Varietal Yakka Shiraz 2007

Chateau Franc La Rose 2008

Rioja Vega Reserva 2005

Alliance Loire 'Tuffeau' 2011

Adelaide Hills, Australia750ml

St. Émilion Bordeaux, France - 750 ml

Rioja, Spain - 750 ml Alcohol:14 %

Loire Valley, France 750ml

Full body



Alcohol:13.50% Medium body

Full body Explosive aromas and full on the palate. Long lasting fruit, cherry and peppery tones. 漫溢的香气,在舌尖上完美 爆发。散发长久的果香味,混 杂着樱桃和胡椒的口感。

Awards Gold Medal 2013

This classic Bordeaux mix gives a dark red colour, complex and fruity flavour, smooth tannins and a long-lasting taste.

这款波尔多的经典酒具有深 红的色调,层次感丰富和圆 润的味道。顺滑的葡萄皮单 宁质感,令人回味无穷。

Silver Medal 2013 International Wine Challenge - London

这款新鲜,轻盈和低酸性的 白诗南不仅有果香,还有迷人 的矿物质味,配着苹果和柑 橘的香气。


Please read more about this leading Loire producer here: 以下可了解到这个优异的卢瓦尔葡萄 酒生产商的信息:

Shanghai International Wine

Ratings 88/100 Wine Spectator 《葡萄酒观察家》

Buy from Baker & Spice while stocks last. 欢迎来Baker & Spice店内选购。

This fresh, light and low acidity Chenin Blanc has a fruity and mineral taste of apple and citrus.

这款饱满的西班牙里奥哈红 酒主要由丹魂葡萄酿成。果 香十足,饱含皮革,樱桃,甘 草味。

Silver Medal 2013

AWC Vienna International Wine Challenge

This full body Rioja mainly on the Tempranillio grape is oaky, fruity and dusty with notes of leather, cherry and liquorice.

Light body

Challenge 2013



OR RMB165/ btl


Matahiwi Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2012 Wairarapa Valley, New Zealand - 750 ml Alcohol:13% Medium body Fruity Sauvignon Blanc from Wairarapa Vally with notes of lychee, green apples and freshly cut grass. 这款来自怀拉拉帕谷的长相 思果味十足 。混着荔枝,绿 苹果和新鲜修剪过的青草的 香气。

Awards Gold Medal China Wine and Spirits Best Value Competition 2014 Silver Medal International Wine Challenge

Gold Medal 2013

Silver Medal 2010

International Wine Challenge

4 Stars

Concours des Liger 2011

by WineNZ Magazine

Visit online for more hand-picked wine selection, and to see more awards, and ratings! 欢迎上网查看更多精选葡萄酒和奖项与星评。 13


The Longview: A Wine Family Affair 一个家族的葡萄酒情结 In every issue, The Journal chats with wine growers from around the world to get down to basics of a product which is rich with complexity. 每期The Journal会与来自世界各地的葡萄酒专家深度探讨某款产品。

How does The Longview categorise wines? Our range of wines starts off with our blends: a Semillon/ Sauvignon Blanc and a Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon. The next range we have is our Estate (Varietal), where our straight grape varietals such as Shiraz (Yakka), Cabernet Sauvignon (Devil's Elbow), Riesling(Iron Knob), Chardonnay(Blue Cow), Nebbiolo Rose (Boat Shed), Pinto Grigio (Queenie) and Sauvignon Blanc (Whippet) are bottled under unique namesakes. The individual range are wines unique in their make and branding. These are still estate grown but due to labeling, viticulture and winemaking, might differ to other wines we make.

For me it is always important to choose a wine form a singular region and not multiple regions or one country. The more specific the region, the more you can truly get an idea of where the wine comes from. Vintage is another very important bit of information; I always check the vintage of a specific wine that I am about to purchase. Obviously the producer is very important as well. Apart from regions of production, what are the key difference between Old World and New World wine?

How can Longview produce such good quality wine and keep the prices competitive? What’s the secret?

The wine world has changed for the better, you are able to purchase wines from all over the world and that is because viticulture, winemaking and technology have improved across the board. Some of the traditional methods of old world winemaking are being used in the new world and some of the new techniques are being used in the old world.

Because we are not purchasing the fruit and growing it ourselves we can add the value back in to our products. We are a family owned and operated property so we are here for the long-term, making sure all returns are put back in to the business means we are always improving and getting better… We understand that there are many amazing wines to choose from all over the world and that is why we have to over deliver with every wine. If the fruit that comes off of our vineyard isn’t up to standard we simply do not make the wine.

Please introduce one particular grape type to our readers and why is it special or unique? Well obviously when people think of Shiraz they think of Australia, but there are many different regions in Australia that produce Shiraz and the difference of style can be huge. Our family estate is based in the Adelaide Hills, a very cool climate, therefore our Shiraz has wonderful elegance and structure that works well with food.


Tell us more about the region of Adelaide Hills – why is it great for producing wine? When did Longview Estate start? The Adelaide Hills is a relatively young region. The soil however is very ancient, it is very rocky and tough which means it isn’t easy to grow vines. When they are established however the yields are consistently low with exceptional quality. The Adelaide Hills known as one of the coolest climates on the Australian mainland with great difference in temperatures. This means we can ripen the grapes during the day and maintain fresh acidity in the wines overnight. We have unique soil compositions of Iron Stone and Quartz which results in a minerality across the range of our wines. The vineyard was established in 1995 and the vines are gaining great maturity as the years roll on.

For each wine, what are the key things on the bottle label to know?

Name: Peter Saturno Country: Australia, Adelaide Hills Vineyard: The Longview

We make three different wines with Shiraz: our blend, where we blend it with Cabernet, our Yakka Shiraz which has great spice and a savory edge, and our reserve Shiraz called "The Piece" which is only produced in exceptional years. Our Shiraz Cabernet and our Yakka are highly awarded with 6 gold medals and a trophy between them.

Asides from wine, what other travel recommendations do you have for our readers in the region? Adelaide, South Australia is one of the world’s great wine destinations. If you like wine you must come here as there are 4 major wine regions within an hour of the Adelaide CBD. There is an amazing coast line where beaches continue for many a mile, the hills cup the city and you are always able to experience amazing local food in each and every sub region.

你在澳大利亚的葡萄酒庄Longview出产哪些酒种? 第一类酒品是酒庄自有的混酿,分别是赛美蓉和长相思混酿,以 及西拉和赤霞珠混酿。 第二类酒品是Longview庄园中的单品葡萄酒(Estate),我们分 别给每种单酿起一个有意思的别名,比如:西拉(Yakka)、赤霞珠 (Devil’s Elbow 魔鬼之肘)、雷司令(Iron Knob 铁把手)、霞 多丽(Blue Cow 蓝牛)、桃红内比奥罗(Boat Shed 船棚)、灰 贝露(Queenie)、长相思(Whippet 小灵狗)。 第三类个性酒品(Individual)的制作过程和品牌名称都非常特 别。酿造所用的葡萄同样在我们的庄园生长,但是品牌标签、栽培 技术,以及制作过程可能与其他葡萄酒有所不同。

在葡萄酒的标签上,我们该首先关注哪几个关键信息? 在我看来,真正好酒应该产自同一个地区,而不是混产自好几个不 同的区域,甚至是整个国家。产区越具体,你才越能了解到葡萄酒 来自于什么地方。我也必然会查看葡萄酒的生产年份(vintage)。 酿造商也是很重要的一个因素。

除了生产区域不同,新世界和旧世界葡萄酒还有何区别? 葡萄酒的世界发生了很大而可喜的变化,现在你可以轻易买到来 自全世界各地的葡萄酒。这是因为栽培方法,葡萄酒生产和科学 技术有了大幅整体的提高。新世界 (比如美国,澳大利亚,南美, 南非)在广泛使用一些传统的葡萄酒制作方法,而法国,意大利, 德国等一些老派的“旧世界”也在积极使用新的酿造技术。

请给我们的读者详细介绍一种葡萄种类,也请分享其 特别之处? 很多人听到西拉(Shiraz)首先想到的是澳大利亚,但是澳大利亚 也有许多不同的西拉葡萄产区,这些不同的产区的葡萄风味区别 很大。我们家族的庄园位于阿德莱德,气候凉爽,我们产出的西 拉拥有出众的优雅香气,很适合搭配食物。我们生产三种不同的 西拉葡萄酒:西拉和赤霞珠混酿,西拉单釀Yakka, (它有种香 料的辛辣味,口感微咸),还有一种特别窖藏的西拉葡萄酒叫做 The Piece,它只在特殊的年份才生产。我们的西拉赤霞珠混酿和 Yakka广受赞誉,赢得了6枚金牌和一座奖杯。

请向我们讲讲阿德莱德山区的特点,为什么那里特别 适合生产葡萄酒?Longview酒庄是哪一年成立的? 阿德莱德山区是一个相对较新的葡萄酒生产区域。而这里的土壤 却相当古老,多岩石的,所以并不太容易种植葡萄。虽然产出量也 不够大,质量却非常优质。此区也以大温差和凉爽的气候而出名。 这样可以在白天收获熟透的葡萄,晚间可以保持葡萄的酸度。我 们的土壤成分特殊,饱含矿石和石英石,这样我们的葡萄酒含有 一股迷人的矿物质味。酒庄建立于1995年,我们的葡萄品种正在 慢慢成熟起来。

Longview酒庄怎么能够在生产如此优质的葡萄酒的 同时,还保持了有竞争力的价格?秘诀是什么? 因为我们直接种植而无需购买葡萄,我们可以把省下的成本直接 投入我们的成品葡萄酒。作为一个家族产业,我们更看重的是长期 的价值和回报,所以我们一直在不断想办法提升自己。我们也清楚 来自世界各地的葡萄酒都很优秀,所以我们更要做到极致。如果 我们庄园的葡萄质量不够好,我们宁愿放弃生产某些酒种。

除了葡萄酒之外,这个区域还有什么可玩的?能否给 我们的读者一些旅游建议? 位于澳洲南部的阿德莱德的确是世界上最棒的葡萄酒旅行目的 地。如果你是葡萄酒爱好者,请务必造访这里。造访这里的4个葡 萄酒产区,若从阿德莱德市中心出发,都能在一个小时车程内抵 达。值得推荐的还有这里动人的海岸线,沙滩绵延好几英里。在这 座被群山环绕着的城市里,你很容易便能深入这个城市的各个角 落,好好品尝令人惊艳的本地美食。

The Longview Wines Available at Baker & Spice 您可以在Baker & Spice买到这些The Longview出产的美酒



Longview Red Bucket Cab-Shiraz 2012 RMB 128/ btl or buy 3 for RMB 108/ btl Bronze Medal – 2014 Decanter World Wine Awards – London Gold Medal – 2013 National Wine Show of Australia Gold Medal – 2013 New Zealand International Wine Show

Longview Varietal Devils Elbow Cab-Sauv 2010 RMB 195/ btl Gold Medal – 2013 AWC Vienna International Wine Challenge Gold Medal – 2013 China Wine & Spirit Awards Silver Medal – 2014 International Wine Challenge T1 – London

Longview Varietal Yakka Shiraz 2010 RMB 195/btl or buy 3 for RMB 158/ btl Gold Medal – 2013 Hong Kong International Wine & SpiritComp Silver Medal – 2013 Decanter Asia Wine Awards Silver Medal – 2013 China Wine & Spirit Awards

WHITE WINE 白酒 Longview Red Bucket Semillon-Sauvignon 2011 RMB 128/ btl Bronze Medal – 2014 Decanter World Wine Awards – London Silver Medal – 2014 Royal Sydney Wine Show Bronze Medal - 2013 Adelaide Hills Wine Show

Longview Blue Cow Chardonnay 2012, Adelaide Hills RMB 175/ btl Silver Medal - 2013 AWC Vienna International Wine Challenge Silver - 2013 International Wine Challenge - London Bronze - 2012 Royal Hobart WS



A FEW TIPS FOR A KIDS' SUMMER PARTY Wouldn’t it be fabulous to organize a kids’ summer pool party? Well, most of us city folk don’t have a backyard pool. So, the Journal braved an early weekend morning to hang out with a group of super energetic kids to throw our own summer party. Check it out! 如果夏天能组织个孩子们的泳池派对该有多好玩,可是咱们很多城市里的人也没有后院或者泳池。 所以,我们Journal在一个周末起了个大早,跟一伙精力出奇旺盛的孩子们开了一个我们自己的夏日 派对。快来看看!


A few creative (and silly) tips. 1

We live in a world of convenience. Buying everything off Taobao is too easy – get creative and make your own decorations. To print the party hat and place mat templates or draw you own from the templates, scan the QR code below.


Canapes aren’t just for grown ups. These great little bamboo sticks are perfect to stick almost anything on. We are going grapes at our summer party!


Smoothies – so good, so easy, so healthy you can trick a 5 year old into thinking it’s party food. For those insistent on fizzy drinks, no problem, try bottled apple juice with some sparkling mineral water.


A party’s not a party without cupcakes. Mini cupcakes mean you can have more than one!


We saved the best and silliest till last….Everyone (including the oldies) loves a party clown, or when Santa visits. You can’t really fly the Wiggles in. So why not be a guest star at the party. All you need is a wig (we suggest pink and Taobao for this item!) an ipod, an air guitar, and some thick skin. Kids love singing and dancing. They will be laughing their socks off at their dad in a pink wig playing air guitar and singing to Let it Go. Come on dads – show us how it’s done!

几个有创意(有点大胆)的建议 1

我们生活在一个过度便捷的世界里。轻易地从淘宝买到所有东西太过简单了。请发挥你的 创造力,做出自己的派对装饰品。扫瞄下面的二维码可以下载我们为您准备的派对帽子和 桌垫的模版。您可以直接打印或照着模版自己画。


餐前小点心不只是给成人准备的哦。这些小竹条配上任何小食都很合适。我们的夏日派对 选择了绿葡萄。


奶昔,啊,这真是我们万能的妙剂!美味而健康又容易制作。你可以轻易地糊弄5岁的小朋 友,让他们觉得这是派对上最美味的食物呢!如果坚持要带气饮料,那可以试试罐装苹果汁 配气泡水。




我们把这个最异想天开的建议留到最后……所有人(也包括大朋友们)都喜欢派对小丑或 是圣诞老人到访。既然没法请到The Wiggles乐队来派对现场逗小朋友开心,不如大人们 自己扮演客座明星吧!你只需要一顶假发(我们建议粉色,这次可以用淘宝),一个iPod,一 把电吉他,再加上你的厚脸皮,一切准备就绪。孩子们喜欢唱歌跳舞。看到自己的爸爸头戴 粉色假发、弹吉他唱《Let it Go》,他们一定会笑到在地上打滚。来吧,爸爸们,展现你们的 魅力吧!

Party hat and place mat templates 派对帽子和桌垫模版





Chicken sticks


500g minced beef


500g chicken breast


500g minced pork


salt and pepper




2 eggs


1tablespoon fresh rosemary


some flour


2 tablespoon olive oil


some breadcrumb


salt and black pepper


Mix minced beef and pork well and, and add all other ingredients. Shape into meatballs by hand. Cook in oven for 20 minutes at 180˚C. 混合搅打均匀,再加入其它调料一起混合拌匀 将肉馅手工制成肉球,放入180̊C烤箱二十分钟,烤熟即可出炉。 * Makes 50 meatballs


Season chicken breast with salt and pepper and marinate overnight. Cut marinated chicken breast into slices Paste flour over chicken breast, soak into egg white, and coat with breadcrumb. Fry in a heated pan until golden. 现将鸡胸肉加入盐胡椒和香料,先腌制1夜后再使用。 将腌制好的鸡肉切制成长条形。将鸡肉条粘上面粉过蛋液后仔裹 满面包糠,放入热油锅中炸熟制金黄色。

Hummus 鹰嘴豆酱 500g cooked chickpea


50g tahini


100ml water


1 lemon


2 cloves garlic


salt and black pepper


1 tablespoon cumin


Soak chickpeas overnight and cook well in boiling water Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth. 先将鹰嘴豆泡制一个晚上,第二天煮熟 将煮熟的三角豆加其它调料,一起用搅拌机粉碎打制成酱。 * Makes a medium sized bowl 材料可制作一碗中碗的酱料

* Makes 20 sticks 材料可制作20枝肉串


Recipes inspired by some of Wagas best selling items. Shot on location at Baker & Spice, Fashion Park of Minhang (near Shanghai Racquet Club)


For bulk order sandwich or cakes email:


在Baker & Spice闵行丰尚国际店(近上海西庭网球俱乐部)取景拍摄。

Pesto chicken wrap


Very Berry


400g shredded chicken breast (poached or roasted) 4 tablespoon Craig’s summer pesto (see page 7) 4 tablespoon crispy bacon, chopped well. Mix above 3 ingredients together in a bowl, spread evenly in the center of a wrap/tortilla(Need 4)

400ml Apple juice (fresh is always better) 4 tablespoon blackberries 4 tablespoon blueberries 24 ice cubes Blend

Then finish a wrap off with: 5 Cherry tomatoes, halved 5 onion rings Mixed salad leaves Roll up and enjoy!

400毫升苹果汁(新鲜果汁总是更佳的) 4勺黑莓 4勺蓝莓 24个冰块 在搅拌机种混合

400克鸡胸肉条(烤熟或水煮熟) 4勺来自Craig的夏日香草酱(见7页) 4勺脆熏培根,切成小碎 将以上三种原料混合在一个碗中,均匀地涂抹在卷饼或墨西哥薄 饼当(四张饼)中

* Makes 4 portions 材料可制作四份蓝莓香草雪糕

Cheese twist 13 RMB available from all Baker & Spice stores. 所有Baker&Spice皆提供芝士条,价格:13元/个

最后在卷饼上加入: 5个切半的小圣女番茄果 5个洋葱圈 混合色拉菜叶 现在请卷起,享受吧! * Makes 4 wraps 材料可制作四个香草鸡肉卷

Chocolate Cupcakes 18 RMB available from all Baker & Spice stores. 所有Baker&Spice皆提供巧克力纸杯蛋糕 价格:18元/个 We suggest buying Candy or marshmallows to decorate your own cupcakes. 我们建议您用甜蜜的棉花糖与糖果装点属于自己的杯子蛋糕。



Friends of The Family


Celebrating 14 years of feeding the good people of Shanghai (now Beijing and Nanjing), we went in search for both old and new Wagas customers to be The Journal’s guests. 为了庆祝我们给上海可爱的人儿们提供了14年的健康美食(现也包括北京和南京), 我们找了两位Wagas大家庭的新老朋友聊聊天。

Fei Yin… Fei, founder and creative director of Whiteismycolour studio, was born and raised in Shanghai. Whiteismycolour is a design studio specialising in bespoke brand communication, prints and publication design. Fei designed Wagas initial menus and packaging, and Fei has been a Wagas customer since 2003. Fei是whiteismycolour设计工作室的创办人和创意总监。她在上海出生长大。whiteismycolour 专注于品牌沟通及印刷物的设计。 Fei也设计了Wagas最初的菜单和包装。 Fei自2003年就是Wagas的客人了。

与Wagas的第一次亲密接触 2003年,在淮海路香港新世界大厦的店中。当时没有任何与 Wagas类似的咖啡店。我喜爱这儿现代的服务和食物体验。在 2003年,咖啡店和三明治店还很少能提供比较“现代”的体验。

为什么经常光顾Wagas 也许是因为Wagas能带给我独特的综合体验吧。非常方便但不牺 牲质量,口味一致,有良好的设计感。

Wagas最爱单品 吞拿鱼色拉,澳式咖啡,午间速捷午餐

你喜欢我们的其他品牌吗,像Baker & Spice, Mr Willis, La Poste, Auto等? 估计我是最忠诚的客人之一。我喜欢这些餐厅的设计元素,简单 现代的餐饮概念。价格适中,品质优良。

In 2003, at Hong Kong New World Plaza Wagas store on Huaihai Lu. There wasn’t any coffee shop like Wagas at that time. I liked the modern experience of its service and food, as “modern” in 2003 was still rare in coffee and sandwich business in Shanghai. Why keep coming back to Wagas… It’s the experience that keeps me coming back. It is convenient with no compromise in quality, style and consistency. Favourites at Wagas Tuna salad, Flat White, lunch box


What do you think of our other brands?

健康生活很重要的一部分是自我管理和积极正面的生活。对我来 说,健康生活很重要的一部分是减少不必要的消费。健康生活不 仅仅是饮食,也是选择不持有一些东西。

I am probably one of the most loyal customer customers… I like all of these places because of their great design, modern and simple food concept. The food is affordable but with genuine quality.

2014年有什么计划(这还有半年呢)… 多读书, 夏天多穿带颜色的衣服, 长胖一些 。

给我们推荐一个周六下午有上海本地特色的路线… 北万新包子店,淮海中路 如果你喜欢地道的上海肉包,我坚决推荐这里。面粉没有经过过 多的加工,肉馅中也没有过多的葱,不至于盖过了猪肉本身的芬香。 在外白渡桥一带走一走 这是上海殖民时代的标志性建筑。仍然保存得十分完好,也能领 略到黄浦江和苏州河得风情。 下午:上海外滩美术馆和龙美术馆 两个美术馆都有当代的建筑和非常棒的当代美术展览。你去了一 次就一定想再回去的。 晚餐:五观堂素食 上海有不少素食餐厅。我特别喜爱五观堂,因为它充满了上海的味 道,无论是位置、菜单、还是环境… 而且品牌也没有过度地商业化 包装。相对低调而且客人群忠诚度很高。我也喜爱他们手写的菜 单。一定要试试绿豆糕和烤土豆哦!


First encounter with Wagas…

On healthy living… Healthy living means a self-disciplined and positive way to live. To me, healthy living also includes reducing unnecessary consumption in general. It’s not only about the way of eating, also about choosing what to live without. 2014 plans? Read as much as I can. Dress in more colours in summer. Put on some weight.

An itinerary for an authentic yet contemporary Shanghai on a sunny Saturday… Bei Wan Xin dumplings on Huaihai Road. If you like authentic Shanghai pork buns, I would vote for this one. The flour isn’t highly processed, and the pork filling has less chives, so it doesn’t take over pork’s fragrance. A walk at Wai Bai Du Bridge and nearby It’s a Shanghai’s landmark from colonial time. Still well preserved and it has great view to both Huang Pu River and Suzhou creek. Afternoon: Rockbund Art Museum and Long Museum. Both museums have modern architectural elements and leading contemporary art exhibitions. Visit once and you definitely would want to go back. Dinner: Wu Guan Tang vegetarian restaurant. There are many choices of vegetarian restaurants in Shanghai. I love this one because it feels very Shanghainese in terms of location, recipe, and environment, and it is not commercially branded. It keeps a relatively low profile with a loyal customer base. I also love their hand-written menu. DO try the green bean paste and baked potato!

CUSTOMER INTERVIEW Kankan Li… New York qualified lawyer, previously specialized in US and Hong Kong capital markets and cross-border mergers and acquisitions, now practicing law as the Asia regional general counsel for a US listed company. Kankan played basketball at Wuhan University and won three provincial championships in four years. Kankan is a world traveler, motorcyclist and adrenaline seeker. 美国纽约州注册律师,之前在国际律所从事香港和美国上市及 跨境并购的法律业务,目前在一家美国上市公司担任亚洲区法律 总监。他曾是武汉大学篮球队的一员,在4年内赢得了3个省级冠 军。Kankan是环游世界的旅行家、摩托车骑行者,也热爱各种探 险运动。

为什么喜爱北京 热爱北京的建筑,历史,也爱城市外围许多可以做各项运动的地方,爱北京 的艺术氛围。而且据说北京有全中国最逗最有喜感的人。

第一次与Wagas的亲密接触 最近我的女朋友第一次带我去了北京嘉里中心店。我特别爱泰式绿咖喱鸡 肉饭。口味非常新鲜和令人满足,但也不会太重口味。Wagas似乎非常适 合早午餐和下午茶,周末和工作日都是。

如何有趣地健康生活… 我非常有意识地在我饮食计划里交替蔬果和肉类。如果前一天我吃了牛

Why Beijing…

(Rest of) 2014 plans…

Love its history, architecture, scenic city outskirts to do many sports, art… and the city has arguably the most witty and humorous people in China.

I would love to try more new eats. Maybe I will go to India to taste authentic Indian food with mixed spice.

First time at Wagas… Very recently my girlfriend brought me to Beijing Kerry Centre. I loved the Thai green chicken curry with rice. The taste is very fresh and satisfying, yet not too heavy. Wagas seems great for brunch and afternoon tea, on weekends and weekdays.

排,第二天我就只吃清淡的蔬菜和色拉。对于非常繁忙的白领们,有些健康 而快速的选择太重要了。

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle and make it fun…


I have a conscious rotation of meat and vegetables on my diet. One day I can have heavy ribs and the second day I will stick to only light vegetables or salad. For busy white-collars, it’s so important to have an option that’s quick AND healthy.

公室做很多俯卧撑(每次50-100个),平时我也保持着运动和游泳的习惯。 我的秘诀是:不需要每次运动都非常大强度,但是一定要经常运动,保持 高频率。

你的爱好? 骑摩托车!我现在每天上班都骑行(避免交通堵塞和省时间)。北京城外有 很多非常棒的地方,只有 “两个轮子”才能到达呢! 如果你是骑摩托车的入门爱好者,我建议你反复看看优酷(上 的 “The Cornering Bible”的视频,这能让你避免犯很多初学者的错误 (不少人误以为骑摩托车就是骑自行车)。如果你看过这个视频,我建议你 反复再看几次。

The second tip is to maintain my metabolism at very high level everyday. I do lots of push-ups in the office before lunch and then in the afternoon (50-100 push-ups each time), in addition to my usual running and swimming exercise. The secret is: you don’t have to work out hard; you just have to work out frequently.

A unique itinerary for an authentic and contemporary Beijing… Get up very early and be at Hou Hai (后海) for some morning jogging and then have breakfast around Gu Lou (鼓楼). Tour some Hu Tong (胡同), including Nan Luo Gu Lane (南锣鼓巷) in the morning. Lunch at Huangjihuang Simmer Pot (黄记煌三汁焖锅)–this local simmer cooking technique doesn’t have too much added oil, thus very healthy and also tasty. I suggest sturgeon fish pot. Then go to the National Museum at Tiananmen Square. You can’t miss the grandeur there. Not far from Tiananmen Square, Capital M restaurant at Qian Men is top-notch for afternoon tea. Round up your day with a contemporary comedian theatre show – the production house Fun Age (开心麻花) is very popular. If it’s the winter time, go watch a Beijing Ducks’ CBA game!

Your hobbies? 听说你跟NBA的篮球运动员们做一些有意思的事情 我业余时间帮助国际篮球运动员在CBA打球。我是一个有FIBA资格认证 的篮球运动员经纪人。以后我也希望能帮助中国篮球运动员在美国或其他 国家打球。

2014年剩下的时间,你还有什么计划? 我想多尝尝不同口味的美食。或许我可以去印度试试地道的、有混合香料 的美食。

请推荐个体验地道摩登北京生活的路线… 起个大早,来到后海晨跑,在鼓楼附近早餐。去胡同溜达溜达,比如说早上 没那么多人的南锣鼓巷。午餐可以试试黄记煌三汁焖锅,这个特殊的焖锅 做法不会有过多的油,健康又美味。我推荐的菜是焖鲟鱼。然后去天安门广 场的国家博物馆,这里恢宏磅礴的气氛必须来感受一下。离天安门不远,到 前门的Capital M餐厅体验一下这里的顶级下午茶。晚上看看有意思的喜

Motorcycles! Now I ride to work everyday (avoid traffic jam and saving a lot of time). There are many great places outside Beijing to visit, and only on “two wheels”! For entrant level motorcycle riders, my tip is to repeatedly study the “The Cornering Bible” video clip on, and it will save you from amateur mistakes (some people take motorcycle riding for granted as bicycle riding). If you have watched it, then you should watch it again and again.

Cool stuff you do with NBA players… As my part-time job, I help international basketball players to play in CBA. I am a FIBA basketball licensed agent. In the long run, I wish to help Chinese players to play in US or other countries.

剧表演,比如说大受欢迎的“开心麻花”。 如果是冬天,看场北京首钢鸭队(北京金隅)的篮球赛吧!


SUMMER MENU La Poste Style


“ Bonjour ”

La Poste, the casual French restaurant in a Jing’an villa serves a French menu. Dine at the airy restaurant or sit on our al fresco terrace. Executive chef Peter Gong shares some summer favourites. 法式休闲餐厅La Poste 坐落于一栋静安别致洋房中,提供随时令变换的现代法式菜单。 您可以尽享宽敞餐厅的舒适,或坐在户外露天座位上。行政主厨Peter Gong与我们分享几款夏日最爱的菜肴。 La Poste

No.225 Xikang Rd. 西康路225号1楼

Tel: 62668789




“ Sawadeeka ”

Mi Thai, the modern Thai restaurant at Anfu Lu, uniquely blends traditional Thai dishes and flavours with western influences. The interplay of light and shadow in the versatile space is sure to delight you. 当代泰式餐厅 Mi Thai座落于安福路,将传统泰式菜品和口味与西式影响绝妙地结合。你定会喜爱餐厅中多变的光影氛围。 Mi Thai

195 Anfu Rd., 2/F 安福路195号2楼,近乌鲁木齐路

Tel: 5403 9209



Seasonal Ingredients We Love 我们热爱的当季食材

La Poste's executive chef Peter Gong's recommendations. 由La Poste的行政总厨Peter Gong 推荐

Avocado 牛油果

White Asparagus 白芦笋

Avocados are one of our most cherished products. To be frank – we absolutely adore them. Packed with vitamins, the only downside to an avocado is that they are not always ripe when you need them to be.

Summer is not complete without White asparagus! Grown in the dark, white asparagus is more rare than green asparagus. More tender and more stringy, it is best served steamed or blanched in salted boiling water for a couple of minutes. Low in calories, high in fibre, your kidneys will love you for eating it.

牛油果是我们非常珍爱的食材之一。其实,我们对牛油果爱不释 手呢。牛油果饱含维他命,而唯一苦恼的是牛油果并不总是在我 们需要的时候就足够熟透。

Guacamole 墨西哥鳄梨酱 medium garlic clove


teaspoon salt


ripe avocados


medium white onion, minced


squeeze of fresh lime juice












To Serve 食用方法 Chopped cilantro, chives and Baker & Spice's hot new product ''French farmer bread" available from all stores for 30 RMB.

鳄梨酱,配少许香菜,细香葱和一个Baker & Spice的全新商品法 国农舍面包! 所有的Baker & Spice有售,30元/只。 * Makes a large bowl 材料可制作一大碗份量


夏日怎能没有白芦笋呢?白芦笋在黑暗出生长,比青芦笋更少见。 它更软更有弹性,最好可以蒸熟或者是在加盐的滚水中白灼。卡 路里又低纤维成分又高,如果吃了白芦笋,你的肾脏会感激你的。

White Asparagus the La Poste Way La Poste式的白芦笋 Remove the tough peel off the white asparagus. Add a dash of salt into a large pot of water, simmer over medium heat. Add asparagus, turn up the heat and bring to boil for about 7 minutes. Take asparagus out and put into icy cold water. Serve asparagus on a plate, add blood orange and pine nuts. Sprinkle Parmesan. 剥除白芦笋的皮,加入少许盐至满水的大锅中,中火微煮开 将白芦笋加入水中,大火,煮开7分钟左右。将白芦笋取出,并在冰 水中焯过,入盘,加入切片血橙和松仁, 撒入帕玛森芝士。

Dressing - Sabayon You need 4 eggs yolks+150ml dry white wine (Riesling) Whisk to blend the yolks and Riesling in a stainless-steel bowl. Rest the bowl in the saucepan over hot water. Whisk constantly for 4 to 5 minutes or more to cook the sauce. 酱汁 - 萨芭雍酱

你需要4颗蛋黄与150毫升干白葡萄酒(如雷司令) 将蛋黄及葡萄酒在不锈钢碗中搅拌,加入少许糖。 将碗放在烧开水的平底锅上,持续搅拌4-5分钟煮熟酱汁。

Hami Melon 哈密瓜

Passion Fruit 百香果

Hami Melon are best eaten with napkins at hand. These sweet juicy things are easy to digest as they contain the same kinds of enzymes as in our tummies.

The name gives it away. It’s sexy, exotic, tropical and perfect for summer. Eat it with a teaspoon, shake it in a cocktail, add it to a bowl of vanilla ice-cream.

哈密瓜水分特别充足,最好吃的时候手里有纸巾。香甜的哈密瓜容 易消化,因为其中的酶跟我们胃里有同一种酶哦。

英文名称(passion fruit)就让你猜到了百香果的味道吧?一丝性 感,异国风情,热带感,夏天享用再合适不过了。直接用勺子舀着 吃,或者加入鸡尾酒种,混在一碗香草雪糕中亦也可以呢。

Old School Style 传统吃法 We recommend eating them old school China style…. Halve it. Scoop out the seeds. Segment it. Grab some little wooden stools in a shady spot, share it with your friends, neighbors and family. 切半,把哈密瓜籽挖出,横向切块。搬个高脚凳,坐在有阴凉的地 方,与你的朋友、邻居和家人分享 。

Easy Pavlova 快手Pavlova 蛋白甜糕 Baker & Spice meringue, broken into messy chunks. Split into 2 bowls. Chop in some strawberries, blueberries (berries of any kind really) Top it with some cream and fresh passion fruit. 一个Baker & Spice的蛋白派,切成小块分在两个碗中。切入草 莓,蓝莓,或各种草莓浆果类, 上面加入一点奶油和新鲜的百香果。

Chocolate Meringue available from Baker & Spice Anfu Lu for 30 rmb. 安福路 Baker&Spice 巧克力蛋白糖 价格30元/只。


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Our New Locations Going in-house


We thrive on upping the ante and believe there is always room to improve, innovate and evolve. An international team of architects and designers was set up in early 2014 to bring all aspects of design in-house (store design, interior, graphic and VI). This year’s new look Wagas stores can be described as a minimalist space created through refining rough materials with custom designed elements bringing life, spirit and identity into the stores. Our newest Wagas stores are in Nanjing and Shanghai Lujiazui Ring Road.

我们因坚持不断投入而进步,也相信总是有空间来创新和发展。 2014年初,我们建立了自己的国际建筑师和设计师团队,负责店铺 设计、室内设计、平面和品牌形象设计。

Bang! Bang by mr willis on the fifth floor of the shining new iapm mall on Huaihai road opened in April. Inspired by a Mediterranean boardwalk carnival, Bang has a refreshingly whimsical interior by Greek designer Nikomachi Karakostanoglou. Bang bistro showcases the vibrant Australian/ Pan-Mediterranean fare that Australian chef Craig Willis is known for - serving rustic, honest fare for sharing - pizza, handmade pastas, roast chicken & grilled Australian steaks. The expansive garden terrace overlooking Huaihai Road and the treetops of Xiang Yang Park is an ideal spot for sunny al fresco dining. The attached Bang café is a fun hangout, especially before or after a movie at the Palace Cinema next door.   For the latest location listing of all of our family brands, please visit our website or see page 31 of The Journal.



今年Wagas的室内设计以极简主义为主题,精致原始材料配合独 家定制元素点缀其中,透出旺盛的生命力和品牌气质。 我们最新 的两家门店分别位于南京和上海陆家嘴环路。

Bang! 4月开业的Bang by mr willis 位于淮海路上崭新的购物中心 iapm的五楼。地中海浮桥嘉年华气质的店内,有着希腊设计师 Nikomachi Karakostanoglou天马行空的奇思妙想。 众人熟知的澳籍主厨Craig Willis打造出澳大利亚及 泛地中海特色可分享的菜肴,如意大利面,脆皮薄底 披萨饼,烤鸡及澳大利亚牛排。 屋顶天台花园有淮海路和襄阳公园树顶的景观,这 里的确是今夏户外美餐的最佳去处之一。附带的 Bang咖啡厅也是一个有趣的休闲好地方,特别是在 旁边百丽宫看电影的前后。 请翻至The Journal的31页或登录我们的官网,查看 最新的家族餐厅及咖啡厅品牌地址。

Psst - Rumour is Baker & Spice Suzhou open is in Autumn 2014. 嘘……我们听说Baker & Spice今秋将在苏 州开店。


Wondering what we are busy with lately? We selected some images from our Instagram, offering you a sneak peak. To get a real taste of our behind-the-scene actions and latest news, follow us on our social media! 好奇我们最近在忙些什么吗? 我们精选了一些Instagram上的照片与你分享。 想紧密了解我们幕后的一举一动或是最新的消息,快 来关注我们的几个社交媒体帐号吧!



Get Social with Us


Our Creative Director Maria shares with us some of her personal favourite Instagram pages. Check them out and get inspired! 我们的创意总监Maria与我们分享她个人最爱的一些Instagram帐号。 快来看看,汲取一些灵感!

@normarchitects Danish architect duo 丹麦双人建筑师组合 Why: For their aesthetics and timeless product designs. 能经受住时间考验的设计美感。

@aesopskincare Australian skincare brand 澳大利亚护肤品牌 Why: Their simplicity, consistence graphic packaging and impressive store designs. 简洁的设计,趣味一致的平面及包装设计,令人称赞的店面设计

@lachristus Food photographer 丹麦/瑞典籍的食物摄影师 Why: For Chris' mouthwatering pictures, props and colour combinations. Chris那些令人垂涎的的美食图,道具和颜色搭配

@kinfolk Lifestyle magazine 生活方式杂志 Why: Simply the best lifestyle magazine packed with inspiration (and they just launched a chinese version). 最佳的生活方式杂志之一,提供各种灵感源(中国版本刚发行)

@nikewomen A community of sport-loving girls with good style 一群爱运动也有style的女生健身俱乐部NTC Why: Sequences of easy-to-follow exercises, fashionable wears, organized Nike Training Club events. 简单易学的NTC力量练习,时尚有型的运动衣装配饰,大型线下NTC活动。

@bannybobanny For Bannys monochrome architectural iPhone images of her surroundings . Banny用iPhone拍摄的她周围的建筑的黑白或单色照片


Sushi Raku


Summer Specials

活海鳗两吃 (梅肉&味噌) Eel Sashimi w ith t wo d ressings ( Plum and M iso)


Seasonal Seaba ss Sashimi


RMB50/份 (5 Pieces) RMB40/份 (5 Pieces)

Stores Information

Our Family Locations 我们的家族品牌




Tel: 62521509

N1-22 No.1515 West Nanjing Rd.

Citic Square 中信泰富

Tel: 5292 5228

No. 100, Nanjing West Rd. LG 1105 南京西路1168号地下一层11A室(靠近陕西北路)

Fax: 5292 8666

Central Plaza 中区广场

Tel: 5375 2758

No. 227 North Huangpi Rd. 黄坡北路227号1楼101单元

Fax: 5375 2759

Hongqiao Maxdo Building 虹桥万都中心

Tel: 5208 1978

No. 86, Room 108 Xianxia Rd. 仙霞路86号108室

Fax: 5208 1979

HongYi Plaza 宏伊国际广场店

Tel: 3366 5026

No. 299 Jiujiang Rd. G116 九江路288号一层116室

Fax: 3366 5027

Loft 尚街店

Tel: 5466 8312

No. 283, Room 1104-1105 West Jiangguo Rd. 建国西路283号1104室

Fax: 5466 8313

Jiao Zhou Rd. 胶州路店

Tel: 6272 0353

Pudong Xinmei 浦东新梅大厦

Tel: 5134 1075

南京西路1515号 N1-22, 靠近常德路

No. 999 South Pudong Rd. G104 浦东南路999号一层104室

Fax: 5134 1076

Jingqiao Lohas 金桥国际商业广场

Tel: 6089 7928

Bistrow by Wagas

No.3611 Zhangyang Rd. 浦东新区张扬路3611弄3座一层120室

Fax: 6089 7929

No. 1 Hongqiao Rd.

Pudong Big Thumb Plaza 浦东大拇指店

Tel: 5033 6277

No. 199 Fangdian Rd. G31 浦东芳甸路199弄证大大拇指广场31号

Fax: 5033 6278

Pudong Plaza 96 广场

Tel: 6194 0298


No.796, Room 171-172 Dongfang Rd. 东方路796号171单元

Fax: 6194 0299

Pudong Azia 浦东汇亚大厦

Tel: 5879 4235

La Poste

No. 1233 Lujiazui Ring Rd. G102 陆家嘴环路1233号一层102室

Fax: 5879 4263

No. 1188 Lujiazui Ring Rd. 陆家嘴环路1188号

Tel: 6868 5296

Shop L1, No. 1188 Lujiazui Ring Rd. 陆家嘴环路1188号L1商铺

Fax: 6868 5295

Tel: 64482852


Bang Cafe

Tel: 60755845

No.99 Huaihai Middle Rd.

Tel: 62668789

No.225 Xikang Rd. 西康路225号1楼

mr willis

Tel: 5404 0200

No. 195 Anfu Rd. 安福路195号

No. 265 Jiaozhou Rd. 胶州路265号1楼

Fax: 6272 0393

Wujiang Rd. 吴江路店

Tel: 6267 0339

No.169, Room 116 Wujiang Rd. 吴江路169号116室(靠近石门一路)

Fax: 6217 2023

Grand Gateway 港汇广场

Tel: 6447 3808

No. 1 Hongqiao Rd. 虹桥路1号151

Fax: 6447 3809

IST Mall 艾尚天地购物中心

Tel: 025 - 85656120

Channel One 长寿路店

Tel: 3131 5008 Fax: 3131 5009

No. 100 Zhongshan Rd. A108. 南京市玄武区中山路100号A108

Fax: 025 - 85656122

No. 155 Changshou Rd. L120 长寿路155号L102室 Donghu Rd. 东湖路店

Tel: 5466 1488

No. 7 Donghu Rd. 东湖路7号

Fax: 5466 1489

Gubei Carrefour 古北家乐福

Tel: 6275 5250

No. 268 Southshui Cheng Rd. 水城南路268号

Fax: 6275 5251

Central Plaza 中环广场

Tel: 6335 3739

Sanlitun 三里屯太古里

Tel: 64165829

No. 195 Anfu Rd., 1/F 安福路195号1楼,近乌鲁木齐路

No. 381, Room 116 Huaihai Rd. 淮海中路381号116室

Fax: 3305 1730

Fax: 64165929

Bingu 缤谷广场

Tel: 3209 8930

No. 19 South Sanlitun Street S.8-33, 3F 朝阳区三里屯 路19号院(三里屯太古里), 8号楼,店铺s-33, 3楼

No.341, Room 105 Tianshan Rd. 天山路341号105室 (靠近威宁路)

Fax: 3209 8926

Beijing Kerry Center 北京嘉里中心

Tel: 010 8529 6512

No.225 Xikang Rd. 西康路225号1楼

Yueda 889 悦达889广场

Tel: 6232 9778

No.1, Room 109 Guanghua Rd. 店铺109, 光华路1号

Fax: 010 8529 6513

No.889 Wanhangdu Rd. L1-05 万航渡路889号一层5室(靠近长寿路)

Fax: 6232 9776

JOY City 大悦城

Tel: 3653 8871

No.166 North Xizang Rd. L101-01B 闸北区西藏北路166号上海大悦城101-01B

Fax: 3653 8872



Tel: 3253 0889

REEL 芮欧百货 No.1601 Nanjing West Rd.,1/F 南京西路1601号1楼,近常德路

Bang by mr willis

Tel: 6483 2066

IAPM No. 999 Huaihai Middle Rd., 5/F 淮海中路999号5楼, 近陕西南路


La Strada Anfu Rd.

La Strada Xikang Rd.

Amokka Café

Tel: 5404 0100

Tel: 6266 7909

Tel: 5404 0998

201 Anfu Rd. 安福路201号, 近乌鲁木齐路

Infiniti Plaza 无限度广场

Tel: 3376 2207

No.138 Middle Huaihai Rd. L108 淮海中路138号一层108单元(近龙门路)

Fax: 3331 2823

Panyu Rd. 番禺路

Tel: 5239 5367

No.483 Panyu Rd.番禺路483号(近法华镇路)

Fax: 5239 5365

HengFeng Rd. 恒丰路

Sushi Raku REEL


Tel: 3253 0711

Reel Department Store No. 1601 Nanjing West Rd., 1/F Anfu Rd. 安福路店

Tel: 5404 2733

南京西路1601号1楼, 近常德路

No. 195 Anfu Rd. 安福路195号

Fax: 5404 2732

Mi Thai

Shanghai Center 波特曼(上海商城)

Tel: 6289 8875

195 Anfu Rd., 2/F 安福路195号2楼, 近乌鲁木齐路

Tel: 33315286

No.1376, Room 118 West Nanjing Rd. 南京西路1376号118室东塔

Fax: 6289 8876

No.410-416 Hengfeng Rd. 恒丰路410号

Fax: 3331 5287

Grand Gateway Mall 港汇店

Tel: 5423 1225

Greenland 正大乐城


Fax: 5423 1226

No.699 Zhongshan South Rd., 2-104-1 中山南二路699号2-104-1


No. 1, Room 150 Hongqiao Rd. 虹桥路1号港汇广场150商铺 K11 艺术购物中心

Tel: 6312 3361

Baoland 宝地

Tel: 60259360

Fax: 6312 3362

No.555 Kunming Rd. D109 昆明路555号宝地广场D栋一层109单元

Fax: 60259361

No.300 Huaihai Middle Rd. B127-129 淮海中路300号K11艺术购物中心B127-129 Fashion Park 丰尚国际生活中

Tel: 5441 2916

Ruijin Rd. 瑞金路


Fax: 5441 3362

No.755 Huaihai Rd. L1022&1023 淮海中路755号东方商厦一层L1022&1023


101&102, Fashion Park, No. 569-5 Yunle Rd. 闵行区运乐路569弄5号丰尚国际生活中101&102单元 IFC 国金中心

Tel: 3393 9981

Wagas Express REEL 芮欧百货

Tel: 2230 9702

Fax: 3393 9982

No.1601, Room 209 Nanjing West Rd. B2 南京西路1601号地下二层209室(靠近常德路)

Fax: 3256 5693

No.8, Room 16 Century Avenue LG 浦东新区世纪大道8号上海ifc商城LG1层16单元 Kerry Parkside 嘉里城

Tel: 5015 2375

Wagas Express Huaihai Rd. 时代广场

Tel:5301 7162 Fax:5301 7159

No.1378, Room 137 Huamu Rd. 浦东新区花木路1378号浦东嘉里城商城一层L137号单元

Fax: 5015 2376

No.99, L130 Huaihai Middle Rd. 淮海中路99号一层130室

Tel: 5403 9209



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