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Joh a n Wa hl st rom Johan Wahlstrom =

When a story doesn’t

Story Teller

seem to be working, Wahlstrom turns to artists like

Every piece of art that

Paul Klee, Kandinsky, and

Johan Wahlstrom creates

Basquiat for inspiration.

does more than betray an

He sees every piece of his

emotion or evince a feeling,

though as unique with its’

it tells a story. When Wahl-

own “memory.” While the

strom was seven years old

stories he tells are often

he was living in Stockholm,

broad, his way of portraying

Sweden where he witnessed

them is intensely personal

a car crash. Later that day at home he

and often, when a work has been

made a picture of the scene, adding

completed he feels like there is a little

some details, embellishing others.

piece of him that has been taken and

When looking at it post-completion

placed onto a canvas for all of the

he realized that this was not just “a

world to see.

picture” but that all of the pieces in that drawing were combining to tell a

Wahlstrom joined the World Art

story. It was from that moment for-

Foundation (WAF) because he shares

ward that he used his artistic gifts to

their vision that artists, working

continue telling stories, stories that

together: “…can open doors, commu-

he finds inspiration from “life itself.”

nicate to the art world and the world around us.” He also understands that

He is currently at work on a series

the WAF brings life to the timeless

called Crises What Crises. As he ex-

adage of strength in numbers. “I be-

plains, it is a constantly and evolving

lieve that one man is not so strong,” he

piece because the story it is trying

explains “ but together we can rise our

to capture and tell is continually shifting: “…it was origi-

voice to be heard, to open doors for artists.”

nally only about the financial crises but during late spring 2009 it has taken new directions and I am including all

As for the future, Wahlstrom hopes to be able to continue

kind of crises (small or large) that we have in our lives,

to get better and better in telling engaging stories through his

around us, etc...”


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