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Waffle Jack’s UK Ltd. Franchise Presentation

Waffle Jack’s American Diner is based on a classic 1950’s American Diner Themed Restaurant concept. Our food offering is traditional in every way, serving All-American favourites popular throughout the world. Our menu is very diverse and caters for a variety of preferences that include gluten-free, sugar free, egg-less and vegetarian. The Waffle Jack’s American Diner concept is based on a Family Friendly environment catering for all ages. Entertainment is offered through our Inter Active Restaurant Tables, the hosting of Birthday Parties as well as special offers through “Jack’s Club” Through our other brands, American Sandwich Co. and Waffle Jack’s Dessert styled shops we also offer a variety of food products such us Traditional American deli styled sandwiches and a variety of desserts that include freshly baked waffles and awesome shakes. Through our Loyalty Card System ( Swipii), we create loyalty from existing as well as new customers. Frequent visitors are rewarded with a points system that can be redeemed for food or drink items upon every visit. American styled Food Brands have been proven popular throughout the world and we believe that the Waffle Jack’s Brands will grow Internationally to various locations throughout the world. Our current format has proven it’s popularity a solid foundation has been laid to build the brand even further. Our aim is to create an “experience” when visiting any of our restaurants through technology and decor and then to top the experience up with an amazing food offering.

We live up to our slogan “Awesome Food – Awesome People”

To maintain a authentic American design and style throughout, a variety of decorating items are sourced on a ongoing basis to be displayed throughout each venue. Our décor focus on three main elements namely movies, music and sport. All items displayed as part of the décor resembles traditional American styled memorabilia. All furniture design is also based on early 1950’s Diner style with traditional colour schemes that include red, white and black. We offer bespoke design services which are included in the Franchise package. Each premises will be designed around it's own unique environment but the strong American Diner theme will be maintained throughout. Attention to detail is important and every visit should include a “wow” factor with regards to the visual aspect of the venue. All Interior decorating such as vintage artefacts and other bespoke design and decorating requirements will be included as part of the Franchise offering.

Bespoke Design – Hainan - China

Bespoke Design – Hainan - China

Bespoke Design – Hainan - China

Bespoke Design – Wimbledon - London

Waffle Jack’s American Diner is based on a Traditional 1950’s American Diner Themed Restaurant. The traditional Diner theme is personified through the Interior and the food on offer. The concept is very Family friendly, catering for all ages. All 3 of our brands re included within this brand, these include American Sandwich Co and our Dessert Concept. Our menus offer a variety of dietary requirements that include Gluten-free, Sugar free , Eggless and Vegetarian. Technology includes Interactive Restaurant Tables and a advanced Loyalty System. American Sandwich Co. offers a variety of traditional American Sandwich favourites. These include Philly Cheese Steaks, Reuben's, Pastrami on Rye and many more. A variety of bread s are available to choose from and all our sandwiches can be had as either a sliced bread sandwich or as a sub. A variety of hot and old drinks are also on offer. Branding is American styled with a Diner feel through our décor and styling.

Waffle Jack’s Dessert Shops offer a variety of freshly baked waffles as well as a variety of desserts Milkshakes are thick and Ice creamy like they should be. Dietary preferences include Gluten-free, Sugar-free and Egg-less options. The Interior is based on American Diner styling, creating a vintage feel.

Our menu’s are based on traditional American styled food. We offer All-Day Breakfasts, Lunch and Dinner. Portions are value for money sized which is the true American way !

Our Main Menu include Breakfast items such as freshly baked Waffles and Pancakes as well as huge Omelettes with amazing fillings. A variety of burgers, bagels, hot dogs and other hot food items such as Mac “a” Cheese, Southern Fried Chicken strips, Hot Wing and Home-cooked Beef Chilli and Mexican Rice With our Little Jack’ menu, we offer a variety of freshly prepared meal choices for children. Some of the choices include Burger, Hot Dogs, Chicken Nuggets and Mac “a” Cheese. As an alternative a Combo Meal Deal is available that includes a choice of any mains, any soft drink or juice and a ¼ waffle with cream or ice cream and a choice of sauce as toppings. The American Sandwich Co. creates freshly prepared American favourites that include Philly Cheese Steaks, Pastrami on Rye, Reuben and Patti Melts. A variety of bread choices are available to choose from and can be had as toasted or plain.

On-going promotions include “Daily Special“ deals, Man VS Food Challenges , Burger of the Month, etc. From a Dietary perspective we offer a variety of options that include Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free and Egg-Less choices. These choices are available in our Waffle products as well as with our Burger and Bagels. All our food and drink options are available for sit-down or take-away.

United Kingdom We currently have 3 Brands represented in the United Kingdom at our Flagship Restaurant based in Wimbledon. Expansion plans are in place for the UK during 2018.

China We have signed a contract to launch 3 stores in a newly build tourist resort in Hainan Province. The 3 stores will include all of our brands as separate units. A total of 17 additional projects is in the making and we have been informed that we could possibly be offered retail space within all of the additional projects. Time-frames for Hainan Province is scheduled for late 2018.

Australia and New Zealand Expansion within Australia as well as New Zealand will be addressed before the end of 2018. The concept behind these would be based on the offer of a Master Franchise License per Country.

South Africa Expansion within South Africa will be addressed before the end of 2018. The concept behind this will be based on the offer of a Master Franchise License.

European Expansion Expansion within the rest of Europe will be addressed during 2019.The concept behind this will be based on the offer of a Master Franchise License.

Franchising is about partnering with like-minded professionals for a significant period of time. That’s why we call our franchisees ‘partners’ and as a partner you automatically become part of the franchise family network and benefit from extensive collaboration and support. All our partners are committed to our brands and understand that it takes hard work and dedication to become a fully-fledged partner. We all take pride and joy from exceeding our customers’ expectations every day so to start the process, please complete the “Letter of Interest” form. We will then review it straight away and come back to you very quickly. TERM The term is for five years with automatic renewal for a further five years’ subject to no breaches of contract. QUALIFICATIONS You must have at least 3-5 years’ experience as the owner/operator of a similar food retail experience. Alternatively you must have the expertise and ability to hire a person with such skills.

Waffle Jack’s UK Ltd. 8 Merton Park Parade Wimbledon SW19 3NT United Kingdom 0044 203 659 1361

Waffle Jack's UK Ltd. Franchise Presentation  
Waffle Jack's UK Ltd. Franchise Presentation