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News & Events January 27, 2011

Launches Attack Color, Bright double formula Kao Commercial ( Thailand ) Co., Ltd. Attack Color Activities “Color Effects Workshop” to Launch Attack Color, Bright double formula. Latest product formula for the fabric that combines strength, activity and bio-tech active break can peel dark stain bright color fabric double-doubles. The eye-catching bright colors without damaging fabric. In the event has Keh Chonlada Mekratree the newest presenter, Akkamol Attakamol the famous stylist, and Koi Saturday Seiko joint activities with. Attack Color Activities “Color Effect Workshop”, the participants learn about the techniques of fashion dress color. Including advice on maintenance of clothing to maintain a vibrant life. There is also an opportunity to become part of fashion shoot set special participants are uniquely beautiful, colorful set of confidence in his own style as well. Touch Attack Color Bright double formula, which is available in 5 sizes, today was a general supermarkets.

Announce a winner on the "Attack Easy love her good crap to her", with 10 pairs of Love liking to the sweet together in Korea, and a list of winners who received shirt "Easy Love". Announcement of the winners list on the "Attack Easy love her good to rub her with 10pairs Love is liking to each suite in Korea.

Love is like the air that can not live without. Khun Naruporn Attathum, Ayudhaya

“Integrated� is that we have together. Khun Suthawan Dokyam, Bangkok

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Easy style, simple love life. Khun Thanongsak Santhi, Chiang Rai

Khing Thong Bai Yok Khun Wanee Theppasorn, Bangkok

Love is power magic. Khun Siraporn Tangauksorn, Bangkok

Love is give. Khun Janewit Buasaengjun, Nakhon Pathom



Activity Attack Easy, invite a good simple 2th years.

Kao Commercial ( Thailand ) Co., Ltd. Attack Easy Brand invites Khon Kaen people Activities “Attack Easy invited to a simple good 2th years”. The donation envelopes, blank Attack Easy factors to be adjusted instead of a "multi-purpose hall and library community, Wat Chai Si"home Sawathi Sawathi Rd, Muang,Khon Kaen. Since last June, and with good intentions of all parties. This project is looking to accomplish a complete the last on July 31st. Mr. Nishigushi Toru, VP Marketing and Via-Sukollawat Khanaros opening ceremony and deliver a multi-purpose hall and Community Library at Wat Chai Sri, warm atmosphere. Night falls around the temple was to invent become “temple festival” authentic. Together with Via and Ice-Aphitsada, sexy guest and Jeab Cheanyim, joker. Open a mini-concert stage show called scream sound happy ending another day of separate. See the face, then do not say I know that Via , how dramatic this mission. See me? Doin good is simple. Who can do the same universal delight next.

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Attack and Hyter Lang Housewives star to leave as the laundry.

On October 2, 2010 in Attack and high-Sector is co-marketing activities is the booth activities “Women leave Lang as washing the stars� at the macro branches in Korat, which the hansome hero in a favorite housewife is Pe Arrak to show style laundry and sing live. In addition, joint play the games and prizes to the winners 15 peoples. Who attended this event also went home with a sense of Lang as each other across the page.


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