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Given freely Freely given Emergency Food, Toiletries & Clothes Bank Space to chat, be safe & much more‌‌

Given freely Freely given Emergency Food Bank Emergency Toiletries Bank Emergency Clothes Bank Tuesday:Free Coffee shop 10-12 Thursday: 10am-3pm Community Friendship Group

WHAT WE DO The Church of England in Balby, Loversall and Wadworth operate a scheme to help those at most need in our society. Out of one of our churches, St John the Evangelist in Balby; we operate ★ An emergency Food and Clothes Bank ★ A free Cups and Cakes coffee shop on Tuesdays between 10-12. ✴ We provide free refreshments, cakes, savouries, crumpets and toast. ★ A crafts and games group on Thursday between 10am - 3pm. ✴ If you are feeling lonely come along and make some new friends ★ We provide help for those who live on the streets or sofa surf or in small bed sits to try to sleep e.g. duvets and sleeping bags We try to provide as much support to anyone who needs help as we can. Everyone is welcome, there is no need for a referral and we make no charge, although donations are always welcome

W H AT W E N EE D FOR THE COFFEE SHOP Crumpets, bread, savouries, fruit

FOR THE FOOD BANK People we help often only have a kettle and no microwave or cooker. So we need food that just requires hot water adding: e.g Instant porridge, Cup Soups, Mug shots, Instant noodles and Pot noodles (Supermarket own brands are ideal)

FOR THE CLOTHES BANK We will take all types of clothes. Adult male clothes are the most widely needed

TO HELP PEOPLE SLEEP Duvets, Sleeping Bags, Blankets,

TO HELP PEOPLE SET UP IN A BED SIT Kettles, toasters, microwaves, pots, pans cutlery.

TO H E L P P E O P L E S TAY C L E A N Towels, wet wipes, and toiletries - even part used!

W H AT WE N EED TO S U P P ORT A P O O R D IE T When these are given to people to support them through illness, it is not unusual that some are left unused. If these are returned to the Pharmacy they have to be thrown away even if they are in date. However Fortsip is packed with nutrients and can be a great benefit to those marginalised by society as a boost to their nutrition. So they are a welcomed addition to the food bags we give out

Or anything similar

W H E R E D O W E B R I N G D O NAT I O N S ? •To the Vicarage, Vicarage Drive, Wadworth DN11 9AN If no one is in please leave in a blue bin behind the gate to the left hand side of the garage. •To St John the Evangelist, on the corner of Balby Road and Greenfield Lane, Balby DN4 0PT •Tuesdays between 10-12 or •Thursdays between 10 -2

C A N W E D O NAT E M O N E Y ? YES PLEASE! We have some envelopes or even a standing order form if you would like to give regularly.

CAN I VOLUNTEER? Yes please ring 07946466725 to speak to Jane Price or email

H O W D I D Y O U S TA R T ? The project started on 17th March 2015 when we opened the free coffee shop. We we now get an average of 30 people attending each week. The majority of people attending live in shared houses, bedsits, are sofa surfing or sometimes homeless. They often have a drug habit and often mental health issues. During the last two years we have seen increasing levels of need and as autumn approached last year we found people coming who were more and more hungry. We used our harvest appeal at church in 2016 to set up an emergency food bank and now give out on average 21 bags of food each week. At Christmas an appeal for warm clothing led to the setting up of a Clothes Bank

Cups & Cakes Coffee Shop Started March 2015 4 intrepid pioneers Slow Start Couldn't give it away! Slow organic development

Given freely freely given  
Given freely freely given  

A quick guid to our Given Freely Freely Given project helping the marginalised in Balby, Doncaster and the surrounding area.