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Skeleton Creek Skeleton Creek is an amazing book that truly shows the potential of modern day horror books. This amazing portrayal of the secrets that can be found hidden in our own town is truly a piece of art. Patrick Carman has spared not an ounce of his skills for this is one of my favorite books! In this book you will explore the secrets that Ryan and Sarah uncover in their own town. Within a dredge they will discover something that will completely change America.

The best part is that while Ryan writes of his adventures, you can follow Sarah through her videos. So buy this book today to unmask the secrets of silent, but a greedy club!

Ghost in the Machine Ghost in the Machine is the stunning sequel to Skeleton Creek. If you read the first book, you were left with a cliff hanger. Well end your stress and wandering by reading this great book! Help Sarah and Ryan finally finish what they started!

This book covers what Sarah and Ryan finally find. You will definitely be blown away. Who knew that the people closest to you were ready to get rid of you! This book is a must-read if you finished Skeleton Creek!

Can Ryan and Sarah break free from the chain of secrets surrounding their town?

The Crossbones Did you love Ryan and Sarah’s last adventure? Hungry for more? If so, read the latest book, The Crossbones! This is a fantastic book with spinechilling secrets even scarier than the first!

In The Crossbones, Ryan and Sarah take on the task of reveling hidden secrets from The Apostle. Sarah discovers hidden films across America on a documentary road trip! While Sarah investigates haunted hot spots, Ryan is forced to combat his parents’ prying eyes!

Getting Bored? If you still need more after reading these books, looks at the resources below! The Raven is the 4th and last book in the Skeleton Creek Saga. Keep your eyes open for this book’s release date!

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